Reverend Insanity
903 Joining Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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903 Joining Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance

Fang Yuan was not anxious, as long as Gu Yue Fang Zheng was eating food, it meant that he had the will to live. As for how to change his mindset, and alter his perspective, so that Fang Zheng would view Fang Yuan more favorably, it was a long process, there was no need to rush.

Afterwards, Fang Yuan came to another secret room and inspected Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul.

He had many souls of immortals now, there was Dong Fang Chang Fan, featherman Gu Immortal Zheng Ling, Snowy Mountain's Xue Song Zi, as well as the Eastern Sea lone cultivator Yao Ge Pi.

These last days, other than developing Star Form blessed land, he had been searching these souls. Currently, he had searched all of their souls already, he gained a lot of benefits.

But what truly made Fang Yuan 'crave for more' was Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul.

Once in a while, Fang Yuan would search his soul.

It was no exception this time.

After the soul search, Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul suddenly spoke: "My memories have been read by you countless times, but recently, when you conduct soul searches, you will always check the memories regarding the dismantling of battlefield killer moves in my soul. It seems that you have encountered an inheritance, or have faced a strong foe that requires you to unravel a battlefield killer move."

Towards Dong Fang Chang Fan's words, Fang Yuan was slightly taken aback, he replied frankly: "That's right. These last days, I have been studying your wisdom path inheritance, especially the details about resolving battlefield killer moves. Combined with my experiences and your memories, I will gain a lot of insight each time."

Soul searching was like reading a book, but one was reading the memories in the soul instead. But like reading a book, there was no way to memorize every single small detail accurately. One thorough soul search was like reading a book from start to finish, you would learn about the contents of the book only. With constant revision, one would learn in-depth about the information, and would obtain more knowledge from it.

Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul smiled: "Have you thought about it, I can actually help you. You re just a wisdom path newbie, no matter how much you revise and read through, the gains that you can have are limited. Meanwhile, my wisdom path attainment is much higher, as long as you give me a body, I will be able to make deductions for you and help you think of solutions. Isn't this a good idea? You can use information path methods to restrict me, I will be your most capable assistant."

"That is a good idea indeed." Fang Yuan nodded, he smiled faintly: "But I will not do that, forget about it. Even after being left with a soul, you are still not giving up, it seems that I have not given you a thorough lesson yet."

Fang Yuan's smile turned into a sinister sneer.

Dozens of Gu worms moved with his will, activating.

"Ah—!" Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul shook intensely, the cell was full of his anguished cries.

This punishment lasted for two hours, the pain in the soul was much more intense than in the body, Dong Fang Chang Fan was definitely taught a good lesson.

Fang Yuan obviously did not waste time there, he left long ago and went to two other secret rooms.

In one room, there was the rank seven featherman Gu Immortal Zheng Ling's soul, in the other room, there was Xue Song Zi's soul.

Even though these two Gu Immortals were not wisdom path Gu Immortals during their lives, they had memories regarding battlefield killer moves as well.

Even though they did not have wisdom path techniques, one was wind path and the other was snow path, they had their own unique methods to deal with battlefield killer moves. These memories were useful as references for Fang Yuan.

What was worth noting was, both their souls had been searched multiple times by Fang Yuan already.

From Xue Song Zi's soul, Fang Yuan learned that he had kept a fortune in Snowy Mountain blessed land. In his mountain peak, there were a number of snowmen, as well as plants related to snow pines there.

But Fang Yuan did not dare to take them.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu's capabilities were unfathomable, Fang Yuan did not have much confidence in vaguely familiar face. He could not tell Fairy Li Shan about Xue Song Zi's death either.


Because Fairy Li Shan and Xue Song Zi were both members of Snowy Mountain, they were allies. After learning that Fang Yuan killed Xue Song Zi, even if Fairy Li Shan did not deal with Fang Yuan, she would have to inform Old Ancestor Xue Hu due to the alliance agreement.

Meanwhile, from Zheng Ling's soul, Fang Yuan also made some gains. He obtained a complete wind path inheritance from Zheng Ling, as well as the immortal killer move heavenly wish, along with precious information regarding the Immortal Gu House, Sacred Feather City, and the green heaven fragment world that the feathermen lived in.

This world was huge, there was a lot of resources inside, after Fang Yuan learned about it, he almost drooled.

Even though he knew about the scenery in the green heaven fragment world, such that Fang Yuan could use Fixed Immortal Travel to get there, but since that place was currently occupied by White Sea Shatuo and other Gu Immortals, it was like a lion's den. Fang Yuan would not take the risk easily.

After coming out from the secret room, Fang Yuan received Tai Bai Yun Sheng's transmission, he said: I have already met up with Shark Demon and the others.

Fang Yuan used Fixed Immortal Travel and teleported into Tai Bai Yun Sheng's immortal aperture before coming out of it.

At the next moment, Xing Xiang Zi appeared before Shark Demon and the others.

"Come, let me introduce you, this is the 'world famous' Xing Xiang Zi." Shark Demon laughed as he introduced enthusiastically.

Fang Yuan showed a bitter smile: "Lord Shark Demon, please don't make fun of me… sigh."

