Reverend Insanity
908 Opportunity After Causing Chaos
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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908 Opportunity After Causing Chaos

"It has been a very good experience doing business with you. Our Xiao clan hopes to continue the transactions of regretful spiders for as long as possible. The token in your hand is Xiao clan's transaction token. Sir, with this token, you are now Xiao clan's trading partner and can enjoy a lot of preferential policies. The details are recorded in the information path mortal Gu. Naturally, you can refuse this token as well." Xiao Shi Rang said.

Fang Yuan accepted this token rather happily.

In fact, he was trading with Xiao clan not only to earn immortal essence stones from selling regretful spiders to Xiao clan, but also for this transaction token.

Among the five regions, Western Desert was the most developed in commerce.

Every super force would issue their respective transaction token. But Xiao clan's transaction token was the one with the most value.

The reason was Xiao clan and Tian clan engaged in business the most among all the super forces in Western Desert, with the highest numbers of trading partners. Fang Yuan wanted to enter Western Desert's market, and it could be easily done with Xiao clan's transaction token, and he could also get along well with other trading partners of Xiao clan.

Naturally, this had its demerits as well.

Xiao clan and Tian clan were the biggest competitors, accepting Xiao clan's transaction token meant being close to Xiao clan, as such, it would be difficult for Fang Yuan to do business with Tian clan and Gu Immortals who possessed Tian clan's transaction token.

"With this transaction token, I can officially engage in the trade of dragonfish and eerie fire dragon pythons. My profit every month will pass one thousand immortal essence stones. When I restore other resources, my earnings every month will be close to two thousand!"

Fang Yuan did not conceal his joy, accepting this token with a smile.

Xiao Shi Rang also smiled.

As far as Xiao Shi Rang was concerned, Fang Yuan was extremely mysterious, ever since Fang Yuan appeared, Xiao clan had repeatedly undertaken investigations, but could not find out Fang Yuan's identity. However, Fang Yuan did not hesitate at all when accepting Xiao clan's transaction token, this action meant being closer to Xiao clan, and Xiao Shi Rang naturally expressed more goodwill.

With the transaction token, Fang Yuan started roaming around Western Desert's Gu Immortal world for the next few days.

The path was clear with the help of transaction token, even if it was the first meeting, Fang Yuan was able to smoothly make several deals involving dragonfish and eerie fire dragon pythons. Most of these deals were short term transactions, and only one or two were long term deals.

But Fang Yuan believed that as time went on and the number of transactions increased, these long term deals would keep on increasing in number and become more stable.

With a joyous mood, Fang Yuan left Western Desert. But when he stepped into Hu Immortal blessed land, he received shocking information.

"What? Song Yi Shi actually flattened that island where Li clan village lived, in a fit of anger?!"

Originally, the competition for Ascending Heaven Plain had gotten more intense, at first, it was only three clans fighting for dominance, but when the situation turned into a stalemate, many other forces and Gu Immortals joined in, looking to get some benefits.

During this course of events, Song Yi Shi ran into a female demonic path Gu Immortal, Seven Seas Snake Woman, who ridiculed and slandered her, saying how her body was only worth six hundred immortal essence stones.

Song Yi Shi's mood sank to the depths, and after returning, in a fit of anger, she went to that nameless island and massacred all the mortals and beasts on the island. She then caused a tsunami and submerged the whole island repeatedly five or six times. Naturally, no one on this nameless island survived.

To others, this was not a matter worth mentioning, thus Fang Yuan's shock would be strange from most people's perspective.

"Now what happens to Li Xiao Yao? Originally, Song Yi Shi and Li Xiao Yao were a famous couple, but now because of me, Song Yi Shi massacred all of Li Xiao Yao's ancestors, isn't that like killing Li Xiao Yao?"

The prominent and powerful Li Xiao Yao from his previous life had no chance to take the limelight in history now.

"Such a pity, I had intended to connect luck with Li Xiao Yao in the future. He was also a rather lucky person." Fang Yuan sighed inwardly, Eastern Sea's future structure had changed considerably because of him.

And how far this change would spread to affect other matters, Fang Yuan also did not know.

Several days later, an event occurred that shocked Fang Yuan even more!

"What, Starry Sky grotto-heaven shattered and countless grotto-heaven fragments are falling down like meteors, causing forces of all sizes and countless Gu Immortals to fight for them?!"

Fang Yuan was speechless.

According to his previous life's memories, the event of Starry Sky grotto-heaven shattering and falling down was supposed to happen hundreds of years later!

How could it have happened so early in this life?

"Is it because of me? I picked up benefits from Star Lord Wan Xiang and Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei, and led to immortal zombie Seven Star Child to awaken from the dream realm, causing Shi Lei to be trapped in the grotto-heaven and having no choice but to request support from Combat Immortal Sect. Seven Star Child had to fight against Combat Immortal Sect, but despite having the territorial advantage, Combat Immortal Sect is a colossal force which made Seven Star Child feel the situation was far from good, deciding to detonate Starry Sky grotto-heaven and drag them down with him?"

Fang Yuan's speculation was completely right.

In fact, it had happened like that.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, Seven Star Child was trapped in Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm for a long time without waking up. Although Star Lord Wan Xiang died, Shi Lei inherited this fortune, he did not report to the sect and secretly sneaked in every time the crack opened, and plundered the resources wantonly.

However, in this life, after Fang Yuan awakened Seven Star Child, Shi Lei was faced with disaster, having to run around miserably from Seven Star Child, he had no choice but to give up on maintaining his face, seeking help from Combat Immortal Sect.

