Reverend Insanity
873 Quietly Awaiting Foes
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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873 Quietly Awaiting Foes

Fang Yuan frowned, he showed a troubled expression.

Qin Bai Sheng, Jiang Yu, He Lang Zi, Xue Song Zi, He Lang Zi, and two mysterious Gu Immortals that he did not know. Among them, only Xue Song Zi and Jiang Yu were rank six Gu Immortals, the rest were rank seven Gu Immortals.

Fang Yuan did not have any idea of who the two mysterious Gu Immortals were.

But among the remaining ones, Qin Bai Sheng, He Lang Zi, and Hei Cheng were all experienced rank sevens.

Hei Cheng was a Gu Immortal of the super force, Hei tribe, although he had a hidden injury and could not use immortal killer moves, causing his battle strength to decline sharply. He was not at his peak condition, but the Immortal Gu Dark Arrow was not to be underestimated.

He Lang Zi was a famous transformation path demonic immortal in Northern Plains, he had a strange upbringing and was ruthless and savage, he had three immortal level desolate wolf transformations, he had high battle strength. He was once offered recruitment by Old Ancestor Xue Hu, but he turned down the offer.

The strongest one was Qin Bai Sheng.

This person had roamed Northern Plains for hundreds of years, as a lone cultivator, he had defeated Liu Hao, Chanyu Xiong, Nu Er Du, killed Bai Chan Zi, Jade Fire Farmer, Mountain Lord Tian Qing, had a draw with Yuan Rang Zun, and managed to escape with his life from Five Elements Grandmaster.

He was a rank seven Gu Immortal, his status in Northern Plains was like Shi Lei's status in Central Continent.

In most people's perspective, he was at the peak of rank seven battle strength, only rank eight Gu Immortals could suppress him. He was considerably stronger than the level of Old Lord Can Yang.

The scarier thing was, not only did he have outstanding battle strength, he was also very capable in planning. He held the Northern Plains auction and was the biggest winner out of it.

Trying to protect the cloud buildings in front of such a person, it was not a strange thing for Fang Yuan to feel very troubled.

But Lang Ya land spirit patted Fang Yuan's shoulder, saying: "I am not asking you to defend the cloud building, you just need to hold him back. I am trying to stall for time. Hmph, these people are too daring, they actually attacked Lang Ya blessed land! As long as you can hold on for thirty minutes, I will be able to make these people suffer the severe consequences!"

Lang Ya land spirit spoke with immense confidence.

Like what Fang Yuan had guessed, Lang Ya land spirit definitely had a trump card that could turn the situation around.

In the earlier three waves of attacks, Lang Ya land spirit had amazing battle results, these twelve desolate beasts would not have been able to accomplish it.

"Then, what is the thing that Lang Ya land spirit is relying on?" Fang Yuan felt a strong sense of curiosity internally.

He did not had any intention to conceal this thought, he asked directly.

But Lang Ya land spirit did not tell him, he only smiled mysteriously.

Afterwards, the land spirit gave Fang Yuan some instructions and gave him a letter Gu before teleporting away.

The letter Gu recorded the technique to manipulate the cloud buildings.

This cloud building was lent to Fang Yuan by Lang Ya land spirit, he could manipulate it freely.

Fang Yuan looked at it two or three times, he memorized the manipulation technique to heart. Next, he practiced it a little and got the hang of it.

The cloud buildings were the formation cores of the twelve wave cloud confusion formation, star thoughts moved in Fang Yuan's mind as he gained much understanding of the twelve wave cloud confusion formation after learning about the cloud buildings.

In other words, this was a fog formation that resembled a maze.

Even though it was not elevated to the level of a battlefield killer move, it was only one step away.

It was not that Lang Ya land spirit did not have battlefield killer moves, but to set up a battlefield killer move, dao marks needed to be carved.

The newly added dao marks would not be perfectly compatible with the dao marks of this world, there would be conflicts and unsuitability. This would cause damage to Lang Ya blessed land itself.

Thus, the land spirit did not do that.

