Reverend Insanity
956 World Shaking Migh
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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956 World Shaking Migh

Central Continent, centipede valley.

A terrifying chase was happening in the narrow ravine on the mountain road.

"Quickly run, quickly run!" A miniman laid down on Hong Yi's head as it shouted anxiously.

"It hurts, it hurts! Don't pull my hair." Hong Yi screamed in pain.

The miniman did not pay attention to what he said, it subconsciously grabbed onto Hong Yi's hair and turned back to look.

"Damn it! It is already here, quickly leave, if you are not fast enough, we will be eaten by it." The miniman called out frantically.

"I also want to move faster…" Hong Yi gritted his teeth, exerting all his effort to use his movement Gu. Unfortunately, his cultivation level was too low, at only rank two upper stage.

Of course, this cultivation level was already very rare at Hong Yi's age.

Ever since the Refinement Path Convention, Hong Yi had obtained some lucky opportunities and his cultivation speed far surpassed others.

But in this current moment of danger, rank two upper stage cultivation level was useless against the wild rank five golden horn centipede chasing behind him.

This centipede had a huge body, it was like a large python. It had a sharp horn on its head, when it moved on the ground, its hundreds of legs stomped, its body twisted as it moved rapidly.

"We're finished! It is already right behind you." The miniman was pale from shock, it was terror-stricken.

"I'll risk it!!" Hong Yi could also feel the golden horn centipede getting closer, the hair over his body was standing on end from fear, he had no choice but to use his only killer move.

This killer move was a movement killer move.

But Hong Yi had only obtained it recently, he had not practiced with it for long enough.

When he used it, the success rate and failure rate was fifty percent each.

Killer moves required at least two Gu worms to activate. The more Gu worms there were, the more complicated the steps involved, and the greater difficulty in activating it, but the power of the move also normally increased.

Hong Yi's new movement killer move was formed by nearly ten mortal Gu.

It was not comparable to a Gu Immortal, but for Gu Masters, this was a relatively huge number of Gu.

Killer moves were not so easy to practice.

When the activation of the killer move fails, the Gu Master or the Gu worms might receive damage.

Thus, normally, Hong Yi was very careful every time he practiced this killer move.

But at this time, his life was in critical danger, he could not care anymore.

His original speed was not enough for him to break free from the golden horn centipede, he was sure to die.

Right now, there was only one way left, he had to risk it!

"Activate, I must succeed!" Hong Yi screamed in his mind.

But wishes were wonderful, reality was cruel.

Activating killer moves required intense concentration, some killer moves needed special environments and could not be disturbed.

Fang Yuan could easily use his killer moves because he had a huge amount of experience in the five hundred years of his previous life, but Hong Yi was a newbie.

At this time, he was in danger, he had to pay attention to the path in front of him as the mountain was full of rocks and pitfalls, he was running rapidly, if he fell, his life would be over.

On the other hand, Hong Yi was chased by the golden horn centipede. The intense commotion behind him was ringing in his ears, he was engulfed in the aura of death, how could Hong Yi be unaffected by it?

Under this situation, those who could remain calm and absolutely focused were experienced experts who had already undergone countless battles and had disregarded the fear of death. Hong Yi could reach this stage eventually, but he was too young now.

"It's catching up, it's catching up!" The miniman on top of his head screamed in fear as it looked at the golden horn centipede, shortening the gap between them with a fierce demeanor.

The centipede was heavy and had a huge body, it had hundreds of legs and a huge mouth, saliva splattered everywhere as it bit at Hong Yi.

The miniman screamed tragically, it shut its eyes in fear.

Even though it had wings, they were broken already, it could not fly.

It had succeeded in stealing the rank five Gu material hundred flower dew during this exploration into the cave. But there was a price to pay for this, it had attracted the animosity of the golden horn centipede which was guarding the dew. Thus, the miniman could only escape with Hong Yi, trying to get away using his superior speed.

However, the miniman did not feel any pain.

It opened its eyes, showing disbelief.

For some reason, Hong Yi had escaped from the golden horn centipede's bite.

But at the next moment, the golden horn centipede chased them again.

The miniman was scared, but it could see clearly now.

