Reverend Insanity
975 New Alliance Agreemen
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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975 New Alliance Agreemen

The negotiation with Hei Lou Lan lasted for six hours.

After it ended, even Fang Yuan with his immortal zombie body felt extremely exhausted, his pitiful immortal zombie mind could not think on its own easily, who knew how many thoughts he wasted in the process.

Hei Lou Lan also wasn't better off, she felt this negotiation was much more exhausting than an intense battle of life and death, a feeling of weakness emitted from deep within her, her tongue went dry and she was feeling dizzy.

After the negotiation, Fang Yuan brought over Tai Bai Yun Sheng, and formed a new agreement with Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan.

Fang Yuan handed over self strength Immortal Gu, trading for Hei Lou Lan's slavery Immortal Gu, as well as borrowing attitude Gu for one year.

Fang Yuan also had to provide an opportunity to kill Hei Cheng for Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan.

As for Star Form blessed land, everyone would continue to participate fairly.

Besides these, Fang Yuan also obtained Hei Lou Lan's consent to connect their luck.

The new agreement was tightly linked together in all aspects, even Fairy Li Shan with her information path quasi-great grandmaster attainment would need to spend several years to break the agreement. More importantly, it also took account of Blazing Heaven Demoness.

There was a condition inside that stated more allies could be added, but the new allies must follow the agreement.

Moreover, both sides could not get the help of external forces to target each other. Both sides would also have a one time opportunity to request for support, and once used, the other side must be assisted! The compensation after the matter would be calculated according to the specific situation.

The agreement was extremely stringent, the division of profits was stipulated in detail. Fang Yuan used Hei Lou Lan's apprehension towards Purple Mountain True Monarch, and his previous life's memories, to reach his goal.

One who could only fight was no more than a boor.

Battles could not resolve all issues.

Man is the spirit of all livings beings, humans possessed great wisdom. If they used this wisdom only to fight, they would be letting down this gift from heaven.

After the agreement was made, Fang Yuan's situation had changed greatly.

First of all, Hei Lou Lan was Fairy Black Moon, with vigorous luck that would not decline for a long time. Fang Yuan connected his luck with hers, offsetting Spring Autumn Cicada's flaw.

Second, he was able to borrow the rank eight attitude Gu. This Immortal Gu was used in the past by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, it was the core Gu of the legendary immortal killer move — Familiar Face.

Back then, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had only been rank six Gu Immortal, but by using this killer move, he deceived two rank eight Gu Immortals in a row, obtaining large amounts of treasures as well as causing the two rank eight Gu Immortals to misunderstand each other, indirectly causing their deaths.

Fang Yuan had lost change form Immortal Gu, but obtained attitude Gu, which was countless times better!

His improved vaguely familiar face killer move's effect would be sharply increased to an astonishing level. Fang Yuan was now confident of deceiving even rank eight Gu Immortals!

Lastly was Blazing Heaven Demoness.

In his previous life, Blazing Heaven Demoness, this rank eight Gu Immortal, had schemed against Fang Yuan. This life, Fang Yuan had reached a new agreement with Fairy Li Shan and others, which could be taken as stopping Blazing Heaven Demoness' scheme early.

Blazing Heaven Demoness' guilt and affection towards Hei Lou Lan was her biggest weakness. Fang Yuan was planning to "inadvertently" make use of Blazing Heaven Demoness.

Even if Blazing Heaven Demoness did not join the new alliance, when Hei Lou Lan falls into a predicament while assisting Fang Yuan, could Blazing Heaven Demoness do nothing?

It could be said that Hei Lou Lan was the best tool to control Blazing Heaven Demoness.

"Hei Lou Lan's side is no longer an obstacle to me. After turning enemies into allies, my plans should now go much more smoothly. But Hei Lou Lan and the others are extremely shrewd, they are not easy to fool. They are now very satisfied with this new alliance agreement, but they will slowly realize the enormous advantage I am holding. At that time, they will definitely be displeased and may even try to go against me."

Because of his previous life's memories, Fang Yuan was able to gain the advantage. But he had not removed his vigilance against Hei Lou Lan's side.

"Wait until I possess Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage, then the course will be set, the contrast between the strength of our sides will be overturned. Even if Hei Lou Lan's side is unsatisfied, they won't be able to create any problems."

Fang Yuan did not hesitate on giving up self strength Immortal Gu, it was because he was planning for the Immortal Gu House, Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage, and the Great Strength True Martial immortal zombie.

With self strength Immortal Gu, he would only have the first style of myriad self, at best, his strength would only be rank seven.

But with the Immortal Gu House, Fang Yuan did not need to fear even rank eights, easily advancing or retreating.

After obtaining attitude Gu, Fang Yuan stored it in his own immortal aperture and moved to Lang Ya blessed land.

Lang Ya land spirit was extremely surprised, asking: "So quickly? You got what I wanted?"

"No." Fang Yuan shook his head.

Lang Ya land spirit's expression immediately turned gloomy, shouting coldly: "Fang Yuan, you brat, are you disregarding my words? Before you left last time, I told you Lang Ya blessed land is not a place for you to come whenever you want! If you don't have the immortal material I want, then don't come bothering me. I won't agree to any of your requests."

"Is that so?" Fang Yuan chuckled, his attitude calm, "What if I want to use my final opportunity to request you to refine Gu for me?"

"Ah." Lang Ya land spirit was staring blankly, lost for words.

Fang Yuan had stolen Ma Hong Yun's fortuitous encounter, arriving at Lang Ya blessed land with the identity of an inheritor of Thieving Heaven.

Because Long Hair Ancestor had made an agreement with Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, Lang Ya land spirit had to refine Gu three times for Fang Yuan without any costs.

