Reverend Insanity
878 Moment of Crisis
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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878 Moment of Crisis

When Fang Yuan was able to see again, he was already in another cloud building.

Fang Yuan let out a breath of turbid air, it might have been difficult to withdraw without Lang Ya land spirit's help.

After all, one of the enemies was Hui Feng Zi.

This person was known as among the best in movement speed currently in Northern Plains, he could even outrun rank eight Gu Immortals. He had a shocking achievement of having escaped from Yao Huang.

But difficult did not mean impossible.

Fang Yuan had Fixed Immortal Travel and only needed three breaths of time to escape. Even if Hui Feng Zi was very fast, it would be of no help should he have enough time.

"There were only five cloud buildings remaining in the first place, now we have lost two in a row, and we only delayed the enemies for a short time. The enemies are already attacking, this time, the three of us will move together!" Lang Ya land spirit instructed with a serious expression.

When Lang Ya land spirit spoke, Fang Yuan discovered that besides him and the land spirit, there was an inkman Gu Immortal in the cloud building.

Fang Yuan assessed this inkman Gu Immortal.

The inkman Gu Immortal possessed distinct inkman characteristics — black skin and white hair. He also seemed to be rather old judging by the wrinkles all over his face.

'Wasn't it said Inkman City only had one Gu Immortal, the Inkman King Mo Tan Sang? It seems this inkman Gu Immortal is one of the trump cards of Inkman City, kept hidden ordinarily. My intelligence from Fairy Li Shan had no mention of him. He only made his appearance due to the crisis in Lang Ya blessed land.'

Fang Yuan speculated inwardly.

'Inkmen are variant humans, there are very few Gu Immortals among variant human tribes. Inkman City being able to conceal a Gu Immortal should already be their limit. But then again, for Inkman City to send out their two Gu Immortals for Lang Ya blessed land, it could be said to be taking a big risk. This means Mo Tan Sang has a lot of trust in Lang Ya land spirit.'

Fang Yuan was able to understand the wider situation with a small clue, he had only just seen this inkman Gu Immortal, but was able to connect this to many things.

This inkman Gu Immortal nodded at Fang Yuan but did not say anything, as if he did not want to have much interaction with Fang Yuan.

This was expected.

Even if Fang Yuan had changed his appearance greatly, he was still a human Gu Immortal.

Currently in the five regions, or even the entire world, variant humans were suppressed, captured and trained as slaves to be sold.

Almost all variant humans were barely staying alive.

This Inkman City in Northern Plains was already an extremely rare and valuable settlement of variant humans.

This was also because the leaders of Inkman City, from generation to generation, were all Gu Immortals.

How could Inkman City exist without the protection of Gu Immortals? Forces both large and small would have already allied to capture the inkmen as slaves.

It could be said that without a Gu Immortal, the lives of variant humans was similar to that of small and tiny tribes, scattered in nooks and crannies over the world.

It was not that variant humans did not want to group together to form middle scale and large scale tribes, but that if their numbers were large, it would be summoning disaster, attracting countless forces to hunt them down and make them slaves.

This aged inkman Gu Immortal seemed to be very much on alert in regards to humans, he only nodded at Fang Yuan and remained at his spot without any intention to communicate.

Fang Yuan also nodded in reply.

Lang Ya land spirit, who was at the side, was frowning as he anxiously looked outside the window, he suddenly spoke: "They arrived so quickly! They are directly charging towards this cloud building, the situation does not look good, they seem to hold some investigative method that targets my twelve wave cloud confusion formation."

Fang Yuan quickly looked outside, but only saw the vast fog.

He knew his investigative killer moves were not much good, but Lang Ya land spirit's words should be true.

Sure enough, several breaths of time later, wind surged, dispelling the thick fog and revealing a clear space.

Two enemy Gu Immortals were proudly standing in the air.

One was wearing a black robe and was very good looking, but because of some injuries, his expression appeared pale, making one feel that although this person was unfettered and elegant, he did not seem to have much longer to live.

