Reverend Insanity
863 Elevating All-Out Effort Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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863 Elevating All-Out Effort Gu

Hearing Yu Mu Chun's sigh, Song Zi Xing sighed as well: "The crucial thing is time. If I have time, I can heal and recover my battle strength as well. Unfortunately, time is too tight, it was estimated that we had ten years left, to think that we need to start now!"

"We have made many preparations these last years, but plans cannot keep up with changes, and fate Immortal Gu was not completely destroyed, isn't it normal to have such accidents occurring?" Yu Mu Chun asked.

Even Fang Yuan, who had been reborn from five hundred years in the future, did not know about the existence of Fate. In contrast, Yu Mu Chun actually knew, and Song Zi Xing's expression also showed no surprise.

"Oh right." Yu Mu Chun thought about something and said: "Earlier, before coming here, I met with a talented hairy man junior and passed him my refinement path inheritance already."

Inheritances were a cultural symbol of the Gu Master world.

Like how during ancient times in China, there was a need to acknowledge one's roots and ancestors. Grand heroes would want to leave their name in history. After people died, huge amounts of jewelry and gold would be buried with them, even servants or wives were buried alongside. During Japan's Sengoku Period, warriors would wear glorious armor into battle, they did not care about the dangers of attracting the enemy's attention.

As for Rome and Egypt, since ancient times until the present, they also had such cultural developments, even though they were all different, there was one common point among them — that was to prove that one existed.

Proving to the world, proving to others, I had once existed and lived. Even if I died, in the world, this person had once lived!

As such, biographies were not hard to understand. Some people wrote their biographies when they were alive, some allowed their descendants to write them after they died. There were some who did not have descendants, their enemies wrote it for them! Biographies written in such situations could often be more factual, they could contain much more detailed descriptions. As the saying goes, often, an enemy knows you better than your family. Biographies written by your enemies would not contain flattery, they could become classics.

Inheritances were the same.

Biographies detailed a person's life experiences. But inheritances contained the foundation of the strength that a person in order to live in this world. It was their understanding towards nature, their thoughts about the world, and their conclusion of the truth.

Like in ancient China, every craftsman would not want to leave behind regrets before dying, they will try all ways to find a successor, they would not want the skills that had been passed down for generations to be lost.

Skills, inheritances, these were acknowledgements of one's value, they were the records of one's success in life. After leaving behind an inheritance, even if one died, they can leave behind a mark in the world.

Yu Mu Chun left behind his inheritance, there was an ominous sensation of him being prepared to die.

Who would leave behind inheritances?

Nobody who was living a great life and had good future prospects would leave behind an inheritance.

Under normal circumstances, who would leave an inheritance behind? Teaching everything to a pupil would result in a starving master, it was hard to know the intentions of others, if one was careless, they would gain a competitor.

Usually, only when one was at the end of their life, when they knew that death was coming, would they leave an inheritance.

For example, Flower Wine Monk, Blood Sea Ancestor, and Dong Fang Chang Fan.

Yu Mu Chun left behind an inheritance, it was evident that in the crucial plan he was taking part in, he had no confidence in surviving it.

What grand plan would make this unfathomable refinement path Gu Immortal expert feel that he could not survive? What kind of motivation was driving him, making him willing to sacrifice himself?

Even Song Zi Xing, he had just escaped and survived, top tier in Central Continent's demonic path, for this grand plan, he was willing to sacrifice himself!

Furthermore, Yu Mu Chun actually told Song Zi Xing personally that he had chosen an inheritor for his inheritance. This was abnormal!

If Song Zi Xing had any ill intentions and secretly went to find the inheritor, he could easily obtain Yu Mu Chun's inheritance and strengthen himself.

As for Yu Mu Chun, if his foundation was exposed, he would be easily dealt with and suppressed by Song Zi Xing.

Yu Mu Chun actually told Song Zi Xing about this precious information regarding his inheritance, it was obvious that he trusted him.

Such a level of trust was truly unparalleled!

Song Zi Xing betrayed Myriad Dragon Dock, he had a vile reputation, but he could obtain Yu Mu Chun's trust to this degree? Was it because of his charisma, or were there other reasons?

"Yes, we should make some preparations." Hearing that Yu Mu Chun had left an inheritance, Song Zi Xing was emotionless, he did not have any intentions to seize it.

"I'll show you something too." Song Zi Xing smiled mysteriously.

At the next moment, there was a commotion in the blood pool as a blood fetus floated up from under the blood.

The blood fetus was the size of a foal, within the fetus, one could see a human shaped figure, curled up like a baby, sleeping.

Yu Mu Chun saw this blood fetus and his pupils shrunk, he said with some disbelief: "This, this… you actually developed blood demon body separation to this extent?"

Song Zi Xing smiled, he showed a proud expression: "Even though I did not obtain a complete blood deity Immortal Gu recipe, I had collected some Blood Deity remnant recipes, I made this blood fetus according to the Blood Deity remnant recipes, with the blood path technique from Northern Plains along with my immortal killer move, blood demon body separation, this was formed."

