Reverend Insanity
910 Grabbing the Dragonfish
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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910 Grabbing the Dragonfish

"Damn this Ancient Soul Sect, they actually caused a commotion with the desolate beast dragonfish to obstruct us!"

At this moment, on the small island at the center of the lake, the group from Heaven's Envy Manor's was trapped, they could not advance.

In front of them, waves were rumbling, tides were rising, the water was grand and treacherous.

The five Gu Masters from Heaven's Envy Manor frowned tightly, looking at the lake, they felt anger and helplessness.

Through the lake water, they could see vaguely that there was a huge monster swimming around in the depths of the lake.

Each time the tail moved, currents would be created as huge tides surfaced.

In fact, sometimes, its tough fish head would ram into the bottom of the small island.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Each time the dragonfish attacked, there would be a loud sound, followed by tremors below everyone's feet.

The people from Heaven's Envy Manor were trapped on this small island, looking at the waves in front of them, their faces were pale, they were helpless, there was nothing they could do.

Desolate beast dragonfish were usually peaceful and rarely went into a frenzy.

But earlier, the Gu Masters from Ancient Soul Sect had used some method to make this desolate beast dragonfish go into madness, it was in a berserk and rampaging state, it had lost its mind and natural disposition.

The Gu Masters from Heaven's Envy Manor had the ability to climb mountains and move across bodies of water, but they were only mortals with limited primeval essence. Under the current situation, they could not move at all, it was too dangerous.

"Ancient Soul Sect could actually influence the desolate beast dragonfish, they must have used an immortal technique from the sect! We of Heaven's Envy Manor are also from one of the ten great ancient sects, we cannot lose to Ancient Soul Sect. Elder Zhu Ning, let's use our immortal method as well!"

While they were helpless, a Gu Master from Heaven's Envy Manor couldn't help but suggest this.

Hearing that there was an immortal method, the other Gu Masters showed inspired expressions, light shining in their eyes.

Elder Zhu Ning, who had the method frowned, he sighed bitterly: "If I could use it, I would have done so already, why would I wait until now?"

He told everyone his difficulties.

As it turned out, before this trip, Zhu Ning was called by a supreme elder and was entrusted with an Immortal Gu and some immortal essence.

But this Immortal Gu was used for defense, it would not help in this situation to get rid of the dragonfish.

"The sect gave you an Immortal Gu?"

"What does the Immortal Gu look like, I have never seen one before!"

"Quick, let us see it and broaden our visions."

Zhu Ning's frank admission made everyone intensely curious. At once, they forget about the problem in front of them, they wanted to see the brilliance of the Immortal Gu.

Zhu Ning smiled bitterly again: "I will speak honestly, I only took a hurried glance at this Immortal Gu before lord supreme elder placed it in my body. Right now, I don't even know where the Immortal Gu is in my body, not to mention attempting to retrieve it."

Everyone was very disappointed, they sighed in unison.

Only Wei Wu Shang's eyes shined brightly, he said in admiration: "It would be great if I could obtain an Immortal Gu that belongs to me one day!"

The other four old Gu Masters looked at Wei Wu Shang and either smiled bitterly or shook their heads.

Wei Wu Shang was too young.

Young people liked to dream, this was natural.

But only after many experiences would they understand that dreams and reality were different, like these four old Gu Masters.

Who would not want to have their own Immortal Gu, who would not want to become a high and mighty immortal?

But immortal and mortal were worlds apart. Reality was cruel, countless people lost their youthfulness, countless people's dreams were broken.

How many people could really become immortals?

The leader, Zhu Ning, sighed: "For now, we have no better way, we can only wait. When the dragonfish calms down, we will set off."

"But this way, the other nine sects will get all the good stuff. We will only have leftovers!" A Gu Master asked worriedly.

"What else can we do?" Zhu Ning sighed, but he did not forget to raise the morale: "This is not entirely a bad thing. Let them go and compete first, we can take the chance for now to gather our strength. Even though Immortal Gu are incredibly powerful, they need corresponding immortal essence to activate. Their immortal essence will be limited, let them exhaust their resources in competing with each other, during the later stages, we will have more strength than them."

Once he said that, everyone's expressions changed, their dejected moods recovered slightly.

"However, I have something very important to remind you of." Zhu Ning's had a serious expression: "No matter how much strength we preserve, there are two people we cannot offend. One is Spirit Affinity House's Feng Jin Huang, the other is Immortal Crane Sect's Fang Yuan."

"Why? Feng Jin Huang and Fang Yuan are two geniuses of my generation, but each of them are only single individuals. Right now, us ten sects all have five members each, we all have mysterious immortal methods, why should we be afraid of those two?" Wei Wu Shang was unclear of the truth, he asked somewhat skeptically.

"That is because you do not know the hidden details." Zhu Ning's gaze was heavy, he looked at the surrounding Gu Masters and said: "I learned about this shocking news from the sect before we came. Feng Jin Huang has a noble upbringing, her parents are both Gu Immortals, moreover, they are immensely powerful beings even among Gu Immortals. What shocking immortal methods do you think that such a person would have?"

"So that's it!" Wei Wu Shang was startled.

The others also showed shocked expressions.