In the end, Combat Immortal Sect could not forcibly suppress Seven Star Child.

"Since I cannot have it, you can forget about obtaining it!" With this thought in mind, Seven Star Child detonated Starry Sky grotto-heaven and decisively stopped contesting with Combat Immortal Sect's immortals.

Thus, the grotto-heaven's fragments fell down early to Central Continent's land by two to three hundred years.

Fang Yuan was left lost for words after he heard this news.

"Northern Plains has already been turned into a mess by me, with the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and the destruction of Imperial Court blessed land. Eastern Sea has also changed, Li Xiao Yao is no more. Now, Central Continent is also experiencing a drastic change, Starry Sky grotto-heaven has collapsed before its time. According to this trend, Central Continent and Eastern Sea are going to change beyond all recognition!"

Right now, the whole of Central Continent was shaken because of this event.

Countless Gu Immortals, Gu Masters, super forces and other forces of all sizes were flocking towards the grotto-heaven's fragment worlds.

What Central Continent Refinement Path Convention? It was all thrown to the back of their minds.

Fang Yuan could not help but smile bitterly at this.

Starry Sky grotto-heaven had broken up at a very bad time, if it had collapsed two or three hundred years later, Fang Yuan could have gained considerable benefits.

Because that time was when the five regions chaotic war began and dream realms manifested externally. Champions and warriors emerged endlessly, the old super forces would be busy with their own affairs, it was most beneficial to lone cultivators like Fang Yuan.

However, at present, the five regions chaotic war was yet to start. Central Continent was dominated by Heavenly Court, and the ten great ancient sects firmly controlled the whole of Central Continent.

Fang Yuan could foresee that this initial chaos would only last for a short period of time before the ten great ancient sects took control of the whole situation. The true beneficiaries would no doubt be them and Heavenly Court behind them.

The development of the events went according to Fang Yuan's prediction.

The change in the situation was even quicker than Fang Yuan's estimation! Central Continent's ten great ancient sects stabilized the situation, quickly making an internal agreement and expelling all the other forces and Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan got a deep impression of the colossal forces that were the ten great ancient sects.

"It is quite the pity regarding Starry Sky grotto-heaven, Seven Star Child, and that dream realm." Fang Yuan sighed with regret.

Starry Sky grotto-heaven was one of his long term plans, but now with this unforeseen event, this enormous benefit was missed by him.

However, the next change in events was beyond Fang Yuan's expectations.

A letter from He Feng Yang came to Fang Yuan through hole earth Gu.

In the letter, He Feng Yang, on behalf of Immortal Crane Sect, invited Fang Yuan to explore a fragment world of Starry Sky grotto-heaven!

"Could it be?!" Fang Yuan's gaze brightened sharply, the thought in his mind made him stand up in excitement, and laugh loudly.

After laughing, Fang Yuan mumbled to himself: "I cannot be careless, although the likelihood of it being a trap is rather small, it is better to first investigate before replying…"

Two days later, Fang Yuan came to a mountain valley in Central Continent.

This nameless valley was extremely lacking in supplies and in no way was remarkable, but because a large fragment of Starry Sky grotto-heaven had fallen here, this valley was already surrounded by the allied forces of the ten great ancient sects, making a thousand li around it a forbidden zone.

If other Gu Immortals stepped within this range, they would be killed without mercy!

Fang Yuan also did not dare to move around recklessly. He Feng Yang personally came out to welcome him and led him inside the valley.

There were over ten Gu Immortals, from the ten great ancient sects, guarding inside the valley.

"Kid, don't do anything stupid inside."

"Think about long term consequences, young man."

Seeing He Feng Yang lead Fang Yuan in, other Gu Immortals did not have nice expressions, they either threatened or advised.

"Sir is Fang Yuan?" A white clothed female immortal came out of the group of immortals.

"You are Fairy Bai Qing." Fang Yuan's focused his gaze slightly, as he bowed without changing his expression.

Fairy Bai Qing nodded at Fang Yuan, speaking in a warm tone: "You are the person who my daughter often mentioned. In this contest now over the ownership of the grotto-heaven fragment, I hope you can be merciful, we will definitely repay you in the future."

Fang Yuan had traded guts Gu with Spirit Affinity House many times, but had not seen Fairy Bai Qing once.

But now, as it concerned the safety of her daughter, Feng Jin Huang, Fairy Bai Qing had no choice but to appear personally and request Fang Yuan to give her some face.

Fang Yuan had his own plan, and accepted without any hesitation: "Collaborating with your side has been a pleasant experience, Lady Bai Qing can be at ease."

Fairy Bai Qing nodded in satisfaction.

Many other Gu Immortals snorted coldly.

A cold gaze flashed past He Feng Yang's eyes.

"Go in. The others have already entered, your cultivation is the highest so you are the last one." He Feng Yang said heavily.

Fang Yuan nodded and moved forward.

The scenery inside the valley was peculiar like a mirage, what looked like bushes were waves blue like the sea. The scene did not have boundaries in common with each other, resembling a broken picture that was abruptly put together.

This was naturally not a mirage, but a grotto-heaven fragment world, the entrance was open, allowing it to be explored.

Looking at Fang Yuan moving step by step inside, He Feng Yang could not put his heart at ease and reminded again: "Don't forget that place I told you about, you must occupy it!"

"No worries." Fang Yuan waved his hand without turning back. Under everyone's gazes, his body completely entered the grotto-heaven fragment.


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