Reverend Insanity
957 Rising Commotion
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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957 Rising Commotion

"It finally stopped." Fairy Bai Qing looked at the tranquil river surface, her face pale with lingering fear.

When the sword lights rampaged, she was nearest to the source and had personally witnessed this heaven shaking scene.

Right now, Falling Heavenly River was filled with corpses.

Large quantities of mutilated body parts of ancient desolate beasts and immemorial desolate beasts bobbed up and down in the river.

The surging white heavenly river water was now dyed blood red.

Although Falling Heavenly River came from the heavens, the river water was filled with vitality. Countless ferocious beasts lived within and propagated, large numbers of aquatic plants grew within and there were also countless hidden currents, whirlpools and other natural traps which even a Gu Immortal could die from.

Fairy Bai Qing waited for some moments, no more sword lights appeared.

She ran to the river and picked up the corpses of the beasts, and the branches and roots of ancient desolate plants and immemorial desolate plants.

She had truly earned a fortune!

The fortune was so huge even she could not help being joyous.

But the happiness did not last long, many ancient desolate beasts began to show up, Fairy Bai Qing could even vaguely see some faint images of ancient desolate beasts through the river water.

These beasts' ferocity was stimulated by the bloodied water.

The flesh and bones cut apart by the sword light were excellent delicacies to these beasts.

More and more beasts were attracted over by the blood and flesh, leading to a fierce battle.

They tore at each other as they battled for food, raising frightening waves.

Fairy Bai Qing had no choice but to retreat, over half the original quantity of corpses remained, she looked at them with much regret. These were all excellent Gu refinement materials!

"The sword lights shot out so suddenly, what happened in Falling Heavenly River? Should I enter to explore and find the reasons or not?"

Fairy Bai Qing was held back by the thought of Feng Jin Huang, thus she hesitated.

However, she had a feeling that Bo Qing's clues should be in the riverbed of Falling Heavenly River.

Fairy Bai Qing gritted her teeth, turning into a white light, shooting straight into Falling Heavenly River.

From Falling Heavenly River's source, unrivaled sword lights had shot out everywhere, their range covering the whole of Central Continent.

Whether it was the centipede valley in Central Continent's central region, or Flying Frost Sect in the east, or even Heavenly Court which was high above, they were all affected by the sword lights.

The whole of Central Continent was in a commotion.

Heavenly Court.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's face was ashen, his hand moved without stopping, he had immediately started restoring Heaven Overseeing Tower when he had gotten out of his shocked state.

He had already sent a message to Bi Chen Tian, Bai Cang Shui and Lian Jiu Sheng, urgently recalling them.

Right now, they were already on their way.

The damage created by the sword light was extremely troublesome, its sword path dao marks seemed to contain a corrosive nature. The remaining parts of Heaven Overseeing Tower might be standing upright, but it would not last for long.

If the sword path dao marks were left to continue corroding, it would definitely lead to even more disastrous damage.

"We succeeded in our last attempt at restoring fate Immortal Gu, but when I was just about to use it, Heaven Overseeing Tower was split apart. Is this a coincidence? Or…."

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord had a bad premonition.

After a while, Bi Chen Tian was the first to return, then Bai Cang Shui and finally Lian Jiu Sheng arrived.

Lian Jiu Sheng had stopped partway through, but was thus able to bring concrete information: "I have investigated it, the sword light came from the source of Falling Heavenly River. Right now, the whole of Central Continent is in a ruckus."

"Falling Heavenly River's source, isn't that where Bo Qing died?" Bai Cang Shui exclaimed in shock.

Speaking of Bo Qing, Heavenly Court's four immortals had complicated feelings on him.

Back then, it was not that they did not try to recruit Bo Qing, but unfortunately, Bo Qing's ideals did not conform to theirs, and he did not join Heavenly Court.

"Bo Qing…" Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's gaze was dark, "Investigate, we must investigate this clearly. Fairy Cang Shui, you are specialized in water path, I will have to trouble you to make a trip. The three of us will stay here to restore Heaven Overseeing Tower. For some reason, I am having a very bad feeling about this."

The other three immortals' expressions turned serious, Bi Chen Tian spoke: "Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, you are in charge of Heaven Overseeing Tower and fate Gu, if you are uneasy, we cannot disregard it, we need to move quickly!"

Central Continent, Combat Immortal Sect.

"Falling Heavenly River's source has changed all of a sudden, I suspect Bo Qing's sword path inheritance has appeared! Jin Lie Yang, you will go to investigate the truth. You can bring two rank six Gu Immortals, choose whoever you want." Combat Immortal Sect's first supreme elder's will floated in mid-air.

Gu Immortal Jin Lie Yang was sitting within fire. He was tall and well-built, with golden hair and fiery eyes, and a vigorous rank seven aura.

Hearing what was said, he instead snorted, not giving any face to the first supreme elder: "You should go find Shi Lei for this matter, he is the Immortal Monkey King, with Feng Jiu Ge no longer alive, he is now the strongest among Central Continent's rank seven Gu Immortals!"

First supreme elder's will smiled: "Jin Lie Yang, Shi Lei might be strong, but he is not the only person in Combat Immortal Sect. He has already made more than enough contributions in the exploration of Starry Sky grotto-heaven, could it be that you want him to make more contributions?"

An idea came to Jin Lie Yang and he suddenly became convinced.

