Reverend Insanity
979 Going With The Flow
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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979 Going With The Flow

Fang Yuan had a lot of patience.

After helping Tai Bai Yun Sheng pass the tribulation, Fang Yuan refined dream path mortal Gu while collecting the spring dream fruits, along with expanding his guts Gu and eerie fire dragon python trades.

Soon, his monthly profits greatly exceeded his previous life, it was over two thousand!

There were many reasons for this.

Firstly, Fang Yuan had to spend a lot of time in investigating and gathering information before deciding on suitable trade partners in his previous life. Especially in Western Desert.

But now, with his experience, Fang Yuan could easily contact the buyer and save a lot of time and effort, causing his profits to come much earlier than before.

Secondly, the hairy men in the Fang Yuan stone nests were now free to refine guts Gu. This was different from last time, when they were still refining star thought Gu and other Gu worms that did not provide income.

Thirdly, Fang Yuan did not have any plans to relocate Star Form blessed land, he had already made a new alliance agreement with Hei Lou Lan and the others. He might need to relocate it in the future, but it was not an urgent matter now.

Fourthly, with the feathermen forming caravans and dealing with transactions for him, Fang Yuan obtained much benefits in Western Desert quickly.

The use of the feathermen was starting to show.

But Fang Yuan was still experimenting for now, he did not send out all of these tens of thousands of feathermen.

In this aspect, he had a long term plan, he wanted to use these current feathermen to increase the population of feathermen, he might be able to implement slave trade of feathermen in the future.

In terms of slave trade, even though feathermen were inferior to hairy men, they were much better than rockmen. Especially in Western Desert forces, they sacrificed a large number of feathermen yearly, the demand for featherman slaves was always high and unceasing.

Fang Yuan developed patiently, while he accumulated immortal essence stones, he did not forget to accumulate Gu refinement immortal materials.

Time passed quickly, Lang Ya blessed land was attacked by strong foes once again.

Lang Ya land spirit knew that the enemy was powerful, he had to seek help, sending emergency support letters to Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

In this life, Fang Yuan had planned meticulously, Tai Bai Yun Sheng's immortal aperture did not suffer much losses, after receiving the letters, the two of them went to Lang Ya blessed land.

In Lang Ya blessed land, there was a thick fog of clouds that shrouded everyone's vision. They could not see anything, not the sky, the ground, or even their own fingers.

"This is the twelve wave cloud confusion formation." Lang Ya land spirit explained in a deep and low tone: "And these are the invaders."

The land spirit waved his sleeves, as several images appeared in front of Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Qin Bai Sheng, Jiang Yu, Hei Cheng, Xue Song Zi, He Lang Zi, and Hui Feng Zi, as well as the Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance immortal zombie, they were all present.

"It's them!" Fang Yuan pretended to be surprised.

"You recognize these people?" Lang Ya land spirit quickly asked.

Fang Yuan nodded with a serious expression: "These people are extremely strong, the leader, Qin Bai Sheng might only have rank seven cultivation level, but he can fight with a rank eight Gu Immortal."

Lang Ya land spirit was shocked: "So powerful?!"

Fang Yuan pointed at the others: "This is Fairy Jiang Yu, she has dark limit Immortal Gu. This is the supreme elder handling public affairs of a super force in Northern Plains, Hei tribe's Hei Cheng, he has an Immortal Gu House in his possession! There is also Xue Song Zi, he might be only rank six, but he is a member of Snowy Mountain blessed land, he is backed by the rank eight Old Ancestor Xue Hu. And this He Lang Zi, he is a transformation path Gu Immortal with high battle strength, in the past, he rejected a recruitment offer by Old Ancestor Xue Hu. This is Hui Feng Zi, a wind path expert, his wind path attainment level is very deep, he is the publicly recognized fastest person in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world, he had once escaped from many rank eight Gu Immortals."

As Fang Yuan spoke, Lang Ya land spirit's expression turned grimmer and grimmer.

