Reverend Insanity
886 Crying Miniman
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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886 Crying Miniman

Northern Plains, in a certain secluded area, Luo Po valley.

Souls were wailing, thunder roared and lightning struck down. The light of fire shined everywhere, and explosions rang out continuously.

A huge, intense battle was ongoing.

The defending side was Shadow Sect, whose members had resolutely abandoned Lang Ya blessed land and came back, Qin Bai Sheng, Fairy Jiang Yu, Hui Feng Zi, He Lang Zi and others.

Immortal killer move — Soul Suppression!

Qin Bai Sheng grunted, stepping forward in the endless light and fire.

Bam bam bam!

Three intense explosions sounded out, Qin Bai Sheng had forced back three invading Gu Immortals with an overwhelming momentum, giving a feeling of an impenetrable fortress.

'I, the grand Chen Zhen Chi, actually lost three times in a row against a single Gu Immortal, and in one move each time?!' The Gu Immortal from Myriad Dragon Dock, Chen Zhen Chi, stabilized himself with difficulty and looked at Qin Bai Sheng with shock and fury.

'Damn it… it was not easy to organize a wave of offense, and it was actually broken by him so easily.' Bu Fei Yan gritted her teeth as blood seeped out of her lips.

'This soul path killer move is really too strong, who could have expected Qin Bai Sheng's true strength to be so strong! Old Oracle's deduction was really correct, this guy is very likely to be the culprit of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's destruction!' Old Man Tian Long thought.

The group that was attacking Luo Po valley was none other than the group of Gu Immortals from Central Continent's ten great ancient sects.

When their objectives could not be achieved in Snowy Mountain blessed land, Feng Jiu Ge was not discouraged and directed them appropriately, finding many secrets and clues.

After going through Old Oracle's deduction, the group of immortals found the location of Luo Po valley and hurried over.

However, Luo Po valley had already been in Shadow Sect's possession for a long time, and had a powerful defensive Gu formation. While Central Continent's Gu Immortals were being delayed by this, Qin Bai Sheng and the others had retreated from Lang Ya blessed land, coming to reinforce immediately.

Thus, the current situation was formed.

Both sides were in a deadlock.

Central Continent's group wanted to invade Luo Po valley, while Shadow Sect's group was defending their base tightly.

Transformation path killer move — Fragrant Sorcerer Yin Statue Wolf Transformation!

Wind path killer move — Death Wind Flying Blade!

He Lang Zi and Hui Feng Zi saw the Central Continent Gu Immortals suffering setbacks, immediately grasping the opportunity to counterattack incisively.

Fairy Ling Mei and Fairy Ao Xue from Heaven's Envy Manor were no match against the intense attacks, and could only retreat without any power to fight back.

Immortal killer move — Green Jade Song!

At the crucial moment, Feng Jiu Ge took action, using an extraordinary sound path killer move.

He Lang Zi and Hui Feng Zi suffered intense damage and fell back.

Hui Feng Zi retreated back to the defensive Gu formation, spitting out over ten mouthfuls of blood in succession. This blood had changed into a deep green jade color.

He Lang Zi's injuries were even more severe, the fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf he had transformed into had mostly changed into jade stones, he was extremely shocked: "What immortal killer move is this? It seems to restrain transformation path! I am actually not able to change back to human form. It looks like I have to resolve this injury before I can transform again."

"Feng Jiu Ge!" Qin Bai Sheng shouted furiously, his voice spreading over the whole battlefield.

"Qin Bai Sheng, I underestimated you. Previously I was actually deceived by you, I am far beneath you in terms of acting skills. Fortunately, my side has a wisdom path Gu Immortal and without stinting on the expenditure of lifespan, he was able to successfully deduce the location of this Luo Po valley." Feng Jiu Ge was still dressed in a red and white robe.

His posture was straight, like a spear or sword. Right now, he was speaking with a slight smile, his tone was articulate and extremely graceful.

"Successful deduction, my ass! I have no relation with the destruction of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. But since you came, your life will end here." Qin Bai Sheng slowly closed his eyes and lowered his head.

He placed his hands together in front of his chest, then he grabbed his left palm with his right hand and formed a fist, which he raised high above his head.

When they saw this stance, the expressions of the Central Continent Gu Immortals started changing to that of shock and bewilderment, and they started retreating.

Only Feng Jiu Ge stood on the spot, like he was nailed between heaven and earth, and would not move even if a storm battered him.

He looked at Qin Bai Sheng's stance with bright eyes: "This move, could it be Sword Immortal Bo Qing's five finger fist heart sword?"

"Correct." Qin Bai Sheng replied: "Are you prepared to die?"

