Reverend Insanity
890 Framing
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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890 Framing

Soon, using the star thoughts in his mind to make deductions, Fang Yuan found the location of a few more Gu worms.

Their locations could not be found with investigative methods, of course.

"One, two, three, four, a total of four spots. There are Gu worms hiding there, but they are all mortal Gu. They are really hiding well, even with my star path investigative immortal killer move, I could not find them."

With his earlier experience, Fang Yuan did not try and destroy these mortal Gu again.

He remained unmoved, continuing to observe and deduce.

"So close!" Soon, he sighed internally, finding a point of danger.

The mortal Gu that was hiding at that place formed a crucial spot in the battlefield killer move.

In his initial estimations, Fang Yuan found out that by killing this Gu, he would reduce the power of the freezing rain and snow monsters by fifty to sixty percent.

But after further deductions, Fang Yuan obtained new findings: If he really eliminated the Gu, that would result in problems. Even though the current attack would be weaker, the next attack would happen more quickly, and its power will be three times as great!

The current attacks were already very difficult for Shark Demon and the others to defend against.

The freezing rain continued, it expended quite a lot of immortal essence, the immortal zombies were feeling a big headache.

The sixty feet tall snow monsters came one after another, the Gu Immortals did not dare to be careless.

"If the attack becomes thrice as strong, ancient desolate beast level snow monsters might show up!" Fang Yuan was internally shocked, the risk of unraveling this battlefield killer move was too high, if he lost his concentration even once, he would suffer severe consequences.

And this was only against mortal Gu, the mortal Gu that made up the outer layer. If he was dealing with Gu worms inside the inner layer, if Fang Yuan's methods were incorrect, he would face an even fiercer backlash!

Fang Yuan got past the flaws and continued probing the other areas.

Time passed quickly, but Fang Yuan made no progress.

"This is the fourth wave already. Sigh… how much longer do we have to endure?" An immortal zombie sighed, since joining this invasion, the amount of immortal essence that he had already spent was causing him to feel loss.

"In this current situation, no matter how much immortal essence we use, what would be the point if we don't see any results?" Bo Dan provoked.

Shark Demon and the others were feeling frustrated, their attentions were directed towards Fang Yuan.

This was the first time they had met Xing Xiang Zi, they did not know what ability Fang Yuan had in wisdom path. Bo Dan was already useless, now the heavy burden of dismantling the battlefield killer move fell onto this stranger's hands, could they rely on him or not?

"Lord Xing Xiang Zi, since the start, you have been using mortal techniques to probe it. Look at this, even though the circumstances are not critical yet, it is already a tough situation. Why don't you use immortal level wisdom path techniques? Don't worry, according to the rules, the amount of immortal essence that you consume will be compensated to you later, you do not need to worry about the expenditure." Bo Dan said again.

Fang Yuan frowned.

This Bo Dan had ill intentions, he had tried to sow discord time and time again.

Fang Yuan was well aware of the troubles of being an immortal zombie, immortal essence was hard to obtain, he treasured his supply greatly.

But now, there were huge losses but little progress, even if Shark Demon stayed silent and Su Bai Man remained impassive, he could guess the other immortal zombies' frustrations.

Fang Yuan could understand why Bo Dan was targeting him. But understanding was one thing, his provocative acts were akin to stabbing a dagger into Fang Yuan's back.

Immediately, Fang Yuan gave Bo Dan a deep look as he manipulated moving perspective cup Gu, transmitting to Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng cooperated with him, speaking: "Bo Dan, why are you so anxious? Lord Shark Demon has already said it, we will endure this wave of attacks and fight for time for Xing Xiang Zi. Now that were are only halfway through this wave, you want to run away already? Or do you think that you have made immense contributions already?"

Bo Dan's expression changed, he said in a tone of one who was wronged: "Why would I dare to, Lord Tai Bai Yun Sheng, you have misunderstood me!"

