Reverend Insanity
916 Dual Grandmaster!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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916 Dual Grandmaster!

Hu Immortal blessed land.

The underground cave was shining with blood red light.

The faint blood red light originated from stalks of blood colored lingzhi in the cave. These blood colored lingzhi grew freely, they were mutated from ordinary lingzhi.

The original zhi forest was not suitable for Hu Immortal blessed land.

But after the blood poison kerria earthly calamity, Hu Immortal blessed land gained some blood path dao marks, the environment of the entire area changed drastically, it was suitable for the growth of some blood path life forms.

Thus, the originally dwindling zhi forest turned into a blood zhi forest, it grew rapidly and became extremely lush.

And earlier, Hu Immortal blessed land had chestnut flowers, poisonous blue degree grass, water chestnut grass, six divine grass, seven colored seven treasure flowers, and milk tea flowers and more growing all over it, but they were all wiped out.

When comparing the two, one could see how merciless heaven was, there was a feeling of great changes over time, there was some profound meaning behind it.

Fang Yuan sat on a giant blood lingzhi.

At this moment, he was slowly opening his eyes, letting out a breath of cloudy air.

Earlier, when he moved about, he used the identity of Xing Xiang Zi, as well as vaguely familiar face to disguise his appearance.

Right now, in Hu Immortal blessed land, he was in his base camp, he did not need to use immortal essence to maintain the transformation path killer move, Fang Yuan was in his original zombie form now.

He had eight arms, his face was green and his eyes were bright red, he was six meters tall with protruding fangs, he was shining with a cold glint among the blood red light.

But at this moment, his eyes were shining with a deep light of wisdom.

This light was the accumulation of time, the crystallization of time and space, it was moving and formed a stark contrast to his evil and ruthless appearance.

Recalling his earlier thoughts, Fang Yuan let out a breath of foggy air, he sighed softly: "The gains this time are simply too much."

He had to admit this point.

Because from this exploration of the dream realm, Fang Yuan's star path and wisdom path attainment reached grandmaster level!

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm not only made Fang Yuan's wisdom path attainment level increase, it also raised his star path attainment level.

Fang Yuan was very shocked regarding this.

Grandmaster attainment level!

What did this mean?

After accumulating foundation in both his previous life and current life, Fang Yuan only became a grandmaster in blood path and strength path.

Among them, blood path grandmaster was because Fang Yuan cultivated blood path mainly in his previous life, it was accumulated through time.

As for strength path grandmaster, he had cultivated it on the side in his previous life, while mainly cultivating it this time. Because he had a foundation in his previous life, when he cultivated it this time, with the help of the immortal ascension tribulation, he obtained a chance to learn from heaven and earth. Furthermore, there was Hei Lou Lan's dream realm.

With all these reasons, he managed to accumulate sufficient foundation.

After exerting so much effort in both lives, using more than five hundred years, he only became a grandmaster in two paths.

But this time, he only explored a dream realm of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, and spent less than half a month, yet he was already a wisdom path and star path grandmaster!

It was impossible to see his grandmaster attainment level physically, but Fang Yuan knew: His gains were immeasurable! He could even say it was more valuable than Hu Immortal blessed land.

"My gains this time will allow me to grow immensely for this period of time, I can even break out of my predicament!"

Generally speaking, development was the result of accumulation and gradual progress, by growing slowly and steadily, one would achieve success in the end.

But fortuitous encounters and windfalls would allow one to experience explosive growth, jumping out of a stale state and saving huge amounts of time, overturning the situation and obtaining an extraordinary achievement.

Since rebirth, Fang Yuan had been resolving difficulties, he advanced bravely and had many gains, they were extremely helpful to him, allowing him to find solutions.

Liquor worm, Spring Autumn Cicada, blood skull Gu, bone flesh unity Gu, all-out effort Gu, Three Kings blessed land, Hu Immortal blessed land, second aperture Gu, becoming a strength path Gu Immortal and gaining inspiration from nature, as well as wisdom Gu.

Other than these, there were other areas in which he grew and progressed, but they did not overturn his situations.

However, after this trip to Starry Sky grotto-heaven, Fang Yuan had gained a new shocking harvest, that was his dual grandmaster attainment level!

Among which, wisdom Gu was a rank nine Immortal Gu, it had reached an agreement with Fang Yuan, but it was not his, the degree to which he could make use of it was not high.

However, attainment levels were something that belonged entirely to the Gu Immortal themselves.

In Fang Yuan's opinion, dual grandmaster attainment level was more valuable than wisdom Gu itself!

"Since rebirth, this can be considered another situation where I made immense and shocking gains, yet this time the process was very easy, it was unthinkably simple."

Fang Yuan could feel the mysteries of the twists and turns over life in opportunities from this.

He naturally had some guesses, perhaps this was related to Connect Luck?

Speaking of which, ever since he used Connect Luck, Fang Yuan's cultivation journey had become much smoother.

The rise of his attainment levels, especially when they rose to grandmaster attainment level, gave an incredible feeling, he could not describe it!

It was as if Fang Yuan had previously been looking out of the window and seeing a large rock formation, filled with crevices and weeds.

