Reverend Insanity
874 Killed By One Slap!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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874 Killed By One Slap!

Among the seven Gu Immortals who were invading Lang Ya blessed land, the one Fang Yuan wanted to face the most was Xue Song Zi.

Because Xue Song Zi was the one with the lowest cultivation level among them, his battle strength was also likely to be the lowest.

At the same time, Fang Yuan had fought Xue Song Zi before, during their previous battle, Xue Song Zi was beaten back by the strength path phantom army, he left in a pitiful state.

In other words, Xue Song Zi had once lost to Fang Yuan, with Fang Yuan's experience, he knew about Xue Song Zi's foundation.

"But I cannot be careless in this battle." Fang Yuan's expression was serious, looking at Xue Song Zi in the mirror, getting closer to the cloud building that he was in, he did not have disdain or arrogance inside.

A lion uses its full strength even when hunting rabbits, Fang Yuan had a vigilant nature.

Furthermore, in this battle, Fang Yuan had many concerns.

His first concern was that this was not a solo battle, it was a huge fight between the invaders and Lang Ya blessed land. If Fang Yuan and Xue Song Zi fought, would the other side send reinforcements? That was very likely to happen!

His second concern was Xue Song Zi's increase in battle strength.

In Lang Ya blessed land, the invaders could not use any mortal Gu, the fact that Xue Song Zi could get this far meant that he had at least one Immortal Gu.

This secret was easily exposed.

Because Xue Song Zi's speed in reaching Fang Yuan was extremely fast, he was using a true immortal killer move.

"It seems that in this battle, I have to plot and sneak attack him, ensuring my advantage. Even if someone reinforces him later, my pressure would be much lower." Malicious thoughts were moving rapidly in Fang Yuan's mind.

When plotting against others, malicious thoughts were most effective. Fang Yuan was very experienced with this.

Xue Song Zi progressed rapidly.

The scene before him was stagnant, all he saw was white fog that filled his entire vision.

As he flew rapidly, the cold winds were blowing on him, but he felt extremely excited.

"This is the difference between Immortal Gu and mortal Gu, it truly is spectacular." Xue Song Zi experienced the joy of flying using an immortal killer move, a portion of his mind was concentrating on his own immortal aperture.

In his immortal aperture, there was an ice path Immortal Gu, it was quite massive. It was around the size of an average horse, the entire Immortal Gu looked like a heart, it was an icy statue that looked very vivid, frost energy was emanating from it.

This was ice heart Immortal Gu.

Ice heart Immortal Gu was not Xue Song Zi's possession, it was lent to him by Shadow Sect's Qin Bai Sheng, in order to boost his strength when invading Lang Ya blessed land.

Not only did Qin Bai Sheng give Xue Song Zi this rank six Immortal Gu, he even gave him several immortal killer moves that used ice heart Immortal Gu as the core, encompassing attack, defense, movement, healing, and others.

Xue Song Zi was originally a snow path Gu Immortal, but snow path and ice path were twins, they were almost indistinguishable and closely related. This ice path Immortal Gu and its killer moves were very suitable for Xue Song Zi.

Ice heart Immortal Gu emitted bone chilling frost energy, but Xue Song Zi's heart was burning with passion!

Qin Bai Sheng has promised Xue Song Zi before moving off for this mission, if they achieved their goal this time, he would give that ice path Immortal Gu to Xue Song Zi as his reward.

Thus, Xue Song Zi was full of motivation, ever since they entered the blessed land, he was working very enthusiastically.

After all, back then he was searching for wooden chicken Immortal Gu, he did not stint on subsidizing Ma tribe in the struggle for the Imperial Court.

Right now there was such a good chance, and ice heart Immortal Gu was much more compatible with him than wooden chicken Immortal Gu, he was definitely moved.

"Cloud building!" Xue Song Zi's figure halted, he shouted in surprise.

In the endless white fog before him, a tall building appeared.

Xue Song Zi soon became overjoyed: "To think that my luck is so good, I actually found a cloud building!"

The mission Qin Bai Sheng gave him was to find the formation cores of the twelve cloud buildings inside the twelve wave cloud confusion formation and destroy them.

"If I can destroy a cloud building alone, that would be a huge merit. According to our earlier agreement for rewards, I will obtain quite a sum. But each cloud building is defended by a desolate beast, I should be careful." Soon after, Xue Song Zi calmed down.

As if it had heard his thoughts, a desolate beast descended from the cloud building, jumping towards him.

This desolate beast was huge like an elephant. It was yellow-brown in color, and thick fur covered more than half of its body.

It was the yellow jade lion desolate beast that Fang Yuan had picked up in Starry Sky grotto-heaven, and had given to Lang Ya land spirit.

The yellow jade lion did not make a sound, it moved like lightning as it charged towards Xue Song Zi.

"Just in time." Xue Song Zi showed an excited expression with much battle intent, but his body retreated backwards instead, he was very vigilant.

The yellow jade lion's attack did not hit, instead, Xue Song Zi increased the distance between them.

The latter waved his sleeve and a huge blizzard blew out.

The blizzard howled as lumps of snow as large as eggs flew towards the yellow jade lion.

This was not a mortal killer move, it was the immortal killer move 'cold condensed snow'. Only an immortal killer move could be used in this situation, mortal killer moves could not even be used in this place.

The yellow jade lion could not open its eyes, cold frost energy was spreading, forming a thick layer of frost on its body.

The yellow jade lion's body shook itself, most of the frost was shrugged off, it continued running towards Xue Song Zi.

