Reverend Insanity
949 Divine Concealmen
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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949 Divine Concealmen

Fang Yuan observed Hei Lou Lan closely.

Hei Lou Lan's appearance had changed greatly after wearing the mask.

Clad in black and gold armored martial attire, with short hair and bright eyes, a heroic and domineering aura radiated around her and gave an oppressive sensation to others.

She unexpectedly looked almost the same as Fairy Black Moon's appearance, which Fang Yuan had seen in the records from Central Continent back in his previous life.

'Attitude Gu influences not my eyes, but my mind. Right now, the person I am looking at is still Hei Lou Lan wearing attitude Gu, but my mind is perceiving her as a different person. This is far too huge of a coincidence, it seems Hei Lou Lan is undoubtedly Fairy Black Moon!'

Fang Yuan was convinced of this, understanding the hidden inside details of his previous life.

In his previous life, Hei Lou Lan had become the winner of the Imperial Court contest, according to history, she was a tyrant and was later assassinated.

But in fact, she had not died.

She joined Central Continent's Spirit Affinity House and became the next generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House. And later, she returned to Northern Plains, leading Central Continent's Gu Immortals, wrecking Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and destroying the spiritual pillar of Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world.

If that was the case, how was Hei Lou Lan able to get in touch with Spirit Affinity House?

Fang Yuan immediately thought of Mo Yao's will.

Hei Lou Lan won in the Imperial Court contest, entered Imperial Court blessed land and obtained Mo Yao's will. And under the influence of Mo Yao's will, she joined Spirit Affinity House.

As for how big of an influence Mo Yao's will was, Fang Yuan was not sure.

His intuition told him that this guess should be the truth of history during his previous life.

It was only that in this life, because of Fang Yuan's interference, the whole situation was thrown into disorder. Mo Yao's will influenced Fang Yuan and almost caused him to die.

"So when I was in Northern Plains, I had already caused a huge influence to the future of Central Continent. Sure enough, the butterfly effect is beyond imagination. But now, Hei Lou Lan is still in Northern Plains, if so, who will Spirit Affinity House appoint as the next generation fairy? Will it be Feng Jin Huang?"

Fang Yuan let his thoughts wander.

He felt that since Hei Lou Lan was no longer involved, Feng Jin Huang was the most likely candidate to inherit the position of the next generation fairy.

"Zhao Lian Yun, you can be the next generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House — as long as you successfully obtain this inheritance!" Standing in front of the Thieving Heaven inheritance's entrance, a wisdom path Gu Immortal of Spirit Affinity House, Xu Hao, spoke to Zhao Lian Yun.

Zhao Lian Yun gazed at the huge entrance of light with a resolute expression: "I don't care about being the next generation fairy, I only want to save brother Ma Hong Yun as quickly as possible!"

Illusory Fairy Li Jun Ying stood beside Xu Hao, revealing a slight smile as she heard this.

She softly stroked Zhao Lian Yun's cheek, revealing a bewitching smile: "Cute little sister, this is a Thieving Heaven inheritance. As long as you can successfully inherit it, you will be very likely to have the power to save your lover."

Zhao Lian Yun blushed, her eyes, however, were sober and calm.

She was an otherworldly demon, a transmigrator, she was not so easy to deceive.

Zhao Lian Yun persisted in asking: "I am only a mortal, can this inheritance immediately let me ascend and become a Gu Immortal?"

"Ah…" The female Gu Immortal, Li Jun Ying, did not have an answer to this, in fact, she also did not know the specific contents of the inheritance.

She glanced at the male Gu Immortal Xu Hao, before continuing: "Even if you can't immediately become a Gu Immortal, by obtaining Thieving Heaven's inheritance, you will become the strongest competitor for the position of the next generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House. Don't underestimate this position. As long as you succeed, you can borrow the sect's strength to save your lover. Our Spirit Affinity House is one of the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, only super forces like ours can match up to Old Ancestor Xue Hu and save your brother Ma Hong Yun."

"I understand." Zhao Lian Yun nodded and did not speak any further, taking a firm step forward into the entrance of light and disappearing within.

"Do you think she can succeed?" Illusory Fairy Li Jun Ying let out a sigh, and asked with a worried expression.

Xu Hao, however, was confident: "We have already confirmed that Zhao Lian Yun is an otherworldly demon, if even she can't succeed, who can?"

He continued: "I know you are worried the inheritance will have difficult tests, and Zhao Lian Yun might not be able to pass them since she is only a mortal. But you don't know much about this aspect. After these last years of research, I have already confirmed what the qualification for Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable inheritance tests are - as long as one is an otherworldly demon, they can easily obtain his inheritance, and there are no other dangerous tests. I just don't know how much Zhao Lian Yun can grow by inheriting this."

Li Jun Ying felt at ease at her husband's words: "I wouldn't be surprised even if Zhao Lian Yun were to immediately advance to a Gu Immortal. After all, this is Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's arrangement."

"Hehe, compared to ascending to immortal, I want his formless hand more. Back then, if only I had a slightly stronger immortal killer move, I would not have been defeated by Feng Jiu Ge." Xu Hao's fists were clenched as he said this, his eyes flickering with a vague light of hatred.

No organization would lack internal strife, Spirit Affinity House naturally was not an exception.

After Feng Jiu Ge disappeared, many Gu Immortals of Spirit Affinity House tacitly agreed to trouble Fairy Bai Qing.

And Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying, this couple were the most important people in the 'anti-Feng' faction.

Li Jun Ying consoled her husband: "Heaven's Envy Manor had sent the news of the deaths of Ao Xue and Ling Mei. And Feng Jiu Ge has been missing for so long, he might already be dead as well. Why would you be bothered by a dead person?"

