Reverend Insanity
976 Familiar Face
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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976 Familiar Face

Lang Ya land spirit looked straight into Fang Yuan's eyes, unsure of what to say.

These immortal materials were Fang Yuan's, he was so anxious that he almost scratched his own head.

Fang Yuan looked at Lang Ya land spirit with a smile, not matter how bad Lang Ya land spirit's attitude towards him was, as long as these immortal materials were with him, he seemed to have taken hold of Lang Ya land spirit's weakness.

Suddenly, Lang Ya land spirit's eyes turned, and he quickly reacted.

He was no longer anxious, instead sneering: "Hmph, brat, do I still not know you? You swindler, you don't do anything without benefits! Speak, what advantage you want to take from me?"

Fang Yuan pretended to be unhappy: "Your words are really wrong. I didn't come to take advantage of you, but to do a fair transaction with you."

"Hehe." Lang Ya land spirit was already somewhat prepared for Fang Yuan's shamelessness, "Speak up, don't talk in a roundabout way."

Fang Yuan drooped his eyelids, staring at the immortal materials in his hands: "Since you are so forthright, then I will speak directly. Can I ask if you have the immortal killer move familiar face?"

Lang Ya land spirit was stunned before asking back: "How did you know I have Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's signature killer move?"

Fang Yuan was inwardly joyous, Lang Ya land spirit indeed had it!

He had only made a guess about this.

Thinking of the past, Lang Ya land spirit lacked a desolate beast and wanted Fang Yuan to grab a living one, using the mortal killer move unfamiliar face as a reward to tempt Fang Yuan.

Back then, when they had been discussing, Fang Yuan had asked about familiar face and Lang Ya land spirit's original words were:

"Familiar face? You are really daring! That is an immortal killer move, the core Gu is the legendary attitude Gu. Even if I give it to you, you will not be able to use it. But this killer move of mine has a huge relationship with familiar face, it can be said to be the former version of it, this is a mortal killer move and is suitable for you to use."

Land spirits were simple and would not tell lies.

Lang Ya land spirit had not said that he did not have familiar face, he had only said that even if he gave it to Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan would not be able to use it.

But Fang Yuan now already had attitude Gu with him.

Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had deceived two rank eight Gu Immortals with his rank six cultivation in his time.

Fang Yuan should also be able to do it!

"Looking back over that time, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable sought out my main body to refine space escape Gu. My main body also had been interested and worked an entire twenty-one years with Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable. This duration was according to the time of the five regions, when calculated with Lang Ya grotto-heaven's time, it would be even longer!"

Lang Ya land spirit recalled those eventful years with a nostalgic expression.

He paused for a moment, before continuing: "In these twenty-one years, my main body and Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable made many attempts, but they all failed. Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's accumulated savings were spent, and even my main body's treasury was used. My main body naturally would not accept making a loss, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had to bring out his resources to buy immortal materials from my main body. Unfamiliar face, vaguely familiar face and familiar face, this set of killer moves was one of them."

"So it was like that." Fang Yuan nodded, engraving this information in his mind.

Lang Ya blessed land indeed had deep foundations, actually having Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's possessions.

A person's wealth is their own ruin, no wonder Shadow Sect targeted them, and even Heavenly Court also attacked.

Fang Yuan had also been eyeing this land of treasures, but his strength was simply not enough, and rashly attacking would only cause trouble for himself.

"Brat, what do you want familiar face for? Hehehe, did you experience the benefits of unfamiliar face? My things are all of top quality. But unfamiliar face is only a mortal killer move, it indeed is not suitable for your current cultivation." Lang Ya land spirit laughed.

Fang Yuan spoke frankly: "I want to exchange a rank eight immortal material for familiar face."

Lang Ya land spirit had still been laughing, but the next moment his laughter turned into anger: "Brat, you really think I am stupid? You want to use a rank eight immortal material to buy Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's signature killer move? Keep on dreaming!"

Fang Yuan did not mind it, and asked with a warm attitude: "Then what's your price?"

"Ten rank eight immortal materials!"

This time, it was Fang Yuan's turn to change his expression: "Impossible! How could I have so many in my hands? Do you really think I picked them up?!"

He cried out in seeming seriousness, lying brazenly.

Lang Ya land spirit was in the dark.

He sheepishly smiled: "Then eight?"

Fang Yuan's eyes were wide open as he shouted: "Eight?! You are robbing me! Back then, you told me yourself that familiar face's core Immortal Gu is attitude Gu! Without attitude Gu, familiar face simply cannot be used. I am only trying to use it as reference, to make my own deductions and create an immortal killer move suitable for myself. You think I will use eight whole immortal materials in exchange for merely familiar face?!"

Fang Yuan's saliva flew out as he shouted, landing on Lang Ya land spirit's face.

Lang Ya land spirit looked embarrassed, retreating a few steps.

He had been tricked many times by Fang Yuan, and had learned to bargain. But clearly, his experience was still not enough, and he was stumped by a few words from Fang Yuan.

