Reverend Insanity
896 Freely Leaving After Killing
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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896 Freely Leaving After Killing

In the sky, a battle of pursuit was unfolding.

Bam bam bam!

Intense explosions occurred one after another.

Song Yi Shi and Yao Ge Pi attacked non-stop, but because of the distance, and because Fang Yuan was slippery like an eel, he could not be caught, he was displaying an incredible flying attainment.

Even though he was ahead, Fang Yuan, who was pretending to be escaping, was actually slowing his speed, allowing the two pursuers to follow him.

He was a demonic path overlord, in his previous life, even though he did not have particularly great achievements, he had rich life experience, he had undergone many battles, it was something that these two young Gu Immortals behind him could not imagine.

Especially Song Yi Shi, she was too young and had little battle experience. Even though she was using an immortal killer move to chase him, she could not catch up no matter what.

Fang Yuan changed directions often, sometimes he went into the water, sometimes he went into the clouds, he was extremely crafty. Song Yi Shi was extremely angry, she felt like she was not chasing him down, but being played with instead.

As for Yao Ge Pi, he was a lone cultivator, even though he had more experience, he did not have a single Immortal Gu, not to mention any immortal killer moves.

He, who could only use mortal killer moves, was doomed in this battle of pursuit from the start.

He was lagging behind, he could only shout loudly, if Fang Yuan was not purposely slowing down for him, he would have been left in the dust already.

The three traveled quickly through the air, they soon left the poetic emotion sea area.

“What is going on? There are Gu Immortals fighting?”

The noise from their travels earned the attentions of two lone cultivator Gu Immortals from a nearby island.

These two were playing chess, they were quite relaxed.

Hearing the commotion, they raised their heads as they used investigative methods.

“It seems to be Song clan’s Fairy Yi Shi, and a young male lone cultivator, they are pursuing someone. This person’s aura is not that of Eastern Sea, they are a Northern Plains Gu Immortal.”

“Less trouble is better than more trouble, Song Yi Shi is the prized gem of Song Qi Yuan, let’s not interfere in this.”

“You are right, come, let’s continue playing chess.”

Fang Yuan looked at this island, he frowned slightly as he turned to another direction, continuing to fly.

Not long later, at web eye sea area.

“What? There is such a lecherous and shameless old bastard in this world! Fairy Yi Shi, I, Chen Zhong Yong, will lend you a hand!”

Fang Yuan smiled lightly, he dodged Chen Zhong Yong’s attack as he continued escaping.

Thus, there were three people chasing after him now.

After a certain amount of time, at rumbling thunder sea channel.

“Fairy Yi Shi is pure as jade, she was actually tainted! He deserves death, he deserves death!!” Bi Qing Tian was anguished, he joined in the chase resolutely.

Fifteen minutes later, the commotion caused by them attracted a battle maniac Gu Immortal.

“You are a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, you dare to lay your lecherous hands on our Eastern Sea Goddess? Do you think that we of Eastern Sea can be bullied?” Lei Hong was furious, he spoke without restraint.

Song Yi Shi was getting more and more furious, seeing that Fang Yuan was still escaping, her mood was getting worse.

He had only taken a glance at her, why were these people spouting more and more ridiculous nonsense, like she had lost her virginity to him?

“Stop shouting! Kill him in secret, I will reward you greatly!” Song Yi Shi could not hold it in anymore, she transmitted to them.

These Gu Immortals were not idiots, after hearing this, they went silent.

“Why are they not shouting anymore?” Fang Yuan did not want that to happen, he wanted this matter to blow up, the bigger the commotion the better.

“Since you are shutting up, I will have to do it myself.”

Thus, Fang Yuan shouted, defending himself: “Everyone, this is a misunderstanding, I will clarify this matter. I had accidentally entered the depths of poetic emotion sea area’s underwater volcano, everyone can investigate this matter, I am speaking the truth.”

“Old lecher, you are bullshitting!” Immediately, a Gu Immortal screamed back.

But Fang Yuan ignored him, he yelled: “I am a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, I have just arrived here and wanted to choose an unknown island to reside in. I picked a small island after looking for a long time. Before setting up some arrangements, I wanted to look around the area, I discovered a hidden undercurrent and moved along it, getting into the underwater volcano.”

“Lies, you’re continuing to lie to us!”

“You did something so shameless, but you are actually defending yourself, trying to pretend to be a gentleman?! Do you think we are so easy to fool?”

The Gu Immortals screamed.

Fang Yuan called out: “Even if I am lying, I would need to make a better excuse, why would I mention the undercurrent? You can go verify this, I will tell you the location of the island. Before I entered the undercurrent, I did not know it would connect to the underwater volcano, either, after I entered the volcano, I found out…”

“Shut up!” Song Yi Shi shouted, she was worried that Fang Yuan might expose some secretive information, she interrupted him: “If you are innocent, stop running, obediently submit and let us investigate. If you are speaking the truth, I, Song Yi Shi, will not kill an innocent person!”

Song Yi Shi had learned something quickly and grew a little, she actually understood that she needed to coax him.

But her tone was too stiff, anyone could tell that she was full of anger and killing intent.

Song Yi Shi was still too pitiful in her acting skills.

Fang Yuan continued to escape, he shouted continuously: “Do you think I am a fool? If I surrender, I will die. I am innocent, I did not even touch a single hair of yours, after I reached the volcano…”

“Shut the hell up!!” Song Yi Shi flew into a rage, her voice was even louder now.

The other male Gu Immortals had furious expressions on the surface, but they were secretly concentrating and were afraid of missing a single word from Fang Yuan’s mouth!