The reason was, whenever the golden horn centipede tried to bite Hong Yi, it would subconsciously raise its head first.

This action would cause its head to go dozens of meters above the ground, half of its body would be elevated from the ground as well, before it landed heavily.

When the centipede raised its head, many of its legs would leave the ground, its speed would fall.

But at this time, Hong Yi was still running without lowering his speed.

Thus, Hong Yi could evade the golden horn centipede every time it attacked.

"This fool!" The miniman laughed heartily, it felt an intense joy in escaping from mortal danger.

Man is the spirit of all beings, wild Gu worms had limited intelligence, their movements were decided by instincts.

"I was kind enough to escape with you, but you call me a fool!" Hong Yi was displeased.

"I am not scolding you, I am talking about this golden horn centipede, you fool!" The miniman shouted.

Hong Yi was still nursing displeasure: "You are the fool, I said the centipede was sleeping, you should not have been afraid and simply should have stolen the hundred flower dew and escaped, but you had to scream for no reason!"

The miniman's cheeks puffed up, guilt flashed across its eyes as it showed an embarrassed expression.

It wanted to rebuke him, but at the next moment, its eyes opened wide in shock.

It turned out, the golden horn centipede behind saw that it could not bite Hong Yi, it changed its attack method, using its golden horn.

Of course, it had not become smarter.

The reason was, during its long life, the golden horn centipede had encountered some large prey that it could not swallow, in that situation, the golden horn centipede would use its horn to slice the prey up into pieces.

Opening its mouth to bite was the golden horn centipede's instinct, using the golden horn was also an instinct.

The golden horn centipede pounced harshly, lowering its head and stabbing its horn forward, soon approaching… Hong Yi's butt.

This was unavoidable because of its size.

"Fool, run!" The miniman saw this dangerous situation and shuddered in fear, it could not even grab onto the hair firmly.

"You still are calling me a fool — oh!" Hong Yi shouted, but suddenly, his pitch became higher, like a rooster who was grabbed by the neck. There was shock, unpreparedness, and intense pain in his voice.

The golden horn had already stabbed into Hong Yi's buttocks.

The miniman was full of despair, it thought that this was it!

But at this moment, Hong Yi's speed suddenly rose by a huge amount.

He shot out like a cannonball!

The reason was, when he was screaming, the intense pain gave him a moment of inspiration and he successfully used the killer move in an instant.

Hong Yi escaped as a result.

"Bleeding, you are bleeding." The miniman screamed loudly to Hong Yi.

It turned out that the golden horn centipede had already stabbed Hong Yi's buttocks, but because Hong Yi burst out in an instant, the two sides had been separated by a distance again.

It was as if a dagger was pulled out of Hong Yi's buttocks, the wound was unstopped and started bleeding.

"My butt hurts! Ahhhh, its so painful!!" At this moment, Hong Yi's mind was filled with an intense thought.

He subconsciously grabbed his butt, applying pressure on the wound.

However, naturally because he was feeling pain from his injury, his mind was distracted again.

The killer move that he had activated earlier fell apart, and his speed dropped again.

But the golden horn centipede was still chasing him.

The golden horn stabbed into his other buttcheek.

"Ah!" Hong Yi screamed again.

But the same thing happened again.

The powerful attack, the sudden pain, Hong Yi's focus reached another peak, he used the killer move again.

He sprinted again.

"You're bleeding, you're bleeding!" The miniman screamed.

There was no choice, the two wounds were very deep, because of Hong Yi's intense movement, it was no wonder that blood spewed out!

Hong Yi grabbed his buttocks as the golden horn centipede chased relentlessly, he was in such a helpless situation.

"Oh no, my primeval essence is running out!" Suddenly, Hong Yi's expression paled.

Gu Masters had little primeval essence in the first place, it was easily used up. Activating killer moves meant using many Gu worms, the expenditure was great. After running for such a long time, Hong Yi reached his limits.

Death was approaching, Hong Yi was forced into a desperate situation, there was no way to live.

"Are we going to die? Are we going to die? Lord centipede, don't eat me. I am so small, I have little meat, eat him, eat that fool." The miniman was muttering senselessly while grabbing Hong Yi's hair.