He leaped out of the fire, and cupped his fists: "Heh! First supreme elder is correct. I had thought of growing another seventeen or eighteen fire path dao marks, but since that is the case, I will immediately move out!"

First supreme elder's will nodded, instructing: "Go and return quickly."

Wind Cloud Manor.

"First senior brother, you came out of seclusion?" Gu Immortal Hong Chi Ming immediately greeted the person in front of him with great joy.

This person was clothed in a white robe and was wearing a jade belt. He was tall and thin, elegance and harmoniousness seemed to be expressed in him. He smiled and nodded: "I came out because of the change in Falling Heavenly River. Junior brother, you participated in the hundred days battle and personally witness five finger fist heart sword. I have been asked to go investigate the truth of Falling Heavenly River, please lend me a hand."

Hong Chi Ming took a deep breath and said sincerely: "First senior brother, you are treating me like an outsider. Back then, were it not for your help, I would not be around today. I will offer my full efforts!"

Spirit Affinity House, discussion hall.

"Should we send someone to investigate the strange change in Falling Heavenly River's source?" First supreme elder was not present, so the discussion hall was managed by second supreme elder.

"Second supreme elder, you may not be aware but Fairy Bai Qing has already gone to explore Falling Heavenly River's source a few days ago." Li Jun Ying's will spoke.

"Oh? Did she discover some clues?" A Gu Immortal unavoidably recalled the matters discussed.

Second supreme elder frowned: "Fairy Bai Qing only has peak rank six cultivation, it is not enough to cope with this situation. But the sect is limited on available personnel right now, who should I send to reinforce Bai Qing at this time?"

Xu Hao's will laughed: "Reporting to second supreme elder, Fairy Bai Qing has actually already advanced to rank seven, it is just that she concealed it and did not report it."

"Oh? Is that the case? I remember there was still some time before the tribulation for her advancement to rank seven."

Xu Hao calmly replied: "This matter has been confirmed. Before Feng Jiu Ge left for Northern Plains, he borrowed time path Immortal Gu to secretly help Fairy Bai Qing advance her cultivation."

"So it was like that." Second supreme elder mumbled before saying, "Fairy Bai Qing advancing to rank seven is a blessing for our Spirit Affinity House. When she returns, she shall be rewarded heavily. Also, open the storage and let her choose a rank seven Immortal Gu. As for this matter of Falling Heavenly River, there is no need to send reinforcements anymore, just message her regarding the sect's intentions."

"Yes, we will follow second supreme elder's command."

Tian Ti mountain.

"This sword light, Bo Qing, Bo Qing… the pseudo-Immortal Venerable who split the five regions with his sword, it was fortunate for the people in the world that love changed him… maybe this is the appearance of his sword path true inheritance!"

Sword path Gu Immortal Jian Yi Sheng gazed into the horizon with excitement and yearning.

"Such a huge change, Falling Heavenly River will definitely be a gathering point for Gu Immortals, maybe there will be an opportunity to fish for profits in this commotion. Central Continent's ten great ancient sects are strong and can eat the meat, but I should be able to drink some soup, right?"

As he thought of this, Jian Yi Sheng hardened his mind and flew out of Tian Ti Mountain towards the northwest.

Whether it was the righteous path led by the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, or the demonic path or lone cultivators like Jian Yi Sheng, they all started making their moves.

Countless gazes pierced through space and gathered at the source of Falling Heavenly River.

Bo Qing, a pseudo-Immortal Venerable, at the pinnacle below the venerables, this reputation that had been covered in dust resurfaced once again.

The countless sword lights that wreaked havoc throughout the whole of Central Continent reminded the world of Bo Qing's power.

A rumor, who knows from where, started spreading and kept on getting bigger, affecting everyone's mental states.

"The sword lights are the arrangements left behind by Bo Qing before he perished. He is reminding the world that his sword path true inheritance has appeared, and although he perished, he did not want his true inheritance to be obtained by the wrong person. He is using this chance to select the most suitable inheritor!"

Thereafter, the shock created from the sword lights' might, gradually turned into greed and desire.

Central Continent's Gu Immortal world was in a commotion!

Countless Gu Immortals, even the hidden old monsters, started to move towards Falling Heavenly River.

A commotion occurred in Central Continent, a huge dispute that covered the whole of Central Continent was going to unfold at Falling Heavenly River.

But in Southern Border, it was calm and tranquil.

The trees swayed in the lush green hills.

On a mountain peak, in a stone pavilion.

Old Man Yan Shi was sitting inside the pavilion, playing chess.

A giant rock was in front of him, on the smooth surface of the rock were star path dao marks that formed either horizontal cuts, vertical cuts or diagonal cuts, forming a dazzling diagram.

Below Old Man Yan Shi was actually the famous astrolabe chessboard from history.

A figure descended down from the sky, and the stone pavilion instantly filled with cold air.

"Why did you call me?" Bai Ning Bing coldly stared at the back of Old Man Yan Shi.

Old Man Yan Shi slowly turned around and faced Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing continued to speak in an icy tone: "Although you helped me in becoming a Gu Immortal, I am not a subordinate of yours who is at your beck and call."

Old Man Yan Shi smiled, speaking softly: "Do you know that Fang Yuan will be returning?"

Fang Yuan!

Bai Ning Bing's gaze turned bright, he then squinted, hiding the sharp light in his eyes.

With a cold snort, he said: "Explain it clearly."


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