Reverend Insanity
852 Three Immortal Gu, All Are Useful
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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852 Three Immortal Gu, All Are Useful

The whole of Star Form blessed land was like a giant bowl, and its center was also the location which was at the bottom of the terrain.

There was a lake here that spanned as far as the eye could see, its name was broken star lake. And the place where Star Lord Wan Xiang normally cultivated was also set at the bottom of broken star lake.

Reaching the bottom of the lake, Fang Yuan discovered a crystal palace, it was not large, and only had one main hall along with two normal halls.

Star Lord Wan Xiang's Immortal Gu were kept in the main hall.

Under the guidance of Star Form land spirit, Fang Yuan smoothly entered the main hall.

The moment he entered the main hall, he saw an Immortal Gu flying around.

This Immortal Gu resembled a centipede, it was thin and long, like an arm, and black like iron. It was flying around in a zigzag fashion inside the main hall, the short horizontal segments on its body lit up like blue fireflies every now and then.

"This is a rank six Immortal Gu, Star Mark, it can temporarily add six hundred star path dao marks onto master's body." Star Form land spirit aptly introduced.

"Six hundred dao marks?" Fang Yuan was startled.

Even the strength path dao marks on his body numbered no more than two hundred. This was the case after he had been using eat strength Immortal Gu recently to add over forty.

However, this star mark Immortal Gu could actually cause an increase of six hundred star dao marks at once, it could be said to be an outstanding ability.

"Two hundred dao marks can increase power by twenty percent. Six hundred would mean a sixty percent increase. Unfortunately, they are star path dao marks, and I am not a star path Gu Immortal."

There was no doubt this star mark Immortal Gu was a high quality support type Immortal Gu!

Fang Yuan was a strength path Gu Immortal and his body carried strength path dao marks, but once he activated star mark Immortal Gu, his body would be temporarily covered in a layer of star path dao marks, letting him disguise himself as a star path Gu Immortal!

Besides Star Mark, there were two other Immortal Gu in the main hall.

One was like a prismatic crystal, the size of a fist. It was quietly lying on a desk, without any movement.

Another was like a tender white bean sprout, filled with an air of vitality.

Through Star Form land spirit's introductions, Fang Yuan knew the crystal-like Immortal Gu was starlight Immortal Gu, while the bean sprout-like Immortal Gu was known as Star Shoot.

Fang Yuan could not help feeling joyous.

Fortune had arrived!

These two Immortal Gu had much more use to Fang Yuan than star mark Immortal Gu.

Because starlight mortal Gu was a necessary Gu material for the production of the wisdom path star thought Gu.

Now that he had starlight Immortal Gu, he could completely imitate the use of strength qi Immortal Gu in refining airsac Gu, to refine star thought Gu much faster and on a much larger scale.

The starlight Immortal Gu removed the troublesome step of purchasing starlight mortal Gu.

At the same time, with Immortal Gu as the foundation, there would be a much lower failure probability in refining mortal star thought Gu. The risk involved would also be greatly mitigated, reducing the deaths of hairy men by a large degree.

There were two issues created by this, however.

The first problem was, to use starlight Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan would have to modify the recipe of star thought Gu.

The second issue was that using starlight Immortal Gu would consume immortal essence.

With wisdom Gu and the complete star thought Gu recipe, Fang Yuan would have no problems in modifying the Gu recipe, it was just a matter of time.

As for the second issue, it would have indeed been a problem for Fang Yuan in the past. But now, Fang Yuan was Star Form blessed land's owner, he had six sources of revenue and it would even increase to eight in the future, his immortal essence stone earnings would quadruple! Such an amount of immortal essence stones made Fang Yuan have the confidence to spend immortal essence constantly in activating starlight Immortal Gu.

Starlight Immortal Gu increased the accumulation of star thought Gu by a large extent, which was of enormous assistance. And star shoot Immortal Gu was also very useful.

Fang Yuan had once purchased a mortal killer move from Star Lord Wan Xiang, called spring star rain.

This move irrigated the land, providing nutrition to vegetation and increasing their productivity. Ever since he got this move, Fang Yuan had been using it again and again.

The grassland in the sky of Hu Immortal blessed land was able to maintain its current scale, it largely could be attributed to this mortal killer move.

