Reverend Insanity
847 Blood Path Demon“s Migh
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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847 Blood Path Demon“s Migh

This matter was troublesome.

There were actually many unconventional methods to make someone loyal. The Gu Master world never lacked such methods. For instance, enslavement path was especially proficient in dealing with this issue.

But to turn Fang Zheng into a blood deity, these methods could not be used. A blood deity was equivalent to another life form, during the moment the transformation succeeds, all the methods used on Fang Zheng previously would lose their effects. Fang Zheng's original thoughts and intentions would influence the blood deity.

The power of a blood deity could certainly be foreseen.

Because the lightning deities derived from blood deities were extremely powerful. Vicious Lightning Fiend was only a rank six Gu Immortal, but by relying on three lightning deities, he made challenges everywhere, and his reputation kept on rising as even rank seven Gu Immortals lost to him.

A blood deity was similar, it had battle strength on the level of a Gu Immortal. Adding one would mean a battle of two against one. Adding two would mean three against one. If the number increased further, it would become a group fighting on one side.

Fang Yuan was only an immortal zombie right now, his cultivation could not advance, using numbers to make up for it was also only a temporary solution.

All dreams, desires and ambitions were built on the premise of survival.

Once one died, all would turn to dust.

Blood deities could greatly raise Fang Yuan's battle strength, and Fang Yuan was also a blood path grandmaster. If one day, something went wrong, where Fang Yuan was hunted down and the situation turned dire, he could only choose to once again cultivate blood path, his old specialty.

Time path, wisdom path, blood path… Fang Yuan was cautious and prepared for everything. He would never look down on making excessive preparations.

However, the current situation was still not too bad.

"Converting Fang Zheng to my side cannot be done quickly, I need to take it slowly. No matter how much Immortal Crane Sect has brainwashed him, with my methods, as long as I put in effort, I will definitely reach my goal one day."

"At present, the trade of both guts Gu and regretful spiders has been established, now I only have to wait for the transaction token to use Western Desert's Xiao clan as a starting point, to openly enter Western Desert's market in the businesses of dragonfish and eerie fire dragon pythons. When that happens, I will be earning large amounts of wealth every day!"

"My main priority for now is still refining change form Immortal Gu. I have already eliminated most of the tough opponents, my placement in the top six is basically guaranteed. The only variable is Feng Jin Huang."

Fang Yuan thought of the current situation and his plan.

Because of her defeat to Fang Yuan, Feng Jin Huang learned the true usage of dream wings Immortal Gu in advance. By exploring dream realms, her refinement path attainment had already reached quasi-grandmaster level.

Exploring dream realms was truly the best shortcut to raise one's attainment level.

Feng Jin Huang had Immortal Gu with her, and also had her mother, Fairy Bai Qing, who took care of her wholeheartedly, the speed at which her refinement path attainment increased was simply absurd!

Fang Yuan had to make accumulations over five hundred years to become a quasi-grandmaster in refinement path. Meanwhile, Feng Jin Huang had caught up to him in such a short time period.

During the five regions chaotic war in Fang Yuan's previous life, battle raged everywhere fiercely, forming an extraordinary era where countless champions emerged from the lower levels.

In regards to this era, other than the five regions chaotic war and the turbulence in social order, dream realms were one of the main causes of it.

Dream realms might be filled with dangers, but if one could explore them successfully, their foundation would be raised directly. This was an extremely great fortuitous encounter, allowing many minor characters to make astounding accomplishments.

Often, what champions lacked was only an opportunity to develop.

Know yourself and your enemy, and you will never be defeated, Fang Yuan had been secretly gathering much information on Feng Jin Huang's participation in the Refinement Path Convention.

At first, her methods were rather clumsy but after gaining some experience, she rapidly grew up into a strong opponent for Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was familiar with the tests in the competition, thus his ability was overrated by the outside world. However, the duel with Feng Jin Huang was an unknown variable, it had not occurred in his previous life and thus his rebirth advantage could not be shown.

"I must pay attention to Feng Jin Huang, if I don't deal with this properly, I might even lose out on the Infallible inheritance. But after passing this hurdle, I can use this precious opportunity to refine change form Immortal Gu!"