Zhu Ning continued: "But compared to Feng Jin Huang, that Fang Yuan is even scarier!"

"Don't tell me his background is even greater than that of Feng Jin Huang?" Someone asked in suspicion.

Zhu Ning frowned: "I am also not sure of the specific details, but the sect had specially told this to me, that Fang Yuan is far scarier than Feng Jin Huang, we should avoid him at all costs, we should not contest with him."

"Even though Fang Yuan is the number one genius of my generation, he's not that scary, right?" Wei Wu Shang was suspicious.

"Don't tell me the immortal method that Immortal Crane Sect gave to him is the strongest among the ten sects?" The other Gu Masters tried to analyze.

Zhu Ning shook his head: "I only know that Immortal Crane Sect sent Fang Yuan here alone, think about it, what does this mean?"

"It seems that Immortal Crane Sect is very confident in Fang Yuan, they believe that with his strength alone, he can deal with all of us!"

"Arrogant! They are looking down on us…"

"Immortal Crane Sect are not fools, the sect also told us to avoid Fang Yuan, there seems to be reasons behind this. We should act according to the sect's warnings."

"That is not necessarily the case, as the saying goes, two fists cannot rival four palms, even if Fang Yuan is the strongest, he would inevitably cause the other sects to collaborate in resistance. The result is still unknown."

The Gu Masters discussed.

They talked one after another.

Some were stable and conservative, some were indignant, some wanted to collaborate with other sects.

Right at this moment, a shrill sound came from the sky.

Everyone frowned, Wei Wu Shang even covered his ears.

The five Gu Masters looked over and saw that in the sky, there was a figure tearing across space.

This person was extremely fast, sonic booms could be heard as they traveled.

In just a breath's time, he flew over from a distance away.

When he was above the small island, he stopped. He went from quick movement to extreme stillness, the five Gu Masters from Heaven's Envy Manor felt this was very abrupt and sudden.

"Who is it? He can fly at such a high altitude!"

"So fast, is this a human or a monster?"

"Looking at the person, it seems to be… Fang Yuan?"

Everyone was shocked and subconsciously had their mouths open.

The gusts of wind blew and entered their mouths, even forcing them to shut their eyes.

This wind was created when Fang Yuan flew over, it was very strong.

Fang Yuan stood in the air as he looked around.

Huge waves, a small island, dragonfish, Gu Masters, he understood everything that was happening in an instant.

He placed his attention on the dragonfish.

There were five Gu Masters on the small island, they were not worth his attention at all.

The wind was only a gust, it came and left swiftly.

The five Gu Masters quickly opened their eyes, looking at Fang Yuan who was in the air, they were very nervous.

"It seems that this dragonfish is rampaging due to the effects of a certain soul path or wisdom path technique." Fang Yuan guessed as he stretched out his hand and made a grabbing motion in front of him.


Under everyone's shocked gazes, a strength path giant hand flew out and entered the water grandly.

But the thing was, when the strength path giant hand entered the water, there were no waves that were created.

Instead, the water split apart when the giant hand descended, it was as if the water in the lake was cooperating with Fang Yuan.

This was the strength path Immortal Gu Pulling Water, it had taken effect after being fused into strength path giant hand.

The water in the lake did not obstruct Fang Yuan in capturing the dragonfish, it became an aid instead.

With the dragonfish rampaging and losing its senses, it did not try to escape, it made Fang Yuan's attempting at capturing it easier.


The dragonfish opened its mouth, emitting a dragon's roar.

On the two sides of the fish's mouth, there were two long dragon whiskers, they were lashing around like whips.

The entire fish body struggled intensely, but the strength path giant hand was stable like Mount Tai, it did not budge at all, like an iron structure.

Under Fang Yuan's control, the strength path giant hand grabbed and captured the dragonfish, pulling it out of the water.

The five Gu Masters from Heaven's Envy Manor were all dumbfounded, they were shocked and in despair at seeing the process of Fang Yuan capturing the dragonfish and putting it into his own immortal aperture.

After capturing this desolate beast dragonfish, Fang Yuan was not satisfied, he turned towards the ordinary dragonfish.

Dragonfish lived in groups, there were dragonfish all over this lake.

This time, Fang Yuan activated pulling water Immortal Gu, lumps of water was pulled up, countless dragonfish that were inside the water were thrown into his immortal aperture.

The group from Heaven's Envy Manor were staring, still as statues.

They would surely never forget this scene in their lives.

Only until Fang Yuan finished his collection and flew away did these Gu Masters jolt to awareness.

They were all covered in sweat, Wei Wu Shang was sprawled on the ground, sitting with his body limp and in shock.

They had finally understood what their sect meant, and the helplessness they were feeling.

"Dealing with such a person is beyond our abilities."

"Oh heavens, I was trying to collaborate with others to deal with Fang Yuan earlier?!"

"Such overwhelming might, did he become an immortal already?!"

Everyone was scared to pieces.

The dragonfish was gone, they could continue on their journey now.

But the scene earlier was simply too shocking for them, even though they did not move at all and were only looking, the Gu Masters from Heaven's Envy Manor were breathing roughly, they felt extremely fatigued in both body and mind.


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