He was Hei Cheng.

The other Gu Immortal was wearing martial attire, he had broad shoulders and a thin waist, and his eyes were emitting sharp light, Fang Yuan was familiar with this person — rank seven Gu Immortal, Qin Bai Sheng!

Fang Yuan immediately put most of his attention on Qin Bai Sheng.

In Fang Yuan's knowledge: This Qin Bai Sheng was extremely strong, an expert at the level of Central Continent's Shi Lei. If they were to openly fight, Fang Yuan knew he was not Qin Bai Sheng's match.

One needed to know their limitations.

One of the reasons Fang Yuan could live so long was because he knew himself well enough.

Even though he had the strength path killer move myriad self, and did not lack immortal essence stones for the moment, and also possessed a set of star path immortal killer moves which made up for a lot of his shortcomings, but if they were to truly battle, he could at best only force a draw with difficulty against experts at the level of Old Lord Can Yang, He Lang Zi, Hui Feng Zi and Unfettered Scholar.

He was able to kill Xue Song Zi before, because his luck was good and his plan had succeeded.

He used star path battle strength to deal with He Lang Zi and was able to turn the situation into a stalemate, but He Lang Zi's third immortal transformation was not forced out. In other words, He Lang Zi still had strength left.

Clearly, the land spirit also knew Qin Bai Sheng's strength, thus was frowning deeply, mumbling: "Damn it, I am so close. If only I had some time, all these tigers would turn into sick cats!"

He seemed to have some powerful method, but it required time to be put to use.

Unfortunately, the enemies did not intend to give any time to Lang Ya land spirit.

The enemies were already closing in on the cloud building, Lang Ya land spirit had no choice but to brace himself to resist.

The next moment, the land spirit turned towards the inkman Gu Immortal in the corner: "Old Mo, you can go first to fight them, try to stall for as much time as possible."

"Yes, Lord Lang Ya.' The inkman Gu Immortal slightly bowed before flying out of the cloud building.

"Fang Yuan, be prepared to move out." Lang Ya land spirit instructed Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan nodded, while thinking inwardly: 'With just my star path methods, I can only deal with one or two enemies at the level of Hui Feng Zi and He Lang Zi. It is impossible to think of victory, but I can still delay for time. However, in facing Qin Bai Sheng, I must use all my strength, it is absolutely out of question to try to make do with just star path cultivation.'

Just as he was thinking, an extremely intense suppression force spread from ahead.

"What is this?!" The terrifying pressure caused Fang Yuan and Lang Ya land spirit to turn pale.

They quickly looked over, brilliant golden light filled their sight.

After the golden light dispersed, they saw Qin Bai Sheng standing proudly in the air, while Hei Cheng was looking at him from behind as if he was a monster.

And in Qin Bai Sheng's hands, was a head.

It was the head of that inkman Gu Immortal!

As for this Gu Immortal's body, it had fallen to the ground.

Qin Bai Sheng had actually killed a rank six Gu Immortal in this breath of time!

What was this speed!

What level of power was this!!

This power which could directly kill an extremely vigilant Gu Immortal, even if it was a variant human, was too terrifying!

Even the experienced and knowledgeable Hei Cheng was dumbstruck. Even though he had personally seen Qin Bai Sheng overpowering He Lang Zi in one move.

But overpowering and killing a Gu Immortal were two different concepts.

The inkman Gu Immortal had just flown over and was just about to say something.

Qin Bai Sheng had immediately attacked.

He did not even give a chance for the enemy to speak.

What was that move?

The Gu Immortals present on the scene, as well as the land spirit, did not have any clues.

"Terrifying! This Qin Bai Sheng's battle strength has already surpassed Shi Lei, and is fully at the level of Feng Jiu Ge. Let's retreat!" Fang Yuan bellowed at Lang Ya land spirit.