He knew deeply that Tai Bai Yun Sheng was Shark Demon's 'hot favorite', everyone knew of the warm attitude that Shark Demon had towards Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Furthermore, Tai Bai Yun Sheng had an extraordinarily precious Immortal Gu, it was an impressive healing method, he could not be offended.

"Alright, stop arguing." Shark Demon tried to control the situation as he looked at Fang Yuan: "We have already gone through the first three waves, we can afford to keep going through this fourth wave."

Fang Yuan felt Shark Demon's gaze as his heart sank.

It seems that Shark Demon and the others were not confident in him at all.

How could he allow that to happen?

Fang Yuan knew the importance of a first impression, he wanted to join Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance with Shark Demon's recommendation. If he failed the first time he tried, Shark Demon's poor impression of him would make things hard in the future. Even if he showed his worth later, the effect would be far worse than now. In contrast, if he succeeded now, even if he failed in the future, in Shark Demon's perspective, it would be reasonable, after all, who would not fail sometimes?

"Based on Shark Demon's tone, it seems that he will not stay for the fifth wave. After all, the issue of cost is important in attacking a blessed land. Forget it!"

Fang Yuan evaluated inwardly, he made up his mind.

He struck suddenly, attacking the Gu worm from earlier.

With a light sound, a Gu worm broke.

"Another Gu worm! Haha." Tai Bai Yun Sheng cooperated as he laughed loudly.

Shark Demon and the others' expressions turned to joy, their morale rose slightly.

Bo Dan kept quiet.

Following Fang Yuan's instructions, Tai Bai Yun Sheng did not let go of him: "How about that, Bo Dan? Regardless of whether a technique is mortal level or immortal level, the only importance is that it works."

Bo Dan nodded, showing a smile: "Lord Tai Bai Yun Sheng is right, I was too rash earlier."

He understood the reasoning of backing down, he did not retort, he had given in.

Evidently, it was very hard to deal with people like him who could hold in a grudge.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng continued: "The rest of you may not know, but I have known brother Xing Xiang Zi for a long time, I know how impressive his wisdom path techniques are."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's actions were like a friend trying to speak up for his good friend.

At this time, Fang Yuan pretended to have made huge advancements, he continued: "Hehehe, I finally took down one important area. With this discovery, I have a greater confidence in unraveling this battlefield killer move now!"

"Is that so?" Su Bai Man's eyes shone, she believed a portion of his words.

But soon, the truth spoke for itself.

A immortal zombie shouted: "Quickly look, the freezing rain has weakened, many desolate beast snow monsters are disintegrating on their own!"

The immortals were overjoyed, their gaze towards Fang Yuan changed a lot.

They had only taken Tai Bai Yun Sheng's words with a grain of salt, but after seeing and sensing it for themselves, the immortals' attitudes changed drastically.

"Maybe this Xing Xiang Zi can really unravel the battlefield killer move?"

"Earlier, Bo Dan could do nothing, but once he came, he destroyed two Gu and reduced the power of the battlefield killer move by half."

"It seems that his wisdom path attainment is much higher than Bo Dan. I have to admit, this Northern Plains barbarian has quite the skill."

Everyone's hearts became filled with hope.

Bo Dan smiled on his face, but he was feeling very dark and gloomy inside.

The better Fang Yuan performed, the more it pointed out his inability.

Bo Dan was very discontent, he used his wisdom path techniques and observed the battlefield.

Once he observed it, his heart shook, he felt endless joy.

It turned out that after Fang Yuan destroyed two mortal Gu, and after such a long time, with Bo Dan's skill, he could find two flaws as well.

He deduced in secret, this was his intelligence, he did not want to do anything until he had concrete results, he was biding his time for a counterattack.

Fang Yuan retracted his gaze that was observing Bo Dan, he looked at the battlefield killer move again.

After destroying that mortal Gu, it was as if a veil was lifted, six to seven flaws were exposed in the freezing rain frozen earth battlefield killer move.

But Fang Yuan was not happy at all, he felt very gloomy.

The price of obtain these six to seven flaws was simply too high.

