Reverend Insanity
942 Little Aunt, Elder Aun
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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942 Little Aunt, Elder Aun

Her rank eight aura was unconcealed, emanating freely.

Blazing Heaven Demoness was bathed in flames, she crossed her arms and stood arrogantly in the air.

Blazing Heaven Demoness shouted loudly: "Hei tribe elders, this ancient battle formation Green City Rampage of yours is so incomplete, you have the face to use it? A hundred years ago, in order to use this battle formation, you were forced to stay together at a distance of no more than three meters between each other. This time, you came here together, who is guarding the blessed land that is your main camp?"

The green giant gazed at Blazing Heaven Demoness.

An elderly voice came out of the green giant's body: "Blazing Heaven Demoness! Since you know that this is the ancient battle formation Green City Rampage, you should know that its power rivals that of rank eights. Hei Lou Lan and Hei Cheng are members of Hei tribe, this is an internal family matter of ours, as an outsider, you should not interfere. Don't forget that Zombie Alliance is in the righteous path. As the leader of Northern Plains Zombie Alliance, you have significant responsibilities, do be careful."

Immediately after, another voice said: "Blazing Heaven Demoness, aren't you going to deal with Old Ancestor Xue Hu? Why are you here to join in the chaos?"

"Join in the chaos? Hahahahaha…" Blazing Heaven Demoness raised her head and laughed.

Fairy Li Shan spoke at this moment, she continued: "Old Ancestor Xue Hu's matter is none of your concern, elders of Hei tribe. Furthermore… you said this is your family matter, don't tell me it isn't our own family matter?"

"What do you mean?" Inside the green giant's body, the four elders of Hei tribe asked with shocked voices.

At this moment, Fang Yuan felt an intense feeling that something was not right.

"Big sister!" Fairy Li Shan called out.

There was tacit understanding between siblings, there was no need to communicate too much in words.

Blazing Heaven Demoness stopped laughed, her gaze was like lightning as she flew towards the green giant.

On the green giant's body, a lump of fire burned out of nowhere, in an instant, it turned into a blazing flame and engulfed the entire green giant.

Soon, the hill-like green giant became an orange pillar of fire.

Immortal killer move — Fire Prison!

In the burning flames, the green giant could barely move, it was as if it had fallen into a puddle of sticky black oil.

The four elders who assembled the green giant were shocked.

"When did we get hit by it?"

"This killer move's power is so immense! Even our Green City Rampage cannot break free for the time being."

"Most importantly, there were no hints of it being used, we cannot defend against it!"

But the four elders had rich battle experience, they were only shocked for a few breaths of time before they understood.

They remembered the attack earlier — angry bird had crashed into the green giant's chest.

Meanwhile, fire prison started burning at the green giant's chest.

This was a combo immortal killer move!

So-called combo immortal killer moves were the usage of two or more immortal killer moves one after another, they would have stronger power, having synergy between them.

Angry bird, fire prison, these two immortal killer moves formed a combo immortal killer move.

Blazing Heaven Demoness first used angry bird to attack the green giant, she next used fire prison to trap Green City Rampage with an incredibly powerful effect.

If a long time had passed, or if she had activated fire prison first, Blazing Heaven Demoness would have to spend time in activating the move, during that period, the four elders of Hei tribe would be able to dodge, fire prison's power would not be as great as now.

The reason was very simple.

It was due to dao marks.

Immortal killer moves used Immortal Gu as the core to activate powerful methods.

The power was great because they formed temporary dao marks.

When angry bird crashed into the green giant's chest, temporary fire path dao marks were left behind. Blazing Heaven Demoness used these fire path dao marks as the basis to unleash fire prison, elevating its power and temporarily trapping the green giant.

"To be able to design a combo immortal killer move, her attainment level must be great grandmaster! So Blazing Heaven Demoness' fire path attainment level has already reached such a level." Fang Yuan's heart was shaking.

Fire path great grandmaster!

This attainment level was not something ordinary Gu Immortals could reach.


The green giant roared loudly, large amounts of green fog spewed out of its body.

Wherever the green fog went, fire was put out.

Evidently, this mysterious green fog was a powerful immortal killer move.

Blazing Heaven Demoness' combo immortal killer move did not even last for ten breaths of time before it completely disintegrated.

But they still lost some precious time.

During this period, Fairy Li Shan had already finished preparing, she used her trump card.

Battlefield immortal killer move — Orchard Garden in Mountain!

The earth rumbled intensely.


In the blink of an eye, waves of terrifying tremors erupted deep underground.

The surface started to rise, the terrain changed swiftly.

The flat grassland had turned into a mound.

Soon, this mound rose rapidly, becoming taller. On the two sides of the mountain, there were evident ridges forming.

Eventually, the mountain stopped rising, a chain of mountains encircled the green giant in all directions.

The tremors of the earth finally stopped.

The terrain of over a thousand li had completely changed because of Fairy Li Shan's battlefield immortal killer move.

Achieving such incredible effects, it was truly breathtaking!

