Reverend Insanity
927 Fang Yuan“s Opportunity
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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927 Fang Yuan“s Opportunity

"Unfortunately, Fairy Black Moon wore a mask and had a mysterious status, I do not know her true identity. In my previous life, she was like a rising sun, she was dazzling and bright, there was no biography on her. Maybe she is still an ordinary disciple in Spirit Affinity House, or maybe she is the descendant of a Gu Immortal. In short, I have too little information, there is nothing I can search for about her."

Since he could not find Fairy Black Moon, he could only look for other, inferior targets.

These people were also very famous characters.

But they only had strong luck for a period of time, it was not long lasting. Several of them had large fluctuations, some even had great misfortune after a period of good luck, dying in the process.

"If I use Connect Luck on them, my luck can become very strong in the short run, I can surely refine star thought Immortal Gu successfully. But I do not have Break Luck, when they become unlucky, so will I. Sacrificing the long term prospects for such small temporary gains, is it really worth it?" Fang Yuan was hesitant.

If he had break luck Immortal Gu, this was not a problem for him.

But whether he could obtain Break Luck in the future, Fang Yuan had no confidence in that.

He was never a person who would do something in which he had no assurance of the outcome.

Placing his hopes of success on pure chance, Fang Yuan would not do that.

He was indeed willing to gamble and take risks, but he was actually very careful and meticulous at the same time. If not for that, he would not have gotten so far.

Several days later, Blazing Heaven Demoness sent over sufficient immortal materials for him to refine Gu again.

But Fang Yuan was no longer in the mood to refine Gu.

He had just heard some shocking news.

Not long ago, Northern Plains Zombie Alliance was infiltrated by Old Ancestor Xue Hu. The latter went deep into Earth Trench and secretly ransacked many precious Immortal Gu and immortal materials.

If Old Ancestor Xue Hu was not exposed, Zombie Alliance could only let this matter go.

But the problem was, an intense battle caused Old Ancestor Xue Hu's tracks to be exposed, Zombie Alliance had to make a response to this.

Zombie Alliance was huge, it spanned across five regions, their territory had just been infiltrated and looted casually, how could they allow it?

If they did not punish such wrongdoers, Zombie Alliance's reputation would suffer, their authority would be undermined and many forces would look down on them, how could they hold their ground in the Gu Immortal world and compete with other forces?

Any organization's face represented a certain extent of benefits.

Moreover, just now, Old Ancestor Xue Hu was found in the immortal zombie graveyard.

This greatly provoked all the Zombie Alliance immortal zombies, they burst into anger.

Immortal zombies had a lot of dao marks in their bodies, they were excellent Gu refinement materials. But an immortal zombie's immortal aperture was dead, thus, they held their own bodies in high regard, this was the last bit of pride they had.

Therefore, immortal zombies placed much more importance on their bodies than ordinary Gu Immortals.

The immortal zombie graveyard was a place in Zombie Alliance that could not be defiled.

But their sanctuary was ravaged by Old Ancestor Xue Hu, could they ignore this?

"Old Ancestor Xue Hu went overboard. This violates the bottom line of Zombie Alliance, it seems that he is taking a risk to refine Immortal Gu Fortune Rivalling Heaven. He actually became a thief and personally stole immortal zombie bodies." Fang Yuan assessed.

He thought about his previous life.

In those five hundred years, this did not happen.

"In my past life, Ma Hong Yun was alive and well, Old Ancestor Xue Hu did not obtain him, of course he could not refine Immortal Gu Fortune Rivalling Heaven. It seems that now, because of my rebirth, everything is changing as my influence grows, Old Ancestor Xue Hu was implicated by me."

Old Ancestor Xue Hu's plight was a good thing to Fang Yuan.

In Dark Flow Giant City, Yin Liu Gong, Dragon Commander Ye Cha, and Huang Quan Weng, these three rank seven immortal zombies were standing guard. How could they be Old Ancestor Xue Hu's match, after it happened, they could only watch as he flew away.

