Reverend Insanity
928 Luck Path Backlash
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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928 Luck Path Backlash

After passing the regional wall, the group from Eastern Sea finally reached Northern Plains.

"I am finally back." Fang Yuan sighed. He was disguised as Xing Xiang Zi, as he stepped on the grassland, his wistful sigh was not just an act.

In front of him, Blazing Heaven Demoness' gaze flickered as she muttered softly: "Yes, I'm finally back."

She was more deeply moved than Fang Yuan.

Even though Fang Yuan was a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, he only became an immortal in Northern Plains, he was born in Southern Border.

But Blazing Heaven Demoness was born and bred a person of Northern Plains, after a hundred years, she was finally back.

The five regions had varying terrains. Eastern Sea had endless mystical sea areas, Northern Plains was mostly flat and had countless grasslands, plains, and mounds.

Right now, Blazing Heaven Demoness had stepped into an infertile grassland, the yellow-brown soil only had a trace of greenery.

But Blazing Heaven Demoness felt a strong sense of familiarity inside her.

Apart from Fang Yuan and Blazing Heaven Demoness, the other Gu Immortals frowned slightly. They were Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, they felt curiosity yet unfamiliarity towards Northern Plains. Going from their homeland to another region, they felt a sense of ostracism inside them, they felt out of place from the environment that they were in.

Among them, there were two immortal zombies with the strongest auras, they were both rank eight.

These Gu Immortals from Eastern Sea were almost all immortal zombies, there were barely any living Gu Immortals. Including Fang Yuan and Blazing Heaven Demoness, there was a total of three rank eights, six rank sevens, and four rank sixes.

They were a powerful group, they had strength in numbers!

Old Ancestor Xue Hu's actions had truly angered Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance, it sent out such a huge group to Northern Plains just to take revenge.

However, all of the Gu Immortals were injured now. The rank six Gu Immortals were lightly injured, the rank sevens had more severe injuries and were in pathetic states, while the three rank eight Gu Immortals were weak and had damaged bodies, some were missing arms while others were missing legs. Their bodies were swaying in the breeze, as if about to fall over at any time.

The edges of the five regions had regional walls. The one surrounding Northern Plains was the licorice regional wall, and the one around Eastern Sea was the blue water regional wall.

Because of the existence of regional walls, the five regions were isolated.

Furthermore, the regional walls were bigger obstructions against stronger life forms.

The difficulty of a rank eight Gu Immortal passing a regional wall was innumerable times as hard as a rank six Gu Immortal!

The Eastern Sea immortal zombies had to go from Eastern Sea to Northern Plains, they had to pass two regional walls, the three rank eights were heavily injured, while four of the rank seven immortal zombies died in the regional walls. In contrast, the rank six Gu Immortals faced less pressure.

Among all of them, Fang Yuan had the easiest time.

He had the lowest cultivation level, at the bottom of rank six, at the same time, he was also a Northern Plains Gu Immortal.

When he entered Northern Plains from Eastern Sea, the Eastern Sea regional wall rejected him and pushed him out, while the Northern Plains regional wall welcomed him and drew him in.

Using the same logic, among the three rank eight immortal zombies, Blazing Heaven Demoness had the lightest injuries.

Like travelers from afar returning home, Fang Yuan and Blazing Heaven Demoness received the warm welcome of Northern Plains.

"If not for the giant Gu formation in Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance's headquarters, we would have to sacrifice at least one rank eight immortal zombie, and half of the rank sevens."

Fang Yuan observed silently, at the same time, he inwardly praised Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance's deep foundations.

Before they left, dozens of immortal zombies in the Zombie Alliance headquarters activated a Gu formation, causing an earth tide.

Once in a while, an earth tide would generate in Eastern Sea.

Drawing the force of the earth from deep within the sea trenches, a grand force would move the seawater and create an earth tide.

An earth tide was extremely powerful, it could easily whip up giant tsunamis. When an earth tide rushes at the regional wall, the regional wall would become thinner as a result, thus, every year during the earth tides, many Gu Immortals from other regions would enter Eastern Sea.

When Fang Yuan and the others set off, the earth tides were over already.

To think that in Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance's headquarters, there was a method to create an artificial earth tide, weakening a portion of the Eastern Sea regional wall for a short period of time.

If not for this, Fang Yuan and the others would have suffered greater injuries.

"What do we do now?" After resting for a while, a rank eight immortal zombie broke the silence.

The other Gu Immortals were focusing their gazes on Blazing Heaven Demoness.

Blazing Heaven Demoness was the leader of Northern Plains Zombie Alliance, among the three rank eight immortal zombies, she was the strongest in terms of battle strength, thus, she was primarily directing the group in this mission.

Blazing Heaven Demoness did not hesitate, she smiled: "According to a reliable source, Old Ancestor Xue Hu has already returned to Snowy Mountain blessed land. We should not rush there, we should rest and recuperate, and recover our battle strength, that is the best course of action."

The immortal zombies nodded in agreement, there were no objections.

They had just passed the regional walls, their battle strength had dropped to the lowest point, they needed to recover now.

Blazing Heaven Demoness did not even go back to Dark Flow Giant City, she chose a hidden and secluded spot.

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals went into hiding as they recuperated.

This was the same course of action as taken by the Central Continent Gu Immortals when they came.

There was no other choice, the cost of passing the regional walls was too high.

In Snowy Mountain blessed land, snow was falling.

Three main peaks with countless branch peaks were situated, like a colossal frost giant that was standing straight.

Among them, the first main peak was tall and big, it was the residence of Old Ancestor Xue Hu.