If refining mortal Gu, Lang Ya land spirit must guarantee the success of the Gu refinement. If refining Immortal Gu, Lang Ya land spirit could fail, but the materials for the Gu refinement must come from his own pockets.

Fang Yuan had used two opportunities.

The first was to refine stargate Gu, although this Gu worm was only a mortal Gu, it had provided huge help to Fang Yuan at that time.

The second was to refine second aperture Gu, during the Gu refinement process, Fang Yuan drank four types of fine wines, obtaining divine travel Gu. Finally, he used divine travel Gu to trade for gruel mud Immortal Gu from Lang Ya land spirit.

Thus, Fang Yuan only had one remaining opportunity to request Gu refinement.

Lang Ya land spirit said sternly: "Kid, what Gu do you want to refine?"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, patting Lang Ya land spirit's shoulder: "I only said 'if', I don't truly want to waste the third opportunity now."

Lang Ya land spirit snorted, brushing away Fang Yuan's hand, and dusting off his clothing with extremely dislike.

But in the end, he did not speak anymore.

As long as Fang Yuan did not use his final opportunity, he could casually enter Lang Ya blessed land.

Lang Ya land spirit knew this was Fang Yuan's warning towards him, even a verbal attack. But he was unable to do anything about it, so he felt very displeased.

"If you don't want to use the final chance, then leave quickly!" Lang Ya land spirit said, displeased.

Fang Yuan unconcernedly shrugged his shoulders: "Although I did not get the immortal material you mentioned, but I brought this. Take a look."

The corners of Lang Ya land spirit's lips curled up: "Brat, you want to deceive me? Hmph, you think immortal materials can easily substitute for each other? I cannot…"

He suddenly stopped speaking.

His eyes flew wide open, his gaze intensified sharply as it fixed upon the immortal material in Fang Yuan's hand.

This immortal material naturally was not a simple one, it was a rank eight immortal material Fang Yuan had picked up inside the Gu formation in Earth Trench!

Lang Ya land spirit's eyes were captivated.

"This… this… this… looks like fragment of the immemorial desolate beast cloud phoenix's body!" Lang Ya land spirit stuttered in an incredulous tone.

Fang Yuan gave a thumbs up: "As expected of Lang Ya land spirit, you are correct. After I obtained this immortal material, I had to spend some effort before I found out its origin."

As he said this, Fang Yuan handed this immortal material to Lang Ya land spirit.

Lang Ya land spirit did not restrain himself, he quickly stretched his hand, grabbing the immortal material and put it in front of his eyes, examining carefully.

"Good stuff, good stuff."

"Sure enough, it is a fragment of a cloud phoenix, this is a rare object!"

"What dogshit luck do you have, to actually get such a treasure!"

Lang Ya land spirit muttered non-stop, he was extremely enticed, and his gaze looked somewhat infatuated.

No matter which Lang Ya land spirit it was, they both originated from Long Hair Ancestor.

Long Hair Ancestor excelled in Gu refinement, and was also infatuated with it. Lang Ya land spirit had also inherited this nature.

Right now, as Lang Ya land spirit looked at this rank eight immortal material, his thoughts started to fluctuate. He had bitterly sought for such immortal materials, but had not found them, if he had this, the gaps in materials for a lot of Immortal Gu recipes could be filled up. The Gu refinement materials for one or two Immortal Gu would even be collected entirely, and the Gu refinement could begin immediately!

Lang Ya land spirit had already stopped paying attention to Fang Yuan, his gaze was tightly fixed at the cloud phoenix's fragment, inspecting it from all directions. He was almost salivating!

Even in Lang Ya blessed land, there were very few rank eight immortal materials.


It was simple, they were hard to gather!

Like this cloud phoenix's fragment, its main body was an immemorial desolate beast cloud phoenix! This cloud phoenix was extremely powerful, able to match rank eight Gu Immortals.

To gather this immortal material, normally speaking, one had to kill the cloud phoenix. Gu Immortals were few in numbers, rank eight Gu Immortals were even fewer, only a handful of them existed. They had to consider their tribulations and their own safety, and would not easily start a battle. Unless they had some specific demands, there would be extremely few rank eight immortal materials entering the market.

This was also the reason why Fang Yuan had only put two immortal materials in treasure yellow heaven, yet he was easily able to trade for all kinds of food for Immortal Gu.

Even Lang Ya land spirit's main body, Long Hair Ancestor, did not have too much capability to personally gather rank eight immortal materials.

One of the reasons he agreed to refine Gu for Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was to borrow the strength of the rank nine venerables to gather rank eight immortal materials.

Fang Yuan saw Lang Ya land spirit's expression, and smiled, he then took out another rank eight immortal material, and intentionally asked: "Lang Ya land spirit, help me check the origins of this immortal material."

"Ahhh!!" Lang Ya land spirit raised his head to take a glance, immediately letting out a loud and shocked scream.

His eyes were wild with joy: "Heavens, isn't this the wing of a tiger-striped honey bee? Look, such beautiful lights from dao marks. The metal path dao marks on this wing are so dense that we can see the light from the dao marks with our naked eyes!!"

"Brat, how could you obtain something of this level!? It simply angers me to death, I searched so hard for so many years, but even I have barely over twenty of them. They are so precious that I am not willing to use them!!"

Fang Yuan laughed loudly: "What if I say I picked them up, do you believe me?"

Saying this, he immediately took back the cloud phoenix's fragment from Lang Ya land spirit's hand.

Lang Ya land spirit was caught unprepared, and after he reacted, he gave a miserable howl, feeling like a piece of his heart had been cut out.

He stamped his foot and shouted: "What are you doing?!"

"Doing what?" Fang Yuan had a baffled expression, "This belongs to me, are you thinking of stealing it?"

Lang Ya land spirit stiffened, he was not able to retort and could only glare at Fang Yuan.


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