When Fang Yuan finished his words, Lang Ya land spirit's expression was extremely grave, he pointed at the mysterious black robed Gu Immortal: "To think that the enemies are so powerful. Then who in the world is this Gu Immortal?"

Fang Yuan knew who he was, of course, but at this moment, he pretended to show a confused and suspicious expression.

He hesitated before saying: "This person is covering his face and has an immortal killer move protecting him, he is very mysterious. Let me make a deduction."

Saying so, he pinched his fingers and deduced, his body was covered in starlight as Immortal Gu aura surged around him, as if he was working hard.

Seeing this, Lang Ya land spirit was deceived, he thought: "Even though I had approached Fang Yuan many times in the past and asked him to deduce Immortal Gu recipes for me, this is the first time I am seeing him make a deduction. I do not know what Immortal Gu he is using, but looking at this, his wisdom path attainment level is not low!"

The starlight on Fang Yuan's body faded gradually, his expression was grim as his eyes shined brightly: "My goodness, this mysterious Gu Immortal is extremely special, he is an immortal zombie, and one of the ten extreme physiques, Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance Physique!"

"You deduced it so quickly?" Lang Ya land spirit was surprised.

Beside him, Tai Bai Yun Sheng chuckled: "That is only natural. Fang Yuan is a wisdom path grandmaster."

"Wisdom path grandmaster?!" Lang Ya land spirit was shocked, he assessed Fang Yuan again, looking at him in a different light.

Fang Yuan's expression was calm, his voice was heavy as he spoke to Lang Ya land spirit: "The enemy is so powerful, we are in danger now."

Lang Ya land spirit chuckled: "No need to worry, as long as we persevere for a period of time, I can capture any Gu Immortal no matter how strong they are."

"Oh?" Fang Yuan's eyebrows rose, he probed Lang Ya land spirit while pretending to be curious: "It seems you still have additional assistance?"

Lang Ya land spirit smiled with a smug expression, he did not want to say much, but he changed his mind suddenly and probed Fang Yuan instead: "You are a wisdom path grandmaster at such a young age? Honestly speaking, I am quite surprised. Why don't you deduce where my confidence lies in dealing with the enemies?"

Fang Yuan naturally knew that Lang Ya land spirit's confidence was in the rank eight Immortal Gu House Refinement Cauldron.

But afterwards, he pretended to deduce and acted like he was met with difficulty.

Eventually, he admitted his failure: "I cannot deduce it, honestly speaking, in the past, I have tried to deduce Lang Ya blessed land, but I had no gains. Now is no exception."

"Hahaha." Lang Ya land spirit laughed loudly, he patted Fang Yuan's shoulder proudly, but did not say much.

An Immortal Gu House could attack and defend, so could the rank eight Refinement Cauldron.

Defensive methods were not just against attacks, they could also defend against the deductions of others.

Fang Yuan pretended to fail, this was within Lang Ya land spirit's expectations.

From his point of view, this was natural. No matter how outstanding Fang Yuan was, he only had rank six cultivation level, no matter how mystical his Immortal Gu were, they could not match the rank eight Immortal Gu House, Refinement Cauldron.

"It is normal for me to fail in deducing it. If I succeed, it would cause Lang Ya land spirit to become very wary." Fang Yuan smiled coldly internally.

Land spirit were obsessed and pure, but that did not mean they were stupid.

Especially when Lang Ya land spirit's original form was Long Hair Ancestor, this legendary person had a good friend when he was alive, Immortal Yi Yan, a wisdom path Gu Immortal that created the Prophecy of Three Venerables, he was also a famous person throughout history.

Thus, Lang Ya land spirit was clear about the capabilities of a wisdom path Gu Immortal to a great extent.

If Fang Yuan deduced something, it was evidently out of the scope of ability that a rank six Gu Immortal had, this would cause Lang Ya land spirit to become very wary and suspicious.

He would think: "How could Fang Yuan alone deduce anything? Evidently, he has someone behind him! And this great expert is very powerful, he can breech the defense of my Refinement Cauldron and deduce my arrangements in the blessed land!"

