Reverend Insanity
947 Nirvana Fire
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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947 Nirvana Fire

Hei Lou Lan had Blazing Heaven Demoness protecting her, Fang Yuan could no longer target her.

If he could not obtain a super grade blessed land, a high grade blessed land was still very good.

To achieve that, Fang Yuan needed a large number of ordinary strength path immortal zombie bodies. And in Northern Plains, who else could obtain more immortal zombie bodies than Blazing Heaven Demoness?

Of course, Fang Yuan gave a valid sounding excuse: "If I give self strength Immortal Gu to you, I will not have a useful strength path Immortal Gu with me. I need to refine a strength path Immortal Gu to replace it. The Immortal Gu recipe that I have needs a large number of strength path immortal zombie bodies."

This excuse perfectly concealed the life-and-death immortal aperture revival method, Blazing Heaven Demoness could not reject him either.

Blazing Heaven Demoness frowned deeply.

If she agreed, she would have a pay a huge price.

Earlier, Old Ancestor Xue Hu handed over some immortal zombies, a large number of strength path immortal zombies were among them. But if she gave them to Fang Yuan, Blazing Heaven Demoness' contribution to Zombie Alliance would be greatly diminished.

Immortal zombies were very particular about preserving their corpses after dying.

This was the last bit of pride they had.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu targeted the immortal zombie graveyard, that caused Zombie Alliance to mobilize their forces to deal with this rank eight expert, going into a state of frenzy disregarding the cost. That was because immortal zombie bodies were the bottom line of Zombie Alliance, anyone who targets them will face the vengeance of Zombie Alliance!

Old Ancestor Xue Hu understood this as well.

After the matter was exposed, even though he obtained a large number of immortal zombie bodies, he kept many of them without using them, leaving behind a way to settle the situation.

Blazing Heaven Demoness thought: "I can give the strength path immortal zombie bodies to Fang Yuan. This matter can be blamed on Old Ancestor Xue Hu, nobody will suspect me. But the problem is, Fang Yuan wants to use immortal zombie bodies to refine Immortal Gu!"

Immortal Gu were hard to refine, it was normal to fail.

Blazing Heaven Demoness shook her head, she said to Fang Yuan: "If you keep failing in your refinement, would I have to provide you immortal zombie bodies unceasingly? That is impossible! As the leader of the Zombie Alliance branch, I am stealing from the inside, if I get exposed, the consequences are severe. How about this, you can give me a number, if it is reasonable, I will consider it."

Fang Yuan thought about it and gave a number.

Blazing Heaven Demoness immediately rejected him, the number was too large, it was too risky for even her to obtain this many strength path immortal zombie bodies.

Next, both sides negotiated and eventually reached a consensus.

Fang Yuan obtained a number of strength path immortal zombies that greatly exceeded the requirements for a high grade blessed land. But on the surface, he pretended to be dissatisfied: "This is only enough for me to do three attempts at Gu refinement…"

Fairy Li Shan snorted coldly: "Fang Yuan, I urge you not to get an inch and ask for a mile."

Fang Yuan chuckled, he looked at Fairy Li Shan: "Back then, when Hei Lou Lan was trapped in the dream realm, why didn't you have this attitude?"

These words made Fairy Li Shan slightly awkward.

She was not as shameless as Blazing Heaven Demoness.

"Talking more is pointless, we can form the new agreement now. Once the agreement is created, I will return self strength Immortal Gu to you." Fang Yuan continued.

"Wait." Blazing Heaven Demoness waved her hand: "Earlier, you stated your conditions, now, it is my turn."

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly internally, he knew that Blazing Heaven Demoness was not so easy to deal with.

But Blazing Heaven Demoness' words made Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan extremely surprised.

"I am willing to fund you to refine star thought Immortal Gu, I will not do anything to the immortal materials this time."

Fang Yuan heard this and did not feel joy, he squinted as he went into high alert.

Seeing Fang Yuan's vigilant state, Blazing Heaven Demoness smiled, she said: "Fang Yuan, I know that you have been looking for a revival method to get rid of your immortal zombie state, look at this!"

Saying so, Blazing Heaven Demoness' body started to burn in raging flames.

Orange-yellow flames covered Blazing Heaven Demoness' entire body.

But the strange thing was, it was not hot, it was filled with life force and could give observers a feeling of warmth and hope.

It seemed harmless, but Fang Yuan took a few steps back vigilantly.

Next, his eyes opened wide as he witnessed an unbelievable sight.

In the burning flames, Blazing Heaven Demoness' immortal zombie body started to change.

First, her five meter tall zombie body shrunk rapidly, returning to a normal person's height.

Next, her skin which was rough and dark like tree bark vanished in the flames, white and tender skin appeared on her, like a freshly peeled egg.

Next, her immortal zombie hair, which looked like messy red wheat stalks, turned long and slim, the red color was vibrant and warm.

Finally, Blazing Heaven Demoness' entire figure went through a complete transformation.

From a scary giant zombie, she turned into a beautiful woman wearing a red dress, she had tender skin, sharp features, her gaze was energetic, and her lips were bright red.

Her chest was busty, it could be barely be contained, her legs were slim and long, yet they were also not thin.

Most strikingly, her hair extended to waist length, it was burning red, giving off a dream-like feeling, vibrant and overflowing with colors.

In this wondrous flame, Blazing Heaven Demoness had performed an amazing display in front of Fang Yuan.

