Reverend Insanity
933 Wild Immortal Gu, Traces of Gu Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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933 Wild Immortal Gu, Traces of Gu Formation

In the chaotic battle, Fang Yuan managed to escape.

When he returned to the place where the yaksha octopuses were, about half of them were still left.

He tried the same thing again, luring the remaining yaksha octopuses away.

"Oh no! Another ancient yaksha octopus, and ten desolate beast octopuses. They seemed to have moved out together!" Dragon Commander Ye Cha was stuck in the chaotic battle, seeing the octopus reinforcements, he cried out in bitterness.

What grudges did they have, what vengeance was it?

The other immortal zombies also bemoaned their terrible luck, what was going on?!

But they had other choice than to save Xing Xiang Zi first.

"Hold on!" Dragon Commander Ye Cha shouted, he did not stint on his immortal essence, he used them extensively.

Blazing Heaven Demoness had immense authority, the immortal zombies did not dare to defy her orders, they could only endure in the chaotic battle.

Thankfully, this mouth earthworm did not hide in the gravity soil zone, it was in a frenzy and its huge body lashed around, creating powerful sonic booms.

The immortal zombie did not dare to take the hits, they could only attack from afar, the damage accumulated slowly as the mouth earthworm's skin was damaged.

Originally, the situation was quite simple.

Even though the mouth earthworm was an ancient desolate beast, it was not the match of Dragon Commander Ye Cha and the others.

But with the yaksha octopus group, it became a three way battle.

They restricted each other and fought randomly, the scene became very chaotic.

The yaksha octopuses were the greatest in number, they encircled the immortal zombies and the mouth earthworm, forming a tight layer.

"Xing Xiang Zi, you must survive!" Landlord Lei Yu shouted.

Even though he was unhappy with Fang Yuan, the moment he thought that Fang Yuan could die from this, he burst out in cold sweat.

Fang Yuan's safety was a huge issue weighing on the immortal zombies.

During this period, the perpetrator, Fang Yuan was secretly sneaking into the territory of the yaksha octopuses.

Groups of yaksha octopuses lived in the two sides of the cliff walls.

The cliff wall in front of him had a huge protrusion. This yaksha octopus group made a hole in this protrusion and made it their home.

Fang Yuan sneaked inside, drilling into a bigger entrance.

The entrance of the hole was very big, it was for the yaksha octopuses to enter and exit. Desolate beast level yaksha octopuses were very big, not to mention the ancient desolate beast yaksha octopus kings.

Fang Yuan entered the hole and a thick smell of oil assailed him.

The hole extended in front of him, he looked ahead and only saw darkness.

But Fang Yuan's investigative methods were very rich, this darkness could not obstruct him.

He stretched out his hand and touched the walls.

The surface of the hole's walls were full of black oil, they were thick and sticky.

Why would the dry cave have black oil?

This was due to the yaksha octopus' habits.

Yaksha octopuses were a type of fierce beast that liked to hunt for prey in the black oil of Earth Trench. Therefore, their bodies would often have sticky black oil stuck to them.

When they enter or exit the caves, the black oil would spread from their bodies to the walls of the caves.

The oily smell that Fang Yuan smelt was due to this black oil.

In the black oil, there were lots of weeds and needle wood, they were rooted into the walls and the black oil provided them sufficient nutrients.

Guru guru…

When Fang Yuan touched the black oil and wiped along it, bubbles started appearing on the sticky black oil surface on the wall.

Next, dozens of tiny worms that were smaller than fingers flew out from the bubbles.

They were alerted by Fang Yuan's actions and flew out, but they quickly went back into the black oil.

The black oil was like glue, it was very sticky and stuck to the walls tightly. Inside, there was rotting vegetation as well as large numbers of insects.

The insects were of such a massive scale, there were bound to be wild Gu worms in them.

Fang Yuan only gave them a glance and realized that there were at least four wild Gu worms around him. Two were earth path Gu worms, one was dark path, and one was water path.

Of course, these were mortal Gu, Fang Yuan had no interest in taking them.

"Dragon Commander Ye Cha is able to raise large numbers of yaksha octopuses, is his immortal aperture mimicking this environment?" Fang Yuan's mind wandered as he thought about this.

Fang Yuan was also very curious about Dragon Commander Ye Cha's cultivation secret.

Since an immortal zombie's immortal aperture was dead and filled with death energy, it could not be used to support living beings.

How did Dragon Commander Ye Cha do it?

Perhaps it was possible to learn the secrets of Dragon Commander Ye Cha by researching this environment, but now was not the time, Fang Yuan discarded these thoughts and moved on.

Several minutes later.


This was the final growl before the fierce beast died.

But this growl was only heard in a small area before it vanished.

The killer was Fang Yuan.

He used his Gu worms to prevent the sound from spreading.

This was deep into the yaksha octopus' cave, not only was the black oil seven to eight inches thick, some fierce beasts were even living here in the crevices.

These wild beasts mostly consisted of black stomach hounds.

Black stomach hounds ate rotting meat and bones. The yaksha octopus only consumed the fresh blood and meat of their prey, they did not eat the bones and rotting meat.

These black stomach hounds would eat the leftovers from the yaksha octopuses, the yaksha octopuses were happy with this, they had a free cleaner to tidy up the cave.

This was one of the wonders of nature, living beings could coexist in harmony.

When Fang Yuan found out the relationship between the black stomach hounds and the yaksha octopuses, he turned into a black stomach hound and ventured in.

