Reverend Insanity
851 Land Spirit“s Master, Second Blessed Land
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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851 Land Spirit“s Master, Second Blessed Land

After obtaining the severed arm, Fang Yuan carefully kept it in his immortal aperture.

Soon after, he cleaned up the area and removed all his traces.

Returning to Hu Immortal blessed land, he did not rest, he started working on the severed arm, spending four days and three nights to turn it into Song Zi Xing's head.

Next, he used Fixed Immortal Travel and went to Earth Abyss.

"Star Form land spirit, I brought Song Zi Xing's head!" In the eerie and dark underground world, he shouted.

A speck of starlight first appeared, before light burst out like water from a fountain.

A breath of time later, a huge squarish door made of starlight appeared. The half transparent door was floating in the air, at the top, there were four words written on the plaque — Star Form blessed land!

Fang Yuan squinted as he looked at it.

Ordinary blessed lands and grotto-heavens had entrances. Because the entrance represented interaction, and with interaction, they could take in heaven and earth qi to strengthen the small world.

Thus, Infallible blessed land was very unique, because it did not have entrances, it was a very strange exception.

As Fang Yuan waited, a small slit opened in the starlight door.

"It's you? You really brought Song Zi Xing's head?" A voice came from behind the slit, Star Form land spirit did not appear, he was quite wary.

Fang Yuan chuckled as he tossed the head over.

Actions speak louder than words!

The slit opened a bit more, a suction force moved the head over to it.

"It really is Song Zi Xing's head!" A joyful and surprised voice came from behind the door.


The door opened completely, starlight opened up a path for Fang Yuan, as Star Form land spirit stood at the door, saying to Fang Yuan with cheerful submission: "Star Form land spirit greets master."

"Mm." Fang Yuan nodded, his expression was calm, he took huge steps and walked onto the starlight path, entering into Star Form blessed land.

The moment he stepped in, starlight overwhelmed Fang Yuan's vision.

But in the blink of an eye, the starlight faded, and Star Form blessed land's unique terrain appeared before him.

The whole of Star Form blessed land resembled a giant bowl.

Like a bowl, the edges were interconnected mountain ranges, they formed a tight circle that resembled city walls.

And within the bowl, they were slanted slopes that converged towards the center.

Darkness enshrouded this world, Fang Yuan raised his head and looked at the sky, there was nearly complete darkness, only a few starlight specks were shining weakly in the sky.

Like how Hu Immortal blessed land only had days without nights, Star Form blessed land only had nights without days. Normally, blessed lands would not have changes between day and night. Only after becoming a grotto-heaven or becoming close to a grotto-heaven would they start having such transformations between night and day.

This was not the first time Fang Yuan was here.

In fact, he was the one who placed down this blessed land.

Last time, the stars were shining in the sky, it was very bright and dazzling, the ground was very bright due to all of the starlight. But now, it was quite dim, it showed that Star Form land spirit was not having an easy time managing the place.

This was to be expected.

Without a Gu Immortal, the blessed land could not produce immortal essence, the land spirit and the blessed land were interlinked, it had to protect itself and manage the blessed land.

But how could land spirits have the strength and wisdom of Gu Immortals?

Thus, most land spirits would find a master to help themselves. Survival was the most basic instinct in all living beings, the only difference was the difficulty in getting the land spirit to acknowledge a new master.

Fang Yuan's gaze swept across the area, before it landed on Star Form land spirit.

"Bring me around to inspect the blessed land." Fang Yuan ordered.

Star Form land spirit looked like a little boy, he was floating in the air. He was wearing pinkish blue clothes wrapped around his chest and stomach, his small arms and legs were tender white like lotus roots, looking delicate like jade, he appeared very cute.

After acknowledging Fang Yuan, Star Form land spirit looked towards Fang Yuan with a clear gaze filled with admiration and warmth.

Hearing Fang Yuan's words, Star Form land spirit nodded: "Master, follow me."

This attitude was completely the opposite of previously.

A lump of starlight gathered on Fang Yuan, as his body flew up rapidly.

This speed was extremely fast, even Song Zi Xing's blood rainbow flash could not match it.

Fang Yuan felt his vision blurring, all he saw was starlight around him, he could only catch occasional fuzzy images from the quickly moving scenery.

The starlight stopped moving, and the scene in his vision had already changed.

"Master, you are at the southeast side of the blessed land now. This is the arrow bamboo forest. The biggest plantation area in the entire blessed land." Star Form land spirit introduced.

Fang Yuan looked over, only to see that this arrow bamboo forest was huge, it extended beyond Fang Yuan's field of vision.

The arrow bamboos were straight, they resembled green spear bamboo from Qing Mao Mountain, but they were not jade in color, instead, the bamboo shoots were black and did not have any leaves growing on them, only branches. At each segment of the arrow bamboo, there would be around three branches growing on it. These branches were sharp and long, resembling arrows.

Below the arrow bamboo forest were large numbers of star cave rocks, countless dark fragrance mushrooms and a field of white shadow grass.

Fang Yuan nodded his head internally, the arrangement of this habitat could not be done any better.

"If I am not wrong, this should be the production area of star dart Gu?" Fang Yuan asked.

"Master is correct." Star Form land spirit answered immediately.

Star dart Gu was a rank one mortal Gu, it was transformed from ordinary insects. This was different from the production of starlight firefly Gu.

Starlight firefly Gu were a part of the starlight firefly group, produced after they transformed and mutated.

