Reverend Insanity
951 Genius of a Generation, Feng Jiu Ge!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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951 Genius of a Generation, Feng Jiu Ge!

Fang Yuan returned to Hu Immortal blessed land.

Blazing Heaven Demoness' compensation was very satisfactory.

Firstly, Blazing Heaven Demoness' recently funded immortal materials were all waived, Fang Yuan did not need to pay her back. Secondly, Blazing Heaven Demoness lent Fang Yuan three fire path Immortal Gu and gave him a large number of mortal Gu.

These three fire path Immortal Gu along with the countless mortal Gu could create the fire path immortal killer move — Nirvana Fire.

Speaking of which, Blazing Heaven Demoness was quite unlucky.

She had funded Fang Yuan in refining star thought Immortal Gu, and provided him a huge amount of precious immortal materials. In the end, all of it went to waste and Fang Yuan did not need to pay her back.

Even though Blazing Heaven Demoness had tampered with the immortal materials earlier, Fang Yuan had gained a lot of experience from it, he was very familiar with the refinement process of star thought Immortal Gu.

Because of the alliance agreement, Fang Yuan obtained the details of the immortal killer move nirvana fire.

Which Immortal Gu were the cores, how many supplementary mortal Gu were needed, what was the order of the Gu worms, Fang Yuan knew all of these clearly.

But to use this killer move, there was a prerequisite — fire path dao marks needed to be expended from the Gu Immortal's body!

Blazing Heaven Demoness had cleverly concealed this fact, it was a small trap in the agreement.

She wanted to increase her control over Fang Yuan using this.

Since Fang Yuan did not have any fire path dao marks, if he wanted to revive using nirvana fire, he would need Blazing Heaven Demoness to use nirvana fire for him.

Fang Yuan planned to modify the immortal killer move nirvana fire, using other Immortal Gu as the cores to achieve the same or similar results.

And it would be best of these new core Immortal Gu were Immortal Gu that Fang Yuan possessed.

This modification was very difficult, typical wisdom path Gu Immortals would not have any confidence in this, but Fang Yuan had high hopes for it.

The reason was because wisdom Gu was inside Hu Immortal blessed land.

The power of the rank nine wisdom Gu was simply brilliant, it could not be expressed with words!

It was important for Fang Yuan to do this.

The life-and-death immortal aperture revival method could allow him to revive, but it could only be used once on each immortal aperture. After revival, he would not be able to use wisdom Gu.

If Fang Yuan could modify nirvana fire and freely change between being an immortal zombie and a living person, wisdom Gu would continue to assist him in unimaginable ways.

"Blazing Heaven Demoness is tight on funds now, she needs to spend her own resources to refine Immortal Gu and complete the mandatory mission by Zombie Alliance. Thus, she had to lend out these three fire path Immortal Gu. If not for this situation, even if I requested it, she would not lend them to me so easily. With these three fire path Immortal Gu, my modification and deduction will be much easier!"

Fang Yuan felt very pleased about this.

The Gu formation plan of Zombie Alliance unexpectedly made him a beneficiary.

In the following days, Fang Yuan was bathed in the light of wisdom, he deduced with all his energy, concentrating on modifying the killer move nirvana fire.

Speaking of which, he had already gathered enough strength path immortal zombies and refined enough exert strength Gu, he even had a sixty year lifespan Gu.

He had all three, he could activate the life-and-death immortal aperture revival method now to become a living Gu Immortal and obtain a high grade blessed land.

But after obtaining nirvana fire, Fang Yuan was no longer satisfied with just this.

Even though with Blazing Heaven Demoness' interference, Fang Yuan was prevented from plotting against Hei Lou Lan and obtaining a super grade blessed land, because of this opportunity, he obtained nirvana fire and if he used it well, he would be able to continue using wisdom Gu.

Summing up his gains and losses, Fang Yuan was uncertain if he had overall made a gain or a loss.

Just as Fang Yuan was modifying the immortal killer move, Zhao Lian Yun had already stepped into Luo Po valley.

She was the key to rescuing Feng Jiu Ge.

There was only one person who came along with her as the rescue team from Spirit Affinity House.

Prince Feng Xian!

His rank eight cultivation could face any challenges.

On the surface, he was a Northern Plains righteous path Gu Immortal, and was an external supreme elder of a super force, Gong tribe. He did not have the Huang Jin bloodline in him, and because he had some grievances with Gong tribe, he had been living outside for many years.

The truth was, he was a disciple of Spirit Affinity House. The Central Continent force had spent a huge effort and price to send him into Northern Plains as their highest level spy, his main task being in regards to Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Normally, Prince Feng Xian could not be used easily. If any traces were exposed, Prince Feng Xian's secret status, which had been hidden for hundreds of years, would be wasted.

But it was different now because of Feng Jiu Ge. He was the face of Spirit Affinity House, currently, he already could suppress the rest of Central Continent, if he advanced to rank eight, with his talent and ability, in time, he would be an expert even among rank eights. His existence meant more benefits. His life and death would tilt the balance between the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, and even change the situation of the entire Central Continent Gu Immortal world.

Thus, Spirit Affinity House took a risk in using the hidden agent Prince Feng Xian, to try and save him as soon as possible!

Prince Feng Xian and Zhao Lian Yun, a mortal and an immortal, moved forward in Luo Po valley.

"Lord, I would like to ask a question. If I can save Lord Feng Jiu Ge, will I be able to become the next generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House?" While traveling, Zhao Lian Yun asked this.

Prince Feng Xian wore a mask, his figure was blurry, he was shrouded in fog, his true appearance was concealed.

