Reverend Insanity
889 Freezing Rain Frozen Earth
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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889 Freezing Rain Frozen Earth

Within the battlefield killer move freezing rain frozen earth, Fang Yuan used wisdom path techniques one after another, making continuous deductions.

Freezing rain frozen earth was made using the dao marks inside Yu Lu blessed land, they were not temporary dao marks, this made it very troublesome to deal with.

Shark Demon and the others could not break this battlefield killer move forcefully. If they destroyed it, they would be destroying the dao marks inside Yu Lu blessed land, this would cause irreparable damage to Yu Lu blessed land.

This was the same as saying: Qin Bai Sheng snatched away a portion of the Immortal Gu House, Refinement Cauldron, this cased Lang Ya blessed land to lose a large number of dao marks, it was a devastating loss.

Shark Demon and the others attacked Yu Lu blessed land for the inheritance and resources inside. Furthermore, violently destroying a battlefield killer move required a powerful offensive immortal killer move, that in turn meant that they would expend a huge amount of immortal essence.

Thinking about the costs and benefits, Shark Demon and the others could only try to properly unravel the battlefield killer move freezing rain frozen earth.

Thankfully, this Yu Lu blessed land was ownerless, and it was unknown if there was a land spirit. Fang Yuan had many Gu Immortal guards around him, they gave him a lot of freedom to research and decipher the environment.

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes as starlight shot out of his pupils.

At this moment, in his mind, countless star thoughts were moving about, clashing into each other as he deduced rapidly.

Fang Yuan was putting in all his effort now in deducing freezing rain frozen earth!

Firstly, deducing such a high quality battlefield killer move could give Fang Yuan a lot of new knowledge and inspiration.

Even if Fang Yuan could not obtain a battlefield killer move that suited him, with this knowledge and inspiration, he had a firm foundation to create his own battlefield killer move.

Secondly, the plan for Fang Yuan after entering Eastern Sea was to enter the headquarters of Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance.

This was the first time he was meeting Shark Demon, he had to display his worth so that Shark Demon would think highly of him, helping to recommend him into Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance's headquarters.

As he deduced at a rapid rate, time passed quickly as well.

"Time is almost up, the freezing rain is going to start soon, the snow monsters will form and attack us. How much longer does Sir Xing Xiang Zi need?" A Gu Immortal that came along with Shark Demon asked impatiently.

His name was Bo Dan, a Gu Immortal member of Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance.

He was not an immortal zombie, but a living person. But he was in difficult straits, and did not have a high status after joining Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance.

Because he had some wisdom path attainment, he was brought into Yu Lu blessed land by Shark Demon, to join in this invasion.

Before Fang Yuan appeared, Bo Dan was the only pseudo-wisdom path Gu Immortal in the group.

The appearance of Xing Xiang Zi threatened his status and benefits.

If Fang Yuan made a successful deduction, would that not show that Bo Dan was useless?

Seeing that Fang Yuan was not making progress, Bo Dan could not hold it in anymore, he vaguely exerted pressure on Fang Yuan.

The other Gu Immortals were also paying attention to Fang Yuan's performance.

Bo Dan asked the question they had internally.

Fang Yuan laughed lightly, he did not try to protect his face, he said directly: "I am ashamed! This battlefield killer move is very profound, after deducing it for so long, I have only made some minor progress."

This battlefield killer move, freezing rain frozen earth, was indeed worthy of the work of the rank eight great expert, Fairy Yu Lu.

Fang Yuan used many wisdom path techniques in turn, but he made no progress! It was like he was facing a giant barrier, he did not even know where to start.

"Is that so." Su Bai Man sighed, feeling disappointed.

Fang Yuan was unwilling to give up this chance: "Give me a bit more time, I will continue to deduce."

Shark Demon nodded, he said: "Xing Xiang Zi, go ahead and make your deductions, we will block this attack for you."

At the same time, Shark Demon was considering other thoughts internally: "Xing Xiang Zi was highly recommended by Tai Bai Yun Sheng, but now it seems that he is not as amazing as he was said to be. Sigh, last time the battlefield killer move already made me pay a huge price in asking a wisdom path immortal zombie in Zombie Alliance to help. I have already invested a huge sum into Yu Lu blessed land, I need to be thrifty. If this Xing Xiang Zi can really unravel this battlefield killer move, that would be the best outcome."

But now, the other Gu Immortals looked at Fang Yuan with much less expectations.

Bo Dan watched at the side, he laughed to himself internally: "In the previous battlefield killer moves, I could at least find the Gu worms lurking behind it. But this time, I could not even find any clues. I'm curious, how will you find a breakthrough?"

As expected, a moment later, in the sky above this battlefield, a small drizzle of freezing rain started.

These raindrops were like tiny ice needles.

Rather than raining, this was more like the falling of ice needles, piercing the air and shooting towards Fang Yuan and the others.

The Gu Immortals used their defensive techniques.

Bo Dan did not have an Immortal Gu, he was protected by Shark Demon's defensive immortal killer move.

Fang Yuan was also shielded by Shark Demon.

Countless ice needles shot down, but they were blocked by the light barrier, because the needles were moving extremely quickly, they caused sparks to appear on the light barrier.

Fang Yuan willed, using star cloud grindstone and entering it.

He was not going to place his safety in the hands of others.

Seeing Fang Yuan's defensive immortal killer move, the other Gu Immortals' gazes shined, their attitudes changed slightly.