Now, he took a few steps up and could see further and higher.

He could now observe part of the rock formation by looking down, he felt that this part of the formation was as tiny as a pebble beneath his feet now!

When he looked further ahead, he could see more, and understand deeper.

Attainment level, this was something very hard to describe.

What was attainment level?

Even for the developed Gu Master cultivation world, everyone had their own explanations for it, there was no unified description.

Fang Yuan's soul came from Earth.

This difference made him possess a different understanding regarding the phrase attainment level.

"So-called attainment levels are like mathematics problems. By answering many mathematics questions, one can accumulate experience when they get the correct answer, they will eventually understand the crux of them, gaining enlightenment and raising their attainment level. With this level of understanding, they can solve other related mathematics questions easily, and get the right answer. When they encounter very unfamiliar questions, they can also use their existing knowledge to answer a portion of them."

Thus, when Fang Yuan encounters questions in cultivation, because his attainment level rose, he could solve the question to varying degrees.

For example, Fang Yuan's use of wisdom Gu earlier was just superficial, it was a brutish and forced method. Now that he had wisdom path grandmaster attainment level, he gained many inspirations and ideas, he could try to use some supplementary Gu worms to make use of wisdom Gu more efficiently.

Another example was modifying Gu recipes.

Back then, Fang Yuan had tried to modify recipes of memory thought Gu, star thought Gu and malicious thought Gu, but because his wisdom path attainment level was low, he kept failing, he encountered impasses and could not advance.

Afterwards, he successfully modified star thought Gu's recipe, but he was making use of starlight Immortal Gu, it was not because of his own abilities.

Now, Fang Yuan could feel that he could modify these Gu recipes, and they would be even better than before.

Going beyond this, Fang Yuan was even confident that he could perfect incomplete inheritances. Like earlier, Fang Yuan had obtained an incomplete wisdom path inheritance, memory thought Gu, reminiscence Immortal Gu, and multiple mortal killer moves were included. With his grandmaster attainment level now, Fang Yuan could deduce this inheritance to a degree, and even restore it.

Gu recipes could be modified, he could modify killer moves as well. The killer moves myriad self, vaguely familiar face, they were within the range of possible applications.

Also battlefield killer moves, Fang Yuan could not find one after so long, but now he had the foundation needed to create one himself!

Or for example, the construction of Star Form blessed land, earlier, Fang Yuan's plans needed huge amounts of funds. Now, with his wisdom path and star path attainment levels, he could improve this plan and save an immensely large number of immortal essence stones in construction fees! Furthermore, this new plan would be even more ideal and useful than the previous one!

The raising of hairy men, his eight sources of revenue, the use of Gu Immortal souls, the claiming of Ge Pi blessed land, there were many things he could do.

The rise of attainment levels was quite special.

In conclusion, when attainment levels rise, the person experiences growth in all aspects. The Gu Master's cultivation journey would be refreshed, there would be great prospects, their strength would rise up as well!

Time passed quickly.

In terms of the five regions' time, half a month passed.

Two wills were intertwined, battling intensely.

Fang Yuan's will had the complete advantage, he was suppressing Mo Yao's will.

Fang Yuan's will's advantage continued to grow, he could almost toy with Mo Yao's will easily now.

"How can this be, how can your capabilities rise by so much?!" Mo Yao's will screamed in shocked anger.

Before this, Fang Yuan had been using a similar amount of will to fight with Mo Yao's will, they were at best evenly matched, he was even at a disadvantage.

But now, Fang Yuan's wisdom path attainment level had reached grandmaster level, he only used one third of the will to defeat Mo Yao's will till she screamed in fear.

From the start of the battle, Fang Yuan was implacably in the lead, suppressing Mo Yao's will and preventing her from doing anything.

"Earlier, I used Mo Yao's will as a training dummy, I learned many techniques by fighting with her will. Now, I am far beyond Mo Yao's will, I can use many techniques naturally and smoothly. Mo Yao's will has lost her value as a training dummy."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan drew back his will.

He placed all his attention on the battlefield killer move in front of him, eight doors labyrinth.

Ten days ago, Fang Yuan left Hu Immortal blessed land, he came to Eastern Sea and joined up with Shark Demon and the rest, exploring Yu Lu blessed land.

The tough barrier back then — Eight Doors Labyrinth, was now resolvable by Fang Yuan, who was a wisdom path grandmaster.

Back then, Fang Yuan had thought that he would need the wisdom path Immortal Gu, Star Thought, to have a chance of dismantling eight doors labyrinth.

But now, he could multitask, deducing the battlefield killer move while secretly sparring with Mo Yao's will.

Most importantly, after tens of days had passed in the blessed land's time, under Fang Yuan's lead, Shark Demon and the others were finally close to unraveling eight doors labyrinth.

"We are about to pass eight doors labyrinth, to think that this Xing Xiang Zi would suddenly become so fierce!"

"Eight doors labyrinth, is this battlefield killer move the final obstacle in Yu Lu blessed land?"

The immortals were secretly excited.


With a thunderous sound, eight doors labyrinth was thoroughly unraveled by Fang Yuan.

Yu Lu blessed land's true appearance appeared before all the immortals!


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