Reverend Insanity
904 Star Thought Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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904 Star Thought Immortal Gu

This was a race against time!

If Shark Demon and the others could not hold off the soul beasts, then this invasion would end in failure again.

If the Gu Immortals could unravel the battlefield killer move before that, they would obtain victory.


Fang Yuan waved his sleeves, a wisdom path mortal killer move was used, he destroyed seven to eight hidden Gu worms.

Earlier, when he targeted this fighting soul battlefield killer move, he could only destroy five to six hidden Gu worms at once. But now, he could destroy seven to eight. This showed that during this time, he had been hiding in Hu Immortal blessed land, practicing and learning to improve his wisdom path techniques.

But Fang Yuan was not satisfied: "This kind of self-directed learning is too limited in terms of improvement. To increase my rate of deducing this battlefield killer move, I need Immortal Gu. It is a pity, even though I have a wisdom path Immortal Gu, Unravel Mystery, I cannot use it to deal with battlefield killer moves."

Unravel mystery Immortal Gu's effect was to help a Gu Immortal think and solve puzzles and mysteries. If the battlefield killer move was treated as a puzzle, then unravel mystery Immortal Gu would be very helpful in unraveling battlefield killer moves.

But simply unravel mystery Immortal Gu alone could not do anything to battlefield killer moves.

Fang Yuan used the light of wisdom and intended to use unravel mystery Immortal Gu as the core to deduce a simple immortal killer move that could unravel battlefield killer moves.

But unfortunately, even though Fang Yuan had been trying hard, up until the point when he had to come to Eastern Sea, he did not succeed.

Deducing an immortal killer move was very difficult.

Normally speaking, even if rank eight Gu Immortals wanted to deduce a brand new immortal killer move, they would need to spend years.

And every so often, their foundations would be insufficient, until their deaths, they would not be able to complete the immortal killer move.

Thus, Fang Yuan also had many incomplete immortal killer moves in the inheritances that he had obtained.

Even though Fang Yuan's star path attainment level was ordinary, relying on wisdom Gu, he could completely deduce some incomplete immortal killer moves, that resulted in star fire escape and projected star thought.

But now, he wanted to deduce a brand new wisdom path killer move without any foundation, this was out of Fang Yuan's abilities.

Even with the light of wisdom, his wisdom path attainment level was ordinary, this was his greatest drawback, it was holding him back.

"Actually, unravel mystery Immortal Gu and the unraveling of battlefield killer moves are very closely related. As long as my wisdom path attainment level reaches master level, I will be able to design a new wisdom path immortal killer move specially used to unravel battlefield killer moves."

Fang Yuan had estimated this inwardly long ago.

But now, even though he felt some regret, he was not anxious at all.

Since Shark Demon had promised him publicly to recommend him to Zombie Alliance, there was little chance that he would go back on his words.

Even if this attempt to unravel fighting soul battlefield fails, Fang Yuan would not be implicated.

Fang Yuan would had achieved his goal, that was to join Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance.

"In fact, from another perspective, to express my value to Shark Demon, so that it would benefit me, battlefield killer moves like fighting soul battlefield should take as long to deduce as possible."

If he completely deduced these battlefield killer moves, and Yu Lu blessed land was taken down, Fang Yuan would receive little benefits from it. He might as well drag the time out and wait for himself to get stronger, he might get a bigger share of the profits then.

Fang Yuan continued to move his hands, he was calm as he observed the situation secretly with his peripheral vision.

He did not need to observe Bo Dan, he was doing the same, trying his best to deduce, but he could only destroy one hidden Gu worm at once, he made barely any progress towards this situation.

Fang Yuan's focus was on the three new Gu Immortals. They had wisdom path techniques in one way or another, they were invited by Shark Demon for this purpose.

The one closest to Fang Yuan was the elderly Gu Immortal, demonic path Gu Immortal Ninth Ghost Finger.

Right now, he was lowering his head and looking at his hands. His ten fingers were intact, but when he moved his fingers rapidly, only nine fingers could be seen in the silhouettes.

His wisdom path inheritance was very unique, the missing finger represented the 'one in the Great Dao' that fled, it was the most profound heavenly secret.

Ninth Ghost Finger moved his fingers, they danced in the air like phantom spirits, he chanted in an unknown language that no one could understand.

At the same time, all sorts of mortal Gu flew out of his immortal aperture.

These mortal Gu flew into the air and self-detonated, revealing the hidden locations of Gu around the area.

Some mortal Gu only destroyed one spot, while some mortal Gu destroyed seven to eight hidden Gu worms. On average, his speed was slightly slower than Fang Yuan, but his wisdom path attainment level was definitely higher.

Fang Yuan looked at Big Bag Lu Tan Xin.

The title of Big Bag was very interesting, Fang Yuan guessed that since he was a space path Gu Immortal, did Big Bag mean that he had incredibly skilled storage techniques?

But normally speaking, Gu Immortals who mainly cultivate space path have a lot of space path dao marks, their immortal aperture would also be much larger than ordinary Gu Immortals' immortal apertures.

Right now, Lu Tan Xin's eyes had turned into vertical pupils, they were like cat's eyes as he investigated continuously.

His fat hands turned golden and oily, the aura that leaked from it displayed to others that this was a top tier mortal killer move.

