Reverend Insanity
936 Multi-layered Gu Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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936 Multi-layered Gu Formation

Fang Yuan held in his excitement.

The immortal material in his hands was of very high quality, even in his previous life, he had never owned such a specimen.

Quasi-rank nine immortal material, it had so many dao marks that it shined with bright light, observable with the naked eye.

Fang Yuan was not a grandmaster in refinement path, but he knew something, the reason why immortal materials could be used to refine Immortal Gu was because the immortal materials themselves contain a lot of dao marks.

Man is the spirit of all beings, Gu are the essence of heaven and earth.

Gu worms were the vessels of the Great Dao, why did they contain power? That was because the tiny Gu worm contained dao marks.

Dao marks were the traces of the Great Dao of heaven and earth, precisely because of this, activating Gu worms would result in many magical effects.

The more dao marks in a Gu worm, the higher their rank would be, and the more powerful and profound their abilities would be.

Refining an Immortal Gu was to gather the dao marks in countless mortal Gu and immortal materials, using the ones needed for the refinement.

Now, Fang Yuan's immortal material had many dao marks, in theory, it could be used to refine a rank eight Immortal Gu!

In fact, he only needed to use a tiny fragment of it to refine a rank six Immortal Gu.

The dao marks in a rank eight Immortal Gu were tens of thousands of times that of a rank six Immortal Gu.

"Of course, this bee wing that resembles a tiger-striped honey bee mainly contains metal path dao marks. If I am trying to refine a metal path Immortal Gu, this would be very useful. Unfortunately, this has no use if I want to refine star thought Immortal Gu."

Fang Yuan collected this precious immortal material properly.

He could not use it now, but he might need it in the future.

Even if he did not, this was such a precious immortal material, it would create a huge commotion in treasure yellow heaven, there was no need to worry that it would not be sold.

"I've finally had some gains after entering this Gu formation."

Fang Yuan's mind started to think deeply.

He was not rushing towards the center, he was starting to explore this desolate land of purple sand.

As expected, a moment later, he had another discovery while flying!

In the purple sand, there was a white veil that resembled a handkerchief that attracted his gaze.

He quickly descended, feeling joy after inspecting it.

The aura could not be fake, this was another rank eight immortal material!

But the quality was slightly lower than the bee wing earlier, there was no light from dao marks.

Fang Yuan held it in his hands, the immortal material did not disintegrate after leaving the purple sand.

"It seems that immortal materials of this level are no longer affected by the power of the purple sand."

Fang Yuan squeezed it, this immortal material was very soft, it could be molded into different forms.

"So this is not a veil, but a piece of… cloud?"

Fang Yuan observed carefully, feeling surprised.

This was like a fragment of a cloud, but it contained a huge amount of cloud path dao marks.

"Is this…" Fang Yuan's felt excitement, he activated his Gu worms and spat out a mouthful of water vapor.

When this immortal material was covered in water vapor, it became lighter and floated out of Fang Yuan's hands, it rose into the sky and turned into a tiny cloud in the form of a phoenix. The phoenix's wings moved slowly, as the cloud danced in the air.

Fang Yuan's body shook, he was overjoyed: "As expected! This is a fragment of the immemorial desolate beast cloud phoenix's body!!"

Fang Yuan's heart was pounding.

This cloud phoenix was not a lifeform from the five regions, it was a mystical creature that only existed in white heaven of the immemorial nine heavens.

It was not born with a phoenix bloodline, instead it was an ancient cloud that would not face destruction even after ten thousand years in white heaven. After having a phoenix's aura or blood transmitted and spread through it, the cloud would slowly turn into a living being.

Thus, its body was very special, it was neither made of flesh and blood nor clouds.

The cloud phoenix fragment that Fang Yuan obtained was less than a fraction of a fraction of the cloud phoenix's true body, but the cloud path dao marks inside could be used to refine a rank six Immortal Gu at least ten times as the main material!

The discovery of the cloud phoenix affirmed Fang Yuan's earlier guess.

He continued exploring, not long after, he circulated entirely around the purple desert, he had huge gains.

Counting his gains, he had a total of eighteen of such immortal materials, the dao mark varieties covered the majority of Gu paths. Among which, three materials had a lot of star path or wisdom path dao marks, they were very helpful in refining star thought Immortal Gu.

One could say that with these three immortal materials, Fang Yuan could forget about Blazing Heaven Demoness and refine the Gu himself.

Of course, because of the change in immortal materials, the recipe of star thought Immortal Gu would have to change as well. But Fang Yuan was not afraid of this, he could use the light of wisdom to easily do it, he was also a wisdom path grandmaster now, it was not difficult to deduce!

"Even though the immortal materials that I collected are incredibly precious, they are only a small part of the corpses' bodies. The Gu Immortal who created this place, they actually used so many precious immortal materials, are they trying to refine a rank nine Immortal Gu?"

Fang Yuan could not help but guess.

In the process of collecting immortal materials, he started to realize something.

This desolate land of purple sand once had an incredibly profound refinement path Gu formation.

