Reverend Insanity
905 Pitiful Victory
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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905 Pitiful Victory

"Endure, endure it!"

"Success depends on this, we will win if we endure for just a bit more!"

In the incomplete Profound Ice House, everyone was screaming loudly, they lost their composure.

Outside the incomplete Profound Ice House, there were an uncountable number of soul beasts, they were like swamps of ants encircling Profound Ice House in the middle.

"How many hidden spots left?" Shark Demon shouted.

"A hundred and seventy-eight!" Bo Dan immediately reported. Even though he could not destroy the mortal Gu efficiently, at this point, fighting soul battlefield was close to collapsing, soul beasts were no longer being produced, Bo Dan's investigative methods could cover the entire battlefield.

"A hundred and seventy-eight…" Su Bai Man muttered, her expression was ugly, but the light of hope in her eyes shined brightly.

This number of hidden locations seemed easy to deal with.

But in fact, it was very difficult.

Firstly, the core Immortal Gu left were the hardest to deduce and take down.

Secondly, the immortals were now inside Profound Ice House, their methods were restricted, they could not use their methods as freely as before.

The Immortal Gu House had both offense and defense, as well as movement, it was a war fortress with capabilities in all areas, without any apparent weaknesses. The more Gu Immortals inside the Immortal Gu House, and the higher their cultivation levels, the more immortal essence they could provide to the Immortal Gu House, and the more power the Immortal Gu House could unleash!

But there was a flaw in this.

That was that the Gu Immortals could only provide fuel for the Immortal Gu House. The Immortal Gu House's offense, defense, movement, healing, investigation, and others, were decided based on the Immortal Gu House's own Immortal Gu and mortal Gu.

Thus, Fang Yuan, Xie Shu Fang, and the others' methods were obstructed by the Immortal Gu House, they could not be used.

From this perspective, ancient battle formations were much better than Immortal Gu Houses. Even though ancient battle formations had been deemed outdated in history after the emergence of countless Immortal Gu Houses, facts showed that ancient battle formations still had many advantages.

For example, the fighting methods of ancient battle formations were much more flexible than Immortal Gu Houses.

An Immortal Gu House's offense, defense, movement, healing, and investigation abilities were all decided by the Immortal Gu, they could not be changed, their power only depended on how much immortal essence was used, they were inflexible.

But ancient battle formations were different, even though ancient battle formations were also made of Gu formations, the core was the Gu Immortals inside.

The Gu Immortals could use their personal immortal killer moves inside the ancient battle formation.

Just like during the defensive battle of Lang Ya blessed land when Fang Yuan and the hairy man Gu Immortals used the second best ancient battle formation, Heavenly Giant Solor. This silver giant would change its form depending on what killer moves the Gu Immortal used, and the killer move's power would be amplified greatly as well.

In all, if it was an ancient battle formation, the immortals might have already destroyed all of the hidden Gu worms and obtained victory. But because this was an Immortal Gu House, they were restricted.

It was like climbing a mountain, they only had a small flight of stairs in front before they could reach the mountain peak. But just this small distance was an incredible obstacle to them.

In the immortals' perception, time seemed to have slowed down, every second felt like years.

"Are we going to fail again?" Su Bai Man muttered in disappointment, she showed a dark and defeated expression.

But at this time, Xie Shu Fang stood up, she said heavily to Shark Demon: "I can settle all of the remaining hidden Gu worms, but I would need to pay a huge price for my method. If you can give the Immortal Gu inside to me as compensation, I will help."

Shark Demon's expression was ugly, he snorted coldly. Su Bai Man also showed a ruthless and unfriendly gaze.

Xie Shu Fang's actions were likely to be extortion, but at this moment, they had no other ways left, to complete this difficult task, they could only rely on Xie Shu Fang.

But Xie Shu Fang asked for an Immortal Gu as compensation, Immortal Gu were extremely valuable, she was really asking for an exorbitant price.

But after Shark Demon thought about it for a while, he agreed without waiting for too long: "You can only take one Immortal Gu, that is my limit!"

He had undergone an intense competition in Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance to seize the mission for attacking Yu Lu blessed land.

Other than a portion of the benefits that had to be given to Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance, the rest would go to Shark Demon and Su Bai Man.

This immortal zombie couple had already invested a huge sum, their foundations were shaken. The Immortal Gu inside Yu Lu blessed land were their property, right now, Xie Shu Fang's request was simply digging away at their fortune!

But one had to say, Shark Demon really had a grand disposition, he knew how to assess the situation and give up some benefits when necessary.

He could actually hold in his anger and agree to Xie Shu Fang's request.

This made Fang Yuan praise him secretly.

Xie Shu Fang saw Shark Demon giving in and did not hesitate, she nodded, smiling: "Sir Shark Demon, I am not a greedy person. But one of the Immortal Gu in the battlefield killer move suits me a lot. I will not dare to ask for more Immortal Gu, I owe you a favor this time."

"Go ahead, Master Xie Shu Fang." Su Bai Man crossed her arms, saying in a cold tone.