Feng Jiu Ge laughed heartily, his expression was one of excitement: "Good, good, wonderful. Sword Immortal Bo Qing is my senior in Spirit Affinity House, he failed in his tribulation and his killer move inheritance also mysteriously disappeared. Spirit Affinity House did not obtain it, but it instead landed in a Northern Plains Gu Immortal's hands. But I have read relevant records in the sect, this five finger fist heart sword is extremely powerful and sharp. It is rumored that back then, Lord Sword Immortal Bo Qing felt the majesty of Heaven and Earth, and the difficulty of ascension, thus he created this move to show his courage and pride of resisting heaven and earth by himself."

"So this move's stance is quite peculiar, the person who uses it must confront heaven and earth, lowering their head and closing their eyes. It seems like an admission of defeat, but they are in truth using all their physical and mental strength to produce and unleash the sharpest attack. The fist above their head shows how incomparably bold Sword Immortal Bo Qing was. As the saying goes, I decide my own fate, not heaven, with a sword at my heart, I advance in sword path."

Feng Jiu Ge was not the least bit nervous in facing the legendary killer move, instead he was speaking with confidence.

The Central Continent Gu Immortals behind him were influenced by this, and the fear in their minds gradually dissipated. This made them have even more admiration of Feng Jiu Ge's temperament.

"Hmph, you know quite a lot, it seems you have a premonition of your defeat and death." Qin Bai Sheng sneered.

Feng Jiu Ge shook his head and smiled brightly: "By fortunate coincidence, I have created a sound path killer move, inspired during a certain time period. During my cultivation journey, I've discovered heaven and earth, faced heaven and earth, and revered heaven and earth, I felt the vastness of nature, felt how minute and weak I was. I named this song 'heaven and earth song'! Heaven and earth is so vast, while humans are so insignificant. This song borrows the strength of heaven and earth, using an incomparable might to suppress all resistance!"

On one side was the vast might of heaven and earth, in accordance with the course of nature and with boundless force, while the other side was about defying heaven's will by oneself, with the will of sword path, pressing forward indomitably.

These two moves were complete opposites of each other.

In the end, would it be heaven and earth song or five finger fist heart sword that emerges victorious?

The tempo of the whole battlefield slowed down for a moment.

Everyone's gazes were on Feng Jiu Ge and Qin Bai Sheng.

Even Qin Bai Sheng showed a peculiar look, and while still having his eyes closed, he spoke: "Oh? Then this fight is going to be truly interesting. Take this, first finger!"

Light illuminated Heavenly Court.

Eternal and indestructible.

The giant image in the air, formed by the refinement path Gu formation, was no longer dazzling, its radiance was completely restrained.

"Good, the first stage is finished, all the materials have been processed. The second stage is to draw in heaven's will!" Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord said after he inspected it once.

"Draw in heaven's will…" Fairy Cang Shui mumbled.

Lian Jiu Sheng and Bi Chen Tian also bore serious expressions.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord continued to explain: "Heaven's will is also known as the will of heaven and earth! Humans have will, heaven and earth also has will. Compared to heaven and earth, humans are tiny like ants, lowly like sand, they are basically not worthy of being mentioned. Heaven's will is the most important immortal material to restore fate Gu. Now, it will be an extremely long and arduous process of managing this refinement path Gu formation. Because we need to resist heaven's will, heaven's will is boundless, we cannot let it ruin our minds, otherwise we will suffer extremely severe injuries or even die! Heavenly Court has lost quite a few rank eight Gu Immortals in this process. More preparation may quicken the speed of work, now we will take turns to rest and recover."


Central Continent, Hu Immortal blessed land.

A piece of lamb that was as large as cattle was laid out in front of Fang Yuan, dripping in blood.

Fang Yuan sat on the ground and tore a portion of the meat, and put it in his mouth.

His basin-sized mouth chewed continuously for a moment before swallowing it.

Trickles of blood flowed out from the gaps between his sharp teeth, and seeped out of his lips. Fang Yuan's face, however, showed a satisfied and happy expression.

This lamb was not ordinary meat, but was the meat of a giant horned sheep.

Fang Yuan had captured a live strength path desolate beast, giant horned sheep, previously in Northern Plains, right now he was using eat strength Immortal Gu to devour the meat and increase the strength path dao marks on his body.

"I am a strength path Gu Immortal after all, strength path dao marks are my foundation."

Fang Yuan kept eating while looking back mentally over the defensive battle of Lang Ya blessed land.

In this battle, Fang Yuan had first tested vaguely familiar face, deceiving almost everyone, the effect satisfied him.

Secondly, he used star path killer moves in actual battle.

Star cloud grindstone, star snake rope, six illusion star bodies and position star swap.

Actual battle was vastly different from normal practice. Fang Yuan was able to comprehend an additional layer of understanding regarding these four immortal killer moves through the battle.

Naturally, Star Lord Wan Xiang's star path inheritance did not have just these four killer moves.

However, Fang Yuan could only use these four currently.

Because he only had three star path Immortal Gu - Star Mark, Starlight and Star Shoot. These three Immortal Gu were used in turns as the cores of the four star path killer moves.

