Reverend Insanity
918 Blazing Heaven Demoness
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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918 Blazing Heaven Demoness

Shark sea, underwater palace.

Delicious delicacies filled the table, the aroma of wine pervaded the air, and the lantern lights shined brightly.

In the banquet, Shark Demon and Su Bai Man sat on the main seats, treating two Gu Immortals in the hall with utmost cordiality.

These two Gu Immortals were none other than Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

After they ran into a barrier in Yu Lu blessed land, and knew that staying longer would be of no use, Shark Demon and the group sensibly retreated.

Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng had originally intended to leave, but were invited over by Shark Demon and Su Bai Man.

This was already the third time Fang Yuan had participated in Shark Demon's shark fishing banquet.

Gulping down the fine wine, Shark Demon put down the wine cup and looked at Fang Yuan, suddenly asking: "Xing Xiang Zi, how much assurance do you truly have in unraveling unmoving troops?"

Fang Yuan thought inwardly: 'The time has come.'

Shark Demon and Su Bai Man had been talking about all sorts of irrelevant matters, but he just kept quiet and did not speak about the matter first. Shark Demon finally could not hold it in and spoke about the subject.

Fang Yuan immediately replied: "Lord Shark Demon, you are also aware of how things stand for me. The wisdom path inheritance I inherited is complete. Moreover, recently, I have comprehended many mysteries, thus I could unravel the battlefield killer move eight doors labyrinth. But up until now, I have been suffering from having no relevant wisdom path Immortal Gu, thus my methods are limited and my capabilities insufficient. If I could refine this wisdom path Immortal Gu, I can definitely unravel unmanned unmoving troops."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng, who was beside him, also backed him up: "I have known Brother Xing Xiang for many years, I know he is not someone who exaggerates or speaks empty words. Since he says he has confidence, then he definitely has confidence. I can guarantee this."

Su Bai Man, however, was not satisfied with Tai Bai Yun Sheng's guarantee, as she looked at the person in concern, Fang Yuan, and pursued: "If you have the wisdom path Immortal Gu, can you guarantee you can unravel that battlefield killer move?"

Fang Yuan did not answer directly, instead taking a step back in order to advance further, intentionally giving a bitter smile: "How can I have complete certainty? This matter concerns Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, one of the ten supreme experts in history! If something unexpected happens, it would be normal. But for now at least, based on the part that is shown, I am quite confident of unraveling it if I can have the help of the wisdom path Immortal Gu."

Shark Demon and Su Bai Man glanced at each other, although they were angry at Fang Yuan's slippery words, they were moved as well.

There was no other way.

They had suffered much hardship beforehand.

Previously, they had spent a considerable price to invite other wisdom path Gu Immortals to help, but the outcome was emphatically not ideal, they even lost an Immortal Gu in the end.

As for Xing Xiang Zi….

They had cooperated with him many times now, and knew many details about him. More importantly, Fang Yuan had joined Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance, and could be considered a person on the same side.

Thus, Shark Demon and Su Bai Man's first choice was Fang Yuan.

However, financing Fang Yuan to refine Immortal Gu was difficult as well.

The cost of refining Immortal Gu was rather high, while the success rate was too low, and depended on luck.

If luck was good, one could refine successfully in the first attempt. Then everything would be a joyous matter. But this situation was very rare.

If luck was not good, there was a possibility of always failing. At that time, even if there was a huge pile of immortal essence stones, they would just be wasted with no gains.

This was also the reason most Gu Immortals would rather capture wild Immortal Gu than to think of refining Immortal Gu themselves.

Refining Immortal Gu was difficult.

In the present cultivation world, many rank six Gu Immortals did not have even one Immortal Gu on them, and could only use mortal Gu to hold their own.

Fang Yuan was a special case. He had a lot of Immortal Gu, so many that were they to be exposed, perhaps people would not believe it!

However, he had reborn, had fortuitous encounters, taken deadly risks, and faced all sorts of harsh conditions to obtain these Immortal Gu.

Shark Demon and Su Bai Man did not know these details, but they were aware of Fang Yuan's intention.

Fang Yuan wanted to rely on them to lend him a hand in refining wisdom path Immortal Gu.

As far as they were concerned, Fang Yuan could not afford this expenditure and had no accumulations to refine Immortal Gu, thus he was making them help him.

If it were any other time, Shark Demon would definitely have scoffed and not even given a thought.

What a joke!

How silly would he be to help others refine Immortal Gu?

However, in the current situation, Shark Demon had to request Fang Yuan's help in unraveling the battlefield killer move.

Right now, Shark Demon had one question on his mind — was Xing Xiang Zi fooling them? Was he using this chance to blackmail them, when even without Immortal Gu, he had the ability to unravel this battlefield killer move?

Fang Yuan saw Shark Demon's hesitation, but did not speak and only drank the wine.

This moment and time was just perfect, Fang Yuan had confidence.

Previously, the timing was wrong, now Yu Lu blessed land was laid out in front of them like a juicy piece of meat dangling in the air, tempting Shark Demon. This had indeed done a great favor to Fang Yuan.

As long as they completely dismantled unmoving troops, Shark Demon and Su Bai Man would gain lots of benefits, obtaining hundreds of times what they had invested!

Naturally, with Fang Yuan's personality, he had already thought of devouring these alone, and backstabbing them.

However, his strength was not enough to beat even just Shark Demon!

Shark Demon was a veteran rank seven immortal zombie, although Fang Yuan had rank seven battle strength, it was not outstanding among rank seven Gu Immortals.