Frequent activation of Spring Star Rain consumed large numbers of star shoot mortal Gu.

Star shoot Gu were only sold by Star Lord Wan Xiang.

Fang Yuan had once thought of freeing himself from Star Lord Wan Xiang's control by researching the refinement recipe of star shoot Gu. But even with wisdom Gu's help, as Fang Yuan's star path attainment was only ordinary, he could not get what he wished.

At this point, Fang Yuan had star shoot Immortal Gu, and from now on, he would be able to use spring star rain to his heart's desire. He could also raise spring star rain to the level of an immortal killer move and use star shoot Immortal Gu as the core to further increase the yield of star fragment grass.

But Fang Yuan learned from Star Form land spirit: Star Lord Wan Xiang did possess the immortal killer move spring star rain.

In fact, the mortal killer move, spring star rain, which Star Lord Wan Xiang sold was a simplified version of his original spring star rain. The star shoot Gu that Star Lord Wan Xiang sold were also refined by using star shoot Immortal Gu.

This was the reason why Fang Yuan found it difficult to reverse-deduce the Gu recipe from star shoot Gu.

The reason was that Star Lord Wan Xiang's Gu refinement method was done from top to bottom.

Star Mark, Starlight and Star Shoot; these three Immortal Gu were all the Immortal Gu left in the blessed land.

Star Lord Wan Xiang had a total of four Immortal Gu. Unfortunately, the fourth Immortal Gu was destroyed in his battle with Song Zi Xing.

Fang Yuan was thus able to obtain only three.

And he was already very satisfied with this.

Generally speaking, in the entirety of the five regions, there were few rank six Gu Immortals in possession of Immortal Gu. Most of them were still using mortal Gu and mortal killer moves.

Only the elites among rank six would be in possession of rank six Immortal Gu. For instance, rank six Gu Immortals of Central Continent's ten great ancient sects, and another example would be lone cultivators like Star Lord Wan Xiang who had fortuitous encounters.

Northern Plains' situation, however, was special. Because of the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the rate of Gu Immortals possessing Immortal Gu far surpassed the other four regions.

In fact, Central Continent was actually in last place among the five regions in regards to the ownership rate of Immortal Gu. It couldn't be helped, they had the most Gu Immortals after all.

Fang Yuan's situation was even more special.

Not counting these three Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan already had fourteen Immortal Gu. No one would believe it if such a number was told to them. Not to mention, among these was rank nine wisdom Gu!

Generally, even if one killed an enemy Gu Immortal, it was hard for them to get Immortal Gu as spoils of battle.

When Fang Yuan attacked Dong Fang Chang Fan, he had a huge advantage and had captured even Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul alive. But Dong Fang Chang Fan had made all the Immortal Gu self-detonate with a thought, and Fang Yuan could not even grasp even one of them.

Star Lord Wan Xiang was an exception.

Because he strayed into Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm, he died unexpectedly without making any reactions. Thus his Immortal Gu were left behind and benefited Fang Yuan in the end.

These three Immortal Gu still had Star Lord Wan Xiang's will, but with Star Form land spirit's assistance, it would not be a big problem to subdue them.

"Master, this is the immortal inheritance held in the blessed land, please have a look." The land spirit handed an inheritance to Fang Yuan.

It turned out that this was Star Lord Wan Xiang's first fortuitous encounter.

A Gu Immortal inheritance regarding star path.

It was this inheritance that guided the lone cultivator, Star Lord Wan Xiang, on his path of cultivation to become a rank six Gu Immortal.

Star Lord Wan Xiang's second fortuitous encounter was discovering the entrance of Starry Sky grotto-heaven from where he plundered many resources.

His luck was actually quite good.

Star Lord Wan Xiang's main cultivation was star path and Starry Sky grotto-heaven was also a star path grotto-heaven, thus, they were both very compatible in terms of resources.

Unlike Fang Yuan, who was a strength path Gu Immortal, while Hu Immortal blessed land was of enslavement path and the guts Gu produced by Dang Hun mountain were of soul path, these multiple aspects were not too compatible with each other.

Unfortunately, Star Lord Wan Xiang still died in the end, and everything he had was now Fang Yuan's.

Fang Yuan stayed for a whole day in Star Form blessed land. He inspected a small tribe of rockmen in the blessed land as well as the three desolate beast level spinefin star dragonfish.