"The fake body created by blood demon body separation expends immortal essence to maintain, it has a time limit. But the body that this blood fetus makes does not consume immortal essence, it can be sustained for at least two to three hundred years. It can cultivate independently and has its own consciousness, it can get stronger by cultivating and become an immortal. In terms of appearance, it will look exactly like me."

"You are planning to?" Yu Mu Chun showed a look of understanding.

"That's right, it is not a problem if I die, as long as the plan succeeds. But if the plan fails, there will need a countermeasure for it. Song Zi Xing needs to live. Even if I am sacrificed, the blood fetus will produce a second Song Zi Xing."

Yu Mu Chun looked at the blood fetus as he showed an expression of interest: "Can I conduct research on this blood fetus? I have just gotten a new inspiration!"

"Of course, go ahead and research. But be careful, the blood fetus cannot leave this blood pool, not even for a moment."

"Mm, I understand, don't worry."

Central Continent, Hu Immortal blessed land.

Looking at the hole earth Gu in front of him, Fang Yuan let out a breath of turbid air.

This was the second hole earth Gu in Hu Immortal blessed land, the first one was connected to Immortal Crane Sect, while this one was connected to Spirit Affinity House.

Just earlier, he had done the first transaction with Spirit Affinity House. Large numbers of airsac Gu carrying guts Gu were sent over to Spirit Affinity House. Fang Yuan obtained a hundred and eighty immortal essence stones, it solved his immediate problem for now.

Speaking of which, after Fang Yuan and Feng Jin Huang's duel, the truly valuable thing was not the zombie revival technique that Feng Jin Huang gave him, it was the cooperation with Spirit Affinity House.

The reason why Feng Jin Huang took out this method as the wager was because although Fang Yuan was an immortal zombie, he could not make use of this technique.

But she did not know that Fang Yuan still had his first mortal aperture. She did not manage to complete stump Fang Yuan.

With these one hundred and eighty immortal essence stones, Fang Yuan did not hesitate in converting half of them over to green grape immortal essence. Like this, he was out of his weak state, he regained his battle strength.

A day later, he transacted with Immortal Crane Sect again, gained a favorable sum of immortal essence stones.

Immortal Crane Sect attitude was much gentler than before.

Evidently, they had understood: If they were too overbearing towards Fang Yuan, he might lean towards Spirit Affinity House instead.

At the same time, Immortal Crane Sect wanted to buy the success dao mark from Fang Yuan, they offered a huge price, asking him to refine a rank six Immortal Gu. They would provide the Immortal Gu recipe to Fang Yuan for free, and the immortal materials would all be provided by them.

Even the ten great ancient sects in Central Continent had an unceasing demand regarding Immortal Gu.

Towards this request, Fang Yuan evaded it as much as possible, he did not say that he had already used it, he only said that he needed more time for consideration.

Immortal Crane Sect was asking something from Fang Yuan, thus their attitude was obviously nicer than usual.

After making these two deals, Fang Yuan used the immortal essence stones in his possession to buy some hairy man slaves from treasure yellow heaven, replenishing the ones that had died from refining Gu.

The price of hairy man slaves was not cheap.

Fang Yuan's immortal essence stones had just been replenished, but after this, they were all gone again.

Thankfully, Fang Yuan had quite a bit of green grape immortal essence now, he was much safer than before.

Even though he bought the hairy man slaves, Fang Yuan was only replenishing his earlier losses, he could not expand the scale of the stone nests.

Because of the deal with Spirit Affinity House, the guts Gu trade had increased in quantity.

Using two stone nests, Fang Yuan could not accommodate the demand of the market. He planned to accumulate a portion of immortal essence stones and build a fourth stone nest, as well as getting enough hairy man slaves to fill them up.

The lack of funds was quite serious, Fang Yuan's third stone nest was built using the funds that Hei Lou Lan provided.

But with Star Form blessed land's assistance, and Star Lord Wan Xiang's many businesses of Gu insect transactions, Fang Yuan managed to save quite a sum of immortal essence stones.

This caused the time that Fang Yuan needed to accumulate funds to shrink.

Fang Yuan accumulated immortal essence stones as he used the light of wisdom to undergo deductions.

A month later in Hu Immortal blessed land, Fang Yuan successfully fused change form Immortal Gu into vaguely familiar face. Using the attainment level of a strength path grandmaster, Fang Yuan successfully deduced the rank five recipe of all-out effort Gu.

Unlike an ancient Gu recipe, Fang Yuan's deduction made use of Gu refinement materials that could be easily found in the world at present.

All-out effort Gu was the vital Gu of Fang Yuan's immortal second aperture, all along it had been rank four, its rank was much lower than Fang Yuan himself.

With this Gu recipe, Fang Yuan had a new task, that was to refine all-out effort Gu.

After failing once, all-out effort Gu reached rank five.

"If I can raise all-out effort Gu into rank six, then the boost to myriad self's power would be huge, it would only be inferior to that of self strength Immortal Gu. Unfortunately, such a thing is beyond my capabilities."

After this successful attempt, Fang Yuan tried to deduce the Gu recipe of small family qi Gu.

The result was utter failure!

Fang Yuan's qi path attainment was only at ordinary level, he was not even a quasi-master, this was a very understandable result.


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