Star dart Gu could be produced from any type of insect which entered deep sleep inside a star cave rock that was filled with holes on the surface. After a total of forty-nine days, a portion of the slumbering insects would undergo a change and become star dart Gu.

The food of star dart Gu was the bamboo juice of the arrow bamboo forest.

The arrow bamboo forest was hot and humid, the bamboos themselves would produce bamboo juice that dripped out.

"In the past, the bamboo juices produced would form into a thick blue fog, it was a top quality place to raise star dart Gu. Unfortunately, I have not obtained any good watering liquids, thus it became like this." Star Form land spirit said with a longing tone.

"It seems I have to buy moon well water in batches." Fang Yuan muttered, he was very knowledgeable, he knew what water the arrow bamboo forest needed.

"Master is knowledgeable." Star Form land spirit added, his expression becoming excited.

Even though Star Lord Wan Xiang left behind quite a bit of immortal essence, there were few immortal essence stones. And because Star Form land spirit was worrying over his finances, he could not buy goods from treasure yellow heaven casually.

Compared to watering the arrow bamboo forest, there were other areas which needed the financial support more urgently.

Afterwards, under the guidance of the land spirit, Fang Yuan went to the north area of the blessed land, inspecting the meteorite pits, this was the place to raise stellar fire Gu and produce falling meteor Gu.

Next, he went to the center of the blessed land, this was a lake with ripples and reflecting light, it was huge and was called broken star lake. This was also the place to rear Gu worms, it produced star river Gu.

Next, he went to several grassy fields, they were all full of star fragment grass, a vast number of them. They were planted on black soil, the blades of grass were plump and shiny, they were much higher in quality compared to the ones that were planted in Hu Immortal blessed land!

"Arrow bamboo forest, meteorite pit, broken star lake, star fragment grass field." Fang Yuan floated in the air, looking at the lake, he showed a satisfied expression.

The four areas mentioned were Star Lord Wan Xiang's four main sources of revenue.

Star Lord Wan Xiang was quite decent in his development, he mainly sold star dart Gu, stellar fire Gu, falling meteor Gu, star river Gu, and starlight firefly Gu.

While Fang Yuan was still searching desperately for four sources of revenue, he already had them. At the moment, Fang Yuan only had guts Gu and regretful spider trades. The other two, eerie fire dragon pythons and dragonfish, were still not sold in the market yet.

Star Lord Wan Xiang had rank six cultivation level with one heavenly tribulation passed. He was also a lone cultivator, but he was higher in cultivation level than Hu Immortal.

According to his status and foundation, it would normally be impossible for him to develop his blessed land to this extent.

But he had his fortuitous encounter.

That was Starry Sky grotto-heaven. The owner of Starry Sky grotto-heaven, Seven Star Child, became an immortal zombie in order to prolong his life, while exploring Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm, he fell into deep slumber.

Star Lord Wan Xiang had by chance discovered that Starry Sky grotto-heaven connected to a spatial crack in the outside world of Central Continent. Every year, at a certain time, this crack would open.

Thus, Star Lord Wan Xiang would go in every year to scavenge for resources to strengthen himself. Even though he had limited time on each occasion, he entered many times.

Star Lord Wan Xiang thus had decent development, his immortal aperture was smoothly growing in value with each passing day, he surpassed most lone cultivator Gu Immortals. Even Shi Lei praised his blessed land inwardly when he saw it, this Star Lord Wan Xiang's foundation was already on par with typical rank six Gu Immortals in the ten great ancient sects.

But it was a pity that Star Lord Wan Xiang was heavily injured by Song Zi Xing, and because his tribulation was impending, he had to take a risk. He invited Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei to explore Starry Sky grotto-heaven. In the end, at the eighth star hall, he fell into Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's dream realm, his soul was destroyed and only his body was left.

Fang Yuan took the body and placed the blessed land in Earth Abyss.

This led to the development of future events, like Star Form land spirit's requirement for becoming the new owner.

"With these four sources of revenue, my financial power will double! I will be swimming in profits, I will really be drowning in immortal essence stones!" Fang Yuan was overjoyed.

Star Lord Wan Xiang had operated his blessed land for a long time, he had already slotted himself into the market and had his own share of the economy in treasure yellow heaven. Fang Yuan inherited his blessed land, he had also gotten over the difficult initial stage of entering the market, he took over Star Lord Wan Xiang's businesses directly, it saved him lots of trouble!

Ordinary resources like star dart Gu and stellar fire Gu were usually sold in bulk quantities, they were very competitive in the market. It was not easy to carve out a share for oneself in the market, they would be collaborated against, facing price wars, or some Gu Immortals might even threaten to kill them.

As the saying goes, ruining a person's wealth is akin to killing their parents.

The Gu Immortal world was very cruel, if you want to do business, you need to show your strength. Without strength, no matter how flourishing your business was, you would get killed and plundered!

Thus, Fang Yuan was always very careful with the dragonfish and eerie fire dragon pythons that he had. He wanted to make use of Xiao clan's transaction token to enter Western Desert's market. That could avoid much trouble, and allow him to earn more profits.

Of course, for monopoly businesses like guts Gu, you could sell them as you wish. Others could not even compete in this, they could only watch in envy.

After inspecting the blessed land, Fang Yuan was very pleased, but there was still something that he was highly anticipating.

"Land spirit, bring me to see those Immortal Gu in the blessed land!" At the next moment, he instructed the land spirit.


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