To just stall for time, twelve wave cloud confusion formation was already reaching the limits of a Gu formation.

When a Gu Immortal is inside the formation, their five senses would be messed up and they would not be able to tell the direction, between left or right, or even end up just walking in circles on the spot. Only an investigative immortal killer move would allow the Gu Immortal to navigate their way through the Gu formation.

Only by destroying all twelve cloud buildings would this formation be entirely destroyed.

If they did not have an investigative immortal killer move, then the Gu Immortal could only move about randomly, hoping to see if they could find a cloud building, this was purely up to luck.

Fortunately for them, once the Gu formation was set up, the twelve cloud buildings could not be moved, otherwise, Gu Immortals without an investigative immortal killer move would never be able to find it, not even luck could help.

Fang Yuan sat on the cloud bed as he opened many observation mirrors, checking the surroundings of this cloud building.

His authority was only limited to this cloud building, he could only check the surroundings of this cloud building to an extent.

There was only vast fog in the mirror, not a single Gu Immortal showed up.

Fang Yuan did not lack patience, he waited silently.

A moment later, a Gu Immortal appeared in the mirror.

She was wearing a purple dress, she had a high nose and deep beautiful eyes, her eyebrows were thick and long, her skin was slightly dark as her entire body oozed with an alluring aura.

It was Fairy Jiang Yu!

Fang Yuan was shocked, he immediately thought about her dark limit Immortal Gu.

Hei Lou Lan had the Great Strength True Martial Physique, before becoming an immortal, she had used dark limit Immortal Gu, it had entered Hei Lou Lan's body and circulated through it, concealing the aura of the Great Strength True Martial Physique.

Initially, Hei Lou Lan's plan was to seize her dark limit Immortal Gu, before they were exposed.

But unfortunately, Fairy Jiang Yu's traces were hard to find, before this plan was even put into play, it had failed.

Later, when Hei Lou Lan was chasing after Hei Cheng, this plan was even more impossible.

"Dark limit Immortal Gu, if I can obtain it…" Fang Yuan's gaze shined, he felt somewhat of a pity inside: "Unfortunately, in this current situation, even if I can capture Fairy Jiang Yu alive, I would not obtain dark limit Immortal Gu."

It was very hard to take Immortal Gu, hope was usually very slim.

After all, only a thought was needed to make the Immortal Gu self-detonate.

Just as Fang Yuan thought about this, Fairy Jiang Yu actually turned this way and that, going on a detour around Fang Yuan's territory, heading towards another direction and leaving this place.

Once she was out of Fang Yuan's territory, Fairy Jiang Yu vanished from the mirror.

A while later, a second Gu Immortal entered Fang Yuan's territory.

The mirror clearly showed his image.

It was Qin Bai Sheng!

Fang Yuan's gaze was grave, he watched as Qin Bai Sheng got closer and closer.

Undoubtedly, out of all the Gu Immortal experts here, the one Fang Yuan most wanted to not face was Qin Bai Sheng.

Fang Yuan has not found out that after Qin Bai Sheng fought Feng Jiu Ge, he had already recovered his original strength. But with just Qin Bai Sheng's previous performance, he was already at the level of Central Continent's Shi Lei.

This type of opponent was far too strong. If he really discovered this cloud building, Fang Yuan immediately decided that he would only match a few blows with him before retreating.

Even though he was reinforcing Lang Ya land spirit, this support was only situational.

Fang Yuan had never thought of sacrificing his life for Lang Ya land spirit. In addition, Lang Ya land spirit also had his trump cards, it was not time for Fang Yuan to take a risk.

Qin Bai Sheng got closer and closer to the cloud building, he had an investigative immortal killer move, he walked straight ahead. Fang Yuan controlled this cloud building, he was right beside Qin Bai Sheng's path of advancement, they were about three hundred steps away from each other linearly.

The range of the investigative immortal killer move was definitely more than three hundred steps, but it was hindered by the twelve wave cloud confusion formation.

Once Qin Bai Sheng got to a certain proximity, the cloud building would appear in his investigative range.