A chain of mountains surrounded the green giant in the center, it was like a giant bowl or a prison, blocking their escape route.

At this moment, the green giant was like trapped prey.

Fang Yuan's heart pounded, even though he knew that Fairy Li Shan had such a trump card, seeing this effect, he still felt some surprise.

In his previous life, when Fairy Li Shan used this move, the power was not as great. Why did it become so powerful now?

"Don't tell me, it is because of Miniscule Mountain?" Fang Yuan had a guess.

"That should be it. Fairy Li Shan's orchard garden in mountain is like myriad star fireflies, it has incredible power when used, but the price should be equally big. Each time it is used, dao marks in the Gu Immortal will be expended permanently. Thus, in records of history, Fairy Li Shan did not use this battlefield immortal killer move very often."

Or in other words, this was a last resort technique.

A forbidden move.

If it was used frequently, one's own foundation and cultivation level would fall drastically.

Miniscule Mountain was a secluded domain of heaven and earth, it was recorded in >, the mountain itself had a large number of dao marks. Fairy Li Shan placed it inside her own immortal aperture, the dao marks of Miniscule Mountain became her own foundation, she could use and expend them.

Thus, orchard garden in mountain's power became so terrifying, far beyond Fang Yuan's knowledge based on his previous life.

The four elders of Hei tribe were rank seven Gu Immortals, the ancient battle formation Green City Rampage that they created was ranked at third in the world. But using Miniscule Mountain, Fairy Li Shan used orchard garden in mountain and temporarily trapped the rank eight level green giant, controlling the situation.

Fang Yuan and the others were floating in the air, looking down.

The green giant was huge, but the mountains surrounding it were taller.

Fairy Li Shan had stopped her activation, she no longer controlled it.

But the transformation of orchard garden in mountain still continued.

In the valley of the mountains, vegetation grew rapidly, countless pear trees grew, the branches were like vines entangling with each other, extending rapidly.

At the same time, pear blossoms bloomed, they floated in the air, slowly descending like snow.

Behind the green giant, a pair of thick and huge green wings appeared.

One of the four Hei tribe elders was skilled in transformation path, thus, the green giant could have such a transformation.

This was the specialty of an ancient battle formation.

Once an Immortal Gu House was created, the methods would be fixed. But ancient battle formations had different abilities according to the Gu Immortals using it, as well as their various methods in fighting.

The four elders of Hei tribe wanted to fly out of the cage, but countless vines were coiled onto the legs of the green giant.

"Hmph!" The green giant snorted, the color of its body changed.

It was as if fire was burning deep inside its body. Its green color, like that of moss, had turned into a dark red color.

Dark path and fire path — dual immortal killer move — Dark Ember!


An intense explosion resounded, it could cause eardrums to vibrate.

A dark red translucent shock wave burst out of the green giant's body, spreading rapidly.

Everywhere the shock wave went, the entangled vines burned like paper, becoming ash.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With three shock waves emitted by the green giant, obstacles were swept away.

At once, dust rose like clouds, the earth trembled, countless rocks fell.

The powerful and terrifying aura made Fairy Li Shan take a small step back in reflex.

Hei Lou Lan was seemingly unaware of this, her eyes were staring at one of the green giant's hands. Inside this hand, her father, Hei Cheng, was held inside.

Fang Yuan's expression did not change, but his heart sank.

He was starting to understand the situation.

Evidently, Fairy Li Shan, Hei Lou Lan, and Blazing Heaven Demoness were in cahoots.

Today, this situation was created by them to kill Hei Cheng, but at the same time, they were targeting Fang Yuan.

"I was scheming against Hei Lou Lan, but to think they would move against me first!" Fang Yuan looked towards Blazing Heaven Demoness, before today, he had not expected the leader of Northern Plains Zombie Alliance to be so closely related to Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan.

Blazing Heaven Demoness sensed Fang Yuan's gaze and gave him a look that was seemingly smiling.

Fang Yuan snorted internally, he turned his gaze away.

He was in grave danger now!

If he wanted to escape, Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan would only bring him disturbance, but Blazing Heaven Demoness was a barrier that he could not pass!

Fang Yuan had Fixed Immortal Travel, Blazing Heaven Demoness surely knew about it.

"But now is not the time to act rashly. Since they have not attacked me yet, we can still talk it out. Even if I escape, it is pointless. I have joined Zombie Alliance, and Blazing Heaven Demoness is the leader of the Northern Plains Zombie Alliance branch. Furthermore, Fairy Li Shan is an information path Gu Immortal…"

It was laughable that previously, Fang Yuan was asking Fairy Li Shan for the method to leave Zombie Alliance.

"This means that my identity as Xing Xiang Zi has already been exposed. Hei Lou Lan is astute, since she knows I have star path cultivation, she would also know that I have already obtained Star Form blessed land!"

"Hei Lou Lan called Fairy Li Shan little aunt, I thought this was just an affectionate term, for example, little brother. To think that with a little aunt, she also had an elder aunt. And to think that Hei Lou Lan's elder aunt was such a formidable person!"


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