Reverend Insanity
962 Xiao Shan, Xiao Mang
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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962 Xiao Shan, Xiao Mang

At the bottom of Falling Heavenly River, immortal zombie Bo Qing's eyes moved around, looking emotionlessly at Song Zi Xing and Yu Mu Chun.

At this moment, Song Zi Xing and Yu Mu Chun's hearts were jumping, they were facing immense pressure, they were drenched in sweat.

Bo Qing was known as a pseudo-Immortal Venerable, during his time, he was publicly recognized as the strongest person under rank nine venerables in the five regions!

Even though he had become an immortal zombie after the tribulation and his immortal aperture was completely destroyed, he still had ample rank eight immortal essence on him, especially his sword path dao marks, they were not destroyed.

Thus, his battle strength was terrifying.

The most crucial point were the dao marks!

The higher the Gu Immortal's cultivation level, the more dao marks they had. Even if two people were using the same Immortal Gu, the difference in dao marks would cause different outcomes when the Immortal Gu's power was amplified.

Consider Qin Bai Sheng, a soul path Gu Immortal who also cultivated metal path, he did not have a single sword path dao mark on him, but when he used five finger fist heart sword, he could fight Feng Jiu Ge on equal grounds.

Right now, none of Bo Qing's Immortal Gu were damaged, together with his vast number of sword path dao marks, he could display unimaginable might, he could almost replicate the glory that he had when he was alive.

Thus, Bai Cang Shui, Seven Star Child, and the others had no chance to resist him.

Not to mention Song Zi Xing and Yu Mu Chun.

The higher the rank of the Gu Immortal, the greater the difference, between rank seven and eight, the difference in dao marks was like heaven and earth. Between rank six and seven, there might be those who are evenly matched occasionally. But when rank eight fought against rank seven, it was almost always a one-sided fight. When rank nine fought rank eight, it would be as simple as stepping on an ant.

Facing immortal zombie Bo Qing, Song Zi Xing and Yu Mu Chun had no way to retaliate!

"Am I going to die today?"

"What will we do? What will we do!"

The two of them felt their bodies going cold, countless thoughts were churning in their minds, looking at this situation, they had almost no hope.

Bo Qing raised his finger, pointing at Song Zi Xing.

A thin sword light flashed.

Song Zi Xing did not even try to escape, he faced death with a bitter smile.

Because he knew that in front of Bo Qing, escaping was completely futile.

Bo Qing pointed at Yu Mu Chun.

"No—! I am unresigned, I cannot die!" Yu Mu Chun shouted loudly, in the moment between life and death, he took out an Immortal Gu.

Immortal zombie Bo Qing's movements froze.

His face started to show a struggling expression.

Yu Mu Chun's heart was pounding loudly, he started at Bo Qing's changing face anxiously.

Immortal zombie Bo Qing's expression turned from impassive to confused, he showed pain, hatred, and sadness, he was like a traffic light that was rapidly changing in color.

Eventually, his expression turned lively, there was some intelligence shining in his eyes, it was like a person with dementia suddenly recovering his senses.

He looked at his hand, and looked around at the brutal bloody scene, in the end, he looked towards Yu Mu Chun, asking hesitantly: "You are…"

Yu Mu Chun's body was full of cold sweat, he replied weakly like he had lost all his strength: "You are finally awake, Mo Yao, it seems that I made the right gamble. It was so close, so close."

It turned out that the remnant soul inside immortal zombie Bo Qing's body was Mo Yao's remnant soul.

Yu Mu Chun's Immortal Gu awakened Mo Yao's remnant soul, it caused the heaven's will which was inside the immortal zombie's mind to be pushed out.

Without the manipulation of heaven's will, immortal zombie Bo Qing stopped attacking.

Yu Mu Chun took several deep breaths as he continued: "Remember our conversation back then, in order to revive Bo Qing…"

"Bo Qing!"

Hearing her lover's name, Mo Yao's remnant soul shook.

She manipulated the immortal zombie body, nodding as she interrupted Yu Mu Chun: "Then what should I do now?"

Yu Mu Chun looked at Seven Star Child and Song Zi Xing's corpses, sighing.

If they were still alive, together with Yu Mu Chun, the three of them could use an immortal killer move and teleport all of the immortals to Central Continent's north-east area.

Heavenly Lotus Sect was in control of that area.

But now that Seven Star Child and Song Zi Xing were dead, Yu Mu Chun could only settle for dealing with Combat Immortal Sect, giving up on attacking Heavenly Lotus Sect.

"I hope that they can be stalled!" Yu Mu Chun took a glance in Heavenly Court's direction, feeling deeply worried.

Heavenly Court, Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's expression was dark, he was filled with anger.

He looked at the image, Yu Mu Chun cooperated with immortal zombie Bo Qing and was going to attack one of the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, Combat Immortal Sect, he could no longer watch idly.

Even though he was a Gu Immortal from Heavenly Lotus Sect, Combat Immortal Sect was still a sect underneath Heavenly Court.

Right now, immortal zombie Bo Qing had awakened, Combat Immortal Sect was in danger. Only Heavenly Court Gu Immortals could save them!

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord flew out of Heaven Overseeing Tower, summoning Lian Jiu Sheng and Bi Chen Tian: "An issue has occurred in Falling Heavenly River, Bai Cang Shui is dead, Bo Qing revived as an immortal zombie and is attacking Combat Immortal Sect. We have to reinforce them now!"

The two immortals were extremely shocked, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's words contained information that was simply too hard to believe.


The two immortals were only stunned momentarily.