For the time being, Shark Demon and the others were still kept in the dark, but when the next wave of attack comes, they would feel the pain.

Fang Yuan continued to deduce, he had used over ten thousand star thoughts already.

The offense of the battlefield became weaker, Shark Demon and the others let out a breath of turbid air, the pressure of defending was very great, now that they were almost through with the fourth wave of attacks, they felt much less pressure, but they did not relax their alertness.

Fang Yuan had good progress, but he did not act.

He did not even use his probing methods from earlier. He sat in the air as he closed his eyes, showing others the impression that he was deducing with all his effort.

In fact, he was thinking: "This battlefield killer move is used to defend the blessed land, there are benefits and demerits. The biggest drawback is that the battlefield killer move forms a temporary world, it is a pseudo-blessed land. In here, all mortal Gu and mortal killer moves can be used, they are not restricted like in a blessed land. But in total, the benefits outweigh the demerits. These battlefield killer moves can slow down the speed of invaders, up until now, Shark Demon and the others still have yet to even see Yu Lu blessed land's true appearance. Even if they could use mortal killer moves, the invading Gu Immortals still have to expend a lot of immortal essence. Because once this battlefield killer move is activated, its power forces the Gu Immortals to defend themselves, or advance and attack using immortal methods."

"If I can obtain some battlefield killer moves in Yu Lu blessed land and use my own blessed land's dao marks to set up layers and layers of battlefield killer moves, that would be most favorable. When I relocate Star Form blessed land, I can use this method to form layers of defense. Hu Immortal blessed land can also make use of this, in case one day, Hu Immortal blessed land gets attacked, these defensive battlefield killer moves can help me stall for time as I relocate the resources within."

Because they were afraid of interrupting Fang Yuan's deductions, Shark Demon and the others remained silent.

Because of Fang Yuan's earlier performance, they gained some patience now.

What they did not know was, Fang Yuan was actually thinking about other things instead of deducing.

In this place, the most anxious person was not Fang Yuan, Tai Bai Yun Sheng who was worried about Fang Yuan, or even Shark Demon, it was Bo Dan.

Bo Dan was anxious.

He was not resigned to being suppressed by Xing Xiang Zi, earlier, because there were no flaws, so be it, he was helpless. Now that he found some flaws, there was hope, he tried his best to undergo deductions.

Time continued to pass, but Fang Yuan did not do anything, Bo Dan instead found an area with hidden mortal Gu. If he got rid of this mortal Gu, there would be little harm, and there would be progress in breaking the battlefield killer move.

Bo Dan had some ability after all, if not for that, Shark Demon would not have brought him to attack Yu Lu blessed land.

Having this discovery, Bo Dan was overjoyed, he thought to himself: "Bo Dan, you are really amazing!"

He was quite steady, he did not strike yet, instead he was observing Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was still shutting his eyes, he did not make a move.

Bo Dan waited as he lost his patience, his eyes were darting around.

He had wanted to wait for Fang Yuan to be helpless before he struck, giving a hard slap to Fang Yuan's face. But soon, he thought: What if Xing Xiang Zi also finds this flaw, what would I do?

Thus, he decided to act.

"Lord Shark Demon, I have made progress! Look!!" Bo Dan suddenly spoke, he said this as he moved his hands, destroying the mortal Gu that was hidden.

Shark Demon nodded at him, Bo Dan was a member of Zombie Alliance after all, compared to an outsider like Xing Xiang Zi, Shark Demon was more willing to see Bo Dan's improvement.

Su Bai Man smiled lightly: "With both of their help, it won't be long before we break the battlefield killer move."

But at this time, Fang Yuan opened his eyes, his expression turned very ugly: "Oh no!"

"What is it?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng asked cooperatively.

Fang Yuan said: "This mortal Gu cannot be destroyed, it is like a trap, after destroying it, the battlefield's offensive power will rise!!"

Fang Yuan thumped his chest and stomped his feet, he showed a look of anger and regret, as if he was very upset at the moment.


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