Reverend Insanity
897 Difficult To Own Ge Pi Blessed Land
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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897 Difficult To Own Ge Pi Blessed Land

Three days later, in the world of Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, there was a rumor that spread widely.

This involved one of the six great beauties of Eastern Sea, Fairy Yi Shi. When she was bathing, she was defiled by an old lecher who shamelessly planned everything.

Song Yi Shi was Song Qi Yuan’s precious gem, she had quite a reputation and many suitors. This matter involved Song clan’s reputation as well, once information got out, many Gu Immortals’ attentions were attracted.

Soon, Xing Xiang Zi’s Northern Plains Gu Immortal identity was found out by other Gu Immortals.

Before Song clan even expressed their attitude, Song Yi Shi’s suitors were already hunting down Fang Yuan on a large scale with furious emotions.

At a nameless and ownerless sea area with little resources, the sea was deep and dark, there were few fish.

A wooden door that looked like a blessed land’s entrance appeared, and opened with a creak.

A figure walked out from within.

It was Fang Yuan, having Xing Xiang Zi’s appearance.

Fang Yuan killed Yao Ge Pi on the spot, after that, he carried Yao Ge Pi’s corpse away and escaped.

There were two uses for bodies of Gu Immortals. One was to place them down and form a blessed land, the other was to put them into one’s own immortal aperture and obtain their dao marks.

Fang Yuan did not have to think it over, he chose the former.

His immortal aperture was dead, if corpses were put inside his dead aperture, not only would he not get any dao marks, it would cause massive destruction to the land, his body would burst and explode.

Such a situation had been experimented with by immortal zombies, but there had never been any cases of success.

Fang Yuan used his wisdom path methods to contain the immortal aperture and stall for some time, after escaping from the pursuers, he used a stargate to return to Tai Bai Yun Sheng’s immortal aperture, before using Fixed Immortal Travel to teleport himself towards the north-eastern extremity of Eastern Sea.

Finally, he dived into the sea, without anyone’s notice, he placed Yao Ge Pi’s immortal aperture down at the bottom of the sea.

After the immortal aperture formed into a blessed land, it naturally created disturbances in heaven qi and earth qi.

Two whale desolate beasts were drawn over, but Fang Yuan chased them away.

Fang Yuan first turned into another appearance, before entering Yao Ge Pi’s blessed land and meeting with the land spirit.

Yao Ge Pi was a wood path Gu Immortal, he owned Ge Pi blessed land, his land spirit was quite peculiar, it was in the form of a tree, planted at the center of the blessed land with no movement ability.

The tree land spirit told Fang Yuan the ownership condition — a hundred thousand immortal essence stones, large amounts of immortal materials, including many rank seven and rank eight materials, it even wanted the fresh blood of Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable!

The condition was too immensely difficult, Fang Yuan, of course, could not satisfy it, he could only leave regrettably.

“Yao Ge Pi is a lone cultivator, he had the weakest background among the pursuers, and had no backers, that was why I killed him, to act as deterrence against the others. Indeed, I deterred Song Yi Shi’s group and escaped easily.”

“Yao Ge Pi’s immortal aperture formed into a separate blessed land, but the land spirit’s ownership condition has nothing to do with me, the killer. Instead, it is requesting for lots of cultivation resources, it shows that Yao Ge Pi’s greatest obsession is towards wealth. But his desire is simply too insatiable.”

Fang Yuan had just left, the blessed land’s doors closed.

He looked back and saw that the door was completely shut, he frowned slightly.

“If Yao Ge Pi’s obsession had to do with me, with my blood path methods, I could easily handle it. But its ownership condition is simply harder than ascending to heaven.”

Not mentioning the hundred thousand immortal essence stones, simply the precious immortal materials were hard to gather. Unless Fang Yuan robbed the ten great ancient sects, or stole that huge amount from Heavenly Court’s treasury, simply based on his current state, it would take a lot of good luck for him to gather them all, two to three hundred years would be the minimum amount of time he needed.

But most importantly, it was the final condition that the tree land spirit had — Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable’s fresh blood!

Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable was a wood path rank nine Gu Venerable, Yao Ge Pi also cultivated wood path, it was not strange that he desired Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable’s blood.

But who was Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable? Even if his fresh blood was preserved by Heavenly Lotus Sect, that was a true rank nine immortal material!

This was a precious material that could refine rank nine Immortal Gu, it was definitely heavily guarded, how could Fang Yuan obtain it?

“This Yao Ge Pi must have gone crazy from poverty, his obsession towards wealth is so intense. In this way, to obtain this blessed land, it seems normal methods will not work, I can only attack forcefully!”

Fang Yuan’s eyes shined with cold light.

If this land spirit refused to accept a master, he would destroy it and forcefully take over the blessed land!

Not all blessed lands had land spirits. Some Gu Immortals were killed extremely thoroughly and did not leave behind any obsession, after they died, their blessed land would be without a land spirit.

Yao Ge Pi’s blessed land had a land spirit, but the conditions were too absurd, Fang Yuan could only find an alternative and attack forcefully. It was like Shark Demon’s group invading Yu Lu blessed land.

“If I can obtain this blessed land, I would have a base in Eastern Sea. But now is not the time to settle this blessed land, I should go and regroup with Shark Demon first.”

Fang Yuan scattered some mortal Gu, setting up a Gu formation around him.

Next, he activated Fixed Immortal Travel, leaving this place and going to Tai Bai Yun Sheng’s immortal aperture.

