Reverend Insanity
871 Rock Dragon Eye
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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871 Rock Dragon Eye

Northern Plains, Snowy Mountain blessed land.

The sky was covered in clouds, the white snow was like dust. All of the peaks were standing in the snow, as the forests were covered in layers of snow, they were like a vast number of clouds.

A rainbow shot out from the first peak, it flew into the air like a meteor.

The peak owners of Snowy Mountain turned their gazes towards it.

"Old Ancestor has sent an order again."

"I wonder who will receive the order to collect immortal materials this time…"

"Hopefully it isn't me."

The rainbow drew a beautiful arc in the sky, it flew directly into the third peak.

The other peak owners sighed in relief secretly.

Inside the third peak, Fairy Li Shan was dressed in a bright leather dress, it was silver at the bottom, with the images of the grassland in the night sky with the moon on it.

This was clothing in the style of Northern Plains.

Fairy Li Shan wore her precious pearl headband as she shut her eyes, her mind was looking inside her immortal aperture.

In her immortal aperture, there were birds chirping and flowers growing, it was warm like spring, completely the opposite of the icy nature of Snowy Mountain blessed land.

In the lush forests, mountains and greenery were like paintings, there were large numbers of precious materials, a small number of desolate plants, as well as ancient desolate plants.

At the center of the immortal aperture, along a line of waist deep grass, there was a small mountain.

This tiny mountain was more inconspicuous than a small mound at first glance.

But it was Miniscule Mountain, one of the few secluded domains in this world recorded in >.

In this Miniscule Mountain, large numbers of minimen were flying in and out.

They were flying in the lush grass, due to their tiny bodies, these blades of grass were like tall trees.

The minimen were working laboriously in the grass like bee groups.

Fairy Li Shan was paying close attention to them, after watching them for a while, she was satisfied.

When she had obtained Miniscule Mountain, the minimen were unwilling to cooperate with her initially, they were wary of her.

But Fairy Li Shan was not an incompetent person, she used the carrot and the stick tactic, she helped a miniman puppet to become their leader, and killed all of the resistance without mercy.

The minimen were not as stubborn as the feathermen, but there were also loyal members.

After Fairy Li Shan killed forty percent of the minimen, she finally subdued the miniman tribe in Miniscule Mountain.

Thereafter, Fairy Li Shan moved Miniscule Mountain into her immortal aperture. With the help of the minimen, the wood path resources in her immortal aperture were produced at a rapid speed!

Hairy men were born with refinement path dao marks, they had Gu refinement talent. Feathermen were born with cloud path dao marks and had wings, they could fly freely in the sky. Minimen were born with wood path dao marks, the places where they lived in would have vegetation growing rapidly. They even had inheritances passed down from many generations before, they were the race that was most skilled at growing plants and flowers.

"Minimen are quite extraordinary! My jade yin grass is a rank seven immortal material. It had been wilting all along, but after these minimen lived here for half a year, this field expanded into a miniature grass field. All the jade yin grass have a lot of vitality, unfortunately, the number of minimen is very small now. The earlier battle caused half of them to die. If I had the previous number of minimen, my pressure would be halved now. Eh? Two letter Gu at the same time?"

Fairy Li Shan willed and sensed two information path Gu worms, one came from the outside world, flying through space, while the other came out of her blessed land using the moving perspective cup Gu.

Fairy Li Shan opened her eyes, she first grabbed one of the letters, holding the rainbow from the sky in her hands.

She glanced at it as she directed her consciousness into the Gu.

As she had expected, it was Old Ancestor Xue Hu's orders for her to collect immortal materials.

"Concealing heaven dust, rock dragon eye, elephant tusk flame… this time, he wants me to gather three immortal materials." Fairy Li Shan frowned deeply.

Among these three immortal materials, rock dragon eye and elephant tusk flame were rank seven immortal materials, while concealing heaven dust was a rank eight immortal material that was very precious.

Elephant tusk flame was a tiny lump of flame that burned in the elephant's tusk after an ancient desolate beast elephant died. This lump of fire was about the size of a pea, once it finished burning the tusk, it would be extinguished upon contact with the outside air.

An ancient desolate beast elephant was an existence equal to rank seven Gu Immortals. After the elephant died, its tusk would not generate the flame every time.

With so many conditions to fulfill, one could see how precious the elephant tusk flame was. Even in the market of the five regions, treasure yellow heaven, it was a rare immortal material.

And compared to the elephant tusk flame, rock dragon eye and concealing heaven dust were much harder to get.

Concealing heaven dust was only found in yellow heaven of the immemorial nine heavens. But because yellow heaven was already destroyed by Ren Zu's children, Fairy Li Shan had to first find a yellow heaven fragment world.

And this fragment world had to be big enough with enough dao marks to allow her to enter and explore it.

After entering the yellow heaven fragment world, Fairy Li Shan would have to prepare special methods to collect the concealing heaven dust. During the process of collecting it, she would face a lot of trouble.

Fairy Li Shan would rather pay a huge price to buy the concealing heaven dust in treasure yellow heaven.

As for the rock dragon eye, it referred to the eyes of the ancient desolate beast rock dragon.

This rock dragon was not an ordinary fierce beast.

In the graveyards of rockman tribes, there would be a lot of buried rockman corpses. As they accumulated over time, one day, they would attract lightning to strike them.

As the thunderbolt strikes the graveyard, a rock dragon would be born.

Similarly to the rockmen, the rock dragon's body was made of rocks.

