Reverend Insanity
917 Unmoving Troops
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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917 Unmoving Troops

After dismantling the battlefield killer move eight doors labyrinth, everyone field of vision widened, seeing Yu Lu blessed land's true appearance.

Only to see that there were flashing lights in the sky, they were like traces of silk or streams of water, some were moving slowly, while others were creating dazzling ripples.

Red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple… each light had a bright color. Dazzling light shined on everyone's faces.

Fang Yuan, Shark Demon, and the others did not speak. They looked at this amazing sight as they showed some excitement and amazement.

This Yu Lu blessed land was very different from normal blessed lands!

Ordinary blessed lands had the sky, ground, vegetation, flowers, birds, worms, and fish.

But here, there was nothing.

Yu Lu blessed land was very unique, it was merely a broad space without any concept of sky or ground, there was no living beings, and there were also no resources that Gu Immortals usually accumulated.

"Maybe this uniqueness is the reason why Yu Lu blessed land can set up battlefield killer moves of countless paths." Fang Yuan had a realization.

Normally speaking, there were huge conflicts between battlefield killer moves and blessed lands or grotto-heavens. Few Gu Immortals were capable of setting up battlefield killer moves in their blessed lands or grotto-heavens.

Because battlefield killer moves used Gu worms to engrave dao marks and temporarily create a battlefield.

Meanwhile, grotto-heavens and blessed lands were made of dao marks.

Because the dao marks varied, they conflicted. When Lang Ya blessed land was attacked by Qin Bai Sheng and the others, Lang Ya land spirit did not use a battlefield killer move to resist them. That was because within the blessed land, establishing a battlefield killer move was detrimental to oneself.

But Yu Lu blessed land went against this common sense of the cultivation world.

In Fang Yuan's case, when he attacked Yu Lu blessed land, he had encountered three battlefield killer moves, freezing rain frozen earth, fighting soul battlefield, and eight doors labyrinth.

These three were evidently immortal killer moves from different paths, they would not normally gather in the hands of a single Gu Immortal and become used in their immortal aperture.

But within Yu Lu blessed land, not only were these three used, they did not clash with the blessed land at all, in fact, they seemed to complement each other in a way.

"Fairy Yu Lu was a disciple of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable. It is not strange that her immortal aperture blessed land is like this." Su Bai Man looked as she let out a deep breath, saying this.

"Even though there are fewer resources here, if we can learn Fairy Yu Lu's methods and use it in our own immortal apertures, we would be able to use battlefield killer moves in it, that would be a huge gain!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng's eyes flashed with brilliance.

At this time, a Gu Immortal who went with them pointed at a direction as he shouted: "Quickly look, Immortal Gu!"

Everyone quickly looked towards the direction the Gu Immortal was pointing.

As expected, they saw a Gu worm that had a special appearance. It was long and slim, like a twig. It had numerous thin golden colored wings, fluttering in the sky.

The entire Gu worm looked like a branch of a long golden willow.

This Gu worm quickly drilled into a nearby flashing light and vanished.

But during this moment it was seen, its Immortal Gu aura was undeniably exposed.

Everyone's gazes became heated, their breathing became rough, but they were not surprised.

There were naturally Immortal Gu in Yu Lu blessed land.

If there were no Immortal Gu, how could those battlefield killer moves earlier be constructed?

Even though Yu Lu blessed land did not have an accumulation of resources, with so many battlefield killer moves, it had to have a good number of Immortal Gu!

Shark Demon raised his head and laughed, breaking the silence.

He was overjoyed.

Even though the main gains had to be given to Zombie Alliance, he was the person who took down the blessed land, he would gain the biggest reward of at least one or two Immortal Gu.

Other than that, by succeeding in taking down Yu Lu blessed land, he would also receive a huge sum of contribution points from Zombie Alliance.

If Shark Demon could find an Immortal Gu that suited him, he would definitely take it for himself.

This was the benefit of being the person in charge.

If he found any mystical Immortal Gu that could help him and his wife revive and get rid of the zombie status, that would be best.

Reviving from being a zombie and becoming human, not only was Fang Yuan working towards it, Shark Demon and Su Bai Man were doing the same.

Seeing Shark Demon laugh, everyone started congratulating him.

Su Bai Man smiled more subtly.

Shark Demon and Su Bai Man had put in huge investment into the mission of invading Yu Lu blessed land, they had almost used up their savings.

On the surface, it could not be noticed, but Shark Demon and Su Bai Man were facing immense pressure.

Right now, their investment was finally bearing fruit.

As long as they obtained a rank seven Immortal Gu, all of their investments would be essentially paid off.

Shark Demon and Su Bai Man were joyous, the weights on their minds had been removed.

"Once Yu Lu blessed land is captured, everyone here will be compensated according to the contributions you have made, you will not be shortchanged." Shark Demon smiled as he spoke seriously.

Everyone nodded, they stepped back and asked Shark Demon and Su Bai Man to go ahead.

With immense benefits in front of them, some Gu Immortals might become rash. Shark Demon's words were both an assurance and threat.

Everyone could understand his underlying meaning.

"Alright, everyone can wait and see." Shark Demon did not refuse, he struck.

He willed and turned into a flash of light, with a swooshing sound, he tore through space and shot out, the direction was towards the golden willow branch-like Immortal Gu earlier.