Originally, Fixed Immortal Travel’s aura was in the sea, but after Fang Yuan’s Gu formation activated, it dissipated.

After the work was done, this set of mortal Gu disintegrated on its own.

Unless a very powerful investigation method was used, no one would be able to find out that there was a blessed land in such an ordinary area.

Fang Yuan came out of Tai Bai Yun Sheng’s immortal aperture, the latter had already started moving, he was flying above the vast sea.

The ‘senior and junior’ brothers conversed along the way, after a few minutes, they arrived at the sky above Yu Lu blessed land.

Here, there was nobody.

The two waited for a while, soon, Shark Demon led a band of Gu Immortals from Zombie Alliance and flew over.

“Brother Xing Xiang, you are quite famous nowadays.” Once he saw Fang Yuan, Shark Demon made a joke.

The other Gu Immortals looked at Fang Yuan with curious glances.

These few days, Fang Yuan had become very famous in the world of Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, he had gained quite a reputation.

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly, he replied: “Very unlucky, I was very unlucky, please don’t laugh at me. I wanted to find an island to rest in, but I found an undercurrent and wanted to explore it, to think I would encounter such a troublesome affair.”

“This is not a troublesome affair, it is quite appropriate to call this a romantic affair.” Bo Dan laughed loudly, sarcastically saying.

Earlier, Fang Yuan had humiliated him.

But after that, Bo Dan paid a huge price and gave Su Bai Man an expensive gift, thus he joined the invasion of the blessed land again, and he had a fearless attitude.

Fang Yuan gave him a glance, smiling, he did not bother responding to such a person.

He glanced around and saw that other than Shark Demon, Su Bai Man, and Bo Dan, there was only one familiar immortal zombie, Sha Nan Jiang, there were three less people than before.

But Shark Demon was very confident, it seemed that he had made ample preparations before coming.

Everyone went deep into the sea, opening the entrance of Yu Lu blessed land, entering the battlefield killer move freezing rain frozen earth again.

“This time, Xing Xiang Zi, we will mainly be relying on your deductions, Bo Dan will support you.” Shark Demon announced politely.

Last time, Fang Yuan performed well, Shark Demon and the others thought that Xing Xiang Zi had a deeper wisdom path attainment level.

“Lord Shark Demon, please rest assured, I will do my best.” Fang Yuan expressed his firm attitude.

Bo Dan snorted internally, even though he was displeased, he knew his own abilities, he crossed his arms and watched with a dark gaze.

Facing freezing rain frozen earth again, Fang Yuan’s expression became serious as he deduced.

The battlefield killer move, freezing rain frozen earth, had completely recovered, the damage caused by Fang Yuan and the others had been fixed already.

Fang Yuan was not surprised.

Earlier, when Shark Demon and the others attacked the blessed land, the battlefield killer move could also repair itself.

It was unknown whether this was due to Yu Lu blessed land’s land spirit, or the arrangements of Fairy Yu Lu.

Speaking of which, Shark Demon and the others had attacked the blessed land for such a long time, but they had not found the land spirit of Yu Lu blessed land yet. Whether the land spirit existed, this was still a mystery.

With his prior experience, Fang Yuan’s progress was fast.

He naturally did not destroy the crucial mortal Gu, thus the battlefield did not become stronger compared to the last time.

The ice needle storm rained down, as Shark Demon stepped forward and used his Immortal Gu.

The Immortal Gu’s name was Melt Ice, it was an ice path Immortal Gu and could melt even the firmest ice. This Gu was borrowed by Shark Demon specially to deal with freezing rain frozen earth, he paid a huge amount to a certain member of Zombie Alliance.

With this melt ice Immortal Gu, they greatly resisted the freezing rain frozen earth’s power, even the desolate beast level snow monsters were obstructed.

Shark Demon and the others felt less pressure, they even expended far less immortal essence than last time.

There was a counter to everything, the strong freezing rain frozen earth was greatly weakened after encountering the melt ice Immortal Gu.

The Gu Master world was like this.

Everything was in balance, strong and weak was relative. There were no invincible Gu worms, there were only invincible Gu Masters.

With melt ice Immortal Gu, Shark Demon could move freely as well.

Fang Yuan also progressed stably.

Even though he was a wisdom path newbie, he had precious experience from last time, after returning, he had revised his methods and improved a lot, he designed many new methods.

This time, Fang Yuan came prepared.

He had to say, Dong Fang Chang Fan’s wisdom path inheritance was simply brilliant, using it, Fang Yuan could forcefully find a solution.

The start was the hardest, after Fang Yuan found the first flaw, his progress became faster, he deduced more and more hidden Gu worms.

But during this process, Fang Yuan could feel his lack of experience.

But he was an experienced schemer, he immediately ordered Bo Dan to help.

Even though Bo Dan’s wisdom path methods were shallow and few, after Fang Yuan started the deduction, he could also see a portion of the details inside the battlefield killer move, he also had very familiar methods and precise techniques.

Fang Yuan pretended to deduce but he was secretly observing Bo Dan’s techniques, he learned a lot of things and his wisdom path attainment was rising.

Eventually, with both of their efforts, freezing rain frozen earth was finally unraveled.

By now, the freezing rain battlefield has unleashed a total of thirty-three attacks, Shark Demon’s melt ice Immortal Gu was singlehandedly holding them back.

The huge immortal essence expenditure reduced his joy of passing the difficult round to a great extent.


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