It was a pity that these black stomach hounds divided their own territories and had a stronger territorial awareness than the yaksha octopuses.

Fang Yuan was fiercely attacked by the black stomach hounds, it would have been easier to just fight in his human form.

If this cave was divided into two, the upper half and the lower half, then Fang Yuan's current position was already in the lower half, past the upper half.

Even so, the clues to the inheritance had not appeared yet.

At every interval, there would be a fork in the path. All of the yaksha octopuses went to their homes through these paths, they were interconnected. In the ground, these countless holes formed widely connected and accessible paths.

Fang Yuan continued moving forward.

He found some yaksha octopuses that were guarding the cave.

These octopuses were only desolate beasts, Fang Yuan could take them down if he used his real battle strength.

But Fang Yuan got past them, he did not want to waste time in fighting with them.

He could use mortal Gu to conceal the traces when killing the black stomach hounds. But when dealing with desolate beasts, he needed a battlefield killer move to conceal the traces and commotion.

He lured most of the yaksha octopuses out.

But there was still an ancient yaksha octopus king, and numerous desolate beast yaksha octopuses.

If the yaksha octopus king was alerted, it would be terrible.

Time continued to pass, but he still found no clues, Fang Yuan was getting more anxious.

If he missed this chance, he would have to plan a lot for the next visit.

Even though he had Fixed Immortal Travel, he could not use it in Dark Flow Giant City blatantly. The activation of Fixed Immortal Travel caused quite a disturbance after all.

Within the investigative range of Gu Immortals, it was not just some light effects, the aura of Immortal Gu was like a fire burning in the night sky.

And at this time, Fang Yuan had to refine Gu in Dark Flow Giant City, Blazing Heaven Demoness would not let him leave her sights.

Fixed Immortal Travel could not be exposed.

Once it was exposed, many secrets would be exposed, the whole world would know that Fang Yuan was the person who toppled Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Fang Yuan did not know that the Central Continent Gu Immortals had already left by now.

"If there is no other way, I can only give up. Time is limited, once the battle ends and the mouth earthworm is dissected, if Dragon Commander Ye Cha and the others do not find me inside, I will not be able to explain it."

Fang Yuan evaluated.

Time was limited. He had about fifteen minutes.

Now, most of the time was already wasted, but he had no gains.

Fang Yuan had to use his time well, he raised his speed.

Eventually, he came to the deepest part of the cave.

Here, there was a yaksha octopus king resting.

Its snores were loud as thunder — evidently, it was sleeping.

"Immortal Gu aura!" Fang Yuan's heart jumped.

He felt the aura of a wild Immortal Gu in this yaksha octopus king.

As it turned out, this cave had existed for a long time, and this yaksha octopus king was the oldest. As a long time passed, among the Gu worms living in its body, one had emerged as a wild Immortal Gu.

The joy in his heart vanished as Fang Yuan felt glad.

Thankfully, he had not lured out this yaksha octopus king earlier.

If this yaksha octopus king appeared, the immortal zombies would definitely go crazy and try to capture the wild Immortal Gu, they would enter a frenzy.

But after finding this Immortal Gu, whether they succeeded or not, they would come to the cave and investigate.

"Perhaps this is how the Northern Plains Zombie Alliance found this inheritance in my previous life?" Fang Yuan had a flash of inspiration.

After hesitating, Fang Yuan decided to take a gamble.

He turned into a black stomach hound and carefully got close to the yaksha octopus king.

If this yaksha octopus king's wild Immortal Gu could expose Fang Yuan's identity, that would be trouble.

But this possibility was not big.

Fang Yuan decided to risk it.

"The cave is huge with many tunnels, but this is the deepest part of the cave, it is most likely to be here."

At this time, the yaksha octopus king's tentacles which were wrapped up loosened, it opened its eyes as its topaz-like pupils looked at Fang Yuan who has transformed into the black stomach hound.

Fang Yuan did not sense anything, he got past the yaksha octopus king and went behind it as if it was normal.

Behind the yaksha octopus king, there was a pile of white bones, there were some rotting meat left in them.

The octopus king shut its eyes, continuing to sleep.

Fang Yuan's mind was energized: "It is here! There are dao marks exposed here, these are traces of a Gu formation…"

Countless Gu worms in his immortal aperture were activated, immortal essence was expended rapidly as this Gu formation was unraveled.

Soon, Fang Yuan found that this space path giant Gu formation only showed a trace of a flaw because it had not been repaired for a long time.

"Very possibly, the treasure that I have been looking for is in this giant Gu formation. But to unravel this Gu formation, I have to activate Gu worms, the disturbance is huge. I can only take a risk…"

Fang Yuan made up his mind, he picked up a piece of bone and left the yaksha octopus king.

He quickly returned and when he reached a certain place, he used his Immortal Gu and directly attacked a close by desolate beast yaksha octopus.

The intense battle erupted as the yaksha octopuses that were defending their homes charged over.

Fang Yuan fought as he retreated, when he reached the exit, he activated Fixed Immortal Travel.

In three breaths of time, he teleported to the deepest area of the cave.

At this time, the yaksha octopus king was still at the exit of the cave, Fang Yuan fought against time as he unraveled this space path Gu formation.

After the yaksha octopuses fought for some time, they did not see any enemies and gradually calmed down, returning to the cave.

They moved quickly in the cave, Fang Yuan's time was limited.

The worse thing was, when he started unraveling it, Fang Yuan could feel the profoundness and complexity of this huge Gu formation.

To completely deduce it, he would need months to do so!


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