Fang Yuan could use an immortal killer move, he definitely had an Immortal Gu.

A Gu Immortal with Immortal Gu was not to be underestimated in Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world.

Not all Gu Immortals had Immortal Gu. In fact, most rank six Gu Immortals could only use mortal killer moves, they were unable to obtain an Immortal Gu even after much difficulty.

The intensity of the rain increased, as the ice needles slowly turned into stronger ice darts.

The ice darts tore through space, creating shrill and loud sounds.

The Gu Immortals defended together, they placed all their efforts on defense, they were also inwardly counting the expenditure of their immortal essence.

"Eh? This battlefield changed a little after using a new attack, a tiny flaw has appeared and I can make use of it. It is no longer like before when I had no clue at all." Fang Yuan's heart shook, he felt a sense of joy.

He moved quickly, three times as fast as earlier.

At the same time as using mortal killer moves, he also used wisdom path mortal Gu.

These killer moves and mortal Gu hit the air, causing smoke to rise, thunderous explosions, or jade green acid to splatter.

Fang Yuan used all sorts of methods to test this flaw.

But the effect was quite lackluster.

The ice dart rain had turned into an icicle storm.

The Gu Immortals' immortal essence expenditure rose at a rapid speed.


With a loud sound, a huge snow monster charged over from the icy rain that filled everyone's vision.

Snow monsters were the prey of snowmen, by eating the flesh and blood of snow monsters, snowmen could breed more rapidly and even gain lifespan.

A thirty feet tall snow monster could battle a rank three Gu Master. Forty feet tall had the strength of a rank four Gu Master. And fifty feet tall had the terrifying power of a rank five Gu Master.

But the snow monster right now was about sixty feet tall.

This was a desolate beast level snow monster, it was not to be underestimated.

"Try not to kill them, even if these snow monsters die in battle, they will revive, they are very persistent." Su Bai Man quickly reminded.

Fang Yuan's heart shook.

"Endlessly reviving snow monsters? How can we fight them like this?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng also had a change in expression.

"Don't worry, once the time is up, these snow monsters will vanish on their own. They will only reappear during the next time the freezing rain appears." Shark Demon explained.

A Gu Immortal to the left of Shark Demon sighed in a worried tone: "This freezing rain frozen earth battlefield killer move already had a hint of resemblance to Reincarnation Battlefield. Fairy Yu Lu was a disciple of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, she might have obtained some insight regarding reincarnation and rebirth."


One after another, snow monsters appeared, they made it very hard for Shark Demon and the others to defend themselves.

The attacks of the snow monsters were very powerful, and they did not lack mobility.

The Gu Immortals did not want to face them directly, they attacked unceasingly, using immortal killer moves to disrupt the charging snow monsters, slowing their speeds and preventing them from getting close.

Fang Yuan's joy intensified.

When the snow monsters appeared, he found out that this battlefield killer move had even more flaws.

"There's hope!" Fang Yuan cheered on himself.

He had only received the wisdom path inheritance for a short amount of time, his wisdom path attainment level was at ordinary level, even though he worked hard without relaxing or slacking off, attainment levels needed accumulation over time.

Calling Fang Yuan a half-baked user was a huge compliment already. He was more like a wisdom path newbie.

But now, this wisdom path newbie was trying to unravel the killer move, freezing rain frozen earth. Using an analogy from Earth, this was like asking an elementary school student to do a senior high school mathematics problem.

Fang Yuan grabbed onto this flaw he found, his hands were moving faster and faster.

Eventually, under his deductions, he found a Gu worm.

This was a mortal Gu, it was coordinated with countless mortal Gu and Immortal Gu to form the battlefield killer move freezing rain frozen earth.

"Go!" Fang Yuan willed and a star snake rope flew out, coiling around this mortal Gu rapidly.

But when Fang Yuan was about to drag this mortal Gu back for research, this mortal Gu self-detonated.

The star snake rope missed its target, it could only return to Fang Yuan's side.

Such movements attracted the attentions of the other Gu Immortals.

Because this mortal Gu was destroyed, the freezing rain became significantly weaker.

"He actually found a flaw?" Bo Dan was shocked, he had once tried to look for flaws during the period of attacking, but he had no gains.

Bo Dan's wisdom path inheritance was too incomplete, it was of low quality and had limited methods.

In contrast, Fang Yuan's inheritance was extremely impressive, it had extraordinary origins. It led to the creation of many powerful wisdom path Gu Immortals, and its last owner was the number one wisdom path Gu Immortal in Northern Plains, Dong Fang Chang Fan.

Even with Fang Yuan's ability, he could find a flaw in the freezing rain frozen earth, this showed how impressive this inheritance truly was.

"Good!" Shark Demon praised.

But just as he said that, the storm above them became three times as fierce!

Swish swish swish!

Rain poured down like a storm, the icicles were sharp and emitted immense pressure on the Gu Immortals who were defending against the attack.

"Xing Xiang Zi, what in the world did you do?" Bo Dan grabbed onto this great opportunity and chided.

Fang Yuan's heart also jumped, he knew that he was too rash. Even if he found a Gu worm that formed the battlefield killer move, he should not have destroyed it at will, otherwise, it would lead to an even stronger resistance and attack.

But soon, Fang Yuan felt joyful again.

After this mortal Gu was destroyed, the battlefield killer move freezing rain frozen earth had two more flaws.

This way, there was more hope in unraveling the battlefield killer move!


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