Reverend Insanity
900 Borrowing Gu from Lang Ya Land Spiri
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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900 Borrowing Gu from Lang Ya Land Spiri

Fang Yuan did not hesitate, he immediately used Fixed Immortal Travel to go to Lang Ya blessed land.

Lang Ya blessed land had already undergone a huge change.

In the vast sea, three continents were facing each other. In the air, there was a fourth continent made from cloud soil.

Because there was an intense battle that destroyed much of the blessed land, Tai Bai Yun Sheng had helped and restored most of it to its original state.

Even though Tai Bai Yun Sheng did not participate in the battle, he helped repair the blessed land after the battle, he earned quite a sum as well.

Of course, because some Immortal Gu that made up Refinement Cauldron were gone, the space in the blessed land shrank. Tai Bai Yun Sheng did not have the power to restore the missing space and everything that was in them.

The twelve cloud buildings had been rebuilt by Lang Ya land spirit, split up across the cloud soil continent. In addition, there were many hairy man Gu Masters surrounding the twelve cloud buildings, reconstructing even more buildings.

"I intend to create twelve cloud cities centered upon the twelve cloud buildings. This cloud soil continent in the sky will become the new living area for elite hairy men." After Lang Ya land spirit saw Fang Yuan, he explained this.

Fang Yuan nodded in agreement.

Because Lang Ya blessed land lost a number of Immortal Gu, the space inside shrunk by a lot. And because there were many hairy men living in the blessed land, they were reaching the limit of the three continents. Thus, in this situation, a new area to allow the hairy men to live and propagate was needed.

But Lang Ya land spirit's next words shocked Fang Yuan.

"Other than this, I have also established Lang Ya Sect! This sect system will use Central Continent as a reference, I will be the sect's first supreme elder, and the hairy man Gu Immortals will be the other supreme elders. My previous self was too foolish, he used these precious Gu Immortals for Gu refinement. Hmph! To fulfill the dominance of hairy men, bloodshed is necessary."

"Next, I will start training these hairy man Gu Immortals, nurturing their battle talents. Once they have sufficient strength to protect themselves, I will send them out of the blessed land, and let them complete all kinds of sect missions."

"Also, under my influence, the three continents in the sea will erupt in war! From among them, three kings will be chosen, and they will create three kingdoms on their respective continents. The kingdoms will fight against each other, and each year, my Lang Ya Sect will pick the most elite hairy men from these three kingdoms, and send the elite hairy men to the continent in the clouds, they will become the foundation of Lang Ya Sect. Furthermore, I will choose a rank five peak stage hairy man Gu Master as the sect leader of Lang Ya Sect!"

The new Lang Ya land spirit was completely different from the previous one, maybe he was affected by the attack of Qin Bai Sheng, but Lang Ya land spirit had decided to undertake a complete reform of Lang Ya blessed land, he used hard-handed methods and had the disposition of a conquering grand emperor.

Different emperors employ different styles of rulership, because of Lang Ya land spirit's change, the hairy men that were living in the lower tiers were undergoing turmoil and difficulties from war, their peaceful and serene lifestyles were not to return.

"Lang Ya land spirit used such a cruel method to choose the most outstanding hairy men. But this method is simply too wasteful."

Fang Yuan felt some pity, there were bound to be large numbers of sacrifices during war.

He felt quite a loss inwardly, he might as well use these hairy men for Gu refinement.

But Fang Yuan would not say these words openly, he could only mutter in his mind.

From Lang Ya land spirit's perspective, hairy men were the most outstanding creatures of all, humans and all other variant humans were underneath them.

Fang Yuan raised hairy men and used them as slaves for Gu refinement. If Lang Ya land spirit knew this, he would not accept it, he might even fall out with Fang Yuan.

Thus, even though Fang Yuan lacked knowledge and experience of raising hairy men, in the previous discussions regarding the compensation of defending Lang Ya blessed land, Fang Yuan did not attempt to request this even though he knew that Lang Ya land spirit had extremely precious knowledge of how to nurture hairy men.

"But at this rate, Lang Ya blessed land would undergo a huge reform, the hairy men would start working hard and their battle strengths will rise drastically. Maybe this happened in my previous life, after such a transformation in Lang Ya blessed land, it managed to endure seven waves of attacks."

"But this Lang Ya blessed land has hidden undercurrents deep beneath the surface, even though two hairy man Gu Immortal traitors were exposed, we can't be sure that there will not be a third or fourth traitor among the rest. The methods of Qin Bai Sheng that can develop traitors to this extent in here are really unimaginable."

Fang Yuan thought about this as he told Lang Ya land spirit his intentions.

Lang Ya land spirit was slightly shocked, he asked again: "Oh? You want to borrow my set of Immortal Gu now and relocate your blessed land? I remember I told you this set of Immortal Gu will not be cheap. Even on the basis that you fought against strong enemies for us, I told you that you will still need to pay two thousand immortal essence stones?"

Fang Yuan took out two thousand immortal essence stones, handing them to the land spirit: "Look, I've prepared them already."

Lang Ya land spirit was greatly shocked, he received the immortal essence stones as he inspected Fang Yuan, his gaze slightly changing.

He knew Fang Yuan's foundation and was very surprised: "This lad only ascended recently, he already has so many immortal essence stones?"

