Reverend Insanity
966 Battle of Yi Tian Mountain 2/2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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966 Battle of Yi Tian Mountain 2/2

Central Continent.


Suddenly, an intense explosion broke the tranquility of the mountain valley.

The aftermath of the explosion created a huge inferno that rapidly spread in all directions.

In just a breath of time, the lush trees in the surroundings were destroyed, and the area became a barren desert.

The eight rank eight Gu Immortals that came from Heavenly Court gradually revealed their figures.

They had formed a circle, each of them heavily injured, their gazes looking heavily at the proud and aloof figure in the center.

Immortal zombie Bo Qing was standing upright and proud like a spear.

He slowly moved his eyes, a sword light suddenly flickered from them.

The eight Gu Immortals were terrified, three even subconsciously retreated a step. In the intense battle earlier, they had suffered a lot under these sword lights coming from his eyes.

However, the sword light in Bo Qing's eyes died out in an instant.

Afterwards, the lively light in his eyes completely dissipated. His whole body became motionless like a stone statue.


"We finally killed the remnant soul within Bo Qing…"

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals let out breaths of relief, they had obtained victory in this battle.

Bo Qing was known as a pseudo-Immortal Venerable, but he had only left behind his corpse, and the remnant soul in it was Mo Yao's.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals targeted this weak point, using their battle tactics to completely annihilate Mo Yao's remnant soul. Without the control of the remnant soul, Bo Qing's immortal zombie body moved no longer.

"It has been so long since I had such a thrilling battle!" A Gu Immortal sighed, deeply moved.

"Fortunately, this immortal zombie Bo Qing had such a huge weakness, otherwise someone among us would definitely be annihilated."

"It is a pity we couldn't take it alive…."

"After taking this immortal zombie body to Heavenly Court and storing it properly, I will continue my sleep."

Previously, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, Bi Chen Tian and Lian Jiu Sheng used an Immortal Gu House, Illusion Garden, to trap immortal zombie Bo Qing and Yu Mu Chun.

Bo Qing battled the three immortals with incredible sword path might. Heavenly Court's three immortals were no match for him and could only request for reinforcements. Five Gu Immortals from Heavenly Court had no choice but to come out of their rest and enter the mortal world as reinforcements.

The eight Gu Immortals formed an ancient battle formation, and after over a month, they finally killed Yu Mu Chun and extinguished Mo Yao's remnant soul.

The battle ended, the five Heavenly Court Gu Immortals that were awoken immediately returned to their headquarters and continued to rest.

They had almost no lifespan remaining, they had to treasure every second they had.

Bi Chen Tian and Lian Jiu Sheng also wanted to leave, but their situation was better than the five immortals. They still had time to care for their descendants and sects.

But, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord gave the task of cleaning up the battlefield to Bi Chen Tian, and persuaded Lian Jiu Sheng to go to the riverbed of Falling Heavenly River and search again.

He now was flying towards Heavenly Court.

"Although we have won this battle, my unease has instead increased, and I am feeling very restless, as if an apocalypse is approaching." Standing in front of Heaven Overseeing Tower, this old rank eight Gu Immortal frowned.

He stepped inside the tower and continued the previous deductions.

"What's going on?" Soon, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's forehead was dripping with sweat.

His gaze was extremely puzzled.

There was an enormous pressure which made it difficult for him to move forward.

In the past, he only needed to spend a bead of rank eight immortal essence for each step. But this time, he did not know why, but the consumption of immortal essence had doubled!

"Ever since I have been in control of Heaven Overseeing Tower, there has never been such a situation! What's happening?"

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's intuition was urgently telling him: Sword Immortal Bo Qing's matter was only a prelude, and behind the scenes, there was an even stronger mastermind!

"I understand, it seems someone is secretly hindering me from deducing… haha, if that is the case, then I want to succeed even more, I will walk to the top of the tower. I want to see who it is that has escaped the judgment of fate!"

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord continued to climb, his expression was firm with no more puzzlement.

But after he climbed a hundred steps, the wall turned dark.

It was like the darkest, blackest ink had spilled over the whole wall.

