Reverend Insanity
932 Yaksha Octopuses, Mouth Earthworm
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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932 Yaksha Octopuses, Mouth Earthworm

Without speaking, Fang Yuan and the other immortal zombies had already traveled more than a hundred and thirty kilometers down into Earth Trench.

Even though they avoided battles, they still engaged in sixteen fights, both big and small.

The immortal zombies were more or less injured to an extent.

"We can't go any deeper." Dragon Commander Ye Cha said: "At this depth, we are already at the range of the earth shell snail's habitat, let's look around."

Northern Plains Zombie Alliance only managed to explore one hundred and sixty kilometers into Earth Trench.

Right now, they were still around thirty kilometers from that limit, but the lower they went, the more dangerous it became, desolate beasts were everywhere, and Fang Yuan's group would face even more difficulties than now.

No immortal zombie objected to Dragon Commander Ye Cha's suggestion.

After choosing a direction, everyone flew quietly.

Maybe it was because Fang Yuan had used time assist luck before this trip and raised his luck for a period of time. But in any case, not long after, he encountered an earth shell snail.

"Great." Fang Yuan showed an overjoyed expression.

"Don't be anxious, check the surroundings first, make sure there are no dangers lurking around." Dragon Commander Ye Cha was very patient.

The immortals used their methods to thoroughly investigate, in this area, there was a sizable group of yaksha octopuses guarding their territory.

"To process the snail mucus, I will need to use starlight, it will definitely alert these yaksha octopuses." Fang Yuan showed a difficult expression as he looked at Dragon Commander Ye Cha.

Everyone's expressions sank.

"Why didn't you say that earlier?" Landlord Lei Yu asked unhappily.

"Maybe there is a way to conceal this disturbance…" Doctor Yin Xuan said.

Fang Yuan shook his head: "That is not possible, I also want to conceal our disturbance, but that is beyond my ability. I cannot reveal my actual method, but in short, we should get rid of these yaksha octopuses first."

Fang Yuan's attitude was firm and his reason was valid.

The other immortal zombies looked at each other, in the end, Dragon Commander Ye Cha relented: "Then we will fight this group of yaksha octopuses before Xing Xiang Zi starts."

This time, Dragon Commander Ye Cha did the scouting personally.

There were eight desolate beast octopuses in this group, among them was an octopus king, having rank seven Gu Immortal battle strength.

"Lin Da Niao will be in charge of the surroundings, mobilizing the bird groups to encircle the octopus group."

"Granny Yuan will draw their attention and distract them."

"Landlord Lei Yu and I will attack these octopuses."

"As for Doctor Yin Xuan, you will stand guard outside in case of emergencies."

Dragon Commander Ye Cha quickly arranged matters, Fang Yuan did not have to do anything.

The yaksha octopuses were truly unfortunate, the immortal zombies stealthily approached them, scheming against this unknowing group. Thus, once they fought, the yaksha octopus group suffered a huge blow and fell into panic.

The immortal zombies quickly gained an advantage as they built upon their superiority.

Soon, the battle reached its end as the octopuses were killed, only two were left.

At this time, Dragon Commander Ye Cha said to Fang Yuan: "Xing Xiang Zi, go ahead and attack."

Fang Yuan's gaze shone, he slowly went into battle.

Immortal killer move — Star Snake Rope.

He first trapped the yaksha octopus that was in better condition, before using six illusion star bodies to encircle the other one.

Swish swish swish…

Starlight shone brightly, Fang Yuan attacked non-stop, he quickly killed this yaksha octopus which was already close to dying.

Next, he turned around and targeted the final one remaining.

The yaksha octopus was half man and half beast. Its upper body was a muscular man with bulging muscles and dark skin that was tough as steel. Its lower body was made of dozens of tentacles, in place of legs.

This final yaksha octopus was in a good condition, it fought valiantly, engaging in a fierce battle with Fang Yuan, as it slowly fell into a deadlock with him.

Fang Yuan used star cloud grindstone to defend himself while waiting for a chance to attack time and time again, until he finally cut off all of the yaksha octopus' tentacles.

When he was fighting, the other immortal zombies watched without doing anything.

At most, Lin Da Niao manipulated the bird groups to prevent the yaksha octopus which was trying to escape from leaving, allowing Fang Yuan to catch up and continue fighting it.

Fang Yuan had a lot of patience, he slowly injured the yaksha octopus, dark and cold blood flowed out from its injuries.

"Alright, you can stop." Eventually, Dragon Commander Ye Cha did not want to wait anymore, he personally struck and captured this yaksha octopus himself.

The first few were all killed because they could not afford to go easy on the group initially.

This octopus was captured by Dragon Commander Ye Cha, he was preparing to raise it inside his immortal aperture.

Now, all the immortal zombies understood Fang Yuan's battle strength.

Fang Yuan only showed his star path battle strength, but even so, he was an expert among rank sixes. Landlord Lei Yu, who was unhappy towards Fang Yuan became silent.

He estimated that if he fought Fang Yuan alone, he might not be able to win.

In the Gu Immortal world, strength ruled above all, even if Landlord Lei Yu was unhappy, he could not show it on the surface.

Next, Fang Yuan started collecting star night mucus.

He requested the immortal zombies to stay back and not use any investigative methods to steal his personal technique.

The immortal zombies were naturally unhappy, they scolded Fang Yuan internally for being so small-minded, but they had to agree to his request.

When processing the mucus, the starlight caused quite a disturbance.

Soon, the earth shell snail stopped moving, its entire body curled into its shell.

The moment it sensed danger, the earth shell snail would react like this.

