Reverend Insanity
954 Blue
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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954 Blue

Central Continent, Spirit Affinity House, discussion hall.

There were fifteen Gu Immortals in the sect, more than half of them had come in person.

This was a rare sight.

There were meetings held in the sect quite often, Gu Immortals only needed to participate with their will or emotion.

But now, there were eight Gu Immortals who came in person, including the only two rank eight Gu Immortals in Spirit Affinity House.

The reason for this situation was Feng Jiu Ge's disappearance.

Spirit Affinity House's Gu Immortals felt uneasy and uncertain towards the future.

"This time, we gathered everyone here to declare important information." Spirit Affinity House's first supreme elder sat at the main seat as she looked around, speaking solemnly.

Spirit Affinity House was very different from the other nine sects in one aspect.

They had a high proportion of female immortals.

Spirit Affinity House had ten female Gu Immortals, but only five male Gu Immortals.

Spirit Affinity House's first supreme elder and second supreme elder were both female rank eight immortals.

At this moment, everyone's attentions were focused on first supreme elder.

First supreme elder was expressionless, but second supreme elder beside her had a grim expression.

The Gu Immortals observed their reactions and had a very bad feeling.

As expected, first supreme elder's following words were like a huge rock crashing into their hearts.

"It has been confirmed, Feng Jiu Ge has died in Northern Plains. He died inside the winds of assimilation, he did not leave behind anything but two words written in blood."

All of the immortals' hearts sank.

Fairy Bai Qing, who attended the meeting personally, felt her head spinning as her expression paled.

Even though they were mentally prepared, when they heard the news, everything still found it unbelievable.

Feng Jiu Ge, who was so strong, actually died in Northern Plains. In contrast, the Gu Immortals who were weaker than him were alive and returned to their sects.

Honestly speaking, when Feng Jiu Ge went to Northern Plains, nobody expected this ending.

Since long ago, Feng Jiu Ge's strength was ingrained into everyone's minds. He was the face of Spirit Affinity House, he had even become a symbol.

Now that he was dead, the immortals felt dejected and empty inside.

Even those who were against him, Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying, had the same feelings.

First supreme elder continued: "Look at the information path Gu worms in front of you, the details are recorded inside, take a look."

The Gu Immortals looked into the Gu worms.

"Sigh, Lord Feng Jiu Ge died in the winds of assimilation, it was not an unworthy death." Long after, a Gu Immortal broke the silence in the hall.

Fairy Bai Qing's eyes were shut, her body was trembling slightly, the intense pain and grief engulfed her like a tsunami.

She loved Feng Jiu Ge so deeply, and Feng Jiu Ge loved her just as much.

Her mind was filled with the scene before he left. To think that it was the last time she would see him!

People were often played by destiny.

Right now, she was alive while he was dead, she was in Central Continent while he perished in Northern Plains!

Fairy Bai Qing did not dare to open her eyes, she was afraid that her tears would flow out uncontrollably if she did.

She tried to think of her daughter and said to herself internally: "Bai Qing, oh Bai Qing, you must stay strong. At this time, you cannot let others see your weakness!"

She took a few deep breaths, slowly opening her eyes. Her eyes were watery and had redness in them.

At this moment, the immortals in the hall were discussing Feng Jiu Ge's final action.

"Before Feng Jiu Ge died, he wrote 'Bo Qing' on his palm, what was he trying to say?"

"In my opinion, this lead is very important. Feng Jiu Ge must have understood something while under the immense pressure of death. It is a pity that he was already beyond saving when he met Zhao Lian Yun, he did not have the strength to speak anymore, he only left this clue for us."

"Feng Jiu Ge was investigating the truth behind the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, what does that have to do with Bo Qing?"

"Feng Jiu Ge and Bo Qing are very similar people. Of course, Bo Qing was much stronger than him, he was at the peak of Central Continent, even Heavenly Court Gu Immortals had to bow to him. At that time, Spirit Affinity House was at its most glorious period! Back then, many people thought highly of him, that he would become a sword path Immortal Venerable. It was a pity that he failed in the end."

"We all know about Bo Qing's information. What I want to know is, why did Feng Jiu Ge write his name before dying? What was he trying to tell us?"

The hall became silent, a Gu Immortal opened their mouth: "Did everyone forget? In the information returned, Feng Jiu Ge had fought against Qin Bai Sheng who used five finger fist heart sword. This killer move was created by Bo Qing, it was his signature killer move."

"Feng Jiu Ge was trying to say that the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was related to Bo Qing?"

"According to my deduction, he should have thought that since the other party had five finger fist heart sword, they must be related to Bo Qing in some way. Bo Qing was a Gu Immortal of Spirit Affinity House, we will have an advantage in investigating it, this is an important lead."

"That is indeed the case, back then, Bo Qing died under the tribulation, not even his ashes were left. How can his killer move be used by a Northern Plains Gu Immortal?"

The Gu Immortal talked about it for a while, they had all sorts of ideas, but none were reliable.

First supreme elder raised her hand, her action made the hall turn quiet.

"No matter what, we have to investigate Bo Qing's matter. I will pass this mission to you, Bai Qing."

Hearing first supreme elder call her name, Fairy Bai Qing turned around and looked at first supreme elder, agreeing.