This matter could not be ignored, the three immortal zombies could only seek help from Zombie Alliance's headquarters.

Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance flew into a rage, they sent three rank eight immortal zombies, along with ten rank seven immortal zombies out to punish Old Ancestor Xue Hu and protect their reputation.

Among these three immortal zombies, one was Blazing Heaven Demoness, it was necessary for her to go.


Because Blazing Heaven Demoness was the leader of the Northern Plains Zombie Alliance branch.

She was supposed to be guarding Dark Flow Giant City.

Once this happened, Blazing Heaven Demoness who was in Eastern Sea had to bear responsibility. When a mishap happened to Northern Plains Zombie Alliance, she had to return and fulfill her duty.

Once Blazing Heaven Demoness leaves, the mission of taking down Yu Lu blessed land returns to Shark Demon and Su Bai Man.

Fate worked in mysterious ways, it really caught people off guard and went beyond anyone's expectations.

Originally, Shark Demon and Su Bai Man had no more hope, but because of Old Ancestor Xue Hu, Zombie Alliance had to focus on protecting its reputation. Thus, Blazing Heaven Demoness had to return to Northern Plains, and the ones left that were most suited to invade Yu Lu blessed land were Shark Demon and Su Bai Man.

Ever since Blazing Heaven Demoness forcefully took over the mission of Yu Lu blessed land, Shark Demon and Su Bai Man had been having a hard time, everyone avoided them like the plague. But now, the situation was reversed, after all, there was only one final round in Yu Lu blessed land, Shark Demon and Su Bai Man would prosper soon. With this change in circumstances, many Gu Immortals came over to befriend them, to repair the cracks in their relationships that was created earlier. Shark Demon and Su Bai Man were sighing over the mysterious twists and turns in life.

Fang Yuan had no time to care about their feelings.

Shark Demon was angry at Fang Yuan for turning to Blazing Heaven Demoness so quickly, in this invasion, he did not even invite Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Fang Yuan did not give a hoot.

Invading Yu Lu blessed land would give him only a small portion of the rewards, it was far less important than refining star thought Immortal Gu.

And refining star thought Immortal Gu was only the icing on the cake, it was less important than getting into Northern Plains Zombie Alliance.

After all, since long ago, Fang Yuan had been wanting the inheritance in Northern Plains Zombie Alliance. That was the inheritance of an immortal zombie great expert, it would be extremely helpful to Fang Yuan in reviving from his zombie state. In his previous life, Northern Plains Zombie Alliance obtained this inheritance and gained a huge boost in strength, surpassing Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance for a period of time!

Fang Yuan tried to disguise as immortal zombie Sha Huang, in an attempt to make his way into Earth Trench and obtain the inheritance.

It was a pity he failed.

Feng Jiu Ge and the others ruined his plans.

Left with no choice, Fang Yuan had to give up on it. There were many twists and turns along the way, he joined the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, he invaded Yu Lu blessed land, and even obtained two or three ways to revive from his immortal zombie body. However, his initial goal was still not achieved.

Now, it was the best chance for him to make his way into Northern Plains Zombie Alliance.

Before Fang Yuan had even made any request, Blazing Heaven Demoness had already requested Fang Yuan to go back to Northern Plains with her.

In the letter, Blazing Heaven Demoness' attitude was still domineering as ever, and the reason she gave was also valid and enticing.

Northern Plains Zombie Alliance was the base of Blazing Heaven Demoness, she had many immortal materials kept there, she could give Fang Yuan more attempts at refining star thought Immortal Gu over there.

Or perhaps she was worried about letting Fang Yuan stay in Eastern Sea.

After all, the five regions' regional walls were hard to pass.

The higher the cultivation level, the harder it is to pass, the difficulty multiplied by several times!

A hundred years ago, Blazing Heaven Demoness came to Eastern Sea from Northern Plains, most of her wealth was expended as she even got heavily injured, she only recovered after recuperating for eight years.