In the end, Lang Ya land spirit's existence was only an obsession formed by heavenly power. They were extremely simple, Lang Ya land spirit being able to reach this stage was already extraordinary.

Fang Yuan continued to lower the price loudly with ragged breathing. According to him, familiar face had already been degraded in value to being of no worth whatsoever, while the rank eight immortal materials' rarity and value were emphasized and enhanced countless times.

Lang Ya land spirit was unable to hold his own, and kept taking steps back in defeat.

In Fang Yuan's previous life of five hundred years, he had worked as a merchant. He ran a merchant caravan and built stores, earning a huge fortune, but in the end it was destroyed in just one day, breaking his habitual thought processes from Earth, and he comprehended the logic that this world was different from Earth, it was a world where the fist was strongest!

Fang Yuan finally reduced the price to five immortal materials.

This was the limit.

If he tried to reduce it any further, Lang Ya land spirit would not sell familiar face.

Land spirits were simple but stubborn. However, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's signature move was indeed worth this much at the minimum!

Lang Ya land spirit would not make a loss, he had calculated internally, at most he could say he had sold it at base price.

Fang Yuan knew he could not change the outcome, immediately paying five immortal materials and getting possession of familiar face.


The joy Fang Yuan felt was hard to describe.

Although he could use the light of wisdom, it would be extremely difficult to deduce familiar face. His wisdom path attainment was grandmaster level, but his transformation path attainment was merely at master level. And the 'familiar' series were transformation path killer moves.

"Even if I could deduce it, it won't be the same. But now what I have is the original familiar face, which contains its full contents without any flaws!"

Fang Yuan had no mood to keep staying, and left immediately.

He returned to Hu Immortal blessed land, and started to carefully study the immortal killer move.

There was only one core of familiar face, that was the rank eight attitude Gu. This move fully utilized the might of attitude Gu, one could say attitude Gu was the essence of this move, and without it, no matter which other Immortal Gu was added, it would be hard to display the profound capability of familiar face.

Besides attitude Gu, familiar face had over twenty supplementary Gu. Among them were two Immortal Gu, including change form Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan had failed in refining Change Form, while he did not even have the Immortal Gu recipe of the second Immortal Gu. This was the only blemish in this otherwise perfect matter.

"It seems that in the past, when Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable was at rank six, he possessed these two supplementary Immortal Gu."

Shortly afterwards, Fang Yuan entered the underground cavern and used the light of wisdom, continuously consuming large amounts of star thoughts as he began modifying the immortal killer move familiar face.

Several days later, he succeeded.

The two supplementary Immortal Gu were removed, about a thousand mortal Gu were added in, barely replacing the effect of the two Immortal Gu.

With this, the activation of Fang Yuan's modified familiar face was over ten times slower and more complicated.

The original familiar face only had over twenty Gu worms, even including attitude Gu, it did not reach thirty. The fewer the Gu worms, the simpler and faster the process of activation.

After Fang Yuan's modification, the number of Gu worms was over a thousand, their activation naturally was not as fast and convenient as the original.

This was something he had no other way to deal with.

Fang Yuan tried activating the modified familiar face.

The result of the test made him quite satisfied.

The modified familiar face could show sixty percent of the original's capability. The two supplementary Immortal Gu had been replaced with a thousand mortal Gu, being able to reach this point was already extremely exceptional.

It was just that the activation was very slow and required about an hour.

This was not of much importance, after all, familiar face was not used for battle.

"In my previous life, I refined change form Immortal Gu and used it as the core to form the modified vaguely familiar face. Now, I have this modified familiar face where the effect is over a hundred times better! I can completely deceive rank seven Gu Immortals, while the specific situation needs to be assessed for rank eight Gu Immortals." Fang Yuan inwardly calculated.

The killer move familiar face was exquisite beyond compare, especially the attitude Gu at its core, causing Fang Yuan's transformation to not be a transformation of surface appearance, but directly affecting others' minds.

Even if Fang Yuan transformed into a stranger, if the enemy was affected by this move, they would feel Fang Yuan was a long lost friend, or have a warm impression, or feel intense familiarity.

After gaining familiar face, Fang Yuan spent some time to practice every day.

Although attitude Gu was at rank eight, its requirements for activation were very low, only using up mental energy, not using up any immortal essence.

Thus, Fang Yuan's practice did not cost much.

As he became more accustomed, the time taken to activate familiar face reduced to half of the original one hour.

"The preparations are done. Now, I will have to wait for Tai Bai Yun Sheng's tribulation." Fang Yuan settled down, staying in Hu Immortal blessed land and occasionally traveling back and forth from that small village which had the spring dream fruit tree.

He continuously refined dream path mortal Gu, and used these Gu to pick up large numbers of spring dream fruits.

As time passed, his injuries gradually turned better, and finally it was the day of Tai Bai Yun Sheng's tribulation.


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