Reverend Insanity
909 Advantage of Having Lower Cultivation Level
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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909 Advantage of Having Lower Cultivation Level

Fang Yuan looked over, seeing that the lake was shining in reflected light, the lake had a wide surface and was colored in many shades of blue.

Once he entered Starry Sky grotto-heaven fragment world, he had landed in this blue lake.

The lake had a huge surface area, there were several small islands near the center of the lake, growing with vegetation.

Looking even further, beyond the blue lake, there were layers of mountain ridges, they were colored in indigo, gently mixing with the sky.

Fang Yuan stood on the surface of the water like he was standing on the ground.

From the perspective of a mortal Gu Master, this ability to stand on water was very impressive. But it was already as simple as breathing to Fang Yuan now.

Before entering deep into the grotto-heaven fragment, Fang Yuan gave a final look below him.

Only to see that below him, the blue lake cracked suddenly, like a cracked mirror, the surface of this lake was completely broken.

Fang Yuan could see the outside world through this mirror, he saw that nameless valley in Central Continent, as well as the Gu Immortals' figures, they were looking at Fang Yuan with complex gazes.

Fang Yuan sneered internally, he turned around and leaped away from the lake, flying away.

The Gu Immortals from the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent did not know that this was not the first time Fang Yuan had been inside Starry Sky grotto-heaven.

Starry Sky grotto-heaven was very unique, it had seven areas that were isolated, it was not like a normal grotto-heaven.

Evidently, Starry Sky grotto-heaven had many space path dao marks, and they were all very special as well.

There were many desolate beasts in Starry Sky grotto-heaven, there were even ancient desolate beasts, the zombie dragon guarding the eighth star hall, the walking meat tree, they left a deep impression on Fang Yuan.

"But after such intense combat, coupled with Combat Immortal Sect's looting, and Starry Sky grotto-heaven's shattering, there must be very few desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts left in the fragment worlds. Right now, there are two desolate beasts and one desolate plant in this grotto-heaven fragment world."

Fang Yuan flew through the sky as he recalled the information that He Feng Yang had told him.

These two desolate beasts and one desolate plant were a desolate beast dragonfish, hidden essence turtle and nether grass respectively.

As long as one was a Gu Immortal, they knew of dragonfish, they were very commonly used as food for Immortal Gu. The overwhelming majority of mortal Gu could be fed with dragonfish meat if their specific food was of insufficient quantity, and a portion of the food for an Immortal Gu could be substituted with it. Of course, Immortal Gu were unique, their feeding requirements could be very bizarre, the effect of dragonfish was much lower. Furthermore, only desolate beast level dragonfish meat could be used for their food.

"Among desolate beasts, the one with the lowest battle strength has to be the desolate beast dragonfish. According to rumors, dragonfish is not a species that originated normally from the world, it was a species artificially created via food path."

The hidden essence turtle was a rare wisdom path desolate beast. It had weird habits, when it matures, it would stay at one place and stop moving. As time passes, after countless years, moss would grow on its body, it would turn to stone and become a giant false hill. Because it could conceal its aura and could hide itself well, it was hard to find.

Only when it senses a huge danger would it relocate, it would not stop until it finds a resting place in which it is satisfied. After that, it would stop and hide in its shell, enduring the weather, be it wind, rain, snow or so on, once again.

If he could capture this desolate beast, it was much better than killing it.

Hidden essence turtle was a wisdom path desolate beast, it had an inborn connection to wisdom path, it was a spirit beast of wisdom path. It had the natural ability to find a safe place to live in.

Many wisdom path Gu Immortals would use the hidden essence turtle to help them when they encounter difficulties in deductions.

Fang Yuan inherited Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance, there was also a way to use a freshly killed hidden essence turtle shell to help in deductions.

Evidently, capturing this hidden essence turtle was useful for Gu Immortals. Since it did not move and had strong defenses, Combat Immortal Sect did not attack it hastily.

The nether grass was similar, it was rooted to the ground and could not move, it had little threat as long as one did not get close to it.

A stalk of nether grass was very useful to a soul path Gu Immortal. And because nether grass contained large numbers of soul path dao marks, as time passed, it would influence the surroundings, a wide range surrounding the nether grass would become a breeding ground for soul path Gu worms.

Nether grass had an immense effect to modify the environment of a blessed land or grotto-heaven.

So for the same reason, Combat Immortal Sect did not take this nether grass, keeping it until now. But they did not expect Seven Star Child to be so resolute, he would rather drag everyone down with him, causing Starry Sky grotto-heaven to shatter and fall.

This situation was already out of Combat Immortal Sect's control, the fragment worlds of this Starry Sky grotto-heaven became the point of negotiation for the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, they decided on certain timings and entered to harvest the resources within.

He Feng Yang represented Immortal Crane Sect and before entering the grotto-heaven fragment world, he gave Fang Yuan several missions.

Three of them were regarding the dragonfish, nether grass, and hidden essence turtle.

"If you can capture all three of them alive, that would be best. According to the agreement, you can get one-third of the value of what you obtain." He Feng Yang told Fang Yuan.

Even though Fang Yuan was a subordinate of Immortal Crane Sect on paper, this was not the case, as a person directly involved, He Feng Yang was very aware of this.

