Reverend Insanity
855 Dueling Feng Jin Huang 3/4
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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855 Dueling Feng Jin Huang 3/4

The duel stipulated they could only use the materials provided by the convention. Although they could launch attacks and use refinement path killer moves, any methods affecting the soul or mind, like refreshing the mind or strengthening the soul, were completely prohibited.

Feng Jin Huang was the one who set this rule, it was to prevent Fang Yuan from using guts Gu to strengthen his soul during the duel.

The soul and mind were closely connected. Feng Jin Huang made this move to limit Fang Yuan's advantage in this aspect, but she had not expected she would be the first to suffer a drawback from this rule.


Suddenly, Feng Jin Huang flicked her pinky finger, shooting out a speck of golden light.

The golden light was extremely fast, reaching Fang Yuan in the blink of an eye, targeting the refinement flames in Fang Yuan's hands.

If the golden light hit the fire, even with Fang Yuan's ability, the refinement would fail, he would have to bear the backlash and start over.


How could a person as cautious as Fang Yuan not pay attention to the defense of such an important area?


A crisp sound echoed, the golden light was three inches from the fire when it clashed into a formless barrier and was blocked.

Fang Yuan's gaze was calm, the fire in his hands was not affected in the slightest.

Feng Jin Huang's attack was blocked by Fang Yuan without batting an eyelid.

Only after this attack had been defended did the Gu Masters outside the stage react.

"Spirit Affinity House's Feng Jin Huang was the first to initiate an attack!"

"But the attack was blocked by Immortal Crane Sect's Fang Yuan."

"What was that attack just now, it was so fast!!"

"Feng Jin Huang made an error in her choice, how could Fang Yuan not defend such an important area? It might have been better to attack Fang Yuan directly instead and injure him."

"Hmm? Look, Feng Jin Huang is using a refinement path killer move again!!"

There was a clamor outside the stage, but in the stage, the scene was quiet, isolated from all the sounds outside.

'Attacking the enemy's vital points, then using this moment of relative safety to use another refinement path killer move?' Fang Yuan glanced at Feng Jin Huang, coldly smiling inwardly, 'It seems you are using all your strength. Worthy of being Feng Jin Huang, even in your youth, you are deeply aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. I have to say this is a sensible choice.'

Fang Yuan praised her in his mind, but he continued to be unmoved, still refining Gu in the same way as before.

Feng Jin Huang used up a precious chance to make a move to attack Fang Yuan's refinement flames, and also took this opportunity to use a second refinement path killer move.

With the help of two killer moves, her refinement speed increased sharply, and gradually Fang Yuan was thrown behind.

Without the pressure from Fang Yuan, Feng Jin Huang immediately felt slightly relaxed, a layer of tension inside her loosened, and her refinement speed further increased a little.

In this duel, Fang Yuan and Feng Jin Huang each had five chances to attack.

Because it was only a duel, not a life and death battle, the power they could use every time they attacked was limited to a certain level.

The first time, they were only allowed to use rank one Gu. The second time, they could use rank two Gu. And so on, until the fifth time, where they could use rank five Gu.

It was the same with defense, they could only use Gu worms of corresponding rank.

This was another limitation to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was an immortal zombie after all, with an immortal killer move. If she was attacked by giant hand, it would be difficult for Feng Jin Huang to resist it. Of course, Feng Jin Huang had Gu Immortal parents, so she would naturally have immortal essence in her body along with Immortal Gu and the will or emotion of Gu Immortals. There was not a high likelihood of Fang Yuan truly killing her.

"This time, she is using two refinement path killer moves at once to gain a lead!" Outside the stage, Sun Yao excitedly shouted.

"Yes, it is a pity she used one of the five chances to attack. But this is also a classic tactic, we still have to see the result of the refinement to determine the outcome." Qin Juan pondered as she gazed at the stage.

Time continued to pass. Fang Yuan fell further and further behind Feng Jin Huang, but the strange part was that he was not the least bit hurried, seemingly having no intention to overtake Feng Jin Huang.

Fang Yuan was still using Gu refinement techniques, refining single orifice charcoal Gu step by step.

While Feng Jin Huang had already begun refining the rank two double orifice stove Gu.

Soon, praises and sighs could be heard outside the stage.

Feng Jin Huang had used a third refinement path killer move, increasing her speed once again.

A hour later, Feng Jin Huang attacked Fang Yuan and took the chance when Fang Yuan defended, she used a fourth refinement path killer move.

Four killer moves were used together, there were six lumps of fire floating in front of Feng Jin Huang, each lump was accompanied by a small wishful hand that constantly grabbed materials and threw them into the fire.

With the help of the small wishful hands, the exact amount of the Gu refinement materials thrown into the flames was extremely precise.

From the help of four killer moves, Feng Jin Huang's refinement speed had long since surpassed that of Fang Yuan, and soon she started on three orifices fire hut Gu.

While Fang Yuan had just now begun refining double orifice stove Gu.

Looking at Feng Jin Huang advancing triumphantly, throwing Fang Yuan far behind, many were having doubts: What was Fang Yuan playing at?

Sun Yao grinned: "First senior sister's victory is guaranteed!"

Qin Juan was also a refinement path genius whom Spirit Affinity House paid great attention to, it was just that she had yet to mature. She was also in support of Sun Yao's words: "If the situation continues like this, first senior sister has a high chance of victory."