Star Lord Wan Xiang had four Immortal Gu but one was destroyed in battle. Thus, only three ended up in Fang Yuan's hands.

"I had thought of using the light of wisdom to deduce some strength path immortal killer moves to make up for my weak points. But these star path killer moves are quite good and can be of use for now, there is no need for me to waste my time and energy."

Through this battle of defense in Lang Ya blessed land, Fang Yuan was able to gain an even more clear understanding of his own battle strength.

"When considering star path killer moves, my battle strength is already firmly at the peak of rank six. Just based on the offensive aspect, with myriad self, my battle strength can match rank seven. But I am still quite far away from being able to fight with veteran rank seven Gu Immortals, and can only try my best to pester and stall them. As for Qin Bai Sheng, I have no hope of matching him, he is a quasi rank eight, an expert like Feng Jiu Ge!"

This battle made Fang Yuan truly recognize the power of Qin Bai Sheng.

Due to this, in the entire battle, Fang Yuan generally did not use his full strength and was basically going with the flow. Only at the last juncture did he display myriad self giant hand.

Under such a situation, being high profile was seeking death.

From start to finish, Fang Yuan had placed some of his attention to controlling Fixed Immortal Travel constantly. Once something went wrong, he was ready to immediately retreat.

"Who is this Qin Bai Sheng? His true strength is actually so great! Hei Cheng, Jiang Yu, Hui Feng Zi, and the others, why are they together? Qin Bai Sheng seems to be their leader, and with Hei Cheng in their group, Hei Lou Lan's revenge is probably hopeless. Now that I think about it, the hidden details regarding Lang Ya blessed land run very deep, there is more than meets the eye."

In the memories of Fang Yuan's previous life, Lang Ya blessed land had resisted seven waves of attacks.

But now, just in this fourth wave, there were signs of not being able to resist.

What was the truth in history? Was it because of influence from Fang Yuan that Lang Ya blessed land's situation had changed?

A thick fog had appeared in front of Fang Yuan.

"Even if I was in perfect condition, when facing Qin Bai Sheng, especially that immortal killer move soul suppression, I simply wouldn't have any strength to strike back. Truly powerless."

Fang Yuan gazed down at his hand, his hand was stained with blood.

Compared to Qin Bai Sheng, Fang Yuan seemed like this giant horned sheep which could only allow itself to be slaughtered by another.

Heaven and earth was vast, nature was boundless. The more one knew, the more they would find out how ignorant they are. The stronger one became, the more they would find how weak they are.

> had an interesting account.

Boundless Forest Samsara was separated from her father, Ren Zu, and could only stay in ordinary abyss.

She was heartbroken, and did not feel happy eating the fruits anymore.

Every day, she would shed tears and weep incessantly, until she got tired and gradually fell asleep.

In a dream of hers, she vaguely heard some extremely soft voices, and felt something small, like an ant was climbing her body.

Immediately, she woke up and sat up, and saw a miniman was climbing on her body.

Because of Boundless Forest Samsara's movement, this miniman's foothold became unstable and it fell to the ground.

"Who are you? There is actually such a small person like you in the world?" Boundless Forest Samsara saw the miniman that was not even the size of her finger, and felt extremely curious, forgetting to cry for a moment.

The miniman looked at the giant Boundless Forest Samsara with a stupefied look, and after the shock, he raised his head and started crying loudly.

"Hey hey hey, little person, I am not crying, what are you crying for?" Boundless Forest Samsara was puzzled.

The miniman spoke while crying: "I am the tallest in my tribe, and I was brave, arrogant and proud because of this. Today, I intended to climb a mountain, but to think that this mountain was really a person. There are actually such giant people like you in the world, this is the first time I've seen someone like you, so I burst into tears!"

Almost every person who explored and grew up, would have such a mental journey.

The more they saw, the more they realized their weaknesses. Sometimes they would sigh at the vastness of the world, and sometimes they would find how far their goal was and to reach their goal, they had to go through an endless journey which they had not considered before. They would feel loss, bewilderment, discouragement, panic, even hopelessness.

Thus, one could understand the miniman crying when it saw Boundless Forest Samsara.

"Thinking back to my previous life, I also was once perplexed and had 'cried'. There are mountains beyond mountains, and experts beyond experts. There are always stronger existences than me, eternal life is too far away, how could my insignificant self achieve it?"

Fang Yuan gazed at his bloody palm and was lost in thought for a while.

After a long time, he suddenly smiled, revealing his sharp fangs.

"Still too weak. Whether it was my previous life or this life, I am like that miniman that wanted to climb the mountain."

"But… my insignificance won't be an excuse to stop chasing after the grandness."

"Only the cowardly and defeated will look for excuses."

"Even if tears are shed and snot flows out, I will continue to climb the mountain, this is the pleasure of life."

As he thought of this, Fang Yuan ripped apart another portion of bloody meat and bit it.

The sharp teeth ruthlessly chewed at the meat, trickles of fresh blood seeped out of his lips.


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