Everyone saw Shark Demon rapidly approaching the Immortal Gu, but suddenly, there were ripples in space as Shark Demon vanished.

At the next moment, he appeared beside everyone with a shocked expression.

"What happened?" Su Bai Man asked in suspicion.

Shark Demon shook his head, he said in an uncertain tone: "It seems to be another battlefield killer move?"

Next, everyone tried but they could not move out, it attested to Shark Demon's guess.

"This is a space path battlefield killer move, even though it has no offensive power, it is definitely more profound than the previous battlefield killer moves."

"Did all of you notice, every time we get transported back, we would be in our original spots. Our positions would not change at all."

"Such an ability, this has to be the legendary unmoving troops."

The Gu Immortals discussed and eventually came to a consensus.

Battlefield killer move — Unmoving Troops. This was the final battlefield killer move, it obstructed everyone.

This battlefield killer move had a huge origin, it was created by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable personally.

The work of an Immortal Venerable was truly profound.

Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable had a mild and kind temperament, he was vast different from the other nine Gu Immortal Venerables.

He was merciful, he did not like killing since he was young, he often subdued people with kindness, taking down enemies without fighting.

Battlefield killer move unmoving troops, once someone entered this formation with any intent to battle, malicious thoughts, or lust, they would be unable to progress at all, unable to move.

In the past, before Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable became a rank nine Gu Immortal, he used this move to subdue a famous rank seven sound path Gu Immortal, Gao Ming. In that battle, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable did not move, he only used the battlefield immortal killer move unmoving troops, no matter what methods Gao Ming used, he exerted all of his strength and did not even managed to get one step closer to Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable.

This battle made the arrogant Gao Ming lose his temper. He then followed Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, becoming his guard henceforth.

"Since this has to do with wills and thoughts, why don't we shut our minds and temporarily stop thinking." Fang Yuan said.

It was not hard to achieve this.

Gu Immortals mostly had some wisdom path techniques, Fang Yuan was currently disguised as Xing Xiang Zi, he was also partly a wisdom path Gu Immortal.

But everyone's attempts ended in failure.

Some Gu Immortals did not have outstanding wisdom path techniques. During this process of moving forward, their desires and thoughts were stirred up, breaking their thoughtless state.

Only certain Gu Immortals, including Fang Yuan, could achieve a state of having no thoughts.

But the problem came after that!

Without any thoughts, how could one capture any Gu worms?

The body's movement was decided by the thoughts that were generated in the mind.

Without these thoughts, the body would stay still on the ground. In this situation, there was no need for the battlefield killer move, the Gu Immortals themselves could not move.

"Sigh! No wonder back then, Gu Immortal Gao Ming became dejected and willingly submitted to the rank seven Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, becoming his guard."

"To get through this round, it is hard, hard, hard!"

"The worst part is, Yu Lu blessed land is right in front of us, undeniably, this is the final obstacle, but we can only watch here and look on, unable to gain anything!"

"Maybe this arrangement was the intention of Fairy Yu Lu. She purposely let us see hope, luring out our thoughts and desires, it increases the difficulty of taking down this battlefield killer move."

"If we really cannot succeed, we will have to retreat and seek reinforcements." Su Bai Man suggested as she frowned.

Shark Demon looked ahead, becoming silent.

Earlier, he had invited a wisdom path Gu Immortal over, but he lost an Immortal Gu to her, thus he did not at all like this idea.

At the crucial moment, only a person on their own side could be trusted.

Shark Demon looked at Fang Yuan, now that Fang Yuan was part of Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance, he was one of them.

Shark Demon asked: "Xing Xiang Zi, do you have any means? If you do, use them, don't worry, your compensation will not be small."

Fang Yuan smiled lightly: "To unravel this battlefield killer move, it can be said to be both easy and difficult."

"Oh? What do you mean?"

Fang Yuan looked around, seeing that he had attracted all of their attentions, he said slowly: "Everyone, do not be scared due to the reputation of unmoving troops. Back then, Gao Ming lost because the battlefield killer move was controlled by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable. Right now, we are facing an unmanned battlefield killer move. It is far easier to deal with this one."

"That makes sense."

"Indeed, with a Gu Immortal controlling the battlefield killer move, it could transform and replenish continuously. But a battlefield killer move without any Gu Immortals controlling it is very inflexible."

Everyone saw hope and felt joy after hearing Fang Yuan's words.

But next, Fang Yuan's words threw them into dejection again: "Attacking an unmanned battlefield killer move is relatively simpler. But to me, it is extremely difficult to unravel this current one, there is almost no hope of success."

Everyone's expressions crumbled, they cast somewhat unkind gazes towards Fang Yuan.

One of the Gu Immortals said agitatedly: "Xing Xiang Zi, you talked a lot of crap, just tell us if you're useless. Speaking like this, are you trying to toy with us?"

Fang Yuan laughed as he looked at Shark Demon.

Shark Demon showed no expression on his face, but it was obvious that his mood was currently terrible.

Fang Yuan suddenly stopped his smiling expression, he bowed to Shark Demon as he said solemnly: "Why would I dare to toy with everyone? I am truly restricted by a lack of resources, if I can refine a wisdom path Immortal Gu, I would have great confidence in unraveling the battlefield killer move unmoving troops for sure."


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