He said softly with a smile: "It is not so easy to become Spirit Affinity House's next generation fairy. But if you can save Feng Jiu Ge, then it would almost be guaranteed that you succeed. I heard that his daughter Feng Jin Huang is the top competitor for this title. If you become the savior of her father's life, she would step down from this contest for sure."

"So that's it…" Zhao Lian Yun's eyes shined with the light of hope.

Even though she had the soul of an adult, after she went to Spirit Affinity House, she was very cooperative, she did not conceal anything and acted obediently.

Because she had understood what world she was in.

Without strength, no matter how intelligent you was, you were like a loose strand of grass, once the wind blew, you would be blown away and sent into danger.

She understood that she needed to rely on Spirit Affinity House to save Ma Hong Yun.

But it was unrealistic to get Spirit Affinity House to attack Snowy Mountain.

Zhao Lian Yun had understood the rules of Spirit Affinity House, all the generations of fairies were fully nurtured by the sect. In Spirit Affinity House's long history, all of these fairies had become Gu Immortals, they had immense strength and had significant authority in the sect.

"To save brother Hong Yun, I need to rely on myself. Brother Hong Yun, you must hang in there!" Zhao Lian Yun prayed for Ma Hong Yun internally.

Prince Feng Xian suddenly stopped moving: "Found it, it is here."

Using the Immortal Gu from Spirit Affinity House, Prince Feng Xian obtained an immortal killer move that was specialized in finding the Thieving Heaven inheritance.

To use this killer move, they had to move slowly.

Prince Feng Xian brought Zhao Lian Yun and walked for over two hours before they located the Thieving Heaven inheritance in the giant Luo Po valley.

Prince Feng Xian activated his Immortal Gu, and in a few minutes, an entrance of light opened.


The entrance of light had just opened when an intense wind blew.

Prince Feng Xian was shocked: "How can the winds of assimilation be here?!"

He quickly activated his Immortal Gu, using a killer move and grabbing with his hand.

The winds of assimilation were condensed into a ball, grabbed tightly by Prince Feng Xian in his hand.

But soon, Prince Feng Xian's hand started trembling as his expression turned pale: "Quickly go in, I can only control it for a moment!"

Zhao Lian Yun swiftly acknowledged his words, even though she could not see his face, she could hear how anxious he was from his voice.

Zhao Lian Yun stepped in and saw a familiar sight.

Like the previous inheritance space, this place was empty. The only thing here were over a dozen tornadoes of the winds of assimilation, moving slowly in the space like tall pillars.

Zhao Lian Yun's heart was pounding.

Even though she did not know what the winds of assimilation were, from the actions of Prince Feng Xian, she knew that they were incredibly powerful.

"You are finally here, quickly come to me." A voice was transmitted into her ears.

Zhao Lian Yun was shocked, she took a step back: "Who are you?"

"I am Feng Jiu Ge, hurry, come here now." The voice was extremely weak, it sounded like a dying old man who was holding onto his last breath.

Zhao Lian Yun hesitated.

She could hear that the voice came from within one of the tornadoes of the winds of assimilation.

Zhao Lian Yun also realized that the tornadoes were all gathering towards the most central one, they were moving slowly, like a group of lions stalking and eyeing up on their food.

"Don't worry, you are an otherworldly demon, you have received the acceptance of Thieving Heaven's will, the winds of assimilation are harmless to you."

Feng Jiu Ge paused before speaking with difficulty: "Didn't you come to save me? If I stay here, you will not be able to inherit this Thieving Heaven inheritance."

Zhao Lian Yun licked her dry lips.

She knew that she had to make a decision now.

Time waits for no one.

Zhao Lian Yun carefully got closer to a tornado of the winds of assimilation, the tornado's power was very concentrated, Zhao Lian Yun could only feel a light breeze when she was beside it.

She stretched out her trembling hand as she placed it into the tornado.

If any Gu Immortal saw this, they would cry out in shock. But Zhao Lian Yun's ignorance made her less fearful, she did not know the power of the winds of assimilation, and she chose to believe in Feng Jiu Ge.

Like what Feng Jiu Ge had said, the winds of assimilation that even Prince Feng Xian could not deal with were harmless towards Zhao Lian Yun. After Zhao Lian Yun placed her hand into it, the tornado shrunk at an observable rate, in a few breaths' time, it vanished.

Feng Jiu Ge's voice was transmitted again: "See, wasn't I correct? This inheritance space has a power greater than the winds of assimilation, thus it cannot be destroyed. You are an otherworldly demon accepted by this space, with it protecting you, you are in no danger."

Zhao Lian Yun was overjoyed: "Lord Feng Jiu Ge, I will save you now!"

She rushed into the tornadoes, charging her way in, as the winds of assimilation vanished wherever she went.

Eventually, she reached the center, and the largest wind pillar trapping Feng Jiu Ge dispersed.

Next, she saw that Feng Jiu Ge was sitting cross-legged in the air, three meters from the ground. His face was rosy and his robe was clean, but his eyes were shut tight.

"Lord Feng Jiu Ge…" Zhao Lian Yun called out lightly.

Feng Jiu Ge slowly opened his eyes, his expression was clear as jade.

He did not speak, he opened his right hand and showed it to Zhao Lian Yun.

There were two words written with blood on his palm.

Zhao Lian Yun looked at it in confusion, turning her gaze towards Feng Jiu Ge again.

Feng Jiu Ge smiled lightly at her, next, his entire body scattered with the wind, it disintegrated and vanished on the spot.

Zhao Lian Yun was left staring blankly.

The greatest genius of a generation, Feng Jiu Ge, had passed away!


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