At this moment, Hong Yi was feeling empty inside, he did not bother to respond to this miniman.

But suddenly, sword light that shook the world flashed!

In an instant, the world turned white, everything turned silent.

The sudden change did not make Hong Yi stop running, he kept running for a while before he realized something amiss.

Looking back, he was shocked.

The rank five golden horn centipede Gu was no longer present, it had vanished completely.

Along with it, half of centipede valley had vanished!

What was in front of him was a huge and deep trench. The sides of the trench were extremely smooth, like a mirror.

"This, what is going on?" Hong Yi was lost for words, he could not believe it.

"Just, just that sword light…" The miniman was completely stunned.

Central Continent, east coast.

Waves crashed, rumbling non-stop, frost energy oozed out in the surrounding area.

"Youngsters, we are here. This is profound ice island, the place where Flying Frost Sect is located. This will be where you live from now on, the place where you change your destiny." The leading Gu Master pointed at the ice island and proudly introduced this.

The youngsters raised their heads, looking forward.

Some had shining eyes, some were extremely excited.

Even though Flying Frost Sect did not have any Gu Immortals and was not a super force, within a huge surrounding area, it was the supreme overlord, the only force that could contest it was Five Virtues Sect.

Not long ago, when the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention was held, Flying Frost Sect was one of the venues for participation.

Because of this, the reputation of Flying Frost Sect had spread widely.

"This time, the children here have the highest aptitude for the last ten years. They are the future of the sect, nurture them well, they will make us stronger." The leading Gu Master saw these children and felt very excited.

The leading Gu Master said loudly: "Youngsters, it is your fortune to be able to become Flying Frost Sect's disciples. Now, let me tell you…"


At this time, sword light flashed, everyone was blinded momentarily, they all shut their eyes.

When they opened their eyes, everyone was stunned, their opened their mouths and were still like statues with exaggerated expressions.

The huge profound ice island was gone, in its place, there was a deep trench that appeared in their vision.

Even the sea water was split apart!

On the surface of the sea, a path of five to six li in length had been completely emptied of water, the lingering sword path dao marks were extremely overbearing, blocking the water path dao marks and preventing the water from filling up the gap.

At once, a weird but domineering scene was formed!

Heavenly Court.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord held his walking stick as he stood below Heaven Overseeing Tower shakily.

His other hand was holding fate Gu, his old wrinkled hand was gently rubbing fate Gu.

This time, fate Gu was successfully repaired to a great extent, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord was extremely excited and happy.

The ones who had repaired it with him, Bai Cang Shui, Lian Jiu Sheng, and Bi Chen Tian had already left Heavenly Court, going to the mortal world.

The Gu Immortals in Heavenly Court mostly used sleeping as their lifespan extension method. After waking up, they had to make good use of their time, going to their sects and settling some private matters, or to take care of their blood related descendants in the sect.

Heavenly Court controlled the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, but at the same time, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were also chosen from the ten great ancient sects.

In the structure of sects, Heavenly Court was like the upper level sect, and the ten great ancient sects were the lower level sects.

Not all Gu Immortals had the chance to join Heavenly Court.

Other than having deep attainment in their paths, great battle strength and reaching rank eight cultivation level, there was also additional important criteria to join Heavenly Court.

That was their values!

Heavenly Court.

What was Heavenly Court?

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable had described it three million years ago, it was —

Following the will of heaven, and upholding justice for heaven!

"After this restoration, fate Gu can use half of its might. Using Heaven Overseeing Tower, we can find more people who escaped from fate. Eliminating these people will help in repairing fate Gu, this can allow more people to be found and result in a beneficial cycle, as long as this progresses, Heaven Overseeing Tower will regain its former glory!"

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord was filled with anticipation, he was about to step into Heaven Overseeing Tower again.


A sword light shot over like a flash of lightning. In no time, it sliced through Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's mouth was opened wide, his pupils shrunk to pin size.

His body was extremely stiff, he saw that the upper half of Heaven Overseeing Tower slowly tilted and crashed onto the jade floor.

"Heaven Overseeing Tower!!" After being stunned momentarily, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord screamed loudly.


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