Reverend Insanity
888 Entering Eastern Sea
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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888 Entering Eastern Sea

Two months later.

At a certain place in Eastern Sea.

Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng stood quietly on a cloud, waiting for Shark Demon and others.

The sun was setting now, causing a huge area of clouds with a burning red appearance to the west, even the sea underneath them was dyed red.

Waves after waves appeared in the sea, under such elegant turbulence, the last rays of light shone brightly onto these water droplets, they were bright and red. Together with the burning red looking clouds, a beautiful scene was formed.

"Every time I see such a beautiful sight, I will stop and immerse myself in this atmosphere, sighing at the marvels of nature." Tai Bai Yun Sheng had a deep gaze as he sighed: "Right now, I am someone who has succeeded in immortal ascension, but I can feel that this world is still so grand and majestic, it makes one feel like they are an insignificant insect, having a great sense of inferiority. Comparing mankind to heaven, we are really insignificant. Maybe only rank nine Gu Venerables would have the qualifications to contest with heaven and earth, I have no such hope."

Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "Brother Tai Bai, don't think too lowly of yourself. Do you remember from >, that story of the miniman, when we recognize that we are tiny and insignificant, we have to try and get even stronger. We are tiny, but to stop being ignorant and become wise, you will feel pain, because that shows you are growing."

"Xing Xiang Zi, you still have such grand ambitions. Hahaha…" Tai Bai Yun Sheng was stunned for a moment before he laughed as well.

The two were still conversing, when a Gu Immortal emerged from the sea below them.

"Who is this?" Fang Yuan shouted.

"Lords, please calm down, my name is Sha Nan Jiang, I was sent by Lord Shark Demon to invite both of you over." The person smiled as he introduced himself.

Sha Nan Jiang's body rose up, in a few breaths of time, he arrived at Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng's location.

He was a rank six immortal zombie.

His body was strong and muscular, he had a bald head with a copper band on it, he had icy blue eyes and his skin was like old tree bark, his arms and legs were exposed on the outside, his fingers were webbed, his ears looked like fish fins, they were sharp and extended towards the back of his head.

Fang Yuan twiddled his fingers, suddenly asking: "Scenic blue travel immortal zombie body?"

Sha Nan Jiang's mild smile froze, he stared at Fang Yuan as he cupped his fists: "Sir must be the wisdom path Gu Immortal Xing Xiang Zi? Impressive, my scenic blue travel immortal zombie body was self-created, I have just come out of closed cultivation, I have not told anybody. Sir only made a small deduction and actually found out its name."

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan chuckled: "I am not a wisdom path Gu Immortal, I mainly cultivate star path, I only secondarily cultivate wisdom path. Earlier, I was just guessing randomly, I was lucky to have been correct."

Fang Yuan was very humble.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng watched at the side, laughing to himself inwardly.

This was the first time Tai Bai Yun Sheng met this Sha Nan Jiang. Thus, the scene earlier occurred.

Sha Nan Jiang used an immortal killer move to sneak over here, when he reached the sea beneath Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng, his traces were exposed by Fang Yuan.

This was the probing of Sha Nan Jiang.

But soon, Fang Yuan retaliated and deduced the name of Sha Nan Jiang's immortal zombie body.

When Gu Immortals interact, their strength was the most important thing. After some mutual probing, they could win each other's respect.

Sha Nan Jiang no longer dared to be careless, he showed a serious expression.

He nodded to Fang Yuan, having a respectful expression, before turning his gaze to Tai Bai Yun Sheng: "Please follow me, Lord Shark Demon and the others are already attacking Yu Lu blessed land."

A moment later, the three of them dived into the seawater and saw a door at the bottom of the sea.

This door was circular and had a light color, it looked like porcelain or jade. Chains of water crystal pearls lined the top of the door as they hung, forming a veil and blocking the entrance.

Fang Yuan's eyes showed a look of curiosity.

