Reverend Insanity
930 Creating a Chance to Enter Earth Trench
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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930 Creating a Chance to Enter Earth Trench


There was a loud sound, but the power of the explosion, on the contrary, was not big.

The endless starlight flickered leisurely in the secret room, like fluttering butterflies.

Looking at such a beautiful scene, Fang Yuan's expression was very unsightly.

"Failed again. This time, the refinement of star thought Immortal Gu did not even progress to one-third…" Fang Yuan exhaled and waved his sleeve, immediately, everything was cleared, the starlight disappeared without a trace and the large secret room once again recovered its tranquility.

This was a secret room in Northern Plains Zombie Alliance.

Fang Yuan had obtained enough immortal materials here, thus, he made another attempt at refinement, but tasted the bitterness of failure once again.

"Despite using immortal killer move time assist luck before refining every time, the effect is not much. In terms of Connect Luck, there are no suitable targets. Forget it, I have already showed enough efforts on the surface, now I should try to enter deep into Earth Trench and get that inheritance."

Fang Yuan naturally wanted to get the inheritance as soon as possible, but in many matters, haste was waste.

If he did not refine star thought Immortal Gu and just tried to go into Earth Trench hurriedly, it would no doubt be exposing his intentions.

It would be easily seen through, this naturally could not be allowed.

Although Fang Yuan entered Northern Plains Zombie Alliance, the current problem was he did not have freedom and was strictly guarded by two immortal zombies.

Fang Yuan understood that he was being monitored.

After all, he had failed many times in refining the Immortal Gu and owed Blazing Heaven Demoness a huge amount.

If he was not monitored and ran away, what would she do?

Even though when they had set the agreement, Blazing Heaven Demoness had used information path methods and both sides were restricted by immortal killer moves.

But at Blazing Heaven Demoness' level, as the saying goes, 'the more aged and experienced a person is, the less recklessness they have, the more knowledge they have, the more careful they are.' Who could be certain if Fang Yuan did not have a way to break the restrictions?

And Fang Yuan indeed did!

His previous life's memories gave him knowledge of many methods that could break immortal level restrictions of information path. But he did not have relevant Immortal Gu, so at present, he did not have the ability to break the restrictions.

Moreover, he sincerely wanted to refine star thought Immortal Gu, thus he was cooperating with Blazing Heaven Demoness.

But now, his even more wanted to secretly take that inheritance.

During these last days in Dark Flow Giant City, Fang Yuan tried refining star thought Immortal Gu to make Blazing Heaven Demoness feel at ease, while secretly gathering information and making preparations for when he made a move.

Compared to previously, Dark Flow Giant City had already opened its city gates, resuming its dealings with the outside world. The immortal zombies' morale gradually started rising and they were in high spirits.

Blazing Heaven Demoness led the experts to deal with Old Ancestor Xue Hu, using a rather intelligent strategy.

She did not attack directly, instead exploiting Old Ancestor Xue Hu's greatest weakness.

What was Old Ancestor Xue Hu's greatest weakness?

Almost all Northern Plains Gu Immortals knew.

That was fortune rivalling heaven Gu!

Old Ancestor Xue Hu was wholeheartedly trying to refine fortune rivalling heaven Gu, but he severely lacked immortal materials, even though he already had Ma Hong Yun, the main material, this concerned rank eight Immortal Gu, he needed to prepare many sets of materials and do everything to maximize the possibility of success. Thus, his requirements towards immortal materials were extremely huge.

Those demonic path Gu Immortals of Snowy Mountain blessed land were already endlessly at work from Old Ancestor Xue Hu, they were in constant torment in order to find the materials.

Even Old Ancestor Xue Hu let go of his status, and personally sneaked into the immortal zombie graveyard in Earth Trench, like a two-bit thief.

This showed Old Ancestor Xue Hu's extreme desire towards immortal materials.

Blazing Heaven Demoness used this point to actively deploy and transfer experts to deal with those demonic path Gu Immortals of Snowy Mountain blessed land in particular, using ambushes, plots, wrecking plans and various other strategies.

These demonic path Gu Immortals already had enough pain as it was when gathering immortal materials, now that they suffered the backlash of luck path, the immortal zombies had a high success rate every time they moved against them.

As these attempts continued to succeed many times, Snowy Mountain blessed land's morale unavoidably fell, while Zombie Alliance's morale gradually rose, sweeping away the previous dejectedness.

Fang Yuan opened the door to the secret room with an ashen expression.

Two rank six immortal zombies were standing guard at the entrance.

Seeing Fang Yuan, an immortal zombie called Doctor Yin Xuan immediately bowed: "Sir, you have come out. I wonder if this refinement…."

Fang Yuan gave a grunt, waving his hand in irritation: "Don't bother me!"

Saying this, he walked away.

"Hmph, who does he thinks he is, to be so arrogant in our base!" The other immortal zombie, Landlord Lei Yu's eyes flickered with ominous light as he looked at Fang Yuan's receding figure.

However, Doctor Yin Xuan did not care about being ignored, brightly smiling as he followed closely behind Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan walked ahead, taking a left turn and then a right, arriving in front of a hall.

This was the biggest immortal material warehouse in Dark Flow Giant City, and was personally watched by an immortal zombie.

Seeing Fang Yuan as well as Doctor Yin Xuan and Landlord Lei Yu, the immortal zombie in charge familiarly nodded towards them, knowing Fang Yuan was here to get immortal materials; he handed an information path Gu worm to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan held the Gu worm, and pretended to inspect the immortal material list inside, while plotting inwardly.