Right now, in a certain room on the first main peak, a giant Gu formation was flickering with golden lights.

Outside the Gu formation, there was an old man.

It was Old Ancestor Xue Hu.

But at this moment, it was not him controlling the Gu formation, it was a female immortal.

This female immortal looked like she was in her late twenties, she had a beautiful appearance and elegant disposition, it was the second leader of Snowy Mountain, Lady Wan Shou.

Lady Wan Shou was Old Ancestor Xue Hu's wife, she looked much younger than Old Ancestor Xue Hu, but she was in fact much older than him.

Lady Wan Shou once had a fortuitous encounter and obtained the inheritance of Gu Immortal Wang Jiu, not only did she obtain a few lifespan Gu, she also obtained many lifespan extension methods.

These lifespan extension methods all had drawbacks compared to lifespan Gu.

But lifespan Gu were extremely hard to find, Lady Wan Shou's lifespan extension methods were very popular with other Gu Immortals.

During Lady Wan Shou's early days, many Gu Immortals had approached her, paying a huge price for her to extend their lifespans.

In time, Lady Wan Shou helped more and more Gu Immortals, she had extended more than a thousand years worth of lifespan. Not only did she receive countless cultivation resources, her strength also rose drastically, she built a strong network and was very popular.

Many Gu Immortals needed her services, they naturally did not dare to offend her, they promoted her as her reputation soared far and wide.

Lady Wan Shou was not only skilled at extending lifespan, she was also a refinement path quasi-great grandmaster, she was known in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world as one of the 'four refinement path experts'.

Quasi-great grandmaster, she was only a step away from great grandmaster level.

In terms of refinement path, Fang Yuan could not compare to Lady Wan Shou at all. As for Old Ancestor Xue Hu, he was an ice and snow path expert, he was also inferior in refinement path.

Thus, whenever Old Ancestor Xue Hu wanted to refine Gu, he would ask Lady Wan Shou to do it.

But now, Lady Wan Shou was using this refinement path Gu formation not to refine Gu, but to temper an immortal material.

This immortal material was dug out by Old Ancestor Xue Hu from deep in Earth Trench, inside the deepest part of the Zombie Alliance immortal zombie graveyard.

It was palm sized and was shining in purple-gold light, it was like a rock.

The refinement path Gu formation shined brightly and made great rumbling noises.

A while later, the Gu formation settled down, and the light also dissipated. The mysterious purple-gold rock that had turned completely red now cooled down quickly, it went back to its previous state.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu looked at Lady Wan Shou with an expectant gaze, he was asking her wordlessly.

Lady Wan Shou frowned slightly, she shook her head.

"Even you cannot tell what this mysterious purple-gold rock is?" Old Ancestor Xue Hu was surprised.

"This immortal material is truly extraordinary, I have already used my Gu formation to its limits, but I could not refine it. This is the first time I've seen such a situation, I need to research it carefully."

After saying this, Lady Wan Shou changed the topic: "Dear, you were too careless. It would have been fine if you were not exposed when stealing immortal zombies. But now that you have exceeded Zombie Alliance's bottom line, they are sure to take revenge, you need to be careful."

Old Ancestor Xue Hu nodded, he said heavily: "This time, I was overconfident. My original plan was progressing smoothly, I almost looted the entire immortal zombie graveyard, but suddenly, a Blazing Glory Lightning Brilliance immortal zombie appeared. This is a superb immortal material for refining fortune rivalling heaven Gu, I got too excited and tried to capture him. To think he had already set up a Gu formation in the graveyard, I was careless and could not conceal the sound of the battle, thus Northern Plains Zombie Alliance was alerted."

"Oh…" Old Ancestor Xue Hu sighed deeply: "Now that I think about it, it was likely the interference of fortune rivalling heaven Immortal."

Lady Wan Shou said in a heavy tone: "Fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu is rank eight, it is to be expected that you were influenced. This is the core Immortal Gu of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable. When I was refining Gu recently, I have been failing a lot too, it is likely the effect of fortune rivalling heaven Gu. But dear, just now, you have obtained a large number of immortal zombie bodies, the rate of immortal material collection was raised drastically. As long as we can refine fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu, all of this would be worth it."

Ever since Old Ancestor Xue Hu bought Ma Hong Yun, he had been using the latter as the main material to refine the rank eight fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu.

This matter was not advantageous to Ma Hong Yun, thus, Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Lady Wan Shou faced the backlash of fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu.

Not only them, many Gu Immortals of Snowy Mountain blessed land had received Old Ancestor Xue Hu's orders to collect immortal materials, but they constantly faced bad luck and many mishaps happened to them.

Actually, previously, Old Ancestor Xue Hu had already experienced a backlash from luck path.

That was when Fairy Li Shan had just obtained Miniscule Mountain, it attracted the attack of Yao Huang and Heavenly Lord Bai Zu. But fighting both of them alone, Old Ancestor Xue Hu forced them to retreat.

Luck path was not invincible by any means, Old Ancestor Xue Hu used his immense strength to resist the backlash of luck path.

Just now, it was a near guaranteed success that he would steal the immortal zombie bodies, but due to the luck path backlash, he became careless, and the matter was blown up.

"The more difficulties we face in refining fortune rivalling heaven Gu, the more we can see the power of this Immortal Gu, and the more determined I am to refine it! Don't worry, I have already placed Dark Flow Giant City under close supervision, if anything happens, I will know immediately. We will resist whoever comes here, I want to see if Zombie Alliance can really invest so much into this."

Old Ancestor Xue Hu laughed, he displayed the dominance and ambition of a demonic path overlord.


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