Fang Yuan knew many inside details regarding the Infallible inheritance.

The top six winners would be rewarded with six success dao marks, which would be imprinted on the Gu Master's body on the spot, outsiders had no chance to seize them.

However, even though it was named infallible, it was not a 'definite success'.

The success dao mark could only eliminate the natural probability of failure during the process of refining Gu.

There was always a possibility of failure while refining Gu. Even if there was no error from the person during the whole process, the refinement could still fail randomly.

This was the failure probability.

For instance, during the second round of the Refinement Path Convention at Flying Frost Sect, Fang Yuan refined ten ghost fire Gu, he did not make any mistake, but a ghost fire Gu had exploded for no reason.

There was also the time during the battle with Fang Huai when the blue peacock's head had inexplicably turned into ash when merging with the incomplete Gu. During the whole process, there was no error with Fang Yuan's control over the fire. Later, when he succeeded in refining the Gu, he had used the same method, without any changes.

There were various opinions regarding this failure probability.

The most popular reasoning was that it was because of laws.

Gu were the essence of heaven and earth, why is it that they possess all sorts of mysterious powers? It was because they contained the natural laws of heaven and earth. Mortal Gu contained meager traces of laws, while Immortal Gu contained fragments.

Gu refinement was a process of combining these traces of laws into one, forming larger law traces. It was also reverse-refining a larger law trace into smaller ones.

Because it involved laws, there would always be situations where these laws would have subtle differences, and during the refinement, instead of merging together like the person wished, they would collide and conflict, ending up with the result of failure.

Fang Yuan also accepted this reasoning and acknowledged it was sensible.

The smaller the law traces, the fewer the characteristics, the more easy it was to combine them. This was why the lower the rank of the mortal Gu, the easier they were to refine.

The bigger the traces, the more differences in characteristics they would have from other traces, which made them more difficult to combine. At the level of Immortal Gu, the law fragments had individual characteristics that were unique to themselves. So, all Immortal Gu was unique, thus refining Immortal Gu was extremely difficult to succeed.

The success dao marks in the Infallible inheritance could remove the failure probability. One success dao mark could at most be used in rank six Immortal Gu. To succeed in refining rank seven and rank eight, the success dao marks required would not be just one.

However, during the refinement process, if Fang Yuan made a major mistake in his technique, the Immortal Gu refinement could fail.

Even if there no errors in the methods, and the failure probability was completely eliminated by the success dao mark, but if the Immortal Gu being refined already existed, then at the final juncture, the Gu refinement would still fail.

Immortal Gu were unique, since the Immortal Gu already existed, it signified the unique characteristic law fragment had already condensed. Thinking of forming another of the same law fragment was impossible.

As for the change form Immortal Gu Fang Yuan was thinking of refining, he had not yet heard of any Gu Immortal possessing it.

Naturally, Fang Yuan based this on his previous life's memories, the information he gathered in this life, as well as using wisdom path methods to make deductions, based on all this, the probability for change form Immortal Gu to already be in existence was very low.

If it truly existed and the Gu refinement failed in the end, Fang Yuan could not do anything other than to admit his own bad luck.

This was the harshness of Gu refinement, and at the same time, the beauty of it.

Central Continent, True Yang mountain range.

Vicious Lightning Fiend slowly landed down on top of a mountain peak and gazed at the opposite mountain peak, where there was already a rank seven demonic path Gu Immortal.

"Vicious Lightning Fiend, you have challenged me, but if you can't put up a decent wager, I won't accept it." The demonic path rank seven Gu Immortal spoke.

He looked middle-aged and vigorous, he was wearing tight-fitting martial arts attire with a red cape draping behind. His surname was Dan and his given name was Qiao, he was known as Blazing Demonic Immortal, his main cultivation was fire path and his vicious reputation had spread far and wide.

"Hahaha." Vicious Lightning Fiend laughed heartily, "Blazing Demonic Immortal, you indeed belong to the demonic path, speaking of benefits in all things. You are a strong opponent, so I specially prepared one thousand five hundred kilograms of hibiscus branches."