During the Immemorial Antiquity Era and the Remote Antiquity Era, variant humans were in control of most of the world. Only super forces of rockman tribes or large sized rockman tribes with a long history would have rock dragons in them. Even though there was Ren Zu, his ten children, and even Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable and Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, there were very few humans in the world.

The rock dragon was the guardian beast of the rockmen tribe, the rockmen all believe that the rock dragon is the revival of their ancestors. During the wars of the variant humans, the rock dragon had once been in the spotlight, they were among the best beasts of war in the world.

Rock dragons did not have any sense of pain, they had sturdy defenses and were extremely bold. Even if they were hurt, if there were any rockmen willing to sacrifice themselves and go to the rock dragon's area of injury, they would be able to convert themselves into a part of the rock dragon, allowing its wounds to heal instantly.

This was an absurd battle tactic, the other races had a huge headache dealing with it.

But times were different now.

It was extremely hard for Fairy Li Shan to find a rock dragon.

Because rockman tribes were very rare now, most rockmen were the slaves of Gu Immortals.

Even if Fairy Li Shan found a rock dragon, with her battle strength, she would not be able to defeat a rock dragon, a top tier war beast of the Remote Antiquity Era that had extremely high defenses.

Thus, even though the rock dragon eye was a rank seven immortal material, it was harder to obtain than the rank eight immortal material, concealing heaven dust.

"Old Ancestor Xue Hu is giving us peak owners tougher and tougher missions. Out of these three immortal materials, only the elephant tusk flame is slightly simple. Not only is strength a concern in obtaining concealing heaven dust and rock dragon eye, it is extremely dependent on luck. Sigh, if I have good luck, I would be able to just buy it from treasure yellow heaven."

Fairy Li Shan sighed deeply.

Her earlier investment in the miniman and Miniscule Mountain had already started to see effect, she was going to reap the benefits now.

With Hei Lou Lan's determination to become independent, she had rejected any additional funding. Thus, during this period, Fairy Li Shan was accumulating wealth rapidly.

This accumulation was twice as fast as before.

It took too much time and effort to obtain the concealing heaven dust and rock dragon eye. Fairy Li Shan would rather expend her wealth instead of expending time and energy.

After receiving the letter from Old Ancestor Xue Hu, Fairy Li Shan checked the second letter Gu.

There were only a few people who could make the letter appear directly in her immortal aperture.

Fairy Li Shan checked it and saw that the sender of the letter Gu was Fang Yuan.

In this letter, Fang Yuan promised much benefits, as he asked Fairy Li Shan to assist him in killing an immortal zombie from Northern Plains Zombie Alliance.

"Fang Yuan…" Fairy Li Shan muttered, she left her bed and walked around.

She lowered her head and was in deep thought as she slowly paced.

When she got to the window and saw the snowflakes outside, she sneered while staring at the silent peaks.

"This Fang Yuan, earlier he disguised himself as Sha Huang, joining Zombie Alliance. Now, he wants me to help him kill an immortal zombie, he definitely has some motive!"

"Promising me great benefits, he is really affluent. After all, he obtained a lot of resources from Dong Fang tribe, as well as getting Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance. During this period, he must have been developing smoothly and rapidly."

"Right now, the situation in Northern Plains is full of turbulence. The investigation team of Central Continent Gu Immortals is still hiding somewhere. In this situation, Fang Yuan still wants to strike, it seems that the benefit of Zombie Alliance is extremely important to him. Does he want to claim another immortal zombie's contribution points, and obtain the research results of Zombie Alliance in the ways to revive and get rid of the zombie status?"

Thinking of this, Fairy Li Shan squinted her eyes.

Central Continent, Heavenly Court.

White Jade Palace was very bright.

Four Gu Immortals, standing at the north, south, east, and west, were surrounding the rank nine Immortal Gu House, Heaven Overseeing Tower, in the middle.

The old Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord stood at the east, he held his walking stick as a brilliant light flashed in his aged eyes: "Recovery of Fate, begins now!"

The walking stick in his hand was raised in the air, as if it hit a steel rock, it gave off a clear sound.

Immediately, light burst out, countless Gu worms flew about and formed a gigantic Gu formation.

Traces and traces of lights and rainbows merged together, forming a huge formation array that filled the surroundings.

The female Gu Immortal, Bai Cang Shui, who was here for the first time, shouted in shock: "This refinement path Gu formation is a step away from becoming a rank eight Immortal Gu House!"

Immortal Gu Houses were in themselves related to a Gu cultivation path — the utmost materialization of formation path.

"Hehehe, this refinement path Gu formation is quite extraordinary. Fairy Cang Shui, please look down." At the west area, the person with the appearance of a young man in white clothing, Lian Jiu Sheng spoke as he smiled.

Next, he grabbed at the air and threw a huge amount of rock dragon eyes in front of him.

The rock dragon eyes entered the refinement path Gu formation, in just a few breaths of time, they were completely broken up and fused into the wondrous refinement path Gu formation.

"So many rock dragon eyes! And such a speed of processing immortal materials…" Bai Cang Shui was lost for words.

Hu Immortal blessed land, Dang Hun palace.

"Hmph!" Fang Yuan crushed the information path Gu worm in his hand.

He was rejected.

"Still wanting to restrict my development huh… these narrow-minded and petty women." Fang Yuan's expression was gloomy: "Oh?"

At this time, an information path Gu worm appeared in his immortal aperture.

"Did Fairy Li Shan change her mind?" Fang Yuan stared slightly before checking it, he was very surprised afterwards: "This is Lang Ya land spirit's request for reinforcements?!"


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