Reverend Insanity
940 Fang Yuan“s Plans
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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940 Fang Yuan“s Plans

Since he obtained the life-and-death immortal aperture revival method, Fang Yuan naturally wanted to make as much use of it as he could.

Regardless of whether it was in his previous life or now, cultivation aptitude was always a big regret for Fang Yuan. Now that he could fix this, Fang Yuan was extremely happy to do so.

Most importantly, the life-and-death immortal aperture revival method for the ten extreme physiques was too enticing, the advantage it gave towards cultivating was too great.

However, it was extremely difficult to obtain a Great Strength True Martial immortal zombie.

Firstly, the ten extreme physiques were very rarely seen. Even if they appeared, they could not cultivate easily.

There were even fewer of those with the Great Strength True Martial physique that cultivated to Gu Immortal level.

And on this basis, those who turned into immortal zombies and still had their bodies intact might simply be nonexistent!

Fang Yuan checked historical records and his memories, but there were no clues.

Thus, Hei Lou Lan was his easiest target, and also the most appropriate and realistic one.

Or rather, she was his only target.

But the problems in front of Fang Yuan were not few.

Firstly, Hei Lou Lan herself was a formidable person, she had both brains and brawn, in his previous life, she left her own mark in history. Such a person was not easy to deal with, she could risk her fight and battle all out while also scheming deeply, she could not be messed with casually.

Secondly, Hei Lou Lan was not alone, she had the rank seven Fairy Li Shan supporting her. They had a close relationship, they would not turn on each other. To deal with Hei Lou Lan, Fang Yuan would also have to deal with Fairy Li Shan.

Thirdly, Fairy Li Shan, Hei Lou Lan, and Fang Yuan had an alliance agreement.

Finally, and what was also Fang Yuan's biggest problem, Hei Lou Lan knew the truth of Imperial Court blessed land. If he did not handle it appropriately, she would tell this truth to the world. By then, Fang Yuan would be hunted down by all the Gu Immortals in the world. The allure of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's inheritance would be so great that countless greedy Gu Immortals would charge at him like a tsunami, completely drowning him.

All in all, Hei Lou Lan was like a porcupine, if he was rash in dealing with her, not only might she be left unharmed, but he would also end up suffering major backlash.

"Hei Lou Lan, oh Hei Lou Lan, if not for the fact that you have the Great Strength True Martial physique which helps my cultivation, I would not want to target you." Fang Yuan sighed internally.

In the following days, Fang Yuan started his preparations on two aspects.

On one hand, he needed to think about an appropriate way to harm Hei Lou Lan.

On the other hand, he was refining star thought Immortal Gu while using letters to communicate with Fairy Li Shan on how to breach a contract.

But days went by, he was making very slow progress in all of them.

Ever since Hei Lou Lan realized her flaws, she made up her mind and focused on managing her blessed land. Since she could not hide inside Snowy Mountain blessed land anymore, she hid outside and went missing.

After Fang Yuan returned to Dark Flow Giant City, he took action to one again go to Earth Trench and collect star night mucus. After that, he used the star night mucus to refine star thought Immortal Gu, but he failed again.

Fairy Li Shan had cultivated earth path in the past, she later cultivated information path mainly alongside wood path, she had mountain pledge Immortal Gu, her information path attainment was definitely higher than that of Fang Yuan. Earlier, she had gone against the agreement to deal with Dong Fang tribe, but she was still alive and well now, this showed that not only was she skilled at making agreements, she was also able to break them.

Information path specialized in agreements. To make a comparison, they were like locks that restricted both parties.

Fairy Li Shan was like a locksmith, she was skilled at making locks, she was certain to be good at opening them.

Fang Yuan, Fairy Li Shan, and Hei Lou Lan, even though they had an agreement, the deadline was approaching, thus this agreement was not trouble.

The reason Fang Yuan gave Fairy Li Shan was — he needed to deal with the agreement for joining Zombie Alliance.