There were no more images.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's heart sank: "Who is it? Who is interfering with my deduction! They could actually interfere with a rank nine Immortal Gu House, Heaven Overseeing Tower, to this degree!!"

Time continued to pass.

A month later, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord finally stepped onto the top floor of the tower.

He was extremely exhausted, most of the immortal essence accumulated in his lifetime had been consumed.

He looked at the wall with anticipation.

After the first pitch black wall, he no longer saw other images.

However, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord knew fate Immortal Gu's might extended over the whole world and could not be blocked, the wall at the end would definitely reveal the true perpetrator behind the scenes.

When he stepped on the top floor, he widened his eyes, gazing impatiently!

At the next moment, his pupils shrunk down to pin-size.

His aged body shook intensely.

The final wall was still pitch black.

Darkness, incomparably deep darkness.

But unlike before, in this darkness, a pair of eyes were shining.

This was a pair of human eyes!

But it was filled with bone-chilling coldness and terrifying killing intent.

They gazed at Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord like a beast hiding in the darkness, waiting patiently for an opportunity, upon which it would charge of the darkness, causing terror over the world.

"You, you are…" Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord was soaked with cold sweat, he trembled and even his teeth chattered.

After a long while, he barely managed to calm down.

But fear and panic still remained on his face.

"Crisis! A huge crisis! If this is left unchecked, even Heavenly Court will be destroyed. Immortal zombie Bo Qing was no more than a distraction for us. I must awaken many more of Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals, this is a battle that decides our survival!!"

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord did not hesitate, he ran out of the Heaven Overseeing Tower, directly to Floating Maple Cliff.

On Floating Maple Cliff, there was a giant Gu formation.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord decisively activated the Gu formation; a sound of a bell, vast and unparalleled, immediately resounded throughout the sky.

Heavenly Court shook!

At the same time, in Southern Border.

"Finally, the deduction has succeeded." Fang Yuan had already taken another appearance and stepped onto Yi Tian Mountain, his immortal aperture sealed.

After obtaining a portion of Old Immortal Kong Jue's inheritance from Blazing Heaven Demoness, Fang Yuan did not encounter any obstacles in his deduction. Using the method of sealing the immortal aperture, Fang Yuan sealed his own immortal aperture and turned into a rank three Gu Master, officially stepping into this huge stage.

At this time, the situation on Yi Tian Mountain had already undergone a huge change.

Large numbers of Gu Masters had entered both the righteous and demonic sides.

The righteous path had initiated the third and fourth waves of offense, both sides suffered heavy losses.

On the demonic path's side, Second Zombie King had summoned many of his disciples, their zombie army giving a huge headache to the righteous path.

On the righteous path's side, Wei Yang and Hong Fei Yu had allied, getting an advantage over Lan Mei He and Fei You Wang in the aerial battles.

However, Divine Doctor Sheng Shou was supporting the righteous path.

This person was one of the four great doctors of Southern Border, extremely proficient in healing and treating wounds and illnesses. With him there, righteous path Gu Masters had fewer losses, and most injuries were quickly healed, so they did not fear fighting fiercely.

Xiao Shan knew if this were to continue, the righteous path would continue becoming stronger, thus he decided to make use of a diversion while taking the initiative to attack, beginning the fifth wave of battle between righteous and demonic.

On the surface, he, Sun Pang Hu and Zhou Xing Xing attacked, while Lu Zuan Feng was commanded to sneak towards the rear of the righteous path and try to kill Divine Doctor Sheng Shou.

But the result was, Divine Doctor Sheng Shou was not killed, instead, Shang Fu Xi of the righteous path had planned for their scheme, laying an ambush and killing Second Zombie King.

With Second Zombie King dead, the demonic path's disadvantage was quickly enlarging.

Around this time, Killer Ghost Doctor Chou Jiu stepped onto Yi Tian Mountain, suppressing Divine Doctor Sheng Shou, salvaging the situation.

Chou Jiu saved many demonic Gu Masters' lives, and soon took the third highest rank. Lu Zuan Feng was ranked at second while Xiao Shan still was at first.