Combined with these fragmented immortal materials, it was likely that the Gu Immortal had a grand ambition, they were trying to refine an immensely powerful Immortal Gu.

But it was a pity, the Gu refinement failed and a huge explosion occurred.

Not only was the refinement path Gu formation destroyed, with only debris left, most of the Gu refinement immortal materials were destroyed, only these fragments remained.

"Regardless of who it is, or what organization it is, they are most likely dead from the explosion. If not for that, this Gu formation would not be left unmaintained for such a long time. The immortal material fragments here would not be scattered everywhere without anyone taking them."

Even though the immortal materials were just remnants after the explosion, they were very valuable.

With rank eight and quasi-rank nine immortal materials involved, even rank eight Gu Immortals would be moved.

If Old Ancestor Xue Hu knew that Fang Yuan had such a large number of precious immortal materials, he would forget about his face and come to find trouble with Fang Yuan in a hurry.

In order to refine the rank eight fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu, Old Ancestor Xue Hu was already going bankrupt trying to find the supplementary immortal materials, even though he had Ma Hong Yun as the main material.

If not for that, he would not thrown away his face as a rank eight great expert and have gone to Zombie Alliance's graveyard to steal immortal zombie corpses in place of the materials.

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan's worry eased slightly.

Since this mysterious and powerful Gu Immortal, or Gu Immortal organization, was gone, this trip was much less dangerous now.

Fang Yuan looked around, he saw that there was something new in the desolate land of purple sand.

"Sigh… in the endless depths of history, who knows how many truths of the past has been buried, how many incredible people died inconspicuously without anyone knowing."

The commotion stirred up by them fades eventually, legends disappear.

Getting rid of these thoughts, Fang Yuan came to the center of the desolate land of purple sand.

This was the only area he had not explored yet in this entire desolate land.

Even though he obtained many immortal materials, Fang Yuan was still slightly disappointed — in his previous life, rumors said that there was a way to get rid of his immortal zombie body and revive, but why has he not found it yet?

Fang Yuan's intuition was: At the central area of this desolate land, it should be the center of the Gu formation as well, if it was not here, then Fang Yuan would never find it elsewhere.

Looking around, at the center of the desolate land, there was only small fragmented purple sand.

This was the center of the explosion, the purple sand was much finer than outside.

There were no immortal materials.

He looked around, there were nothing.

But under Fang Yuan's investigative methods, he made a discovery of some remnants of the Gu formation deep under the purple sand.

"This is indeed the central control area of the entire place!"

"What an amazing person, this is actually a multi-layered Gu formation, having such an incredible design, this must be the work of a formation path great grandmaster!"

Fang Yuan inspected as he felt shock internally.

It turned out that the entire space was mainly focused on using the refinement path Gu formation, but what originally built this space, including the space path formation, was only a supplementary formation outside the refinement path Gu formation.

Other than the space path Gu formation, Fang Yuan also found many defensive Gu formations, some food path Gu formations, and some phantom path Gu formations.

Food path throughout history had never been widely spread, it was even rarer today.

Fang Yuan did not understand much about it, but he had heard that food path was specialized in feeding Gu worms.

"The food path supplementary Gu formation here should be used to feed these Gu worms. After all, a Gu formation needs countless Gu worms to work together in combination."

"There are still two or three food path Gu formations in use here. It is hard to imagine that after the great explosion, the Gu formation here is still working."

"Maybe that is the reason why the outermost space path Gu formation is still functioning."

This discovered unraveled one mystery for Fang Yuan.

"Eh? This is… a phantom path Gu formation?" As he continued to observe, Fang Yuan made a new discovery.

This phantom path Gu formation was already destroyed, but there were two or three mortal Gu left, buried deep in the purple sand, they are not moving and were barely alive, using the food path Gu formation to maintain their lives.

Fang Yuan had even less knowledge regarding phantom path.

But during the battle of Tai Qiu, Dong Fang Chang Fan had once used a ruin bat corpse to set up a huge phantom formation.

If not for that, Fang Yuan would not have recognized this Gu formation immediately.

"The phantom formation turns the entire Gu formation into a phantom and prevents outside attacks from destroying the Gu formation. Maybe this is the reason why the Gu formation survived the great explosion."

"Refinement path Gu Immortals with such attainment levels have their own refinement path Gu formations, and also many supplementary Gu formations on top of the refinement path Gu formation. Using these Gu formations, the refinement path Gu worms will be twice as effective for half the effort, they would save a lot of time and energy. For example, Snowy Mountain blessed land has an exquisite refinement path Gu formation, it is known as the best formation for refinement path in Northern Plains' demonic path. It is said that this Gu formation is also a multi-layered Gu formation, using a total of twelve different Gu formations." Fang Yuan's thoughts churned.

He could set up some refinement path Gu formations as well.

But these Gu formations were very superficial, after all, they had to do with his formation path attainment.

Fang Yuan's formation path attainment level was very low.

A person has limited energy, and even more limited time, Fang Yuan had some accomplishments in certain aspects, he naturally had areas where he was inferior to other people.


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