Reverend Insanity
899 Twin Polar Sea Strait, Song Jia Dan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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899 Twin Polar Sea Strait, Song Jia Dan

Eastern Sea, Song clan's headquarters, Heavy Water blessed land.

"Grandpa, you have to avenge me!" Song Yi Shi charged into the study room, stomping her feet and throwing a tantrum to the rank eight Gu Immortal Song Qi Yuan.

Song Qi Yuan and some rank seven Gu Immortal elders were discussing matters of the clan.

But Song Yi Shi barged in directly like this.

Song Qi Yuan turned around slowly, he showed no anger on his face as he smiled kindly: "My sweet granddaughter, how do you want grandpa to avenge you?"

Song Yi Shi did not find it strange that her grandfather knew about this, in fact, if Song Qi Yuan did not know about it, that would be the strange thing.

Before this young female Gu Immortal came, she had already thought of an answer, she gritted her teeth: "Grandpa, strike directly and capture him alive, I will deal with him after that."

At the same time, she thought inwardly: "I will dig out this old lecher's eyes out first, then I will pull out his tendons and his skin, I will carve out his bones and make his flesh rot, he will be in so much pain, I will make him regret everything that he has done!"

Song Qi Yuan nodded, he did not hesitation, he agreed: "That is a good method, but…"

He dragged his words out, Song Qi Yuan changed the course of the conversation as he showed a difficult expression: "Grandpa has something important to do now, I cannot leave, why don't I get your uncle, Song Xia Qi, to help you?"

Song Yi Shi's eyes shined, she forget her own situation, she thought of something as she asked excitedly: "Grandpa, is it regarding Ascending Heaven Plain?"

Song Qi Yuan did not hide it from her, he admitted: "That's right! Ascending Heaven Plain's exact location has already become an open secret among most Eastern Sea Gu Immortals. In Ascending Heaven Plain, there is Old Eccentric Tian Nan's inheritance. This time, grandpa will lead the clan's Gu Immortals to compete against Cai clan and Ruo Lai clan, to try to obtain Old Eccentric Tian Nan's inheritance."

Old Eccentric Tian Nan, a refinement path supreme grandmaster from the Remote Antiquity Era, he was on par with Old Immortal Kong Jue and Long Hair Ancestor over the course of history.

According to historical records, Old Eccentric Tian Nan had a strange personality, he attempted to refine the immemorial nine heavens and ended up dying after failing.

Even though Song Yi Shi was spoiled since she was young, she understood the bigger picture, she quickly replied: "Go and deal with that, grandpa, make sure you utterly defeat them both! You do not need to worry about my matter, but just uncle Song Xia Qi isn't enough, I want uncle Song Jia Dan to help me once, to deduce the location of that old lecher."

"Haha, my dear granddaughter. Alright, take this token and go to twin polar sea strait, and find your uncle Song Jia Dan." Saying so, Song Qi Yuan tossed a token to her.

Song Yi Shi quickly caught it and showed a joyful expression, she turned around and left, not even saying a word of goodbye.

Twin polar sea strait was covered in a thick layer of fog all year round.

In the air, Song Yi Shi stopped, seeing the fog in front of her, she felt a little troubled, she turned to the middle aged Gu Immortal beside her: "Uncle Xia Qi, how do we get in?"

Song Xia Qi's body was filled with a vigorous aura, he smiled lightly and said: "Didn't your grandfather give you a token? Little Yi Shi, you just need to take out the token and your uncle Jia Dan will sense it."

Song Yi Shi held the token high up in the air.

A moment later, the fog in front of her started to disperse, a small tunnel appeared, it directly connected to the inside of twin polar sea strait.

Song Yi Shi and Song Xia Qi entered the tunnel and stepped into twin polar sea strait, meeting Song Jia Dan.

Song Jia Dan was a wisdom path Gu Immortal that Song clan had specially nurtured.

He stayed on the cliff of twin polar sea strait normally, his upper body was already old and weak, his lower body had been petrified, his legs seemed to have fused with twin polar sea strait.

"Uncle Jia Dan!" Song Yi Shi called out.

Since birth, she had only met the Gu Immortal Song Jia Dan a handful of times, but that did not affect her admiration towards Song Jia Dan.

Song Jia Dan had sacrificed his own freedom for the clan. Ever since he became a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he had sat here, using his special wisdom path inheritance to fuse with the world. Because of this, Song Jia Dan's deductions and schemes were very brilliant. Every time Song clan had important matters, they would ask him to help and deduce their upcoming fortunes.

Right now in the world of Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals, he was publicly recognized as one of the three most capable wisdom path Gu Immortals.

The saying goes: Jia Dan sits in twin polar, Hua An hides in Nan Gong, there is also Dragon Head Tortoise, living inside adversity sea.

Song Jia Dan had already opened his eyes, he looked at Song Yi Shi and Song Xia Qi expressionlessly.

He wanted to smile, but his face was hard like a statue, his muscles were stiff and could show no expression, even if he opened his mouth, he could only speak very slowly and with much difficulty: "Little Shi, cousin Xia Qi, it has been a long time."

"Uncle Jia Dan, I am here to ask you to deduce the location of an enemy. This is his appearance, and the aura that I collected." Song Yi Shi passed two Gu worms to him.

"Let me look at the command token first." Song Jia Dan spoke slowly. Even though he was familiar with Song Yi Shi and Song Xia Qi, he was to be impartial, to make a deduction, he needed to see Song Qi Yuan's command token first.

After checking that the token was authentic, Song Jia Dan opened his mouth, a suction force made both of the Gu worms from Song Yi Shi go into his mouth.

He shut his eyes and started deducing.