'Blazing Heaven Demoness, Corpse Detonation King and Pu Wan Dao have already left Dark Flow Giant City two days ago to target the demonic path Gu Immortals of Snowy Mountain blessed land, and have not returned until now. This is an opportunity, I need to take advantage of it…'

Right at this time, the immortal zombie managing the warehouse enthusiastically spoke: "Sir Xing Xiang Zi, you can take any immortal materials you want. Leader has already informed us, and you only need to register the items. You don't need to have any worries."

Who knew that right as he finished speaking, Fang Yuan stared at him with a fierce look: "What worries would I have? Why would I have any worries? I am good!"

Fang Yuan looked like a mess with his hair and clothes in disorder, and also very agitated.

One look at this appearance, and the managing immortal zombie knew Fang Yuan must have failed the refinement.

This immortal zombie was dazed for a moment before thinking: 'Serves me right, why do I have to shoot my mouth off. Whether his refinement succeeds or fails, what has it got to do with me?'

At once, he kept quiet to prevent any further issues.

However, Fang Yuan was not willing to let go.

He crushed the information path Gu worm, and walked away with his head low and hands behind his back.

He was grumbling: "Damn it, why is it still not working, why is it always a failure! I have already failed four times, why is it like this, why…"

Doctor Yin Xuan and Landlord Lei Yu looked at each other, and both sensibly stayed away from Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan, however, became more restless and started swearing while clenching his fists, his words were extremely vulgar and occasionally, he mumbled incomprehensible words.

Doctor Yin Xuan tried his best to differentiate them but he could only make out some fragmented contents.

"Do I really have to use that method?"

"No, the price is too high…"

"Damn it, this damned Immortal Gu, why am I not succeeding?!"

Fang Yuan revealed hesitation, seemingly having to make an extremely difficult decision.

His eyes were very red, giving the impression of a gambler who had already lost most of his assets but decided to go all in to win back the losses.

"Screw it, I will stake it all!"

"This time, it will definitely succeed, definitely."

"Right, it will succeed!"

The three immortal zombies watched on indifferently, and as they looked on at Fang Yuan's restlessness, the disdain and hate in their heart disappeared slightly, replaced by a trace of pity.

Many Gu Immortals had faced such a situation.

To refine an Immortal Gu, they paid a huge price, but they end up making no gains and might even lose all their wealth.

It was like stepping on a road of no return, looking at the dozens of years of accumulation and even hundreds of years of resources go to waste, it was unavoidable for them to become irrational and chase after success, unable to turn back, walking further and further on the road of failure.

Fang Yuan suddenly stopped and turned around, looking at Doctor Yin Xuan and Landlord Lei Yu.

"I have decided, you two pack up and follow me into Earth Trench!"

Fang Yuan's words gave a huge shock to the three immortal zombies.

"Entering Earth Trench?" Doctor Yin Xuan's expression changed.

Earth Trench was a dangerous place with ferocious beasts roaming around and perilous terrain, who knew how many lives have been buried there.

Blazing Heaven Demoness had ordered them to monitor Fang Yuan, naturally it also meant they had to guard him. Hearing Fang Yuan suddenly speak of entering Earth Trench, how could Doctor Yin Xuan agree?

Landlord Lei Yu also did not agree, saying firmly: "We will gather any immortal materials you require, sir, you don't need to take the risk."

"What do you understand, huh?" Fang Yuan raised his voice, his gaze revealing an arrogant look.

"Both of us have received leader's command to ensure your safety, sir. Sir, if you enter Earth Trench and something happens, how can we explain it to leader? Please don't make it difficult for us." Doctor Yin Xuan gave a bitter smile, requesting earnestly.

Why would Fang Yuan care about his sincerity, he raised his arm and roared: "What does your difficulty have to do with me? I only care about refining Gu, I only know I need earth shell snail star night mucus!"

"Earth shell snail star night mucus? Sir, please hold on, I will check." Doctor Yin Xuan immediately said.

He also had information path Gu worms on him which contained the records of most of the immortal materials in Zombie Alliance.

Soon, Doctor Yin Xuan showed a joyous look as he retracted his consciousness: "Earth shell snail mucus is the fluid left behind by the desolate beast earth shell snail as it slowly crawls on the ground. We have it, we have it. Currently, in warehouse number six, there are two to three in stock, will they be enough? If they are not, we will immediately issue a task and summon immortal zombies to gather them."

Fang Yuan bellowed furiously, scolding while pointing at Doctor Yin Xuan's nose: "Have you become deaf or is there a hole in your brain? Didn't you hear what I said?! Earth shell snail star night mucus. Star. Night. Mucus! Not ordinary mucus, do you understand?!"

He then hurriedly continued: "Earth shell snail mucus needs to be sealed and stored within ten breaths of time, otherwise the fluid will dry up and lose its effect. Star night mucus is produced by using my special methods to process the ordinary mucus on the spot! The processing requires seven breaths of time, and even if the processing is complete and star night mucus is produced, its sealing process is complicated and needs to be finished within three breaths. So I need to enter Earth Trench, can you do it without me? If you can do it, I will eat my hat!"

"Uh…" For a moment, Doctor Yin Xuan and the others choked on their words, unable to retort to Fang Yuan's scolding.


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