Reverend Insanity
946 Past Grudges and Hatred
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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946 Past Grudges and Hatred

In the past.

Blazing Heaven Demoness suffered from time path injuries, thus she had placed hope in Hei Fan's time path inheritance.

Thereupon, Blazing Heaven Demoness began to make arrangements, she took charge of Su tribe, changed her third sister's name to Su Xian Er and intentionally made her approach Hei Cheng to enter Hei tribe.

Hei Cheng and Su Xian Er were both in love with each other, becoming a Gu Immortal couple, and Su Xian's Night Elopement thus became a famous story.

Su Xian Er did not forget her task and tried to find out information of Hei Fan's inheritance, but she gradually exposed her traces in the process. Hei tribe began investigating and got knowledge of Fairy Li Shan, making them think this was Snowy Mountain's plot.

Su Xian Er, however, was truly in love with Hei Cheng, so she did not leave Hei tribe. Afterwards, Hei Cheng secretly killed Su Xian Er and prolonged his life.

After learning of their younger sister's sacrifice, Blazing Heaven Demoness and Fairy Li Shan felt incomparable grief.

Fairy Li Shan blamed Blazing Heaven Demoness and believed she was the reason for their sister's death. Later on, Fairy Li Shan completely fell out with Blazing Heaven Demoness.

Blazing Heaven Demoness felt ashamed and guilty, but she was heavily injured and could not take revenge. She had also taken position as the leader of Northern Plains Zombie Alliance, she could not act independently easily, and could only go far away towards Eastern Sea.

When she passed the regional wall, it was a nearly fatal experience.

In Eastern Sea, she gradually had some fortuitous encounters from the clues she had gathered at Northern Plains. For instance, an inheritance left behind by Old Immortal Kong Jue allowed Blazing Heaven Demoness to have a method of seizing another person's immortal aperture.

These fortuitous encounters provided great help to Blazing Heaven Demoness and partially alleviated her injuries.

For a long time, Fairy Li Shan did not contact Blazing Heaven Demoness.

But when Fairy Li Shan took in Hei Lou Lan, instructed and helped her cultivate, and saw her growth, Fairy Li Shan gradually began to let go of her hatred.

She hoped Hei Lou Lan could receive better help and support.

Recently, Fairy Li Shan had completely calmed down and began to use information path methods to contact Blazing Heaven Demoness, both sides started to communicate with each other.

Blazing Heaven Demoness thus learned of Xing Xiang Zi's identity and began to scheme.

Because Fang Yuan just happened to need star thought Immortal Gu; Blazing Heaven Demoness was able to smoothly set an agreement with Fang Yuan.

When she made use of Zombie Alliance's power to return to Northern Plains, she wanted to resolve her countless years of shame and guilt to Hei Lou Lan.

She wanted to use all her strength to make it up to Hei Lou Lan, she wanted to make up for the mistakes she made in the past!

She viewed things through Hei Lou Lan's perspective and thought of ways to support her.

What was most important to Hei Lou Lan?

Without doubt, it was self strength Immortal Gu.

First of all, Hei Lou Lan possessed the Great Strength True Martial Physique and cultivated strength path, self strength Immortal Gu was a strength path Immortal Gu and was perfect for Hei Lou Lan.

Second, self strength Immortal Gu was an inheritance given to Hei Lou Lan by Su Xian Er; as far as Hei Lou Lan was concerned, it was not just a rank six Immortal Gu, it was an extremely important keepsake of her mother!

Thus, Blazing Heaven Demoness thought of every way possible to take self strength Immortal Gu back for Hei Lou Lan.

But she encountered a problem.

From the communication with Fairy Li Shan, Blazing Heaven Demoness got an understanding of Fang Yuan.

She was startled and wary of Fang Yuan's craftiness, and also saw her own image in him.

On one hand, Fang Yuan was very proficient in scheming, on the other hand, Fang Yuan could take life threatening risks and was not afraid of death.

In pleasant words, it was bravery. In ugly words, it was thuggish and unscrupulous behavior. If I can't get benefits, you also can stop dreaming about them. If you want to fight, then come, it is just death at worst.

This attitude was like that of Blazing Heaven Demoness, destroying a fragment world of the immemorial nine heavens.

As a result, Blazing Heaven Demoness had agreed to help Fang Yuan refine an Immortal Gu and set an agreement with him —

Blazing Heaven Demoness would help fund Fang Yuan with immortal materials, but Fang Yuan would be in debt to her. Whether he succeeded or not in refining the Immortal Gu, he would need to pay her back later. The longer he dragged this on, the more interest Blazing Heaven Demoness would receive. If Fang Yuan successfully refines the Immortal Gu but fails to return her the sum in a hundred years, then Blazing Heaven Demoness would be allowed to take any one Immortal Gu from Fang Yuan as compensation.

"Any one Immortal Gu" was the key.

Blazing Heaven Demoness was targeting the self strength Immortal Gu that Fang Yuan possessed..

Right now, as she saw Fang Yuan's attitude, Blazing Heaven Demoness raised her eyebrows and spoke frankly: "Right, I want self strength Immortal Gu. Return the Immortal Gu to Little Lan, it was hers after all."

If she could directly take it, Blazing Heaven Demoness would have already done so and absolutely would not have gone through such trouble.

But even if she was a fire path great grandmaster, she could not forcibly take Immortal Gu.

The Immortal Gu was already refined by Fang Yuan, and could be destroyed instantly with just a thought from him.

Like Old Ancestor Xue Hu who had extremely strong attainment in ice path, but had no way to take the mysterious Immortal Gu inside the Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance immortal zombie.

Unless they were a wisdom path Gu Immortal who suppressed Fang Yuan and made sure he could not take action in thinking, or someone who had great accomplishment in theft path.