Fang Yuan had joined Zombie Alliance in Eastern Sea, he was restricted by the Zombie Alliance agreement.

"If I cannot get Hei Lou Lan, I can only lower my expectations and collect a large number of strength path immortal zombies. If that happens, I will need to break the Zombie Alliance agreement so that I can steal bodies inside the Zombie Alliance graveyard."

The careful Fang Yuan would naturally not put all of his eggs in one basket, he would make all kinds of preparations.

Therefore, these last days, Fang Yuan had been asking for information path methods from Fairy Li Shan often.

The results were minimal.

On one hand, Fairy Li Shan was guarding against Fang Yuan. He had developed too rapidly, it already made this third leader of Snowy Mountain blessed land feel threatened. Even though Fang Yuan offered a high price, she used the excuse of having to find immortal materials to reject him.

Secondly, Fang Yuan had little understanding in regards to information path, with such low attainment, it was hard for him to learn something in this short period of time.

Thirdly, was Zombie Alliance's agreement so easily broken? It was wishful thinking to expect Fang Yuan to be able to break it in such a short time!

Even though he did not make any progress in information path, after interacting with Fairy Li Shan, Fang Yuan had a clear understanding of the fight between Zombie Alliance and Snowy Mountain blessed land using his own knowledge from being inside Northern Plains Zombie Alliance's base.

Blazing Heaven Demoness' tactic was very smart.

These last days, she led the immortal zombies to attack the demonic path Gu Immortals of Snowy Mountain blessed land continuously.

Many of the demonic path Gu Immortals had low luck to begin with, it was hard to collect immortal materials, but now with the immortal zombies wreaking havoc, they faced even more problems, their gains were affected.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu was helpless.

The reason was simple, even though he was a rank eight great expert, he was just one person.

Blazing Heaven Demoness had three rank eight immortal zombies.

If Blazing Heaven Demoness forcefully attacked Snowy Mountain blessed land, with Old Ancestor Xue Hu's battle strength, it was uncertain who would win.

But Blazing Heaven Demoness avoided that, she made use of Old Ancestor Xue Hu's weakness, this made Old Ancestor Xue Hu's life much more difficult.

If he attacked, he would not be around to guard Snowy Mountain blessed land.

The defending Gu Immortals only had rank seven cultivation level at the highest. Second leader Lady Wan Shou was skilled in refinement path, while third leader Fairy Li Shan cultivated information path, they both did not have high battle strength.

If Old Ancestor Xue Hu went out to attack and was held up by an expert of the same rank, and Snowy Mountain blessed land was ransacked by the other rank eight immortal zombies, then that would turn him into the biggest laughing stock in Northern Plains!

Especially that Blazing Heaven Demoness.

She did not have limits to her conduct, back then, she even burned a nine heavens fragment world, making it a lose-lose situation for everyone.

Snowy Mountain blessed land was only a blessed land that was pieced together, it had lower defense than normal blessed lands, Old Ancestor Xue Hu had to guard against her.

Thus, even though Old Ancestor Xue Hu had incredible battle strength, against Zombie Alliance, he was at a disadvantage, he could not turn the situation around.

Battle strength did not mean everything.

Blazing Heaven Demoness' experienced scheming made Old Ancestor Xue Hu suffer heavy losses, but he could not fight back effectively.

Fang Yuan had no other choice but to be patient and focus his attention on refining exert strength Gu and disappointment Gu.

The Fang Yuan stone nests that he built were already at quite the sizes.

Large numbers of hairy man slaves were working non-stop, the number of exert strength Gu and disappointment Gu grew, but they were still far from the desired quantity.

Even though Fang Yuan obtained those precious rank eight immortal materials, he did not sell them yet, he kept them for now.

Blazing Heaven Demoness was funding him in refining star thought Immortal Gu. Every month, Fang Yuan's profits were used for refining Gu worms, feeding Immortal Gu, as well as developing Star Form blessed land.