This Immortal Gu was not easy to obtain.

Everyone watched with anticipation as Xie Shu Fang's expression turned serious, her aura was growing. At the same time, black and white lights appeared on her body.

The black and white light swirled around, forming into a big ball.

The ball was made of black, white, and grey, it resembled a map and was showing a life-like scene of the battlefield.

In the map, the incomplete Profound Ice House was a white dot in the center, surrounded by darkness, they were all soul beasts. The hidden Gu worms were around the countless soul beasts, they were shining like stars, having very clear locations.

Wisdom path immortal killer move — Distinct Map!

Xie Shu Fang breathed in deeply, she stretched out her finger and pointed at the map.

She used her index finger and thumb to grab onto a hidden spot, by exerting some strength, she squeezed.

The immortals only heard a soft cracking sound, like something had shattered.

Immediately after, Xie Shu Fang's fingers grinded, when she took out her hand, the Gu worms at the hidden spot were destroyed.

At once, the immortals gasped.

Xie Shu Fang's wisdom path killer move could bypass Profound Ice House and attack the outside world, with such precision. The soul beasts outside could do nothing to stop it, it was incredible!

Even Fang Yuan found it eye-opening.

This female immortal, Xie Shu Fang, might have a terrible attitude towards Fang Yuan, but she was called Master Xie by Shark Demon, she truly had some abilities.

Even though Fang Yuan had the advantage in terms of a good wisdom path inheritance and could surpass Bo Dan, Lu Tan Xin and Ninth Ghost Finger, against a wisdom path Gu Immortal like Xie Shu Fang, he was lacking by a lot.

Eventually, Xie Shu Fang used this distinct map killer move and destroyed most of the hidden Gu worms, capturing an Immortal Gu in the process.

When she took out this Immortal Gu from distinct map, the other Gu Immortals were all shocked.

After losing one Immortal Gu, fighting soul battlefield broke down rapidly, the remaining Immortal Gu and mortal Gu disappeared quickly, retreating on their own.

Countless soul beasts growled, as they growled, they attacked relentlessly for the final time.

Profound Ice House was after all an Immortal Gu House, it resisted the soul beasts' frenzied attacks until the end.

Eventually, the soul beast army disintegrated along with the battlefield killer move, Shark Demon and the others finally obtained victory.

But soon, they fell into another battlefield killer move.

"Heavens, how many battlefield killer moves are there in this Yu Lu blessed land?" Bo Dan held his head in desperation.

After the fighting soul battlefield, the immortals went into another new battlefield killer move — Eight Doors Labyrinth.

In this battlefield killer move, the sky and ground were all orange, other than eight huge doors around them, there was nothing else.

But even the best wisdom path Gu Immortal, Xie Shu Fang, showed a difficult expression, she reminded them: "Be careful. This eight doors labyrinth is used specially to trap enemies, even though it does not have the killing nature of fighting soul battlefield, it is harder to deal with."

Nobody had any rebuttal.

Eight doors labyrinth was very famous in history, when Gu Immortals were trapped inside, they would lose their sense of direction to a huge extent.

Furthermore, each of these eight doors would only allow one life form inside.

After entering, the door would disappear.

That was to say, the eight doors before Shark Demon and gang meant that they only had eight chances to explore it.

After entering the door, the Gu Immortals would need to fight alone with any help, there were no other Gu Immortals to help them.

"Rumors says that after entering the door, Gu Immortals will end up in a second area, and make another choice out of eight doors. In the eight doors labyrinth, there are eight areas, each area has eight doors. There is only one correct path however, choosing the wrong path would just be going in circles. This is a classic labyrinth battlefield, it is very powerful at trapping people. Without a wisdom path Gu Immortal skilled at deductions, there is no way to unravel it. Gu Immortals skilled at fighting cannot progress through this, they might even be trapped inside until they die." Xie Shu Fang sighed.

Even though she was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, she was not skilled in deductions.

The immortal killer move distinct map earlier had already exposed her foundation, she was a wisdom path Gu Immortal skilled at investigation and long ranged attacks, she was more of a battle type.

Fang Yuan's wisdom path inheritance was good at deductions, but he did not even have the most basic star thought Immortal Gu. One couldn't cook a meal without the ingredients, this was a very awkward state.

"This is only the first area, we can still retreat." Xie Shu Fang reminded.

In the earlier battlefield killer move, they could probe it. But against eight doors labyrinth, Gu Immortals would be risking their lives to investigate it, they could not even probe it from outside.

"Yu Lu blessed land's battlefield killer moves are getting harder to deal with. We should be close to completely taking it down?" Shark Demon sighed, he wisely chose to retreat.

Using Profound Ice House, the immortals charged out and left Yu Lu blessed land.

This time, even though Shark Demon and the others unraveled fighting soul battlefield, they paid a huge price, it was a pitiful victory.

The one that benefited the most was Xie Shu Fang.

She obtained an Immortal Gu as compensation, she was overjoyed.


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