That way, Qin Bai Sheng would charge directly to the cloud building, Fang Yuan's first defensive battle would end up as a failure.

But this type of failure was not scary, Fang Yuan had no psychological burden if he failed. To Fang Yuan, no matter how many losses he has, his fighting spirit would not dwindle, it would not change his plans and his mind would not be disrupted.

But soon, a change occurred.

Qin Bai Sheng's expression suddenly changed, he turned towards the north-east direction and flew rapidly.

"Not only is their information path technique immortal level, it is extremely useful against the Gu formation, they can actually transmit information inside the Gu formation." Almost at the same time, Fang Yuan heard Lang Ya land spirit's surprised voice.

Fang Yuan nodded lightly, replying: "Since they attacked us, they definitely came prepared. But from your words, did they not expose this technique last time?"

The land spirit was silent for a moment before answering: "No. Earlier, the cloud buildings were defended by desolate beasts, they were fighting alone and killing the desolate beasts to destroy the cloud buildings. But this time, Mo Tan Sang and the desolate beasts are defending the cloud buildings together, they must have changed their tactics after seeing that there was a defending Gu Immortal, and went to reinforce each other."

Fang Yuan's expression turned grim: "Not good, Mo Tan Sang is the leader of Inkman City, it is already quite generous of him to come and reinforce us, but he would have to conceal his appearance in battle. Once his relationship with you is exposed, Northern Plains' Inkman City would face a huge crisis. If Mo Tan Sang fights under such restraints, against a powerful foe that has the superiority in numbers, he would not be able to protect the cloud building."

The land spirit responded immediately: "This twelve wave cloud confusion formation uses Lang Ya blessed land's own dao marks to divert the enemies and split them up, forcing them to fight individually. In theory, it can isolate rank seven and rank six information path immortal killer moves, preventing enemies from communicating. Even if they have hole earth Gu set up, it is useless. But these people are able to communicate with each other now, it is likely related to the previous few waves!"

"Sigh! I should not have been greedy over the profits of selling Gu Immortal slaves, I should have killed them. Among these people, there should be someone who has quite an impressive wisdom path technique. I had already cleansed all of the memories of the Gu Immortal slaves from their souls."

Lang Ya land spirit analyzed it thoroughly, he felt much regret.

Fang Yuan agreed with Lang Ya land spirit's analysis.

Gu Immortals battle with their wits, they were all brilliant characters. Qin Bai Sheng only did one action of assisting his ally, and he exposed so many details.

Similarly, since the last few waves were related to his intelligence, Lang Ya blessed land also leaked out many secrets as well.

"Can I see the battle scene over there?" Fang Yuan requested.

On the mirror, the scene of the battle was displayed.

Mo Tan Sang was riding on a desolate beast, fighting with Gu Immortal Hei Cheng.

Mo Tan Sang was a rank six Gu Immortal, he was at a disadvantage. He mainly cultivated qi path, but now he was using other methods to fight.

Hei Cheng had a hidden injury, but he was still rank seven, he did not use dark arrow Immortal Gu, but he still had control over the battle.

Most importantly, the reason was that Mo Tan Sang was afraid of exposing his identity, he had his Inkman City to defend, he could not allow it to face danger. Thus, he only rode on the desolate beast, letting it fight primarily, while he used healing and defensive techniques.

The desolate beast was peerless in bravery, but it lacked the wisdom to inspect the battle situation. But with Mo Tan Sang's attentive assistance, even though the desolate beast was at a disadvantage, it was still full of energy, it could hold on for a long time.

But Fang Yuan knew that Qin Bai Sheng was coming soon, the desolate beast would definitely die at that time.

While Fang Yuan was concerned with Mo Tan Sang's situation, a third figure entered close proximity with Fang Yuan.

"Xue Song Zi, he didn't receive any orders to go to that battlefield?" Fang Yuan was perplexed, he had some guesses internally.

A moment later, Xue Song Zi found Fang Yuan's cloud building.

His movement paused for a moment before shooting towards the cloud building at lightning speed.

Fang Yuan stood up too, he had a stern expression.

Battle erupted at once!


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