He would definitely not think that this door that had suddenly appeared was made of jade.

This was the entrance of Yu Lu blessed land, it only showed its outer appearance, but its true purpose was to act as the connection between Yu Lu blessed land and the outside world.

The entrance was extremely significant to small worlds like blessed lands and grotto-heavens.

Once the entrance was closed, the immortal aperture world would become an enclosed small world, isolated from the outside world. If Gu Immortals from outside the immortal aperture wanted to enter, it would be extremely difficult.

One could say, the entrance was the first difficulty to tackle when invading a blessed land.

Back then, Immortal Crane Sect's He Feng Yang and Fairy Cang Yu worked together to attack Fang Yuan's Hu Immortal blessed land. In order to solve the problem of the entrance, they used Fang Zheng and a blood path method to locate it. Only after locating the blessed land did they enter Hu Immortal blessed land.

Qin Bai Sheng and the others invaded Lang Ya blessed land, they also made use of the souls of the hairy man Gu Immortal undercover agents to locate it and enter Lang Ya blessed land.

Thus, even if Fang Yuan did not capture Fang Zheng to use Blood Deity, he would still need to be concerned about the safety of Hu Immortal blessed land and deal with Fang Zheng. In that case, there would be no way of tracking him. Even if they knew the location of Hu Immortal blessed land precisely, even if they could break the space between the two worlds, they could not connect to the inside of the blessed land.

As the three arrived in front of the light jade door, Sha Nan Jiang activated his Gu worms as the crystal veil of the entrance lifted, and the door opened.

"Sirs, please enter." Sha Nan Jiang invited.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng saw this and smiled: "Your alliance has formidable methods, you can already control the entrance."

Sha Nan Jiang smiled lightly: "Sir Tai Bai might not know, ever since the failure two months ago, Lord Shark Demon returned to the Zombie Alliance headquarters and spend a huge sum of contribution points to request for the help of a rank seven wisdom path immortal zombie. Right now, we have already gotten through the round of vanishing immortal essence dissipation rain, and entered deeper within. This entrance was also completely under our alliance's control since a month ago."

Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng nodded, they stepped into Yu Lu blessed land.

After entering the blessed land, they did not see Yu Lu blessed land's true appearance, instead they were inside a frozen world that was completely white.

"This is the third round after vanishing immortal essence dissipation rain, it is a battlefield killer move called freezing rain frozen earth. Every hour, there would be intense freezing rain, as well as attacks from snow monsters. Lord Shark Demon and the rest are just up ahead." Sha Nan Jiang introduced.

"Freezing rain frozen earth…" Fang Yuan muttered lightly, he gazed around, showcasing huge interest regarding this battlefield killer move.

He had already eliminated his earlier weakness after gaining several star path techniques.

Be it attack, defense, movement, investigation, or healing, he had no apparent gaps.

Even in terms of investigation, Fang Yuan had an immortal killer move. Not long ago, Sha Nan Jiang was exposed by Fang Yuan, that was because of a star path investigative immortal killer move.

His current battle strength was firmly at the peak of rank six. If he used myriad self, he would reach rank seven battle strength.

What Fang Yuan lacked now was a battlefield killer move.

If he had a battlefield killer move, he could kill a Northern Plains Zombie Alliance immortal zombie secretly, taking over their identity and infiltrating the place.

For this goal, Fang Yuan sought Fairy Li Shan for help, but she rejected him.

Fang Yuan racked his brains over it, he was an astute person, he found another method to take a step back and make an alternative goal, he decided to get into Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance's headquarters.

Thus, he used the appearance and identity of an ordinary star path Gu Immortal, Xing Xiang Zi, and came to Eastern Sea with Tai Bai Yun Sheng, intentionally getting close to Shark Demon and the others.

"Brother Tai Bai, we meet again. Hahaha!" A moment later, when everyone met, Shark Demon was extremely enthusiastic.