Theft path was created by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable.

His signature immortal killer move formless hand was feared by countless Gu Immortals.

Blazing Heaven Demoness, Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan did not have wisdom path methods and theft path was a not a mainstream path, despite it being created by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, besides him, other cultivators of theft path were generally not able to achieve anything significant.

If Blazing Heaven Demoness and the others had theft path methods, they could directly steal the Immortal Gu from Fang Yuan's aperture, given they had set this up, the possibility of this was very small.

Especially when Fang Yuan had wisdom path attainment, Blazing Heaven Demoness felt even more cautious regarding taking action.

Blazing Heaven Demoness directly demanded self strength Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan remained silent.

Blazing Heaven Demoness' reason was not very justifiable.

Fang Yuan had obtained self strength Immortal Gu fair and square, if he had not saved Hei Lou Lan, she would have already lost her life in the dream realm.

It could be said that Fang Yuan was Hei Lou Lan's benefactor.

However, Fang Yuan did not want to speak of this.

Such words were useless, why would there be discussion about benevolence with those of fierce character?

Moreover, back then when Fang Yuan helped Hei Lou Lan, he also did not hold any good intentions.

If he talked about this, Blazing Heaven Demoness and the others would instead look down on him.

'A bigger fist is the best and the strongest reason. If I were stronger, I would not need to fear Blazing Heaven Demoness' extortion. Unfortunately, I cannot even escape right now. My cultivation is stagnant, my strength is too low!'

Fang Yuan was self-aware.

He knew it was impossible for him to not hand over self strength Immortal Gu.

In the current situation, the enemy was strong while he was weak, like meat on the chopping block. But it was not that he did not have any cards in his hands.

'Firstly, there is the previous agreement. The agreement states allies cannot harm each other. But Fairy Li Shan is an information path Gu Immortal, she had openly violated the agreement when we invaded Dong Fang tribe's blessed land. The value of this is rather small.'

'Secondly, Immortal Gu are not easy to plunder. It is because of this that Blazing Heaven Demoness and the others had to make arrangements to trap me. But the value of this can only be at a middling level, I cannot overestimate its use. Blazing Heaven Demoness has the ability to capture me alive, if she put aside all considerations and decided to do so, wouldn't I be like that Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance immortal zombie that fell into Old Ancestor Xue Hu's hands?'

'Thirdly, there is Purple Mountain True Monarch. Hei Lou Lan and others don't know this is only a lie. Earlier, I used this lie to deceive Tai Bai Yun Sheng. But who could have thought it would instead become my greatest trump card at this moment.'

Fang Yuan was not wrong.

After Blazing Heaven Demoness knew of Purple Mountain True Monarch, she treated such information with great importance.

She was quite wary of this mysterious Purple Mountain True Monarch.

If Purple Mountain True Monarch was a rank eight Gu Immortal, and she captured his beloved disciple, the trouble stirred up in the future would not be small. Blazing Heaven Demoness had just approached Old Ancestor Xue Hu and sought to trouble him, she naturally did not want herself to fall into the same situation.

Even if Purple Mountain True Monarch was only rank seven, he still had many disciples. Fang Yuan claimed he was only a junior disciple and had senior disciples above him.

Especially when this Purple Mountain True Monarch was extremely resourceful, he could arrange his disciple to enter Immortal Crane Sect.

But did Purple Mountain True Monarch really exist?

Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan were completely in the dark, and Blazing Heaven Demoness, who obtained information from them, also was deceived by this.

Fang Yuan's silence made Blazing Heaven Demoness slightly impatient as she urged: "Fang Yuan, what requests do you have, say them, we can talk."

Fang Yuan let out a breath, he had already planned it all inwardly.

But he did not reply to Blazing Heaven Demoness' question, instead asking: "Those Gu refinement immortal materials you gave me to refine star thought Immortal Gu, did you tamper with them?"

Blazing Heaven Demoness smiled: "Of course."

She actually admitted it!

Moreover, she did not have even a trace of embarrassment on her face.

Fang Yuan frowned: "Actually, I had suspected this, but every time I refined Gu, I inspected the immortal materials carefully, why was I not able to find anything amiss?"

Blazing Heaven Demoness replied: "That is because your fire path attainment has not reached great grandmaster level. I added a trace of fire path dao marks on each fire path immortal material. The increase is very small, but it accumulates with every immortal material used, and takes substantial effect during the refinement process, ruining the Gu refinement."

Blazing Heaven Demoness naturally had to do this.

If Fang Yuan succeeded in refining, how could she coerce Fang Yuan?

Fang Yuan did not nag about this issue, he nodded and continued: "I can return self strength Immortal Gu, but I have some conditions."

Hearing this, Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan's hopes were raised.

Blazing Heaven Demoness looked at Fang Yuan with slight surprise, and clapped: "Now I can somewhat understand why little sister wanted to suppress you. Speak, what are your requests?"

"First of all, I want to form a new agreement."

This agreement was the assurance for his safety. Although Fairy Li Shan was an information path Gu Immortal and could have unknown methods to break the agreement, she would need to make preparations before doing so. At least during that period, Fang Yuan could escape safely.

"This is a must." Blazing Heaven Demoness agreed.

Fang Yuan continued: "Secondly, my debt of the immortal materials you lent to me before will be cleared."

"As long as you return self strength Immortal Gu, this won't be a problem." Blazing Heaven Demoness replied straightforwardly.

"I want to leave Zombie Alliance, and get rid of the alliance agreement with them."


"Finally, I want strength path immortal zombie corpses. You need to promise me that you will do your utmost to get me as many strength path immortal zombie corpses as possible." Fang Yuan's eyes shined brightly.


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