As for Sun Pang Hu and Zhou Xing Xing, they had already been squeezed out to the fourth and fifth.

Because of Chou Jiu, the demonic path could recuperate and build up strength day by day, and because one of the rising stars of the demonic path, Mo Wu Tian, had joined and challenged many to one-on-one battles, the righteous path had lost many strong warriors.

Shang clan sent Doctor Su Shou, who together with Divine Doctor Sheng Shou, managed to close the gap created by Chou Jiu.

A phantom path inheritor, Yan clan's young clan leader, Yan Jun, entered the spotlight, he sneaked into Yi Tian Mountain and killed Chou Jiu before swaggering off.

The righteous path's morale was boosted, making another attack, beginning the sixth wave of battle between righteous and demonic.

However, they fell into the demonic path's trap.

Chou Jiu had remnant life Gu, as long as his body was mostly intact, he could resurrect. After Yan Jun killed him, he had secretly resurrected while pretending to be dead, causing the righteous path to take the bait.

In the sixth battle, Mo Wu Tian showed his demonic might, killing three rank four Gu Masters in the chaotic battle, his fierce might surged and even Yan Jun was defeated by him and suffered heavy injuries.

The righteous path retreated in defeat, but the demonic path had also incurred huge losses, both sides temporarily rested, trying to recover their strength.

During such a situation, Fang Yuan stepped onto Yi Tian Mountain, joining Yi Tian Village.

He had disguised himself as a rank three Gu Master, and after joining, his status in Yi Tian Village was outside the top one hundred. The higher ups arranged him a position of guarding an archery tower.

Fang Yuan was extremely low profile, working without making any disturbances.

He patiently waited for the first three days, and after seeing no Gu Immortals had appeared to stop him, began to stealthily refine the battle will in the Immortal Gu House.

The number of demonic path Gu Masters who had joined Yi Tian Village had already reached six hundred.

Among these people, some were pawns of Gu Immortals, while some were not. Fang Yuan was hidden among them and was not in the least bit conspicuous.

He was secretly earning a fortune, rapidly refining the battle will in the Immortal Gu House with his wisdom path grandmaster attainment.

Other Gu Immortals could only make their pawns fight and indirectly refine the battle will from this. But Fang Yuan did not need to fight, he could continue to unceasingly refine the battle will. After all, a Gu Immortal was personally making a move, it naturally would be extraordinary.

Day after day passed, the righteous and demonic sides were like two giant beasts, after taking a few breaths, their energy was restored and they began to battle again.

It was the seventh wave of battle, and this was a draw again.

The demonic path made a crafty scheme, cutting off the righteous path's supply lines. But on the righteous path's side, Shang clan leader Shang Yan Fei personally arrived with his forces, and used gourmet food box Gu, providing a feast for the army, foiling the demonic path's scheme.

Next, the clan leaders of Southern Border's super forces like Yi clan, Luo clan, Yao clan and Xia clan also showed themselves, joining the battlefield.

The battles were getting increasingly heated, affecting the minds of countless Gu Masters and forces.

But from Fang Yuan's viewpoint, it was simply another ordinary scene.

Righteous and demonic battled, it looked to be extremely brilliant, but in fact the true manipulators were Southern Border's Gu Immortals.

During these last days, the Gu Immortals had also clashed. Although they did not officially fight, they secretly schemed and strategized, each trying to cheat or outwit one other, making everyone on guard.

Fang Yuan was able to obtain huge amounts of information from this and his understanding of the world of Southern Border's Gu Immortals increased at a rapid speed.

He had refined large amounts of battle will, but Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage seemed like a bottomless pit.

Time continued to pass, a month had gone by.

On this day, Old Man Yan Shi secretly came to the surroundings of Yi Tian Mountain with over ten Gu Immortals.

He took a deep breath, and said in a slightly shaky tone: "Heavenly Court has already detected this and is preparing for an expedition to Southern Border. Time does not wait for anyone, we can only begin early!"


The Gu Immortals behind him turned into shadows as they flew in all directions.


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