Saying so, tiny explosions occurred over Fang Yuan's body, it was as if firecrackers had been ignited on his body.

Fang Yuan's expression did not change, his body shook as hundreds of mortal Gu on his body fell out.

None of these mortal Gu survived, some were torn to shreds from this explosion.

"Hehehe, Xing Xiang Zi, you offended Song clan, this wisdom path mortal killer move cannot conceal your traces." Behind Shark Demon, an elderly Gu Immortal spoke.

Another skinny middle aged female Gu Immortal had an arrogant expression as she said with disdain: "That's right. Right now, among the three most capable wisdom path Gu Immortals in Eastern Sea, one of them is Song clan's Song Jia Dan. If you only have these methods, you will be exposed soon."

The last person was unfamiliar, he wore a golden robe and had a fat body, he looked like a rich person as he smiled and expressed goodwill towards Fang Yuan: "Jia Dan sits in twin polar, Hua An hides in Nan Gong, there is also Dragon Head Tortoise, living inside adversity sea. This refers to the three best wisdom path experts in Eastern Sea. Among them, Song Jia Dan ranks the highest, he sacrificed himself for his clan and fused himself into the world of Eastern Sea itself. As long as it is within Eastern Sea, he can deduce it accurately, this is very scary. Even if sir hides in someone's immortal aperture, you will only delay the timing, you will be found eventually."

Xing Xiang Zi nodded, he cupped his fists towards the three Gu Immortals: "I have been enlightened, thank you for the information."

The mortal Gu that died were his defensive wisdom path methods, to protect him against others' deductions.

But the moment Fang Yuan stepped into Eastern Sea, these defensive measures self-detonated, one could see how skilled Song Jia Dan was from this.

"Alright, brother Xing Xiang, let me introduce you." Shark Demon referred to the elderly Gu Immortal with his hand: "This is the demonic path Gu Immortal Ninth Ghost Finger, he cultivates soul path mainly and wisdom path on the side."

Shark Demon shifted to the arrogant middle aged female Gu Immortal: "This is the wisdom path Gu Immortal Xie Shu Fang, Master Xie."

Finally, he talked about the smiling fat Gu Immortal: "This is 'Big Bag' Lu Tan Xin, he mainly cultivates space path, but he has wisdom path attainment as well."

"It is my honor to meet all three of you." Fang Yuan cupped his fists again, having a humble attitude.

The middle aged female Gu Immortal Xie Shu Fang said coldly: "Meeting you is my misfortune. You offended Song clan, don't think you can escape. Right now, you are still scot-free, that is because Song clan did not go all out to find you, as they are busy fighting for Ascending Heaven Plain and have no time for you. I would advise you to surrender to Song clan, burdening me is one thing, but if you burden everyone and cause our Yu Lu blessed land invasion to be obstructed, you will be doing everyone a disservice."

Her words were very rude, many Gu Immortals heard it and had a change of expression. They were not worried about Xie Shu Fang's words, instead, they were worried that Xing Xiang Zi might feel insulted and create a conflict among themselves, creating internal strife.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's expression turned grim, while Bo Dan felt secretly joyful seeing that Fang Yuan was insulted.

Fang Yuan gave Xie Shu Fang a look, he thought that this Gu Immortal was probably in the righteous path, resulting in such a poor attitude towards himself.

Fang Yuan was joyful instead of angry, he continued from her words: "Master Xie is right, Song clan is a super force, they have such great influence, how could I defend against them? Thus, I have decided, Lord Shark Demon, I would like your help in joining Zombie Alliance, do you think I can avoid this trouble if I join?"

Xie Shu Fang was stunned, in her impression, Northern Plains Gu Immortals were very rash and arrogant, why was he being so mild?

Shark Demon was the first to react, he laughed loudly: "Of course you can. Brother Xing Xiang is a great talent, joining Zombie Alliance is a good idea. I can assure you, you will join Zombie Alliance smoothly. As long as you did not defile Song Yi Shi, we can back you up in this matter, and support you as we negotiate with Song clan."

"Then I will thank Lord Shark Demon first." Fang Yuan's face was full of helplessness and bitterness: "Don't worry Lord Shark Demon, I had accidentally entered the bottom of the volcano and saw that Fairy Yi Shi bathing, that was the cause of this crisis, sigh…"

Fang Yuan sighed deeply, he showed a look of feeling upset over a great misfortune that he did not intend for.

Bo Dan's expression became very dark.

Shark Demon laughed loudly: "I believe brother Xing Xiang Zi, come, let's go and break that fighting soul battlefield!"

After entering Yu Lu blessed land, everyone entered fighting soul battlefield again.

In a dark and gloomy area, dark clouds were looming as a thunderstorm approached, intense winds blew and a sandstorm was blowing. Soul beasts formed in the sandstorm, they grew in numbers and charged towards Fang Yuan and the others without stopping.

Fang Yuan, Bo Dan, and the others had started deducing the battlefield the moment they entered, they displayed all their methods and techniques.

Because of their earlier probing, they had found out, the key to this round was not traps or difficulty, it was the immense time needed to find all the Gu worms.

Seven minutes later, ancient soul beasts would start to form, it would be best if they dismantled this fighting soul battlefield before seven minutes!


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