A long while later, he opened his eyes, perplexion shined in his eyes: "I could not deduce anything."

"What?" At once, not only Song Xia Qi who was in anticipation, but even Song Yi Shi, who was very confident, showed immense shock.

"Uncle, you are one of the three best wisdom path Gu Immortals in Eastern Sea, how can you fail the deduction?" Song Yi Shi asked.

"Little Shi, don't be anxious." Song Xia Qi's expression turned heavy: "Elder cousin Jia Dan, the other party is only a rank six lone cultivator that came from Northern Plains, with your wisdom path attainment, you could not deduce anything?"

Song Jia Dan was still expressionless, he spoke slowly: "Is it strange that I could not deduce anything? I am merely rank seven, even though I have some fame, that is all flattery by nosy people. In the end, I am but a tiny worm in this vast world, all I can do is to predict some premonitions of impending storms. Compared to the world, I am insignificant like an ant, compared to the grand heroes in this world, I merely control a tiny domain."

Song Xia Qi smiled bitterly: "Cousin, you are still so humble."

Song Jia Dan said: "I am not humble, but as I continue to fuse with this world unceasingly, every time I advance in wisdom path, I can see the glorious view ahead more clearly. The more I learn about the secrets of this world, the more I am aware of my own insignificance. Thus, I am not being humble, I am just being truthful, I am aware of my own status."

Song Yi Shi was discontent: "Even if uncle Jia Dan cannot deduce it, you are still the smartest person, you can surely give a good suggestion."

Song Jia Dan was silent for a while, he said: "There are two possible reasons why I could not deduce it. The first is that the other party is not in Eastern Sea. The second, they have wisdom path techniques that can conceal them from my deductions. Or maybe they could find other wisdom path Gu Immortals to help them evade my deductions."

Song Yi Shi and Song Xia Qi looked at each other.

These two reasons were very far-fetched.

The first reason, if this old lecher Xing Xiang Zi was not in Eastern Sea, where could he be? Right now, the earth tide was over, how could he return to Northern Plains?

The second reason, how could Xing Xiang Zi resist Song Jia Dan's wisdom path attainment? If he had help, this person would need to be at least at Song Jia Dan's level? Was it Nan Gong clan's Gu Immortal Hua An, or Dragon Head Tortoise Immortal in adversity sea who helped him?

"Uncle Jia Dan, deduce it again. Maybe you just happened to fail!" Song Yi Shi requested as she pouted.

Song Jia Dan directly rejected this: "No, the clan has an important mission, we have to obtain Old Eccentric Tian Nan's inheritance. I need to preserve my strength, and prepare my methods, to deduce for this in a few days time."

"Uncle Jia Dan, you did not originally put in all your effort!" Song Yi Shi heard this and said unhappily.

"Alright, you can leave now." Song Jia Dan shut his eyes slowly.

Song Yi Shi was ignored, she gritted her teeth and stomped her feet, helplessly turning around and leaving.

To fight for Ascending Heaven Plain's control, to fight for Old Eccentric Tian Nan's inheritance, it was a project that the clan had been planning for a hundred years. Pursuing Xing Xiang Zi was just her own personal business.

Even though Song Yi Shi was pampered and spoiled, she could see the big picture and cared for the clan's progress, she was not an ignorant fool.

Central Continent, Hu Immortal blessed land, an underground cave.

Fang Yuan was bathed in the light of wisdom, he shut his eyes as the star thoughts in his mind shined, he quietly deduced some important things.

Last time, he used the light of wisdom to deduce the immortal killer moves, star fire escape and projected star thought.

Thus, Fang Yuan currently controlled six star path immortal killer moves in total.

Star cloud grindstone, star snake rope, six illusion star bodies, position star swap, star fire escape and projected star thought.

Among them, star fire escape was a movement killer move, it was used extensively in escaping the chase from Song Yi Shi. As for projected star thought, it was the investigative immortal killer move that Fang Yuan used to expose the immortal zombie Sha Nan Jiang's traces.

These two killer moves were originally incomplete. They were concepts that predecessors of Star Lord Wan Xiang had left behind in the star path inheritance, they had encountered difficulties during the deductions and could not progress to complete the killer moves.

Fang Yuan's star path attainment was only ordinary, normally under such a situation, these incomplete moves would only be useful as reference to him.

But since he had the rank nine wisdom Immortal Gu, he could use the light of wisdom and gain unlimited inspiration, he got over the difficulty of a low star path attainment level, he forcefully completed the killer moves.

"It is a pity, in the short time I had, completing star fire escape and projected star thought was my limit. After all, I have only three star path Immortal Gu now. Of course, most importantly, my star path attainment level is too low. Eh?"

At this time, a moving perspective cup Gu appeared in Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

The information in the Gu came from Lang Ya land spirit.

"Lang Ya land spirit has finally completed the relocation of Lang Ya blessed land, he can lend that set of Immortal Gu to me now!"

Fang Yuan was overjoyed.

This time, he purposely returned to Central Continent from Eastern Sea, it was to wait for Lang Ya land spirit's news and to relocate Star Form blessed land.

In Fang Yuan's plans, Star Form blessed land was very important.

Once the truth that he was the culprit of the incident in Northern Plains becomes exposed, he would have to escape for his life.

By then, Hu Immortal blessed land would face disaster. If he was still an immortal zombie and could not produce immortal essence, then Star Form blessed land would be his sole secret base.

However, Hei Lou Lan knew about Star Form blessed land's location. If Hei Lou Lan knew, Fairy Li Shan also knew.

Fang Yuan was a vigilant person, now that he was Star Form blessed land's owner, he naturally had to relocate Star Form blessed land to a place that only he knew.


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