While he was alive, Star Lord Wan Xiang had used every possible effort to bring in this small group of rockmen. He did not have guts Gu and Star Form blessed land was also not a suitable environment for the survival of rockmen, as a result, many rockmen had died. It was not easy for him to maintain this small group.

The three spinefin star dragonfishes were captured from Starry Sky grotto-heaven, there was no shortage of desolate beasts inside there.

The reason he spent such large amounts of effort and capital was because star mark Immortal Gu's food was the fresh meat of spinefin star dragonfish.

And starlight Immortal Gu fed upon the bodies of rockmen.

As for star shoot Immortal Gu, its food was large quantities of dark star kelps. This type of kelp grew in great amounts in broken star lake.

This was the orthodox situation of Gu Immortals.

Whatever path they cultivated, their Immortal Gu would be of that path and their immortal aperture would mostly have dao marks of that path. In this way, they could bear the burden of feeding Immortal Gu by raising the required food themselves.

Unlike Fang Yuan, whose strength path immortal aperture was dead, Hu Immortal blessed land was an enslavement path immortal aperture, and the Immortal Gu on him were of strength path, wisdom path, soul path, luck path and other various paths. He had to get help from the outside world to feed these Immortal Gu. Every time, he had to rack his brains and the situation was unstable. In fact, cleanse soul Immortal Gu had yet to be fed properly to this day. Whether it was Hu Immortal blessed land or his strength path immortal aperture, they both had sparse soul path dao marks and thus even if he wanted to, it was not possible for Fang Yuan to raise white lotus giant silkworm Gu.

By becoming the owner of Star Form blessed land, Fang Yuan's strength had doubled!

Three star path Immortal Gu, four economic pillars, a complete star path inheritance, Fang Yuan would need a lot of time to absorb them fully.

He also made Star Form land spirit keep up the request of recognizing the blessed land's owner in treasure yellow heaven, to fabricate an image of Star Form blessed land still not having an owner.

And he also did not plan on telling the truth to Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng for a while.

The longer he could conceal it, the longer he would conceal it.

Hu Immortal blessed land was already exposed, Star Form blessed land was also in a partially exposed state, but only Hei Lou Lan knew this location. If, in the future, he became a fugitive, this base would be extremely important.

Regarding Dang Hun Mountain and the resources inside Hu Immortal blessed land, Fang Yuan did not plan to move them away for the moment.

The resources had been arranged just recently and large amounts of capital were invested, if he moved them to Star Form blessed land, with how astute Hei Lou Lan was, wouldn't she realize it?

The following day, Fang Yuan went to participate in the Refinement Path Convention.

With the huge influence from the large-scale competition, Central Continent was facing a surge of popularity in Gu refinement among all the people.

The news of the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent collaborating to ambush Song Zi Xing and failing had yet to be spread, knowledge of this was limited to Gu Immortal level higher ups.

The ten great ancient sects had lost much face, there was still no news about Song Zi Xing, making it appear to be a joke to other sects or lone cultivator Gu Immortals. Many Gu Immortals moved one after another, searching for any traces left behind by Song Zi Xing in True Yang mountain range.

But how could they find anything?

In Fang Yuan's previous life, Central Continent's ten great ancient sects searched for over a hundred years to maintain their reputation, but were still not able to find him. Song Zi Xing's hiding ability was simply divine, even Fang Yuan could not match him in this.

Thus, Fang Yuan had no thoughts of chasing after Song Zi Xing from the very beginning.

Finally, the agreed upon date arrived, the day of the duel between Fang Yuan and Feng Jin Huang.

Although it was not a competition, it attracted quite a large audience.

"Feng Jin Huang, you want to duel, but first let me see the wager, if the wager is too low, this duel will not begin." Fang Yuan spoke in full view of everyone.

Whether they duelled or not, what Fang Yuan wanted was only to be in the top six places for the Infallible inheritance.

Moreover, losing in the duel would not eliminate either side or influence their rankings.

Feng Jin Huang had already made preparations, secretly transmitting her voice: "My wager will definitely interest you deeply. Fang Yuan, you are an immortal zombie and certainly know the pain of immortal zombies. What I have with me is a method which can let you revive!"


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