Its shell was very thick, even though it was only a desolate beast, most rank six Gu Immortals could do nothing to it. Even rank seven Gu Immortals would need to exert a lot of effort to break its shell.

Furthermore, the earth shell snail was large like a whale, and heavy like a mountain, once it entered its shell, it could be for a year or two. If there was a huge commotion outside, it would stay inside for even longer.

If it was moved away from the habitat of earth shell snails, even if it was still in Earth Trench, even if it was outside of it by a few kilometers, the earth shell snail would die immediately.

Thus, the immortal zombies could only give up on this one and find others.

In Earth Trench, there were more than yaksha octopuses.

There were bat desolate beasts, wall climbing demon apes, and desolate plants like earth milk grass.

On their later journey, they met with three earth shell snails.

Among which, Fang Yuan made good use of two of them and collected a lot of star night mucus. The final one however, moved towards the territory of an ancient desolate beast red flame snake.

This monster had dark path, fire path, and earth path dao marks on it, it was hard to deal with and was an expert in digging holes, it could move quickly between the walls of Earth Trench.

Once they fought, the commotion would be unconcealable, thus, Fang Yuan and the others had to give up.

Under Fang Yuan's intentional guidance, the immortal zombies got closer to his destination.

"We've discovered a large number of yaksha octopuses ahead! Stop moving forward, there are a lot of them, the initial estimation is thirty!" Lin Da Niao suddenly reported anxiously.

"Then we will leave this place and go in another direction." Dragon Commander Ye Cha immediately ordered.

Thirty desolate beasts, that was the battle strength of thirty rank six Gu Immortals. Such a massive group would surely have at least three ancient desolate beast yaksha octopuses commanding it.

Even though Fang Yuan was unwilling, he could not object to it publicly, he could only memorize this place for now.

The immortal zombies took a detour towards the south-east direction.

Soon, they found a fourth earth shell snail.

This snail looked quite old, it was carrying a yellow shell, its white body moved slowly on the walls of Earth Trench, at an extremely slow pace.

"We're finally lucky." After investigating, Lin Da Niao laughed: "This area has little danger, Sir Xing Xiang Zi can go ahead and collect the mucus."

Fang Yuan nodded without speaking, observing intently.

Suddenly, his eyes shined, he saw the danger in this place.

This place seemed safe, but it was full of earth path dao marks, once someone got close, they would be pulled towards the wall.

The heavier the body, the stronger the force of attraction.

"Desolate beasts have huge bodies and incredible mass. Once they come here, they would be unable to move and would starve to death. The earth shell snail is heavy like a mountain, but this earth shell snail can still move slowly. It seems that this snail is not old, it is an ancient desolate beast earth shell snail!"

Realizing this, Fang Yuan had an idea.

He flew over, purposely acting like he was sucked over, as he screamed.

"Oh no, it is the gravity soil zone!"

"This should only appear after a hundred and sixty kilometers in depth, it is actually here as well."

"Be careful! This gravity soil zone often has mouth earthworms hidden in ambush!"

At once, the immortal zombies shouted in shock.

The closer he was to the gravity soil zone, the more Fang Yuan felt the suction force getting stronger and his speed increased.'

With a loud thud, Fang Yuan crashed into the wall, his legs were deeply stuck in the wall as he showed a terrified expression.

Immortal killer move — Star Fire Escape!

Fang Yuan used his movement killer move.

Immediately, his body was covered in star fire as he flew.

"Don't fly!" Dragon Commander Ye Cha roared.

But it was too late.

With a loud bang, a huge mouth earthworm emerged from the soil.

The earth shell snail immediately shrunk into its shell, turning motionless.

Huge amounts of rocks were pushed away, the mouth earthworm opened its mouth, it could swallow four or five earth shell snails at once.

Fang Yuan screamed: "Someone save me!"

Once he said that, the mouth earthworm swallowed him.

"Be careful! The mouth earthworm is full of sharp teeth, they are incomparably sharp!"

"Hang in there, we will definitely rescue you!!"

The immortal zombies were panicking, they moved at once.

If anything happened to Fang Yuan, how would they explain themselves to Blazing Heaven Demoness?

They attacked fiercely, forcing the mouth earthworm back into the gravity soil zone immediately.

This mystical ancient desolate beast had a huge body when hunting for food. Once it ate, its body would shrink rapidly like a leaking balloon. The teeth inside it would rotate endlessly, grinding its prey into meat paste and blood.

But once Fang Yuan went inside, he used a star path killer move and stopped the body from shrinking.

Next, he activated Fixed Immortal Travel.

He had memorized the place nearby earlier, in three breaths of time, Fixed Immortal Travel teleported him away and he escaped from this dangerous spot.

But Dragon Commander Ye Cha and the others still thought that Fang Yuan was inside the mouth earthworm, they were attacking it furiously.

Even though Fang Yuan got away from the immortal zombies, the disturbance from Fixed Immortal Travel had attracted the huge group of yaksha octopuses.

Fang Yuan smiled, turning into a yaksha octopus and attacking furiously.

A moment later, he successfully lured the angry yaksha octopuses towards Dragon Commander Ye Cha and the others.

Dragon Commander Ye Cha and the others were unable to discern Fang Yuan's transformation, they thought the yaksha octopuses were fighting among themselves and were chasing away the weakest members.

They sighed over their bad luck but because Xing Xiang Zi was still inside the mouth earthworm, they could not leave.

Thus, the yaksha octopuses, the Northern Plains immortal zombies, and the mouth earthworm engaged in a chaotic battle.


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