He patted Tai Bai Yun Sheng's shoulder and directed his gaze towards Fang Yuan: "Sir must be brother Tai Bai's best friend, Xing Xiang Zi? Since you are brother Tai Bai's friend, you are also my friend."

"I am but a wandering lone cultivator, I would not dare to." Fang Yuan smiled humbly.

He wore a large blue robe, his hair was white like snow, but his skin was tender like a baby's skin, he had a poised and sagely appearance. In fact, he looked more appealing than Tai Bai Yun Sheng, one could not help but feel some fondness upon seeing him.

Shark Demon's wife, Su Bai Man, asked: "Don't be so humble, Xing Xiang Zi, I heard that sir has quite an impressive wisdom path attainment level, can we have a demonstration?"

Fang Yuan looked towards her.

Su Bai Man was an immortal zombie, but he could see her former beauty and elegance.

As the saying goes, a beautiful woman leads to a hero's grave. It was no wonder that Shark Demon turned himself into a zombie, sacrificing his immense cultivation prospects to accompany Su Bai Man.

Immediately, Fang Yuan replied to her without hesitation: "Then I will give it a try, please do forgive me if I mess up."

"Just go for it, Sir Xing Xiang Zi. Even if you fail, nobody will blame you." Shark Demon replied.

He had a ruthless and fierce nature, he usually looked at people coldly, but this was the first time he was meeting Fang Yuan, yet he was so warm and enthusiastic. Evidently, he was giving Tai Bai Yun Sheng face.

Or rather, he was giving face towards the man as before Immortal Gu that Tai Bai Yun Sheng had.

Fang Yuan raised his head and observed the surroundings.

This world before him was a land of snow and ice. It was completely white, it indeed was a battlefield killer move, they were often known as quasi-blessed lands.

Fang Yuan activated many wisdom path Gu worms within his immortal aperture, he used several wisdom path investigative killer moves in front of everyone.

But he saw no flaws, the entire battlefield was completely unchanged and intact, he could not finding a point of weakness.

But Fang Yuan was not anxious, even though he had studied very hard over the last two months, becoming proficient with many wisdom path techniques, the battlefield killer move in front of him was not simple, it was created by Fairy Yu Lu.

Fairy Yu Lu was a remarkable person.

She had an impressive origin, being a disciple of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable. He was the one who left behind the number one battlefield killer move inheritance in the entire history of humanity!

Fairy Yu Lu's battlefield killer move was certain to be extraordinary.

"Impressive! This battlefield killer move is completely fused with Yu Lu blessed land, it seems that it was created using the dao marks in the blessed land. Such methods are much more advanced than Lang Ya blessed land."

Fang Yuan observed for a long time, he gradually found some interesting points.

Lang Ya land spirit did not dare to setup a battlefield killer move in his blessed land to deal with Qin Bai Sheng, he only used the twelve wave cloud confusion Gu formation to deal with them. Lang Ya land spirit was afraid that the temporary dao marks created in setting up a battlefield killer move would harm the blessed land greatly.

In fact, in the current cultivation world, most Gu Immortals would not dare to use a battlefield killer move in their blessed lands or grotto-heavens.

Once the temporary dao marks made by the battlefield killer move clashed with the dao marks in the immortal aperture small world, the battlefield killer move would fail, and the Gu Immortal would face a backlash. In the worst case scenario, the dao marks will conflict with each other, unleashing terrifying strength that could destroy the blessed land and kill the Gu Immortal on the spot.

This had the same principle with the backlash of refining Gu.

But Fairy Yu Lu was indeed a great expert in battlefield killer moves, she directly countered this weakness by using incredible techniques that were out of Fang Yuan's imagination. She even greatly surpassed a fossil like Lang Ya land spirit in this regard.

Fang Yuan was secretly in admiration and anticipation: "It would be great if I can obtain Fairy Yu Lu's inheritance. Even if I get only one battlefield killer move that suits me, it would be a wonderful thing!"


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