He purchased large amounts of cloud soil, ordering Star Form land spirit to arrange them.

He wanted to build a giant three dimensional river system, using the ample space to cultivate star fragment grass.

This had huge prospects.

If it succeeded, the profits would not be lower than guts Gu.

But the initial investment was huge, Fang Yuan could only develop it one step at a time.

He wanted to deal with Hei Lou Lan, but that might expose his crimes. It was too easy for Hei Lou Lan to expose the truth, even though there was an alliance, she had Fairy Li Shan's help if she wanted to breach the contract, she had a greater advantage than Fang Yuan.

All along, Fang Yuan had been feeling anxious.

The investigation of the Central Continent Gu Immortals could not be making zero progress.

Perhaps tomorrow, Central Continent Gu Immortals would come and attack Hu Immortal blessed land.

There was no way he could defend Hu Immortal blessed land, once it was lost, Star Form blessed land would be Fang Yuan's only place to retreat to.

As the saying goes, a sly rabbit makes three dens, not to mention the old demon Fang Yuan.

On this day, Fang Yuan was activating the refinement path Gu formation, processing a certain immortal material.

Inside his dead aperture, moving perspective cup Gu activated, bringing a letter from Fairy Li Shan.

Fang Yuan felt this was strange, this letter was actually Fairy Li Shan approaching him.

Opening it, it was a letter requesting for help.

As it turned out, Fairy Li Shan found traces of Hei Cheng.

Hei Cheng was the father of Hei Lou Lan, she wanted to take revenge for her mother, he was someone she had to kill.

Fairy Li Shan's letter asked Fang Yuan to come along and kill Hei Cheng!

Hei Cheng's circumstances were not good.

As a person who held power in the super force, Hei tribe, he went missing for a long time (the hundred days battle), and by the time he reappeared, he was in a pathetic state, being hunted down secretly by Hei tribe itself.

In fact, in order to save his life, Hei Cheng sacrificed the rank six Immortal Gu House Dark Prison.

This was the symbol of strength in Hei tribe, it was also their trump card, he actually lost it.

Even though Hei Cheng had great authority, in this situation, he would still be punished according to the rules of the tribe!

The Immortal Gu House Dark Prison was not his, the core Immortal Gu that made up the Immortal Gu House came from the four supreme elders of Hei tribe. After the Central Continent Gu Immortals divided up Dark Prison, they brought the Immortal Gu back to their sects, one of the Immortal Gu had already been forcefully refined by a Central Continent Gu Immortal.

Thus, the Hei tribe supreme elders learned about it, Hei Cheng had committed a huge mistake, he needed to be punished!

Hei Cheng did not want to hand himself over.

Before he participated in Shadow Sect's activities, he had made an agreement with them, he could not expose any details regarding Shadow Sect.

This alliance agreement had a strong restriction!

Hei Cheng could not explain the matter to his tribe, he could only escape.

Hei tribe was unwilling to let him go, the Immortal Gu House was extremely important, it affected their deterrence capability and strength, it had to be taken back.

And Hei Cheng was the clue.

Thus, Hei tribe sent Gu Immortals to capture Hei Cheng.

After both sides fought several times, Hei Cheng narrowly escaped. As the commotion got larger, Fairy Li Shan learned about it. She and Hei Lou Lan discussed it, they felt that now was the best time to take revenge, after Hei Cheng had been abandoned by his tribe.

They needed to have greater numbers as assurance in killing a Gu Immortal.

Thus, Fairy Li Shan immediately contacted Fang Yuan, before the alliance expired, they now had an excellent chance to make use of him!

While it was true that the compensation that Fairy Li Shan gave was very profitable, Fang Yuan also had his own motives, this was a good opportunity.

Hei Lou Lan had been staying hidden all this time, only during a chaotic battle could Fang Yuan find a chance to take action.


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