Lang Ya land spirit also came to his senses, and just as Fang Yuan shouted, he grabbed Fang Yuan's arm and swiftly disappeared from the spot.

"What's going on?" In another cloud building, Mo Tan Sang was standing guard, and was surprised to see Fang Yuan and Lang Ya land spirit appear so suddenly.

Fang Yuan's expression was extremely unsightly, he did not know the secrets of Qin Bai Sheng's background, but that decapitation just now left an extremely deep impression on him.

Lang Ya land spirit was filled with panic as he looked all around: "What should we do?"

His body suddenly shook and he looked towards the northwest direction, his gaze seemingly passing through the cloud building. He was terrified: "They are coming directly towards us. This, what can we do?!"

Mo Tan Sang took a step forward.

He glanced at the 'stranger' Fang Yuan, clearly not recognizing Fang Yuan's appearance.

Mo Tan Sang also did not inquire about Fang Yuan's identity, and instead asked Lang Ya land spirit a question in concern.

Lang Ya land spirit did not reply to him, he was extremely anxious, this was the first time Mo Tan Sang had seen this.

It was instead Fang Yuan who answered Mo Tan Sang, his voice heavy and filled with apprehension: "That inkman Gu Immortal is dead, he could not last even one move… he was decapitated by Qin Bai Sheng! This battle strength is already comparable to rank eight, only with a large gap in strength can there be this kind of crushing battle result!"

"What? Elder Mo is dead?! Killed in one move by Qin Bai Sheng?" Mo Tan Sang's whole body shook, revealing a disbelieving and shocked expression.

Soon, the shock on his face disappeared and his gaze became blank.

The death of the old inkman Gu Immortal was a heavy strike to Mo Tan Sang.

Inkman City had two Gu Immortals altogether, now only Mo Tan Sang was left. The disastrous loss was evident.

"How could Qin Bai Sheng be so strong?" Mo Tan Sang's face was filled with cold sweat as he reacted short after, he was a person of great talent and vision after all, and immediately understood they could only rely on Lang Ya land spirit's unfathomable depths.

He took another step forward and asked Lang Ya land spirit: "Lord Lang Ya land spirit, what should we do? We cannot stall for time! Can't you use your rank eight Immortal Gu House Refinement Cauldron early to forcibly refine the Immortal Gu of these Gu Immortals?"

Rank eight Immortal Gu House… Refinement Cauldron?

'This is Lang Ya land spirit's hidden trump card? It seems this Immortal Gu House can actually forcibly refine the Immortal Gu of others?' Fang Yuan's heart shook as he heard this secret.

Everything became clear!

It was no wonder that Lang Ya land spirit could resist the invasion of so many Gu Immortals. No wonder Feng Jiu Ge perished here.

With this rank eight Immortal Gu House, Refinement Cauldron, as long as a period of time was given, the Immortal Gu of Gu Immortals would be refined by the land spirit. Moreover, the Gu Immortals could only use Immortal Gu and immortal killer moves here.

If their Immortal Gu were refined by others, then the Gu Immortals could only let others trample upon them.

No wonder Lang Ya land spirit could capture so many Gu Immortals alive.

This rank eight Immortal Gu House could refine the Immortal Gu of other Gu Immortals, isolating them from immortal apertures, this power was inconceivably strong!

However, when Fang Yuan thought of it, it was also not strange.

Long Hair Ancestor was the creator of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, it was justifiable for him to be able to create another rank eight Immortal Gu House in Refinement Cauldron.

"If I could forcibly refine the Gu, I would have already done so. What to do? What to do? There is not enough time!!" Lang Ya land spirit raved as he paced around the room in panic.

Mo Tan Sang had helped resist two waves of attacks, but he had never seen Lang Ya land spirit in such panic, his heart could not help but sink.

'Don't tell me, not only did I mess up Northern Plains, I even affected Lang Ya blessed land and am causing it to be destroyed earlier?' Fang Yuan's mood was also heavy.


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