"Back then when he made transactions with my previous self, he had to earn immortal essence stones by deducing Immortal Gu recipes, it showed how poor he was. It seems that these immortal essence stones were mostly borrowed. That is bad if he owes people a huge sum, or even worse, favors."

Lang Ya land spirit shook his head, he did not approve of Fang Yuan's actions.

But he understood why.

He knew that Fang Yuan's crime was simply too absurd. Once it was exposed, he would be in a doomed situation, he would be chased to the ends of the world.

Thus, Fang Yuan had to relocate the blessed land.

But this point was also the main reason why Lang Ya land spirit wanted to gradually take in Fang Yuan and turn him into a lackey.

It was because Fang Yuan was under such a situation, he was faced with enemies everywhere, when he is left without a choice, he would have to join the hairy men, and become a traitor of the humans.

But what Lang Ya land spirit did not know was — he was completely wrong!

These two thousand immortal essence stones were actually Fang Yuan's own savings.

Fang Yuan was rich now, very rich!

He earned one hundred and eighty immortal essence stones from his first transaction of guts Gu with Spirit Affinity House.

After the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, Fang Yuan displayed formidable Gu refinement talent, He Feng Yang personally invited him to go to Immortal Crane Sect and take a look, this was a change in attitude of Immortal Crane Sect towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan owned Hu Immortal blessed land now, he had room to maneuver between Immortal Crane Sect and Spirit Affinity House.

As his situation became much easier, and as he considered the dangers of being chased down, Fang Yuan decided to increase the production of guts Gu.

Once he made this decision, the profits that he earned from guts Gu each month reached a total of three hundred immortal essence stones!

And don't forget, after Fang Yuan took over Star Form blessed land, he even obtained Star Lord Wan Xiang's four sources of revenue. He even went ahead and established the trade of regretful spiders with Western Desert's Xiao clan.

With a total of six sources of revenue, he earned over a thousand immortal essence stones each month!

There were still the dragonfish and eerie fire dragon pythons that had not entered the market yet. If he included these two, Fang Yuan's initial estimation was that his monthly profit would reach a total of one thousand and five hundred!

Two months had already passed since Fang Yuan became the owner of Star Form blessed land.

He naturally had more than two thousand immortal essence stones in his current possession.

Thinking of back then, when he had just become an immortal, he had to calculate every single stone, looking at prices carefully, he even had to think of how to efficiently use half an immortal essence stone. But now he had over a thousand immortal essence stones of profit a month, he had truly progressed greatly and taken a huge step forward.

He took a really huge step, but Lang Ya land spirit did not know about it, even though he was already thinking highly of Fang Yuan, he was still very wrong.

Even though Fang Yuan was an immortal zombie with the lowest cultivation level, his immortal essence stone profits approached the level of rank seven Gu Immortals.

After paying two thousand immortal essence stones, Fang Yuan and Lang Ya land spirit used an information path immortal killer move to form an agreement.

Eventually, Fang Yuan gave the land spirit two Immortal Gu as collateral before he successfully borrowed a set of Immortal Gu used to relocate blessed lands, there were sixteen of them.

Fang Yuan moved without resting, he used Fixed Immortal Travel and returned to Star Form blessed land.

Star Form blessed land had three desolate beast spinefin star dragonfish, Fang Yuan had already seen them before, he did not hesitate, he chose the strongest one.

He first moved around the spinefin star dragonfish, using methods to inspect the dragonfish's size, bone structure, flesh, blood, and other aspects.

After confirming that the spinefin star dragonfish was in a good state, Fang Yuan sat in the air as he shut his eyes while facing the desolate beast.

The spinefin star dragonfish had been tamed since long ago, it obediently floated in the air without moving. Its fish-like eyes that were large as horse carriages shined with some starlight, showing Fang Yuan's reflection from within.

Fang Yuan's was calm, but he gradually started getting excited in his mind.

Countless star thoughts moved like fireflies filling the endless sky, dancing around in the small area of his mind.

These star thoughts split into two portions.

One portion occupied the right part of his mind, forming a three dimensional image of the spinefin star dragonfish.

The other portion was at the left side, forming the image of Star Form blessed land.

After completing this step, Fang Yuan breathed in deeply as he activated his immortal essence, injecting them into the wisdom path Immortal Gu that he had borrowed, and according to the method that the land spirit gave him, he started deducing.

Two lumps of star thoughts flew rapidly, they collided intensely and created a star cloud storm in his mind.

In the storm, countless star thoughts flashed continuously, some joined together while others disintegrated.

One day, two days, three days… in Star Form blessed land, after a total of seven days and six nights, Fang Yuan, who was extremely exhausted, opened his eyes slowly.

One hundred and sixty thousand star thoughts had been used up in his mind. He even spent sixty-six beads of immortal essence to activate the wisdom path Immortal Gu.

After paying such a huge price, Fang Yuan obtained two sets of Gu formation charts.

Among these two Gu formation charts, one was big and one was small.

The bigger Gu formation chart reflected Star Form blessed land, it had eight formation cores. The smaller Gu formation chart reflected the spinefin star dragonfish, there were four formation cores. Each of the formation cores needed a specific Immortal Gu, in total, both Gu formation charts needed twelve Immortal Gu.


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