Once he thought of that, Lang Ya land spirit would be very vigilant, he would be on guard against Fang Yuan.

After all, Lang Ya land spirit was the obsession of Long Hair Ancestor. And Long Hair Ancestor was a hairy man, towards humans and other variant humans, he had deep wariness. This could be shown from the transformation in personality and manner of speech in Lang Ya land spirit in Fang Yuan's previous life.

The reason why Fang Yuan could get close to Lang Ya land spirit was mainly because he had obtained a certain inheritance of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable.

Because of his agreement with Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, Lang Ya land spirit had to help Fang Yuan refine Gu three times.

If not for that, how could Fang Yuan, as a human, get so close to Lang Ya land spirit?

Even though Fang Yuan had to refine star thought Immortal Gu and all-out effort Immortal Gu, all along, he did not want to waste this final opportunity to refine Gu, that was because he wanted to remain close to Lang Ya land spirit.

Lang Ya land spirit had lived countless years in this blessed land. His interactions with the outside world, other than the transactions inside treasure yellow heaven, were limited to only Mo Tan Sang.

He understood that great wealth would attract the greed of others, thus he had been keeping a low profile.

At the same time, he had a natural form of distrust towards other individuals.

Fang Yuan was not strong back then, thus Lang Ya land spirit was not too wary or suspicious of him, but now that he was starting to show extraordinary abilities, Lang Ya land spirit would naturally be alert and uneasy.

How can an outsider be allowed to sleep beside his bed?

In the past, Fang Yuan was a white rabbit, but the Fang Yuan who displayed wisdom path grandmaster attainment was considered a poisonous snake.

Matters developed just like in his previous life.

Fang Yuan was arranged to guard a cloud building by Lang Ya land spirit.

But before that, Fang Yuan suggested that they should allow Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan to join the battle.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng gave his assurance as well.

But Lang Ya land spirit rejected them.

Fang Yuan used a different method to deal with Xue Song Zi this time, he did not sneak attack Xue Song Zi, instead, he fought him openly.

Even though it was a more impressive fight, the result was less of a victory.

Fang Yuan only fought with Xue Song Zi for a while before Shadow Sect's reinforcements came, and Fang Yuan took the initiative to retreat.

There was no benefit in killing Xue Song Zi. He had Immortal Gu and lifespan Gu, but they could not be taken.

He might as well let him go, so that he could deal with the Central Continent Gu Immortals next.

Fang Yuan had thought of reminding Lang Ya land spirit and making arrangements earlier, so that Refinement Cauldron could take down the group from Shadow Sect in advance, but after considering it thoroughly, Fang Yuan rejected this idea.

First, there was a great risk in dealing with Shadow Sect. Qin Bai Sheng was very powerful, Fang Yuan had no confidence against him. Shadow Sect and Zombie Alliance also had some kind of secret connection, there was more than met the eye.

Second, even if Shadow Sect was dealt with, Fang Yuan's gains would not be ideal. Refinement Cauldron would hold the biggest use, if they won, Lang Ya land spirit would gain most of the loot. Shadow Sect's base, Luo Po valley, would end up in the hands of the Central Continent Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan would get nothing.

Third, Fang Yuan needed the Northern Plains Shadow Sect members to resist the Central Continent Gu Immortals. Even though he did not know how the Central Continent Gu Immortals found Shadow Sect while investigating Fang Yuan, this was something he wanted to see. If Shadow Sect was eliminated, Central Continent would have no obstacles, if they found Fang Yuan, what would he do?

Finally, Fang Yuan could guess that the mastermind behind the battle of Yi Tian Mountain was Shadow Sect because of the Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance zombie, if they were killed, the influence would be huge, during the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, unexpected mishaps would occur. With many mishaps, Fang Yuan's plans would be disrupted, his preparations would be in vain.

Thus, Fang Yuan decided to go with the flow for the battle to defend Lang Ya blessed land.

Altering the result of this battle not only carried big risks, the disadvantages outweighed the advantages, a wise person would not do this!


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