"With my ability, my maximum limit is maintaining five refinement path killer moves. But this is the martial duel format, I must leave some energy behind to deal with Fang Yuan's attacks. Of the five chances to attack, I have already used two, while Fang Yuan has only been defending. Could it be my conditions were too alluring that he is forfeiting?"

Feng Jin Huang could not understand Fang Yuan's behavior and felt some doubts for a moment.

Fifteen minutes passed, Feng Jin Huang had made good progress in refining three orifices fire hut Gu, she was past the halfway mark.

Right now, Feng Jin Huang's dominance was extremely obvious, leading Fang Yuan by a huge distance!

'Mm… it is time to attack.' Fang Yuan's gaze was clear, and as he sensed that the time was ripe, he sent out a Gu worm from his immortal aperture.

"I am attacking." He suddenly spoke softly.

"Uh." Feng Jin Huang's attention was immediately attracted, her bright and beautiful eyes gazed at Fang Yuan, while continuing with her Gu refinement.

'Finally attacking? But what is the reason for warning me beforehand?' Feng Jin Huang was extremely cautious.

Fang Yuan chuckled: "Feng Jin Huang, be careful. This Gu is the rank one ghost fire Gu."

Feng Jin Huang narrowed her eyes, a vigilant look flashed past her eyes as she began to think rapidly: 'It is certain to be rank one Gu, this is Fang Yuan's first attack, so he can only use rank one methods. But it might not necessarily be ghost fire Gu, maybe he showed that Gu to mislead me? After all, a Gu worm's external appearance can be disguised. I need to be extremely careful!'

While she was thinking, Fang Yuan activated the Gu worm in his hand.

The moment this Gu activated, it transformed into a small lump of eerie ghost fire, which then slowly moved towards Feng Jin Huang.

'It is really ghost fire Gu?' Feng Jin Huang was slightly stunned.

Right at this time, the ghost fire Gu suddenly sped up and shot towards Feng Jin Huang!

'Come! Just a mere rank one ghost fire Gu…' Feng Jin Huang's eyes shined sharply with confidence. She had already prepared sufficiently and could easily block a rank one ghost fire Gu.

When the ghost fire Gu charged over, she even had the time to think of the possibility of Fang Yuan making continuous attacks!

However, the ghost fire suddenly came to a halt, stopping near Feng Jin Huang.

Afterwards, the ghost fire slowly circled Feng Jin Huang, swaying around either side of her.

'What?' Feng Jin Huang was startled internally: 'Fang Yuan, what is the meaning of this?!'

The next moment, her expression sank as realization dawned upon her.

In this duel, the Gu Master could only defend in the range of a meter. The ghost fire Gu did not encroach the range of a meter around Feng Jin Huang, making her unable to defend. The ghost fire floating around could only be considered as part of the process of Fang Yuan's attack.

'He is using rank one ghost fire to pressure me, to divert my attention!' Feng Jin Huang was astute and was soon able to understand the intent behind this move.

"So sinister!" Many people, outside the stage, exclaimed as they realized his plan.

Sun Yao was filled with righteous indignation: "That demon Fang Yuan is using a loophole in the rules. With a ghost fire floating in front of you, who can concentrate on refining Gu? Does nobody care about this? He is too shameless."

Qin Juan shook her head, saying solemnly: "The rules of the duel were set by both sides. This pending offensive is also a classic battle tactic in the martial duel format, it can't be considered shameless."

'Damn it!' Cold sweat began to seep out of Feng Jin Huang's forehead, 'Ghost fires can injure the soul. I have used up a lot of my mental energy, if I am really affected by it, I will definitely slip up. But if I just blindly defend, my mind will be tied down in observing the movement of the ghost fire, and my Gu refinement speed will decrease.'

There was still a way, Feng Jin Huang could initiate an attack and destroy this ghost fire.

But this was not worthwhile.

Because this would be her third attack, which meant a rank three method. Using a rank three method to cancel Fang Yuan's rank one ghost fire Gu, no matter what, it would be her loss!

'Maybe this is his intention, he wants to lure me into using up a precious chance of attacking!' Feng Jin Huang gritted her teeth as she looked at Fang Yuan.

Controlling a ghost fire also expended one's mental energy. But Fang Yuan had only been using Gu refinement techniques and not refinement path killer moves, it could be said his mental energy was at full capacity, it was more than sufficient to control a ghost fire.

"Oh? Not destroying my ghost fire? Hehehe, you are really patient." Fang Yuan suddenly laughed, "Then, how about another ghost fire?"

Under everyone's gazes, Fang Yuan took out a second ghost fire Gu.

"Feng Jin Huang, look closely, this is rank two ghost fire Gu." Fang Yuan calmly spoke, unlike Feng Jin Huang's sneak attacks, he openly announced his methods.

The style of Fang Yuan's attacks was the completely opposite of Feng Jin Huang.

Feng Jin Huang's two attacks were quick, accurate and relentless, attacking the enemy's vital points and forcing Fang Yuan into defense, while she took the chance to use refinement path killer moves.

However, Fang Yuan's methods could be described with one word — slow.

The second ghost fire floated slowly towards Feng Jin Huang, stopping a meter in front of her.

This ghost fire was created from rank two ghost fire Gu, it was double the size of the first ghost fire.

The two ghost fires circled around Feng Jin Huang, the pressure on Feng Jin Huang swiftly doubled!


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