Lu Tan Xin first observed for a few breaths of time before striking.

He stretched out a golden hand and aimed at one point, pointing a finger.

This movement seemed to have expended a lot of his energy, soon, he was breathing roughly and panting.

But after each time he pointed, at the corresponding direction, large numbers of hidden Gu worms would be destroyed, turning into golden dust that scattered.

Every strike of Lu Tan Xin's destroyed eight hidden Gu worms.

But his speed was very slow.

His attacks needed investigation beforehand, and he had to take several breaths of time to prepare it, it was very exhausting. The more tired he got, the slower his attacks became.

Thus, in conclusion, Lu Tan Xin was slower than Ninth Ghost Finger.

It could be seen that Shark Demon's evaluation was on point. When Shark Demon introduced Lu Tan Xin, he said that he had wisdom path attainment. When he introduced Ninth Ghost Finger, he said that he cultivated wisdom path on the side. Meanwhile, Shark Demon also placed much focus on Gu Immortal Xie Shu Fang, as a person mainly cultivating wisdom path, she was undoubtedly the most capable among the three.

Fang Yuan looked at Xie Shu Fang next.

As expected!

Xie Shu Fang stood in the air arrogantly, two streams of yellow and white vapor were blowing out of her nose continuously.

The yellow and white streams of vapor moved extremely quickly, they moved a round in the air, destroying up to a hundred hidden mortal Gu.

After destroying these Gu worms, the yellow and white streams became thinner, but when they returned to Xie Shu Fang's nostrils and were breathed out again, they regained their power and become unstoppable again.

Heaviness flashed across Fang Yuan's eyes secretly.

These two streams of yellow and white vapor had incredible power, this was surely an immortal killer move.

The power of an immortal killer move was much greater than the mortal killer moves that Fang Yuan had.

Fang Yuan sighed to himself internally: "My wisdom path attainment level is insufficient, I cannot use unravel mystery Immortal Gu properly, so be it, attainment levels can only normally be accumulated through long periods of time. But if I have star thought Immortal Gu, according to Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance, I will be able to use at least three wisdom path immortal killer moves to destroy battlefield killer moves. Among them, two are even stronger than this yellow and white vapor, by at least five to six times!"

The wisdom path inheritance from Dong Fang Chang Fan was more refined than the one Xie Shu Fang had.

Fang Yuan wanted to obtain star thought Immortal Gu the most now.

On one hand, he had a huge need for star thoughts. One Fang Yuan stone nest in Hu Immortal blessed land was refining star thought Gu all the time now. If he had star thought Immortal Gu, he would be able to use this stone nest for the production of airsac Gu, increasing its scale and earning more immortal essence stones for Fang Yuan.

On the other hand, star thought Immortal Gu was one of the two cores of the immortal killer move star fog concealment.

Star fog concealment had a similar effect to dark limit Immortal Gu.

It could defend against other people's deductions, making their deductions unclear and inaccurate regarding the truth.

Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance had many top tier mortal killer moves, Fang Yuan had used them, but facing people like Song Jia Dan, there was no way to defend against his deductions using them.

Once Fang Yuan stepped into Eastern Sea, the mortal Gu that he had used instantly self-detonated, the defensive mortal killer moves collapsed in no time.

Evidently, if Fang Yuan really became a fugitive in the future and was hunted down by everyone, countless people would be deducing his whereabouts. Then, he would need an immortal killer move to protect himself against others' deductions.

It could be seen that mortal killer moves, even if they were top tier, would have no use no matter how many there were.

There was a qualitative difference between immortal and mortal.

"But to refine star thought Immortal Gu, there are many difficulties. Firstly, the issue of funding, I have just spent two thousand immortal essence stones, the money I have on hand currently is limited. Even if I have enough, to purchase all of the immortal materials, I will need enough time and luck. Also, my success dao mark was used up already to refine change form Immortal Gu. Even if I prepare adequately, if I am unlucky, and encounter the failure rate, I would fail to refine star thought Immortal Gu."

"As for other people refining star thought Immortal Gu, the possibility is very small, after all, Dong Fang Chang Fan only self-detonated star thought Immortal Gu not too long ago."

Time passed, seven minutes had gone by already.

In fighting soul battlefield, ancient soul beasts appeared again.

A continuous stream of soul beasts encircled Fang Yuan and the others from all directions.

Compared to the dark swamp of soul beasts, Fang Yuan and the others were like sesame seeds on a pancake!

However, Shark Demon and the others were not desperate, they had intent to fight and anticipation.

That was because Fang Yuan and the others were close to succeeding in dismantling the battlefield killer move.

"All or nothing!" Shark Demon gritted his teeth, he knew that he had to stake it all now, he activated the incomplete Profound Ice House without hesitation.

The incomplete Profound Ice House took in everyone as it rushed out of the soul beast army by charging forward.

It charged unhindered, tearing countless soul beasts to shreds, even the desolate beast level soul beasts could not stop the rampaging Profound Ice House.

Bam bam bam!

Ancient soul beasts had enough strength, they surrounded Profound Ice House and attacked ruthlessly.

Immortal essence was expended intensely, Shark Demon, Su Bai Man and the others' expressions turned pale!


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