Reverend Insanity
870 Freedom Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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870 Freedom Gu

> states, Ren Zu walked on his own road of life. After separating with the hairy man leader, he encountered feathermen in green heaven.

Ren Zu was extremely happy when he saw these feathermen.

Because feathermen had wings on their back, and since the feathermen could understand Ren Zu's words, both sides could communicate.

Ren Zu requested the feathermen: "Feathermen, please help me. My daughter is in ordinary abyss and cannot come out. Please fly down and rescue my daughter, let us father and daughter reunite."

The feathermen laughed loudly: "Human, how can you order us. Us feathermen are the most free living beings in the world, no one can order us or bind us. You want us to listen to your request and follow your wish, that is impossible."

Ren Zu kept on persuading, and even pleaded with them, but the feathermen simply kept on flying in the air, enjoying the pleasure of freedom.

Ren Zu's mouth had already dried, but the feathermen only treated him as a clown, ridiculing Ren Zu as if they were looking at a joke.

"Oh look, such a pitiful human."

"So what if he is the life form with the most intelligence in the world?"

"He doesn't have wings and can only walk on the ground, he is so pitiful. Fortunately, I am not a human, but a featherman. See how vigorously I can fly."

In Ren Zu's heart of loneliness, self Gu started getting angrier as it heard these words, finally it could not hold the anger back and jumped out.

"All of you, come down." Self Gu displayed its might, capturing all the feathermen in the sky at once.

Ren Zu could not help but become greatly startled at this: "Self Gu, when did you become so strong?"

Self Gu said proudly: "It is only natural. I took a bite out of strength Gu, now that I have my own strength, I possess immense might. Moreover, there is no need to pay any price to use this strength. Human, you need to know: what is most reliable is your own strength. And without strength, freedom is just an illusion."

The feathermen were captured and could no longer fly to the sky, pressed onto the ground without being able to move.

They began to throw curses at Ren Zu and self Gu in anger.

Ren Zu heaved a sigh: "Feathermen, I did not mean to offend you. Please forgive my rudeness. I only want to ask you to save my daughter. When I reunite with her, I will definitely reward you."

"Impossible! We feathermen are the most free!"

"Even if our bodies lose freedom, our hearts are still free."

"Right, right!"

"Cruel human, you can't impose your will on any featherman."

The feathermen kept on shouting without any intention to compromise.

Ren Zu persuaded them for three days and three nights, but it was in vain. Helpless, he could only let go of these feathermen.

Self Gu spoke bitterly: "Human, how could you release them so easily? Don't you want to rescue your fourth child?"

Ren Zu, however, replied confidently: "I have already understood that these feathermen cannot be forced. After these days of contact with the feathermen, I have found these feathermen might be free but they don't have dens to shelter themselves from wind and rain, and they also don't have enough food to fill their stomachs. To make them help, I have to make them do it willingly!"

Thereupon, Ren Zu built a house near the feathermen. Every day, he relied on self Gu to gather a lot of wild fruits and hunt many beasts.

The feathermen soon discovered the safety and warmth of the house. Especially during the days of storms, the feathermen could only hide in groves of trees, shivering and starving. While Ren Zu stayed within his house, enjoying the warmth of a fireplace and sumptuous food.

On one cold night, some feathermen quietly moved under the roof of Ren Zu's house, to evade the wind and snow, while also greedily absorbing the warmth leaking out from the crack in the door.

Ren Zu wore the mask of attitude Gu and opened the door, using an extremely warm attitude to invite these feathermen into the house, and to enjoy the warmth and food with him.

As this repeated several times, more and more feathermen came into Ren Zu's house.

Ren Zu was very hospitable and would entertain the feathermen every day, even giving the area near the fireplace to the feathermen. No matter how much the feathermen ate, he let them eat without restraint.

The feathermen gradually became accustomed to living this way, until one day, Ren Zu saw the timing was ripe and took off attitude Gu, revealing his true, cold expression.

He shut the door of the house and stored all the food as well, no longer supplying them to the feathermen for free.

The feathermen were caught off-guard and were frantic.

They were already used to the safety and warmth of the house, they were used to plentiful food, they rarely flew now and hunted even less. Their stockpile of food was extremely small. Many feathermen were fat to the extent they could not fly.

The feathermen had no way to deal with Ren Zu's behavior. They could not beat Ren Zu, who possessed self Gu.

Soon, all the feathermen reached a situation where they would die from hunger or the cold.

Several days later, many feathermen died.

Ren Zu waited and waited until he became extremely anxious, as the feathermen showed no signs of coming to terms with him.

In the end, when most of the feathermen died, Ren Zu could not help but mention the old matter again: "Feathermen, as long as you move your wings to fly to ordinary abyss and rescue my daughter, I will give you enough food and also warm houses."

However, the remaining feathermen still shook their heads.

Eventually, they all died.

From these feathermen's corpses, many small creatures flew out. They looked like tiny specks of light, shining with all kinds of colors. Ren Zu tried to grab them, but was not able to.

