Reverend Insanity
953 Late By One Step
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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953 Late By One Step

After Hui Feng Zi surrendered in battle, he was subdued by Central Continent's ten great ancient sects. The Central Continent Gu Immortals returned while leaving him behind to keep watch over Luo Po valley.

He had just sided with Central Continent and had originally been unwilling, and was only a temporary hired hand, so naturally he did not have the qualifications to know of Prince Feng Xian's true identity.

He only knew an immortal and a mortal had entered Luo Po valley, while he was keeping watch for them.

He was at the mercy of others and had no choice but to slog for Central Continent; the moment he saw Hei Lou Lan and the rest of the group, he quickly used information path methods to inform Prince Feng Xian who was inside Luo Po valley.

Prince Feng Xian quickly obtained the information. At this moment, his hand was still slightly shaking.

Clearing up the winds of assimilation was truly not easy.

Just from this, Prince Feng Xian could not help but admire Feng Jiu Ge. The latter was actually able to last for so long under the winds of assimilation. He truly did not know how Feng Jiu Ge was able to do this.

Unfortunately, Feng Jiu Ge was already dead!

The process of inheriting the Thieving Heaven true inheritance was extremely fast.

Only the identity needed to be checked and if one was indeed an otherworldly demon, the Thieving Heaven inheritance would go to them.

After Feng Jiu Ge died, the inheritance space only had Zhao Lian Yun remaining. So, she quickly obtained this inheritance — Ghostly Concealment.

Right at this moment, she returned to Prince Feng Xian's side and reported the news of Feng Jiu Ge's death.

"Sigh, we were late." Prince Feng Xian sighed inwardly.

He then grabbed Zhao Lian Yun's shoulder and flew away.

An immortal and a mortal were soon away of the scene.

At present, Fairy Li Shan and Blazing Heaven Demoness' relation was already known by everyone.

Prince Feng Xian did not want to get in a fight.

The social circle of rank eight Gu Immortals was very small.

In the whole of Northern Plains, the number of rank eight Gu Immortals on the surface was only five.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, Yao Huang, Prince Feng Xian and Five Elements Grandmaster.

Blazing Heaven Demoness was a rank eight immortal zombie who was barely able to join in this circle.

One could say all six of them were very familiar with each other, and had fought and sparred with each other many times. To exaggerate it, if someone farted, they would know who it was, and they would recognize someone even if they turned into ashes.

Were Prince Feng Xian to attack Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan, Blazing Heaven Demoness would definitely come out.

In Prince Feng Xian's opinion, Blazing Heaven Demoness might already be secretly lurking in the surroundings.

Prince Feng Xian's identity was very special, he could not rashly make a move. If he made a move and Blazing Heaven Demoness recognized his identity, that would truly mess up the situation.

Why would Prince Feng Xian appear in Luo Po valley?

Gu Immortals were not idiots, they would easily guess Prince Feng Xian had a secret link with Shadow Sect or perhaps Central Continent forces.

One should not forget the existence of wisdom path Gu Immortals in this world!

Prince Feng Xian was looking at the overall situation and in caution, he took the initiative to retreat, avoiding leaving behind any clues or evidence that could be deduced by wisdom path Gu Immortals.

Hei Lou Lan and the others still did not know they had already forced a rank eight great expert to 'retreat'.

They broke the concealment seal outside and entered inside Luo Po valley, inspecting their surroundings.

Luo Po valley was a scene of ruins, this valley of legend had experienced the hundred days battle and was already half-ruined. Moreover, the remains of the valley was already beyond recognition, as almost everywhere were Gu formations arranged by Gu Immortals.

Some of these Gu formations were the works of Shadow Sect while some were arranged by Central Continent's Hong Chi Ming.

These Gu formations had no doubt an extremely bad influence to Luo Po valley's environment. It was to the extent that the bewilderment fog which blew all year round in Luo Po valley, and Luo Po wind, were nowhere to be seen.

The group of three began to roughly search Luo Po valley.

Fang Yuan found some remains of white lotus giant silkworm Gu.

He sighed, feeling some regret.

He had learned from Hei Lou Lan that there had been large numbers of white lotus giant silkworm Gu in Luo Po valley, but the hundred days battle caused the death of most of them, and when the Central Continent Gu Immortals swept through the battlefield later, they did not leave behind any living ones.

Fortunately, Fang Yuan had already obtained enough white lotus giant silkworm Gu in treasure yellow heaven, and fed cleanse soul Immortal Gu.

This proved that the accumulation of those old senior Gu Immortals could not be looked down upon. Naturally, the prior condition was you needed to have something enticing enough to make them act and carry out the transaction.

Under Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan's attentive gazes, Fang Yuan used open door Gu and close door Gu.

No response!

Open door Gu and close door Gu were the inheritances of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, but this place was already occupied by Shadow Sect and there were Gu formations everywhere, turning Luo Po valley into a stronghold or a fortress.

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh, he realized the Thieving Heaven inheritance was already taken by someone else. Most probably it was Shadow Sect.

But his guess was wrong.

The true beneficiary of the Thieving Heaven true inheritance was Zhao Lian Yun and Central Continent's forces.

What's more, she had inherited it just a short while ago.

Prince Feng Xian was late in saving Feng Jiu Ge, and Fang Yuan was also late by a step to arrive at Luo Po valley.

"Even if Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had left behind an inheritance, so many years have gone by, it is normal for it to be taken by others. The true treasure is still Luo Po valley!" Hei Lou Lan patted Fang Yuan's shoulder and said with a smile.