Seeing that Fang Yuan was interrupted by Song Yi Shi again, they felt mild regret internally.

But Fang Yuan quickly continued: “The more you do not want me to say it, the more I will say. How can you be so overbearing, I am just a Northern Plains Gu Immortal trying to make a living in Eastern Sea, is it easy for me?! I did not do anything, I only saw a glimpse of you bathing, it was all a misunderstanding!”

Song Yi Shi saw darkness in front of her, she was so angered her heart was going to burst into flames.

She could make the people on her side shut up, but she could not stop Fang Yuan from shouting.

“Hehehe, something so interested has happened.” At this time, a lovely laugh could be heard, a female Gu Immortal was approaching.

“It is Seven Seas Snake Woman!” The Gu Immortals that were chasing after Fang Yuan saw this female Gu Immortal and became alert.

Yao Ge Pi was bemoaning internally, everyone else directed their gazes towards Song Yi Shi.

Song Yi Shi’s expression was dark, she looked like an ice statue that was emitting immense cold air.

As it turned out, Seven Seas Snake Woman and Song Yi Shi were both publicly known as among the six great beauties among Eastern Sea Gu Immortals. Seven Seas Snake Woman had rank seven cultivation level, she was a demonic path Gu Immortal who had some conflicts with Song Yi Shi, but because of Song Qi Yuan’s power, she did not dare to attack Song Yi Shi.

At this moment, she heard such interesting news, she was sure to add in more false details and spread this rumor around!

Song Yi Shi felt like the sky was collapsing.

What was she going to do now? Seven Seas Snake Woman was definitely going to ruin her reputation.

Song Yi Shi felt even more hatred towards Fang Yuan now: “You old lecher, how are you so good at running, even running into Seven Seas Snake Woman?”

What a joke!

This route was specially chosen by Fang Yuan after careful investigation.

The Gu Immortals that they would meet along the way were all found out by Fang Yuan prior to this. Seven Seas Snake Woman was very important in Fang Yuan’s current plan.

Even though Seven Seas Snake Woman was a demonic path Gu Immortal, she owned seven sea areas, right now, this sea area was at a crucial moment when a large number of red tide fish were reproducing, she had to stay here to guard it.

Fang Yuan easily obtained this information.

Seven Seas Snake Woman was a beautiful but dangerous woman, she was very ruthless in her actions. The righteous path would often leak details of such people, so that others could be prepared if they were to meet them.


With a loud sound, Seven Seas Snake Woman suddenly struck, attacking the pursuers of Fang Yuan.

“Seven Seas Snake Woman, what are you doing?” Lei Hong shouted.

Song Yi Shi and the others were severely interrupted.

“Hehehe, this is such an interesting matter, I definitely have to interfere.” Seven Seas Snake Woman had an alluring body, she had a coquettish gaze as she answered.

Lei Hong said solemnly: “I will block Seven Seas Snake Woman, the rest of you continue chasing him.”

He had rank seven cultivation level, he was not afraid of Seven Seas Snake Woman, even though his battle strength was lower, he could still stall her for a short time and escape from her.

Seven Seas Snake Woman did not know who Fang Yuan was, she would not exert too much effort. Seeing that Lei Hong was stepping up, she showed a look of disgust as she stopped on the spot: “You again, meddlesome fool, you really like to interfere in people’s affairs.”

Thus, the other Gu Immortals detoured around Seven Seas Snake Woman, chasing after Fang Yuan again.

Time continued to pass, after a very long time, there were a few more people chasing Fang Yuan, even though he was quite injured, he did not fall into their hands, he was still escaping.

“Damn it!!” Song Yi Shi gritted her teeth, she felt fatigue looking at Fang Yuan’s energetic body.

Everything had happened too quickly, and too suddenly.

How did it become like this? Song Yi Shi felt a sense of absurdity within her.

A moment ago, she was still enjoying a carefree life, bathing inside her hot spring as she relaxed herself. But now, she was chasing an enemy endlessly with no way of catching up.

And now, almost all the immortals nearby knew about it.

Song Yi Shi felt tired physically, but even more so mentally.

“It is about time.” Fang Yuan looked at the pursuers, he smiled faintly. The execution of this plan was much more effective than he had originally planned.

“Now, it is time to leave.”

Thinking of this, a ruthless light flashed in Fang Yuan’s eyes.

His body shook as he turned into six figures, flying towards six different directions.

Immortal killer move — Six Illusion Star Bodies!

The pursuers shouted out in dismay, they were stunned before splitting up to chase him.

Immortal killer move — Position Star Swap!

Fang Yuan changed his position, appearing in front of Yao Ge Pi.

“Don’t think I am afraid of killing!” Fang Yuan called out, using star cloud grindstone.

He had been escaping all this time, why would Yao Ge Pi think that Fang Yuan would act differently and counterattack?

Caught off guard, he was sucked into the star cloud grindstone.

He only had mortal killer moves, how could he defend against the power of Immortal Gu?

When everyone else came to reinforce him and destroyed the star cloud grindstone, Fang Yuan was already holding onto Yao Ge Pi’s head!

“Hmph, don’t go overboard!” Fang Yuan’s ruthlessness was shown, he faced the band of immortals.

The pursuers were only rank six. It was not easy to encounter rank sevens like Lei Hong.

“Yao Ge Pi when all is said and done is a Gu Immortal, he was actually killed in such a short amount of time!”

“Northern Plains barbarians are really exemplary in battle strength.”

The immortals were all stunned, they felt a strong sense of wariness internally.

Meanwhile, one of the six illusion star bodies had already flown far away, Fang Yuan used position star swap and changed his true body’s position, abruptly and freely leaving!


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