"What? One thousand five hundred kilograms of hibiscus branches…" Dan Qiao was moved, the wager Vicious Lightning Fiend put forward directly spoke to his deepest desires.

Blazing Demonic Immortal Dan Qiao snorted: "It seems you made many preparations for this, even finding out my urgent need for hibiscus branches to refine Immortal Gu. Alright, if I lose, I will give you six hundred strands of two-nine thunder heavenly qi. The agreement is set!"

Both were people who came straight to point and were resolute.

After setting the challenge agreement, they began the fight straight away!

World decimating fire crows!

Blazing Demonic Immortal Dan Qiao waved his hand, untold numbers of fire crows flew, shrouding the sky and earth as they raised a boundless inferno.

Lightning dragon purgatory!

Vicious Lightning Fiend laughed strangely as he pushed forward with his hands open, emitting endless lightning bolts. Thunderbolts and lightning gathered into hundreds of lightning dragons that charged forward madly. Everywhere they passed, the landscape collapsed, displaying their terrifying might.

Lightning dragons and fire crows clashed, causing the entirety of their surroundings to be filled with the red blaze of fire and the deep blue radiance of lightning.

Boom boom boom…

The explosions were unceasing. Blazing Demonic Immortal and Vicious Lightning Fiend appeared like mirages, as they moved extremely fast, clashing viciously several times in the midst of the hell of fire and lightning.

They did not make any probing moves, they just used powerful skills in succession.

Since Vicious Lightning Fiend challenged Blazing Demonic Immortal to increase his reputation, he had already gathered the necessary information.

And since Dan Qiao had agreed to Vicious Lightning Fiend's challenge, he also had made sufficient preparations and had enough understanding of Vicious Lightning Fiend, and also the confidence of attaining victory.

After a while, Blazing Demonic Immortal used three different immortal killer moves in a row, leaving Vicious Lightning Fiend unable to make ground.

Dan Qiao could be said to be the strongest opponent Vicious Lightning Fiend had challenged since he exited seclusion. Regardless of cultivation level, immortal essence or the dao marks on their bodies, Dan Qiao surpassed Vicious Lightning Fiend.

Vicious Lightning Fiend was losing but he was not panicking.

This situation was within his expectations. In fact, he had also been at a disadvantage when challenging those rank seven Gu Immortals previously.

After all, his cultivation was only rank six, this was a common situation when challenging higher ranked experts.

"Hahaha, this fire is truly interesting!" Vicious Lightning Fiend suddenly raised his head and shouted, his eyes flashing sharply. His body shook and three lightning figures slowly flew out of his immortal aperture, attacking Blazing Demonic Immortal.

Lightning deities!

Lightning deities that contained lightning path dao marks!

The battle strength of three Gu Immortals!

Blazing Demonic Immortal quickly retreated, while Vicious Lightning Fiend took advantage of this to counterattack and turn the situation around.

The battle raged on heatedly for an hour. It concerned enormous wagers and reputation, neither of them were willing to back down easily.

The intense immortal essence consumption made both sides feel great loss. Dan Qiao did not continue enduring this, and suddenly attacked ruthlessly!

He had been planning this attack well in advance, Vicious Lightning Fiend could not dodge and had to face it head-on.


A huge explosion occurred, Vicious Lightning Fiend was sent flying while spitting out blood.

"Admit your defeat, great fire demon true body!" Dan Qiao suddenly turned into a giant blazing demon and chased with extreme speed.

In a flash, the fire demon had closed in upon Vicious Lightning Fiend.

"No, I won't lose! Lightning deity, detonate!!" In the moment of crisis, Vicious Lightning Fiend's ferocious nature was stimulated as he boldly self-detonated a lightning deity!


The lightning deity's self-detonation created a boundless clamor that could shake mountains.

Vicious Lightning Fiend and Blazing Demonic Immortal Dan Qiao were both in a heavily injured state, they were exhausted and their battle strengths had greatly reduced.

"Interesting, hand over both of your lives!" Suddenly, a blood colored light flew over, forming a battlefield killer move that enveloped both the wounded parties.

"Song Zi Xing?!" Dan Qiao shouted in fear, recognizing this killer move.


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