Thus, he knew that in order to get him to work hard, he could only arouse Fang Yuan's interest through benefits.

Even though Fang Yuan was only a rank six bottom tier immortal zombie, he had a huge advantage against these three desolate beasts or plants.

Because Fang Yuan not only had his own Immortal Gu, he also had the Immortal Gu that Immortal Crane Sect had specially lent to him.

Having Immortal Gu was a completely different level of battle strength compared to not having Immortal Gu.

Even though the dragonfish, hidden essence turtle, and nether grass were very strong beings, they did not have Immortal Gu.

If they did, they would be walking treasure troves, Gu Immortals would have attacked already, be it Seven Star Child immortal zombie, or Combat Immortal Sect, how could they not strike?

Normally speaking, inside grotto-heavens and blessed lands, there were no wild Immortal Gu.

Because once a wild Immortal Gu was formed, the Gu Immortal would take them away for their own use.

After all, leaving a wild Immortal Gu behind had no benefits to the blessed land, it would instead cause the Gu Immortal's control of the blessed land or grotto-heaven to fall. If the desolate beast rampages, that would be problematic.

Furthermore, Starry Sky grotto-heaven's owner, Seven Star Child, had awoken long ago, as the owner, how could he not know if there were wild Immortal Gu?

Even if Seven Star Child was kept busy and had no time, Starry Sky grotto-heaven was attacked by Combat Immortal Sect, they had searched thoroughly. Unless it was a very special Immortal Gu and could conceal itself well, it would not be there up until this point.

"According to the map, the dragonfish is here in this blue lake, near the small island at the center of the lake."

Fang Yuan flew in the sky, his gaze shined, his greatest interest among the three was in the desolate beast dragonfish.

Of course, dragonfish lived together in large numbers.

Around the desolate beast dragonfish, there were many mortal dragonfish.

These were all an enticing fortune to Fang Yuan.

"To think that I would have my second desolate beast dragonfish so quickly. Hmm, since I can take one third of the gains, I will choose the dragonfish." Fang Yuan thought of this and felt a bit of joy internally.

Meanwhile, on a small island on the blue lake, a group of Gu Masters from Heaven's Envy Manor were looking at the lake in front of them with much annoyance.

There were five people in this group, almost all of them had rank five cultivation, except one young Gu Master who was at rank four peak stage.

This youngster was called Wei Wu Shang, he was the head of the elite disciples that represented Heaven's Envy Manor.

He was infatuated with Fairy Bi Xia and had once fought with Fang Zheng, but lost. Fang Zheng gave him some face and admitted it was a draw. Since he kept his reputation, he had a sense of gratitude towards Fang Zheng, feeling like he owed the latter a favor.

He was originally rank four middle stage, but in this contest for resources, Heaven's Envy Manor took action to specially raise his cultivation level to rank four peak stage.

On one hand, they were training the next generation of disciples, they were the hopes of the future, on the other hand, they were lacking in manpower.

Just now, to explore all the fragments of Starry Sky grotto-heaven, the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent had engaged in fierce competition.

Seven Star Child was very ruthless, he self-detonated Starry Sky grotto-heaven, but he controlled the explosion very well. Almost no Gu Immortals could enter the fragment worlds, only their disciples could enter and explore it.

As has been mentioned before, these grotto-heaven fragment worlds had sparse dao marks, they were torn and broken, like houses that were going to collapse, they could only exist for a period of time.

Meanwhile, Gu Immortals had dao marks, they were like giants. Forcefully entering the fragment worlds was like giants entering a small house, the only result would be the house breaking and all the resources inside being destroyed.

In his past life, Fang Yuan became a blood path Gu Immortal and created the Blood Wing Demon Sect. When Starry Sky grotto-heaven was destroyed, he also directed mortal Gu Masters in the demonic sect to enter the fragment worlds in place of him and search for resources.

But now, why could Fang Yuan enter it?

Speaking of this, he somewhat did not know whether to laugh or cry at the reason.

It was because Fang Yuan had bottom tier cultivation level among Gu Immortals, he had few strength path dao marks in his body, and because of vaguely familiar face, he continued to lose strength path dao marks.

One of the core Immortal Gu of vaguely familiar face was eat strength Immortal Gu. Changing the Gu Immortal's regional aura involved using eat strength in reverse, to expend strength path dao marks.

Even though he had the giant horned sheep and other strength path desolate beasts to increase his number of strength path dao marks, he had been disguising himself a lot recently, after summing up his gains and losses, there was a limit to how many strength path dao marks he could gain.

Thus, Fang Yuan could enter while other Gu Immortals could not.

He had just reached the upper limits of what the fragment world could stand, there were very few people who could be so pitiful in their cultivation level after becoming a Gu Immortal.

Most importantly, because of his identity, Immortal Crane Sect could make use of him.

This was a competition among the ten great ancient sects, if Fang Yuan was not a subsidiary force of Immortal Crane Sect, he would be an outsider Gu Immortal, he would not be allowed to enter by the other sects.

This was the righteous path.

They paid close attention to rules.

They were not like the demonic path, who looked at who had the bigger fist, by competing with force against force, or seeing who was more ruthless and despicable.

The first rule of the demonic path was the absence of rules.


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