Xue Song Zi's gaze was focused on the yellow jade lion's fur, he snorted in disdain.

His immortal killer move had insufficient attacking power, but the frost energy would invade the body and affect the enemy's speed and movement.

The yellow jade lion did not have a large size among desolate beasts, but it had great strength and agility.

Xue Song Zi used this move to weaken the yellow jade lion's speed advantage. But the yellow jade lion was a desolate beast, and it had very thick fur.

If it were another desolate beast, its flesh and blood might have been frozen by the frost energy. But the yellow jade lion had the traits of its species, it resisted this move and only its fur was frozen.

Xue Song Zi was not adept at close combat, he liked to fight at long range.

After seeing the yellow jade lion closing in, he retreated again.

Immortal killer move — Ice Trace!

He faced the yellow jade lion as he flew backwards and retreated. Along the path that he retreated, frost gathered as the ground became an icy path.

The yellow jade lion's frontal assault was slowed greatly when it stepped onto this icy trail.

Xue Song Zi retreated rapidly, after making sure there was a huge distance between them, he laughed: "Beast, take my penetrating ice blade!"

He raised his hand and slashed at the yellow jade lion, which was far away.


A huge ice blade formed in the air instantly, the ice blade flew down from above, it was fast and sharp, hitting the yellow jade lion's back harshly.

The yellow jade lion growled in pain, blood splattered, but was quickly frozen and became solid.

The penetrating ice blade shattered like glass, but the frost energy inside directly spread into the yellow jade lion's body, its offensive power came in multiple forms, overwhelming the opponent, it was hard to defend against, this was a vicious and ruthless move.

The yellow jade lion growled at the sky, the sound waves causing ripples in the clouds. Its four claws were glowing with fire, its speed increased and it could dodge with greater flexibility.

The yellow jade lion had large numbers of mortal Gu worms in its body, this was intentionally produced by Lang Ya land spirit.

Because they were on the side defending the blessed land, the yellow jade lion could use all of its mortal Gu worms.

But the frost energy was inside its body, the yellow jade lion's speed fell greatly.

Xue Song Zi had the advantage, he continued to use immortal killer moves to attack the yellow jade lion.

The situation was getting worse for the yellow jade lion, wounds were piling up on its body, it was getting slower. When it coughed blood, what came out was not warm blood, but cold frozen blood.

"Hahaha, great, this feels great!" Xue Song Zi laughed loudly in a carefree manner.

He had used all of the immortal killer moves that Qin Bai Sheng gave to him, he could feel the power of having immortal killer moves. In the past, desolate beasts greatly troubled him, but after getting bombarded by his immortal killer moves, this one could only run around and growl pitifully.

"Next is the final move, ice heart lock… I have to test its power as well!" Xue Song Zi stopped running, he advanced and charged towards the yellow jade lion.

He was extremely fast, like an eagle trying to capture food in the sky.

Before the yellow jade lion reacted, its Gu worms had already felt Xue Song Zi's immense aura and had activated an armor made of light on the yellow jade lion's body.

"Hmph! Child's play!" Xue Song Zi's eyes shined with cruelty, he waved his hand as he used an immortal killer move, penetrating ice blade, again.


The ice blade hit the yellow jade lion's back, breaking into pieces.

The armor of light made by mortal Gu did not even last for a moment before it was destroyed by the ice blade effortlessly.

A deep wound that revealed the bone was made on the yellow jade lion's back.

The yellow jade lion cried out in pain, it could not hold on anymore, it sprawled on the ground.

Xue Song Zi stepped on the yellow jade lion's back, he suddenly lied down and placed both hands on the yellow jade lion's body.

Crack crack.

Soft sounds of ice forming could be heard.

First, it was a thin layer of ice growing on the yellow jade lion's back, with Xue Song Zi at the center, the ice rapidly extended over the yellow jade lion's body.

Soon, this thin layer of ice thickened at a rapid speed.

Not only that, on the yellow jade lion's body, a similarly powerful frost energy was gathering and freezing its blood, flesh, bones, and even its intestines.

Xue Song Zi's expression was pale, he thought to himself inwardly: "This ice heart lock is really powerful, it can forcefully freeze even desolate beasts. But this immortal killer move expends way too much immortal essence."

After Xue Song Zi noticed this, he wanted to stop.

But soon, greed grew inside him: "Why don't I capture this yellow jade lion alive. I can freeze it first, and thaw it later when I sell it to someone. A living desolate beast is of huge value even in treasure yellow heaven! Hehehe."

Just as he was dreaming about this beautiful future, there was an explosion from the yellow jade lion below him.

With a loud bang, a strength path giant hand grabbed onto Xue Song Zi, who was unable to escape in time.

Xue Song Zi was flustered: "What is this? Ice armor!"

A thick ice armor appeared on his body, the strength path giant hand grabbed onto the ice armor, as cracks appeared on the armor.

Xue Song Zi's lips curled up, he showed a ruthless smile: "With this, I can test my defensive killer move's other ability. Ice armor, detonate!"

With a loud bang, the ice armor exploded, and huge amounts of frost energy filled the surroundings.

Fang Yuan's strength path giant hand was pushed back by the huge force.

Xue Song Zi used the chance and flew out, but at the next moment, his sinister smile froze.

Above his head, a strength path giant hand was prepared and ready to strike. Xue Song Zi flew into the sky, his ice armor had just broken, he could not activate it immediately again.

This strength path giant hand slapped him like swatting a fly, as it landed on him, Xue Song Zi was beaten into a lump of meat paste!


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