"It is no use." Cognition Gu informed him at this moment: "Wild freedom Gu cannot be caught. These feathermen chased after freedom since their birth, but it is a pity that only after their death could they find freedom."

Central Continent, Hu Immortal blessed land, Dang Hun palace.

Fang Yuan slowly withdrew his monstrous arm, the featherman Gu Immortal Zheng Ling's soul, however, was extremely listless as it weakly floated in the air.

Gu Immortal Zhou Zhong had violated the agreement, thus his soul was already extinguished.

As for Zheng Ling, who had died first, because he had only been attacked by Fang Yuan with poison path and strength path killer moves, only his body had perished and his soul had been preserved.

Fang Yuan had secretly stored his soul into his immortal aperture on the spot.

Since ancient times, soul path, wisdom path and enslavement path were closely related. Since Fang Yuan had obtained Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance, he also gained some comprehension of the other paths, as such his attainment in soul path and enslavement path had also increased by a bit.

Most of all, Fang Yuan had used the light of wisdom to repeatedly improve the immortal killer move myriad self, not only adding a few core Immortal Gu one after another, but also adding many soul path mortal Gu.

This coordination made it so that when the giant hand killed the enemy, the injured soul would be captured by Fang Yuan.

If others did not pay attention, they would think Fang Yuan had destroyed the soul as well.

But in fact, Fang Yuan secretly captured the soul.

Even Tai Bai Yun Sheng did not sense this as he did not have an immortal level investigative killer move.

Fang Yuan also did not inform him.

The value of a Gu Immortal's soul was far higher than a Gu Immortal's will or mortal souls.

Fang Yuan had just ended his first soul search.

From this soul search, he learned the origin of this group of feathermen.

"They are a featherman clan in Western Desert, living for generations in a fragment world of green heaven. No wonder they have such ancient customs, even suiciding rather than lowering their heads to become slaves. A life of peace with plentiful resources, a united clan without any powerful external enemies, this instead corroded the minds of these feathermen."

"White Sea Shatuo… who is this person?"

"He was able to gather so many people to siege Sacred Feather City. Moreover, he was using such superior means that are beyond imagination. They could actually restrict an Immortal Gu House, causing the feathermen to flee in desperation!"

Fang Yuan rummaged through his mind, but could not find any information about White Sea Shatuo.

In the end, Fang Yuan could only sigh: "Western Desert is also a place hiding dragons and tigers."

In conclusion, the benefits from this tribulation in Tai Bai blessed land were huge.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng received all the dao marks of the two featherman Gu Immortals, a rank six and a rank seven, he was the biggest winner.

Fang Yuan's harvests were also not small.

The origin of this group of feathermen was a big deal, and there was also Sacred Feather City, the origins could be traced back to the Late Antiquity Era, the era of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable.

As the leader of Sacred Feather City, the rank seven Gu Immortal, Zheng Ling, held plenty of secrets, immortal killer moves, immortal Gu recipes and so on. It was likely he even had a complete Gu Immortal inheritance.

The green heaven fragment world was isolated from the outside world for this long, Sacred Feather City could be said to be a paradise for feathermen, this was a huge settlement of feathermen among those remaining in the world.

Because they had very few interactions with the outside world, and the green heaven fragment world had plenty of resources, these featherman Gu Immortals' methods were quaint, having distinctive characteristics of the Late Antiquity Era.

Fang Yuan even had an expectation — if his luck was good, maybe he could get a strength path inheritance from Zheng Ling's soul.

The only pity was those mortal feathermen.

Fang Yuan had been planning to raise those feathermen as slaves to help him penetrate the market in Western Desert, or even establish a caravan.

Feathermen were high quality slaves in Western Desert. Super forces and large forces, all of them had featherman-based caravans.

It was impossible for Fang Yuan to only do business with Xiao clan, in the early stage, he indeed had to rely on Xiao clan as a springboard to stably enter Western Desert's market. But Fang Yuan would suffer losses if he only engaged with Xiao clan on the long term.

But these mortal feathermen were dead already. From their temperament, they were too well pampered and it would be an arduous process to tame them. Instead, it was much more convenient to directly purchase featherman slaves.

Fang Yuan was not someone who dwelled on the past, and soon threw this matter to the back of his mind.

He already possessed change form Immortal Gu and had fused it into the immortal killer move, vaguely familiar face. Fang Yuan originally intended to change into another appearance to go to Northern Plains Zombie Alliance and continue his previous foiled plan.

But after contacting Fairy Li Shan, Fang Yuan analyzed and deduced that the situation was not good.

Ever since Feng Jiu Ge had investigated the identity of Sha Huang, Northern Plains Zombie Alliance was much more strict in examining any unknown immortal zombie that wanted to join the alliance. It was no longer as easy as before for Fang Yuan to infiltrate into Northern Plains Zombie Alliance.

And Feng Jiu Ge, Old Lord Can Yang, and the rest of the group had gone into hiding, which made Fang Yuan feel that a storm was brewing.

Fang Yuan hesitated, was he still going to follow the plan to make his way into Northern Plains Zombie Alliance under this situation?


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