But this was already quite good, after all, Fang Yuan's cultivation was only at the bottom tier of rank six.

Fang Yuan could not defeat even Shark Demon, let alone when there were Su Bai Man and other Gu Immortals as well. As for Zombie Alliance behind Shark Demon, there was even less need to mention them.

For a colossal force like Zombie Alliance, Fang Yuan was just a rat running across the street.

Fang Yuan was rational and calm, and knew his own limits. He had observed and evaluated the situation before he joined this expedition, in order to get a share of the profits and extract the greatest benefits for himself.

When Fang Yuan drank the third cup of wine, Shark Demon and Su Bai Man had already finished their secret discussion.

They quickly reached a consensus.

They decided to aid Fang Yuan financially and help him refine wisdom path Immortal Gu.

Even if it was Fang Yuan blackmailing them, they had no choice but to settle for it!

They did not even force Fang Yuan to make an oath or use Gu worms to probe out his true thoughts.

Shark Demon and Su Bai Man were, naturally, not foolish.

Besides urgently needing Fang Yuan's help for this final important hurdle, they also had another intention.

That was to improve their relationship with Fang Yuan.

After all, the wisdom path potential Fang Yuan showed was already worth it for them to make an investment.

Wisdom path Gu Immortals were rare, having a friendship with a wisdom path Gu Immortal was very precious.

However, just as Shark Demon was about to reply, there was suddenly a change.

The immense sea shook intensely, thunder crackled, and countless chaotic sea currents pressed on towards the underwater palace.

Immediately, a piercing fire pillar shot down from outside the sea, directly striking at Shark Demon's underwater palace with shocking might.


A loud sound reverberated through the area, and the magnificent underwater palace shined with the radiance of a defensive Gu formation.

However, the light could not last for even a breath of time before it was torn apart by the fire pillar.

In an instant, stones and bricks broke and flew in all directions, the palace turned into ruins, the fire kept on burning and was actually not extinguished by the sea.

The extremely pleasant banquet had now thoroughly ended, as the endless sea water surged in, sweeping away all the furnishings and the delicacies of the banquet, and soon submerged Fang Yuan and the group.

However, the four were all Gu Immortals, and had no problems staying in this depth of the sea.

Shark Demon was an immortal zombie, and did not need to breathe in the sea.

He was dazed for a moment before suddenly standing up and looked at the sky above the sea, shouting in fury: "Such audacity! Who dares to attack my sea area?"

Su Bai Man also stood beside Shark Demon, similarly gazing up, her expression pale.

Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng glanced at each other, puzzled.

Shark Demon had outstanding strength, and with Su Bai Man accompanying him everywhere, they could advance or retreat easily. Such a duo was already extremely dangerous to provoke, more importantly, there was also Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance behind them.

Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance was the main headquarters of the Zombie Alliances over the five regions. They were a colossal force, a level stronger than even super forces, and could even be called an overlord of the Eastern Sea cultivation world.

Who is it that came to attack Zombie Alliance's Shark Demon?

"Hahaha." Shark Demon had just shouted, when a voice resounded in everyone's ears, "This is only a small appetizer, I am not only going to destroy your palace, I will also beat you lowlife lovers till you can't even stand up!"

The voice was extremely arrogant and domineering, moreover from the voice, it was a female immortal?

"It's her?!" Su Bai Man said, her eyes widened, showing a clearly surprised and grave look.

A bright red figure descended from the sky, pressing down into the sea and towards the four on the seabed.

Fang Yuan gazed above at this female immortal and saw she was descending extremely fast. Her whole body was blazing with fire which swayed in the water. As for her true appearance, it was hidden in the flames and could not be seen clearly.

"This surging aura… a rank eight Gu Immortal!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng blurted.

Fang Yuan narrowed his eyes, adding a sentence inwardly: 'More precisely, this is a rank eight female immortal zombie.'

Immediately, Shark Demon shouted out the female immortal's identity.

"Blazing Heaven Demoness, have you gone crazy? You dare to attack a person belonging to Zombie Alliance like you? You are challenging Zombie Alliance's authority, and will definitely be severely punished."

Blazing Heaven Demoness!

Fang Yuan's eyes brightened, as he recalled that he had heard this name before.

This name was a famous one.

Blazing Heaven Demoness, a rank eight Gu Immortal. She was from Northern Plains, the leader of the Northern Plains Zombie Alliance branch!

After Fang Yuan had infiltrated into Northern Plains Zombie Alliance, he had heard other members mention and talk of her many times, praising and revering Blazing Heaven Demoness' formidable strength and domineering style.

Fang Yuan had not expected to see such a person in this way.

Blazing Heaven Demoness, who was covered in fire, laughed loudly: "Shark Demon, don't talk nonsense. The matter between us is an internal conflict between Zombie Alliance members. Speak! What are you trying to do by stealing my immortal material?"

Su Bai Man was just about to question Blazing Heaven Demoness, but had not expected Blazing Heaven Demoness to blame them first.

Shark Demon shouted: "Nonsense! When did I steal your immortal material? If you want to frame me, go find a better reason! These last days, I have only been paying attention to doing the assignment of Zombie Alliance, invading Yu Lu blessed land, when would I have the time to steal your immortal material? You are just trying to start a quarrel!"

Blazing Heaven Demoness, however, was not flustered, instead confidently laughing: "Hahaha, I came here with a witness. Shark Demon, you won't be able to deny it!"

Shark Demon was so furious that he laughed: "Good, good, let me see what witness you have."


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