These was her husband's final words before dying!

Fairy Bai Qing would exert all her efforts to investigate this lead, and find the truth.

"Only we will know about Feng Jiu Ge's death, conceal it as much as possible. Whoever leaks this information will be come under trial as a traitor of the sect!" First supreme elder called out coldly: "Next, we will talk about the forces that are under our sect's control in Central Continent."

Feng Jiu Ge's death created many problems for Spirit Affinity House.

Even though the sect had two rank eight Gu Immortals, unless they were in a perilous situation, these two Gu Immortals would not move easily.

There were many reasons.

Firstly, rank eight cultivation level was like treading on thin ice, the Gu Immortals would be very careful, and spend all their efforts on the tribulations. If they were careless, and lost their battle strength from fighting, they would die under the terrifying might of the tribulations.

Secondly, the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent had a sole origin, that was Heavenly Court. With Heavenly Court around, the conflicts of the ten great ancient sects would never escalate, they did not require rank eight Gu Immortals to intervene.

Thus, in the world of Central Continent's Gu Immortals, or even in all five regions, the most active ones were rank seven Gu Immortals and rank six Gu Immortals.

And among rank sevens, the invincible Feng Jiu Ge was important beyond words for the sect.

Because of his existence, Spirit Affinity House could expand to such a size, and occupy countless precious resource points.

With Feng Jiu Ge's demise, Spirit Affinity House was much less of a threat towards the other sects. The resources that they controlled were like pieces of delicious meat that attracted countless greedy gazes.

"Xuanwu mountain range has rich resources, it is a treasury of immortal materials, at least one rank seven Gu Immortal needs to guard it."

"The mining inside the golden sand cave has reached a critical moment, we have already invested a huge amount of time and resources into it, now is the time we reap our harvest, we should not give it up."

"Reincarnation Battlefield is most important…"

The Gu Immortals felt headaches, they had too large of a sphere of influence but too few Gu Immortals. Even if they were split their forces up to defend everywhere, they still had insufficient numbers.

At this time, they finally realized that Feng Jiu Ge's reputation was such a huge deterrence to the outside world.

Fairy Bai Qing was silent.

The Gu Immortals were talking about immortal materials or other resources constantly, nobody talked about Feng Jiu Ge anymore.

It was as if Feng Jiu Ge's existence ended with the discussion of the two words 'Bo Qing'.

Fairy Bai Qing felt some sadness towards this, "Husband, oh husband, you made so many contributions to the sect, yet in the end, these people forget about you in an instant."

In the entire process of the discussion, Fairy Bai Qing's mind was not focused on it.

The immortals could tell and understood why, even the strict first supreme elder did not criticize her.

Only when the immortals mentioned Zhao Lian Yun did Fairy Bai Qing's eyes light up, showing deep concern.

If Feng Jiu Ge was still around, Feng Jiu Ge would almost certainly become Spirit Affinity House's next generation fairy. But now that Feng Jiu Ge was gone, and Zhao Lian Yun appeared out of nowhere, she became Feng Jin Huang's greatest threat.

Fairy Bai Qing doted on her daughter, of course, thus she was very concerned about Zhao Lian Yun's matters.

She heard the Gu Immortals discuss:

"Zhao Lian Yun inherited two Thieving Heaven true inheritances, did anything change in her?"

"Otherworldly demons cannot be trusted!"

"Divine concealment, ghostly concealment, these two are top tier defensive immortal killer moves, we are still researching on them… with our current progress, it is profound and unfathomable! These two immortal killer moves have formed two layers of dao marks cloaking Zhao Lian Yun's soul, I have never seen such a unique usage of dao marks!"

"These two layers of dao marks will always protect Zhao Lian Yun. We tried many methods to deduce her, but there is no effect. We as Gu Immortals are deducing a mortal, but we failed to get anything. If I did not experience it myself, I would not believe it."

"Did you all notice? Divine concealment and ghostly concealment are top tier defensive killer moves that do not expend immortal essence. They are like fortune rivalling heaven Gu, the power of venerables are truly hard to comprehend."

"Hiding from the deductions of thoughts, wills, and emotions, this is the defensive effect of divine concealment. Then what about ghostly concealment?"

"That is still unclear, we have tried many methods. Oh, Zhao Lian Yun was very cooperative during the entire process. I feel that even though she is an otherworldly demon, she knows how to behave properly, she can be nurtured."

"This little fellow wants to save her lover. Hehe, but sadly, according to our intelligence, Old Ancestor Xue Hu has already gathered enough immortal materials, he will start the refinement soon."

Finally, first supreme elder concluded this meeting: "Continue researching, and also increase Zhao Lian Yun's attachment to our sect. I am looking forward to her future!"

At the same time, in a nameless forest.

Seven Star Child immortal zombie looked at a mirror to communicate with someone.

There was a vague elderly figure in the mirror.

He spoke slowly: "All the preparations are in place. But Heavenly Court has already completed their last process of repairing fate Gu, you have to act in advance now."

"Understood." Seven Star Child immortal zombie said solemnly.

"Be careful, Vice Envoy Blue." The figure in the mirror spoke again.

Seven Star Child did not speak, he stopped activating this information path immortal killer move and the mirror vanished.

Next, he turned around and entered deep into the forest without looking back.


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