Now, facing a strong foe like Old Ancestor Xue Hu, Blazing Heaven Demoness was uncertain of how much time it would take to settle.

Keeping Fang Yuan by her side was more assuring.

At the same time, the wisdom path Gu Immortal Xing Xiang Zi might provide Blazing Heaven Demoness some help when dealing with Old Ancestor Xue Hu.

All in all, the chance that Fang Yuan had been trying to create and was waiting for had arrived.

It was all thanks to Old Ancestor Xue Hu getting discovered!

Towards Old Ancestor Xue Hu, Fang Yuan even felt a hint of gratitude.

Several days later.

Northern Plains, in the deepest parts of Luo Po valley.

The atmosphere was tense.

The five Gu Immortals from Central Continent had solemn expressions as they looked at this inconspicuous place.

After the battle had ended, only two people from Shadow Sect escaped.

The Central Continent Gu Immortals who had come to Northern Plains in secret and were very confident had suffered heavy losses, only five were left now.

"To think that a Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable true inheritance was hidden deep within Luo Po valley!" Bu Fei Yan sighed.

These last days, they had taken control of Luo Po valley and while being vigilant, they made every attempt to save Feng Jiu Ge, Ling Mei, and Ao Xue.

In the end, they confirmed the existence of the Thieving Heaven true inheritance, but they could not enter.

"It is a pity that my sect has no understanding regarding the Thieving Heaven true inheritances. It is too difficult to enter, we cannot break in for at least two to three years." Hong Chi Ming said.

He was the most skilled in Gu formations among the five here.

Now that Ancient Soul Sect's Old Oracle had died, Hong Chi Ming was most suited to speak in this situation.

Not mentioning three years, the Central Continent immortals could not even wait for three months. In fact, it had been very risky to stay in Luo Po valley these last days.

After all, two Gu Immortals had escaped, what if they lured over other people, and attacked again.

"Actually, even if we know how to get in, we might not be able to save them. This is the arrangement of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable after all."

"Lord Feng Jiu Ge is so strong, yet he is still trapped inside without any commotion. It seems that it is very dangerous inside, if we go in, we might not survive."

"Qin Bai Sheng had planned meticulously to trap Feng Jiu Ge in there. If we go to save him rashly, perhaps…"

The Central Continent Gu Immortals spoke, their words contained deep meaning, their gazes were flickering uncertainly.

The ten great ancient sects of Central Continent were all under Heavenly Court, but they did not coexist in harmony, they had incessant conflicts.

If Feng Jiu Ge, a one in a thousand years genius, were to die here, the other nine sects would heave sighs of relief.

As for Ao Xue and Ling Mei, they had Immortal Gu, if they died here, Heaven's Envy Manor would lose its signature killer move — Peerless Crescent Moon Slash. This was no small loss even to Heaven's Envy Manor which had a deep foundation.

The enemy had left, the age-old inner conflicts between the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent had finally started to vaguely show themselves in these five immortals.

"We infiltrated Northern Plains to investigate the truth behind the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. Even though we took down Luo Po valley, Old Oracle has died and Feng Jiu Ge is trapped, we can only stop here now."

"That's right, after this battle, we have all suffered huge losses, we need to rest and recuperate now."

"In my opinion, we should hand over the information of what happened, and the fruits of our investigation over to our sects, that is the most important thing."

"That makes sense, don't forget, we have captured Hui Feng Zi and the Immortal Gu House Dark Prison. These gains are all extremely valuable, we need to handle them appropriately."

As they conversed, the Central Continent five immortals silently smiled internally.

Why would they save Feng Jiu Ge?

Save him so that he could suppress them? Save him so that he could get a share of the loot?

But they were in the righteous path, they needed to act on the surface, and not give others excuses to target them.

Now that they had made enough excuses for themselves, the five Central Continent immortals agreed on one thing — to return to Central Continent as soon as possible!


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