Reverend Insanity
977 Slavery Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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977 Slavery Immortal Gu

In a green heaven fragment world within Western Desert.

The sky was green, the wind that would not stop in all four seasons was blowing gently.

A pure white and vast city was stably floating in the air, letting out faint golden radiance.

At present, humans were the rulers of the world. The variant human races, who once were dominant, were already hiding in corners of the world, surviving with difficulty.

And this green heaven fragment world was the paradise for a group of one of the races of variant humans, the feathermen.

Immortal Gu House Sacred Feather City was the strongest headquarters of these featherman descendants.

Right now, rainbow flags were hanging in Sacred Feather City, cheers and shouts could be heard everywhere.

All the feathermen were calling the same name.

"Yu Fei!"

"Yu Fei!"

"Yu Fei!"

The featherman king had passed away, according to their customs, it was time to select the new featherman king through battles.

And just a while ago, the battle had concluded.

The most popular candidate, the featherman prince Dan Yu, had actually lost. While the ordinary citizen, the black haired youngster Yu Fei, had obtained the final victory.

"I, Yu Fei, have finally realized my life's dream, I have become the featherman king!" Yu Fei was severely injured, but it did not bother him, as he raised his head and laughed heartily.

He stretched his arms as well as his wings, enjoying everyone's cheers.

He grinned from ear to ear, and his mouth was opened wide, revealing his gums.

"This new featherman king is quite unique, he is quite different from the other kings."

"Hehehe, he is an interesting fellow."

"It seems that he has quite the ambition, he wants to expand the territory of us feathermen. But after he becomes the featherman king, he should become more mature."

Behind the scenes, three featherman Gu Immortals were communicating with each other, wearing smiles on their faces.

But right at this moment, a powerful attack suddenly hit this peaceful city!


The enormous explosion shook the entirety of Sacred Feather City.

"Painful, painful, painful!" Yu Fei was caught off guard, he lost his balance and crashed onto the ground, rolling around in the process.

"Quickly look, this, this is?!" The feathermen at the front saw something amiss, they pointed at the sky and stammered in fear, they could not speak.

Immediately after, most of the feathermen raised their heads, they were shocked to find out that above them, in the green sky, there was a huge crack!

From the crack, several figures descended like demonic gods.

The three featherman Gu Immortals in Sacred Feather City had already reacted, they were startled to awareness as they flew towards the sky.

They appeared to face the invading enemies while shouting to their featherman citizens.

"Be careful, there is a strong enemy attacking!!"

"Quick, sound the alarms, defend our homeland!"

"Gu Masters assemble, go to the formation cores and activate the defenses of Sacred Feather City!"

The entire city was in chaos, fear was spreading.

Sacred Feather City had been peaceful for too long, they had no competition with the outside world, it was like life inside a utopia. This caused their defenses to be very lax, and with the crowning of a new king, the non-militarized feathermen could not respond properly.

The enemy had come in with such momentum, the three featherman Gu Immortals were grim-faced, but they held a hope as they tried to negotiate peacefully.

But the command from the enemy's leader, White Sea Shatuo, destroyed the three featherman Gu Immortals' hopes.

This old Gu Immortal's eyes were extremely apathetic, as he commanded: "Attack!"

The three featherman Gu Immortals were no match for them, and could only retreat to the Immortal Gu House Sacred Feather City and defend.

Sacred Feather City was besieged from all directions by the Western Desert's immortals, battlefield killer moves followed one after the other, as they covered the whole area. Countless mortal killer moves and immortal killer moves impacted the Immortal Gu House, creating grand fireworks.

White Sea Shatuo had clearly come prepared, as his methods immobilized Sacred Feather City.

Sacred Feather City seemed like it had sunk into a mire, it would be difficult for it to get free in a short period of time.

The feathermen had lived in peace for very long time and now they were suddenly thrusted into a life and death battle, they were not able to cope in time. The three immortals were also the same, thus losing the best chance to escape.

Two days later.


A bolt of lightning shot out and struck a section of the wall of Sacred Feather City.

The city wall immediately crumbled, and shortly dispersed into countless Gu worm fragments.

None of the featherman Gu Masters defending the city wall were able to escape, their dead bodies covered the ground.

Dust clouds rose, from within, a slight trace of green light suddenly flashed.

"Damn it!" The battle had already lasted for two days and two days, the featherman Gu Immortal Zhou Zhong's eyes were bloodshot.

He saw the destroyed city wall, their defense had a flaw now, thus he immediately flew to guard it.

Immortal Gu Houses were essentially formed from countless Gu worms. This destroyed city wall meant all the Gu worms in it had died, and it was like a hole had been opened in the Immortal Gu House.

This was like a boat with holes, its defense had reduced by a large extent. If the enemies pierced through it and took the chance to enlarge this hole, the whole Immortal Gu House could be destroyed in the end!

Right now, although the hole was small, it absolutely could not be ignored and allowed to be enlarged. Zhou Zhong quickly hurried to block the hole, buying crucial time for the Immortal Gu House's self-recovery.

However, just when Zhou Zhong had arrived, he heard a sinister laugh: "Hehehe, you have fallen into the trap."

Suddenly, two figures appeared at his sides, flanking him in the middle.

The portion of the Sacred Feather City that had collapsed had already formed a gap which allowed the two Gu Immortals to enter.

"Scoundrels!" Zhou Zhong was extremely furious and panicked, as he counterattacked. But he had lost the initiative, and after several rounds, he was severely injured and on the verge of death.

"Bind!" From outside the city, a Western Desert Gu Immortal got close and suddenly activated his immortal killer move.

Instantly, Zhou Zhong could not budge an inch, like he was bound all over.