Fang Yuan knew she was urging him to hurry up and get to work.

Fang Yuan nodded, and activated Immortal Gu to slowly lift the whole of Luo Po valley.

Fairy Li Shan closely cooperated from another side, countless Gu worms flying all around.

"They are actually going to take Luo Po valley!" Hui Feng Zi had been spying from outside and was shocked at this sight.

Prince Feng Xian was also surprised.

He had not expected Hei Lou Lan's side actually had such an unorthodox method!

This truly caught Prince Feng Xian unprepared. He hesitated, but finally decided to restrain himself and do nothing.

After spending an hour, Fang Yuan succeeded in storing Luo Po valley in his immortal aperture.

"There are still blessed lands here, but just to be safe, we better leave now." Ever since Hei Lou Lan failed in passing the calamity, she had become more self-controlled and had lost almost all her rashness.

Although Luo Po valley was extremely ruined, but with Tai Bai Yun Sheng's Landscape as Before, it could definitely be restored.

Compared to the blessed lands, Luo Po valley's value was extremely difficult to replace.

Many Gu Immortals had fallen here in the hundred days battle. After they died, their immortal apertures should have become blessed lands hidden in space within this place.

Fang Yuan could take away Luo Po valley, but he could not bring these blessed lands.

However, now was not a good time to search for them.

After taking Luo Po valley, Fang Yuan and the group quickly made their retreat.

"They left really quickly, they know their situation." Far away, Prince Feng Xian quietly looked at the receding figures of the three people, his gaze dark and cold.

Although he could not make a move, he had the two female Gu Immortals, Swordmaster You Lan and Le Yao, under him, and he also had other secret forces.

Prince Feng Xian had hidden in Northern Plains for hundreds of years, naturally, he would have accumulated quite a bit of strength.

He had still been wanting to find trouble for Fang Yuan and the others, but they left too quickly, so he was unable to chase them.

Prince Feng Xian glanced at the battlefield of the hundred days battle, Luo Po valley was already gone, this place had now become an empty desolate land.

Although the auras of Immortal Gu were removed as much as possible, an expert could still sense some clues.

So many Gu Immortals had died here, these blessed lands themselves were rich resources.

Prince Feng Xian naturally would not give them up.

The Central Continent Gu Immortals behind him also would not give them up and would definitely move to retrieve these blessed lands.

As for the Immortal Gu, he did not have to even think about it, they were certainly already destroyed.

Retrieving blessed lands, especially ones that fell in foreign regions, was a difficult and troublesome matter.

"I hope this troublesome matter doesn't fall upon me, it is better if those other nine ancient sects take up the trouble. Feng Jiu Ge died from the winds of assimilation, he left behind nothing except two words in blood. I should first send back Zhao Lian Yun and this important information to the sect!"

Prince Feng Xian did not remain any longer and immediately left with Zhao Lian Yun.

As for Hui Feng Zi, he was still left behind to watch over the blessed lands.

"This is Xiao Hun blessed land." Hei Lou Lan brought Fang Yuan and Fairy Li Shan to the blessed land left by Hei Cheng.

This blessed land was clearly dominated by dark path and soul path dao marks, the whole of the blessed land was dim and gloomy, giving an oppressive feeling.

In the central area of the blessed land was a large and dense forest.

The trees were in all kinds of postures resembling female bodies. This was a special resource Hei Cheng had raised in his immortal aperture.

This kind of tree was not found in the nature, Hei Cheng could be considered its creator.

Thus these female-shaped trees were also one of a kind.

Hei Lou Lan had already thought of the place for Luo Po valley, calling out the land spirit.

Xiao Hun blessed land's land spirit looked rather peculiar, it was a jade-green vine. The vine was like a cloth, attaching itself onto that familial emotion left behind by Su Xian Er to Hei Lou Lan.

Fairy Li Shan introduced to Fang Yuan with a sigh: "Xiao Hun land spirit's ownership condition was to stay together forever with Su Xian Er. So after Little Lan took out sister's familial emotion, she easily became the master of this blessed land."

Fang Yuan was also slightly surprised.

Who could have thought that Hei Cheng's final obsession before his death was actually Su Xian Er.

It could be seen he truly loved Su Xian Er and even during the moments of his death, what he thought of was still her.

Humans were truly complicated creatures.

Turbulent events occurred over time, most people did not understand themselves fully even until their deaths.

"Little Lan, you have returned." Su Xian Er's familial emotion looked at Hei Lou Lan with love.

"Mother." Su Xian Er softly called out, then ordered the land spirit.

The land spirit brought the three to another part of the blessed land in an instant.

The land spirit's movement ability signified this blessed land had a lot of space path dao marks. Fang Yuan's Star Form blessed land had few space path dao marks, so Star Form land spirit did not have the ability to teleport.

Boom, Fang Yuan placed down Luo Po valley.

Fairy Li Shan could not help but smile at the completion of this task: "Fang Yuan, you have Dang Hun Mountain, I have Miniscule Mountain, and Little Lan has Luo Po valley. Haha, this is interesting, we actually have possession of three secluded domains of heaven and earth!"

Gazing at the Luo Po valley below him, Fang Yuan also could not help but reveal some look of expectation.

Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po valley were proclaimed by Spectral Soul Demon Venerable as the two treasures of soul path cultivation. Fang Yuan was already gaining endless profits from Dang Hun Mountain. He wondered how this Luo Po valley would make him grow.


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