Immediately after, they reacted and the three immortals used Heavenly Court's teleportation Gu formation and appeared at Combat Immortal Sect's base in a moment.

Looking at the north-west direction, the sky was clear as a grand sword light flew over rapidly.

A battle of rank eights was right before their eyes.

Southern Border, Light Mountain.

Light Mountain was more than two and a half kilometers tall, the light path Gu worms produced on the mountain were well-known over the whole of Southern Border.

This mountain had been in the control of a single force for the last thousand years.

Xiao clan.

Rumors had it that Southern Border's Xiao clan and Western Desert's Xiao clan were of the same origin. A thousand years ago, there was an internal conflict within Western Desert's Xiao clan, resulting in the losing side leaving and moving to Southern Border.

Southern Border's Xiao clan was once a super force. But its final remaining Gu Immortal, Xiao clan's supreme elder, had not appeared for the last hundred years, it caused Xiao clan to fall from a super force to a large scale force.

Xiao clan's current leader, Xiao Shan, stood on a mountain slope, he looked at Xiao clan's main base partway up the mountain as he showed dejection and hatred in his eyes.

A figure ran up the mountain rapidly, landing beside Xiao Shan, paying respects to him: "Xiao Zi Feng greets lord clan leader."

"That Wu Hui, is he still causing trouble?" Xiao Shan asked in a low voice.

Clan elder Xiao Zi Feng lowered his head: "Reporting to clan leader, Wu Hui is still screaming in the hall, requesting us to hand over the culprit that killed his son. The other elders are still holding the ground, don't worry clan leader."

Xiao Shan snorted coldly, he gritted his fists: "Wu Hui's son was the one with ill intentions, trying to target Xiao Cui Er, my daughter was just defending herself. This Wu Hui is actually using Wu clan to cause a ruckus in Xiao clan's discussion hall!"

"Clan leader, all will be fine if we endure this. Wu Hui is not a problem, but Wu clan is very powerful, we cannot resist them." Xiao Zi Feng quickly urged.

Xiao Shan's clenched fists loosened, he sighed deeply, his face was full of fatigue and bitterness.

He waved to Xiao Zi Feng: "Forget it, I will hide at the back of the mountain for the time being."

Xiao Zi Feng took his leave, vanishing into the forest below.

Xiao Shan sighed at the sky again, his mind was filled with gloominess and anger, he could not calm himself.

But at this moment, he suddenly heard a voice resounding in his mind.

"Come here, my descendant!"

"Who is it?" Xiao Shan was suspicious and uncertain.

This voice spoke again — come here, my descendant!

This voice was very familiar to Xiao Shan. He followed the voice's direction, entering deep into the region at the back of the mountain, until he reached Xiao clan's forbidden area.

"This is Xiao clan's forbidden area, even as the leader of Xiao clan, I have no authority to enter it!" Xiao Shan stopped moving, he was very troubled.

That voice rang in his mind again: "My descendant, you inherited my bloodline, why are you so timid? I am Xiao clan's ancestor, a Gu Immortal of Xiao clan, quickly come and receive my inheritance, the mission to strengthen our clan is yours to bear."

Xiao Shan's eyes shined, his body was trembling in agitation.

Gu Immortal!

Xiao clan's ancestor!

"Were the rumors true? My Xiao clan has had a Gu Immortal before? This voice is so familiar to me. I am a rank five peak stage Gu Master, other than Gu Immortals, who in this world can transmit their voices into my mind directly?"

"But this is forbidden area in the clan. Anyone who steps into this place will be exiled from the clan, even as the leader, I am no exception!" Xiao Shan thought of this and clenched his fists tightly.

He was engaged in an intense internal struggle.

"No, I must get the ancestor's inheritance! Wu Hui has caused our Xiao clan to lose face, if Wu clan voices out their support of Wu Hui, will I be able to protect my daughter? Wu clan is so overbearing and forceful, rumors says that they have Wu clan's Gu Immortals backing them! If I can receive the inheritance and become a Gu Immortal, I will definitely be able to raise Xiao clan's reputation and change everything!"

Xiao Shan's face shined with determination.

He hesitated no longer, he walked into the forbidden area.

Under the guidance of the voice, he reached a cave, seeing an Immortal Gu inside the cave.

Before he reacted, the Immortal Gu turned into a mystical light and fused into his body.

"This Gu worm's aura is preventing me from moving at all through power alone. Is this a legendary Immortal Gu?" Xiao Shan was surprised and joyful.

But when he inspected his body, the Immortal Gu was nowhere to be seen.

He could not find it anywhere.

And at this time, the voice in his head vanished completely.

Xiao Shan felt trepidation and deep suspicion as he walked out of the mountain's forbidden area.

"Brother, right now, Wu clan's elder is here to cause trouble, but you as the leader violated our rules and sneaked into our clan's forbidden area! You are not fit to be the clan leader!" Xiao Mang suddenly appeared, bringing with him a larger number of Xiao clan elders.

Xiao Shan realized the situation was turning bad.

He knew that his twin brother had great ambitions, he had been coveting his position as clan leader.

"This is not what you think!" Xiao Shan wanted to explain himself, but he could not explain himself clearly.

He was unwilling to casually mention the Gu Immortal inheritance, he was afraid that other forces or experts would try to take it away by force.

"Your explanations are just excuses! According to the clan rules, you are no longer a member of Xiao clan! The position of clan leader is mine!" Xiao Mang shouted, his expression was ruthless and furious, excitement and ambition was hidden deep inside his eyes.


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