The two Gu Immortals beside him laughed sinisterly, as they struck Zhou Zhong's chest.

Zhou Zhong spat out huge amounts of blood and was sent flying back like a cannon, crashing through countless constructions on the way before finally laying down motionless on a pile of rubble.

His body shook slightly as he struggled with all his strength.

However, the killer move's effect was still there, making him unable to move.

Those two Gu Immortals came rushing over; Zhou Zhong could not help but feel despair.

"Zhou Zhong, hold on, I am coming!" At the crucial moment, a stalwart figure stood in front of Zhou Zhong.

The strongest expert in the featherman city, first supreme elder!

Even by collaborating, the two Western Desert Gu Immortals were unable to match the first supreme elder's strength.

This supreme elder's cultivation level was almost at the peak of rank seven. Right now, as he attacked in anger, his might burst out, it was overwhelming!

The two Western Desert's Gu Immortals were unable to attack back, and were soon injured heavily, they quickly retreated back to the hole.

The final featherman Gu Immortal, Zheng Ling, was controlling the Immortal Gu House to quickly repair the hole as quickly as possible.

The hole was already eighty percent restored and was getting increasingly smaller.

The two Western Desert Gu Immortals hurried to the hole in the Immortal Gu House, but were unable to escape. They would have to stay and enlarge the hole slightly.

However, at this critical juncture, every second was extremely important. The Western Desert Gu Immortals simply did not have the time to attack the hole.

"Zheng Ling, great work!" The featherman first supreme elder was joyous.

Right now, the Immortal Gu House was continuously being repaired, and the situation had already become such that the enemies were trapped inside, waiting to be attacked.

Once they kill these two Western Desert Gu Immortals, the featherman tribe's morale would surely be uplifted greatly. The enemies would be shaken and no one would dare to rashly charge into the Immortal Gu House anymore.

But right as the featherman first supreme elder was about to kill the two Western Desert Gu Immortals, a shocking change occurred.

The two Western Desert Gu Immortals no longer had panicked expressions, instead replaced by a smile, as if they had a plot which succeeded.

At the same time, four Western Desert Gu Immortals appeared beside the featherman first supreme elder.

"Our true target is you! You will die!!" The leading Gu Immortal was actually White Sea Shatuo!

At this moment, his aura erupted and surged, and overwhelming might burst out, revealing rank eight cultivation level!

The featherman first supreme elder paled in fear, the moment of carelessness had sent him into a dangerous situation.

"Damn it!" The rank seven featherman Gu Immortal Zheng Ling, who was controlling the Immortal Gu House, was extremely anxious, activating the Immortal Gu House quickly.

Both sides were focused in this peripheral area of the Immortal Gu House, this crucial battlefield.

"Old ancestor, are you alright?" Yu Fei shouted as he moved towards the featherman Gu Immortal Zhou Zhong, who was lying on the ground motionlessly.

Zhou Zhong was struck by the immortal killer move and its effect had yet to dissipate, thus he was still unable to move from the rubble.

"The newly crowned featherman king…" Zhou Zhong sighed as he looked at Yu Fei.

He transmitted his voice: "Leave quickly, the battle here is not something you can participate in."

But Yu Fei ignored it, flying towards Zhou Zhong's side and activating mortal Gu: "Old ancestor, I will save you!"

Zhou Zhong appreciated Yu Fei's bravery, feeling moved, but also helplessness.

There were countless injuries on his body, all inflicted by immortal killer moves, the injuries were filled with dao marks, how could they be healed by ordinary mortal Gu?

"Huh?!" But the next moment, Zhou Zhong's eyes protruded out, as he stared at 'Yu Fei'.

"You are not Yu Fei, you…" Zhou Zhong tried to cry out furiously, wanting to resist, but he could not budge.

Before he could even alarm others, Fang Yuan had sealed his voice.

The moment when there was a gap in the Immortal Gu House, Fang Yuan had used Fixed Immortal Travel to travel here from Northern Plains.

The Immortal Gu House's control near the hole had fallen to almost nil, Fang Yuan was thus not detected by anyone.

He then waited for a chance, and taking advantage of when the two sides were in an intense battle, with their attention focused on the key battlefield, he immediately made a move, disguising himself as Yu Fei, and was able to smoothly approach Zhou Zhong.

Right now, he was silently activating slavery Immortal Gu!

Zhou Zhong resisted intensely, his resistance kept on increasing. But after a while, all his resistance suddenly disappeared, as he was turned into Fang Yuan's slave!

In an instant, he turned to Fang Yuan's side.

"I finally succeeded." Fang Yuan was completely exhausted.

Shortly after, he gave a command to Zhou Zhong: "Go replace Zheng Ling to take control of the entirety of Sacred Feather City."

"Yes, master." Zhou Zhong moved his heavily injured body, flying towards the center of Sacred Feather City.

"Elder Zheng Ling, go reinforce first supreme elder. I will control the Immortal Gu House!" Zhou Zhong called out.

Zheng Ling was joyous, the featherman first supreme elder's situation was already extremely bad. Although he was controlling the Immortal Gu House, the entirety of Sacred Feather City was already immobilized by the enemy, as such, it was not able to display its true power.

Instead of using Sacred Feather City's power, it was better for him to go in person to reinforce the first supreme elder.

"Are your injuries okay?" Zheng Ling was about to move, but hesitated.

"Quickly go! At this point, even if I die, I will guard the Immortal Gu House." Zhou Zhong shouted, his whole body bathed in blood.

"Alright, I am leaving. Hang in there!!" Zheng Ling nodded, and turned into a bolt of lightning as he left.


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