She turned from an immortal zombie to a living person!

Her entire aura also became stronger. Like a gently burning flame, becoming larger and giving off loud noises, other than giving people a sense of liveliness, her aura was also more overbearing.

Blazing Heaven Demoness' face became more rosy, but Fairy Li Shan showed worry on her face: "Big sister, be careful of your injury!"

Blazing Heaven Demoness understood this of course, the price she paid for this was not small, but seeing Fang Yuan's shining eyes and intense desire, she felt that it was worth it.

Thus, she extinguished the flame on her body and used Gu worms, turning her body taller and transforming from a beauty into a monster, becoming an immortal zombie again.

Blazing Heaven Demoness said: "I have a time path injury on my body that causes my ageing to accelerate hundreds of times. Without any choice, I had to become an immortal zombie. But you saw earlier that I can revive easily, changing between the immortal zombie and living Gu Immortal states. This is because of the immortal killer move that I used earlier — Nirvana Fire!"

"Nirvana fire?" Fang Yuan felt some hope internally.

Earlier, he did not care about it, because he already had the best revival method there was.

But hearing Blazing Heaven Demoness' words, Fang Yuan still was greatly excited.

"Using the life-and-death immortal aperture revival method, I will turn into an ordinary Gu Immortal completely. My remaining lifespan will decrease accordingly. I cannot use wisdom Gu after that, since my lifespan would be consumed rapidly under the light of wisdom. Furthermore, each immortal aperture can only use the life-and-death immortal aperture revival method once, it cannot be repeated."

"If I can obtain this revival method and interchange between the states of immortal zombie and living Gu Immortal, that would be excellent! I would be able to use wisdom Gu more optimally!"

Blazing Heaven Demoness observed his expression, seeing that Fang Yuan was interested, she added chips to her side of the bargain.

She took out a mortal Gu, saying to Fang Yuan: "This is my third request, you have to accept this gift."

If it were an ordinary mortal Gu, Fang Yuan would not take even a glance at it.

But Fang Yuan could not look away from this mortal Gu that Blazing Heaven Demoness took out.

The reason was simple, this mortal Gu was so valuable even rank nine venerables looked for it painstakingly.

This was a lifespan Gu!

Blazing Heaven Demoness continued: "Fang Yuan, I know that you have little lifespan left, this lifespan Gu can give you sixty years of life, after you change back, you will not be old."

Fang Yuan sighed to himself deeply.

Blazing Heaven Demoness gave three conditions.

The first was to help Fang Yuan refine star thought Immortal Gu, and she promised that she would not tamper with the materials.

The second was to give Fang Yuan a revival method, most importantly, this revival method allowed Fang Yuan to turn into an immortal zombie freely and use wisdom Gu fully.

The third was a sixty year lifespan Gu, it was a treasure that Fang Yuan had been looking for.

Rather than saying these three requests were Blazing Heaven Demoness' conditions, they were more like bait that she was laying out in front of Fang Yuan.

Facing such huge temptation, Fang Yuan felt excited, at the same time, his mood was heavy.

He knew that Blazing Heaven Demoness was doing this for a reason.

Thus, he cupped his fists at Blazing Heaven Demoness, saying seriously: "I cannot reject Blazing Heaven Demoness' conditions. Please continue stating them."

Fang Yuan could not reject her.

Because he did not have the strength to do so.

"Hahaha." Blazing Heaven Demoness raised her head and laughed, Fang Yuan understood the situation he was in, she was very pleased and finally stated her true objectives.

Blazing Heaven Demoness had six true conditions.

First, she wanted Fang Yuan to give her all of his eerie fire dragon pythons.

Second, she wanted to enter into the guts Gu business, and become the largest buyer in the guts Gu trades.

Third, and the most important of them, she wanted Tai Bai Yun Sheng to cooperate with her using Man as Before and Landscape as Before, to try and heal the time path injury that she had.

Fourth, she wanted to be able to borrow Fang Yuan's Fixed Immortal Travel from now on to return to Eastern Sea.

Fifth, she wanted Fang Yuan to make a deduction for her each year for free. The content could be related to finding Immortal Gu, deducing incomplete Immortal Gu recipes, and others.

Sixth, if possible, she wanted to meet Fang Yuan's master, Purple Mountain True Monarch.

Fang Yuan thought about this thoroughly.

He could agree to the first request, eerie fire dragon pythons were related to fire path, they might be useful to Blazing Heaven Demoness, but Fang Yuan could do without them.

The second request was for Blazing Heaven Demoness to enter into the guts Gu trade and become a larger buyer than Immortal Crane Sect and Spirit Affinity House, Fang Yuan could accept this. With Blazing Heaven Demoness' funding, perhaps the guts Gu trade would expand even further.

For the third request, if Fang Yuan talked to Tai Bai Yun Sheng he would not reject it. But Man as Before and Landscape as Before could not fall into Blazing Heaven Demoness' hands.

The fourth request involving Fixed Immortal Travel was similar. Fang Yuan would not lend the Immortal Gu, at most, he would go along with Blazing Heaven Demoness.

Fang Yuan directly agreed to the fifth request.

The sixth request was nothing but Blazing Heaven Demoness trying to probe into Fang Yuan's background and the force behind him. This was impossible! Purple Mountain True Monarch did not exist, he was made up by Fang Yuan!


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