Xu Hao discontentedly gritted his teeth: "Hmph, in the past, Feng Jiu Ge had such might that almost anything he said in the sect was carried out automatically, suppressing us for so many years. I was dispatched to comprehend the Thieving Heaven inheritance, this was also him removing me from a seat of power. But it was fortunate, I became the person who has the most understanding of Thieving Heaven's inheritances, and have the highest authority regarding this matter. Otherwise, how could we have openly taken charge of Zhao Lian Yun?"

Li Jun Ying repeatedly nodded: "At present, Feng Jin Huang is the top candidate for the next generation's fairy, but Zhao Lian Yun's appearance is a new variable, becoming the competitor with the highest threat to Feng Jin Huang. If we could support her to rise to the status, we would not only be able to suppress that slut Bai Qing, but also can make use of it to regain authority."

Zhao Lian Yun was just newly arrived, but had already fallen into the power struggle within Spirit Affinity House, becoming a powerful weapon for Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying to fight for authority.

As the saying goes: In this world, people often had no control of the situation.

Xu Hao was just about to say something when his gaze suddenly focused, becoming very surprised: "Huh? She came out so quickly!"

In front of the two immortals, Zhao Lian Yun's figure gradually appeared from thin air.

Xu Hao hurriedly asked: "The Thieving Heaven inheritance has disappeared, this means she has succeeded! Is it really so simple?"

Even if he had done deep research and was mentally prepared, he could not avoid having an envious feeling right now.

Li Jun Ying had already moved ahead to welcome Zhao Lian Yun.

Zhao Lian Yun was out of the inheritance space, and appeared somewhat clueless and dazed right now.

"How was it, did you succeed? What did you inherit?" Under the heat of the moment, Li Jun Ying grabbed Zhao Lian Yun's small, tender shoulder and shook it fiercely.

Zhao Lian Yun frowned from the pain: "I am also not too sure, there was a dazzling light after I entered, then a will appeared, he told me to accept the rank nine immortal killer move — Divine Concealment."

"Divine concealment?!" Hearing this term, Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying's eyes opened wide as they glanced at each other, both seeing the shock in each other's eyes.

Zhao Lian Yun, however, was disappointed, asking anxiously: "I did not become a Gu Immortal, and also didn't experience any changes, can I still save brother Ma Hong Yun?"

Xu Hao reacted at this moment, and started laughing heartily, replying firmly: "Of course! I did not think the true content of this inheritance was this. Being able to inherit divine concealment is a gargantuan fortune."

"Rank nine immortal killer move divine concealment…" Li Jun Ying also involuntarily let out a gasp, "In the past, when Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable created theft path, he stole the treasures of the world with no one able to forecast or deduce his movements. Why was that the case? It was rumored that it was because of two defensive killer moves Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable possessed, one was 'divine concealment', the other was 'ghostly concealment'."

Zhao Lian Yun's eyes opened wide: "Divine concealment, ghostly concealment?"

Li Jun Ying nodded: "Right, divine concealment makes it so that no thoughts, wills or emotions can deduce your state or origins. Do you know what this means? The methods of probing and deducing of almost all wisdom path Gu Immortals in the world come from these three aspects: thought, will and emotion. And with divine concealment, you are immune to the deductions of almost all wisdom path Gu Immortals. Rank nine divine concealment… only a rank nine wisdom path Gu Immortal can have a chance to succeed in making deductions about you."

Xu Hao continued: "This is actually still not its most amazing aspect! You might not even believe it when I say it, but the most amazing thing is that divine concealment can make Gu Masters immune to heavenly tribulations and earthly calamities!"

Li Jun Ying's expression looked enchanted, while Zhao Lian Yun still looked uncomprehending.

Xu Hao could not help but laugh, he realized Zhao Lian Yun was only a mortal and not a Gu Immortal, thus she did not understand the significance of this.

He patiently explained: "Heaven's will is a kind of will. You have divine concealment, since heaven's will can't probe you, it can't send calamities and tribulations to you. You have already escaped the detection of heaven's will, when you ascend to immortal later, you won't attract any heavenly tribulation or earthly calamity. After Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable created divine concealment, no calamities and tribulations befell him."

"But this has its disadvantages as well, calamities and tribulations are not entirely bad, they are a major way to increase the number of dao marks a Gu Immortal has. In the future, although you won't face calamities and tribulations, and will be incomparably safe, you won't be able to increase your quantity of dao marks through calamities and tribulations, and your accomplishments would be limited. Unless you have the other methods of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable to support your cultivation. In records of history, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable could even steal dao marks."

Zhao Lian Yun's eyes moved round and round in puzzlement, as she probed: "Divine concealment is so powerful, then what about ghostly concealment?"

Xu Hao, who had been talking with confidence, did not have an answer for this, and Li Jun Ying also slowly shook her head.

"Divine concealment, ghostly concealment. The former is known by everyone, but the latter is extremely mysterious. There are many guesses and public opinions vary, but they are all unreliable and there has never been a publicly accepted answer." Xu Hao replied.

Li Jun Ying spoke faintly: "But since both are equally famous, it also must be extraordinary."

Zhao Lian Yun blinked, her tone one of astonishment: "Besides inheriting divine concealment, I also obtained a clue. Another Thieving Heaven inheritance is hidden in Luo Po valley, and that inheritance is about ghostly concealment!"

"What? A second Thieving Heaven inheritance!"

"And it is hidden in Luo Po valley?"

Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying was surprised and joyous, they glanced at each other with bright eyes.


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