Reverend Insanity
846 Persuading Fang Zheng
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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846 Persuading Fang Zheng

Central Continent, Hu Immortal blessed land.

In Dang Hun palace, Fang Yuan showed his true form, his eight armed immortal zombie body seated on his bed, and his eyes shut.

In his immortal aperture, there was an intense battle of wills.

"Fang Yuan, you will die a terrible death!" Mo Yao's will screamed in anger, but the next moment, Fang Yuan's star will pounced at her.

Two wills mixed together, they went into dangerous combat.

Soon, Fang Yuan's star will shrunk at a visible pace, even though Mo Yao's fake will also suffered losses, her losses were much lower than those of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan did not mind it, he only observed the battle. He did not use many wisdom path killer moves, like previously, to help his star will fight.

When Fang Yuan's star will was about to lose, Fang Yuan smiled as he sent a lump of star will into the battle of wills.

Soon, Fang Yuan's star will suffered great losses again, and he sent in a third batch.

Mo Yao's will did not have a source to draw replenishment from, but Fang Yuan did, he sent in batches of star will until he finally got Mo Yao's will to an extremely weak state.

Fang Yuan withdrew his star will from the battlefield, he activated multiple killer moves and immobilized Mo Yao's fake will again, he next nourished it and let her recover slowly so that he could search again next time.

Mo Yao's fake will was scattered into a lump by Fang Yuan, she did not even have the energy to curse at him or maintain a human shaped form.

The information of greatest value in this fake will of Mo Yao's was Red Lotus Demon Venerable's inheritance clues, he had already obtained them. The only things left were memories of her Gu refinement experiences.

During the time he participated in the Refinement Path Convention, Fang Yuan did not forget to search the Gu refinement memories that Mo Yao's will had, in addition, he wanted to train himself in how to engage in battles of wills.

Initially, without using wisdom path methods, Fang Yuan's star will would be losing and was not the match of Mo Yao's fake will at all.

Mo Yao was indeed a former fairy of Spirit Affinity House, with the identity of a female inkman, she was loved by Sword Immortal Bo Qing, becoming his only wife. Even among all the different generations of fairies in Spirit Affinity House, Mo Yao was one of the most accomplished ones.

Even though this old hag mainly cultivated refinement path, her wisdom path attainment surpassed Fang Yuan greatly.

In order to train himself, Fang Yuan purposely engaged in pure battles of wills with Mo Yao's will. His losses in battle were at an astounding rate of one to a hundred. Fang Yuan would lose a hundred portions in exchange for one portion lost by Mo Yao's will.

But later, the more they fought, the more experience Fang Yuan gained, most importantly, he had the guidance of Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance, he grew rapidly as he engaged in the battles more frequently.

From an almost blank state, he grew to a level that could fight Mo Yao's fake will head on, his improvements were huge.

From one to a hundred, his loss ratio went to one to four.

That was to say, four portions of Fang Yuan's star will could defeat Mo Yao's fake will.

Mo Yao's fake will was extremely indignant in regards to Fang Yuan stealing her experiences and using her as a practice dummy, treating her like a stepping stone, but because she was restricted, she could not do anything despite her anger.

Star will entered his mind, and Fang Yuan inspected the memories of Mo Yao that the star will stole.

Soon after, he opened his eyes, a smile appeared on his face: "Interesting."

This memory was not related to Gu refinement experiences. Instead, the information was from back when Mo Yao and Sword Immortal Bo Qing had been traveling together, in Central Continent's True Yang mountain range, they killed a group of desolate beasts and were about to take their loot when they found a hibiscus stalactite in the cave.

Hibiscus stalactites were a rare rank seven immortal material, this stalactite produced a drop of stone heart liquid every year, this liquid was even more precious, it was a rank eight immortal material!

Bo Qing was going to cut the stalactite, but Mo Yao stopped him.

If he cut the stalactite, he would only get a rank seven immortal material, but if he left it alone, many years later, there would be a large amount of stone heart liquid. The value of a rank eight immortal material was much greater than a rank seven immortal material.

Bo Qing listened to Mo Yao's suggestion and set up many exquisite Gu formation arrangements, to perfectly conceal this cave.

"So many years have passed, if this cave is still not found, the amount of rank eight immortal material, stone heart liquid, inside would be huge. Even if I cannot use it, I can collect it. In the future, I can sell it inside treasure yellow heaven, or trade it to obtain immortal materials that I want! A rank eight immortal material is something coveted by many Gu Immortals."

Fang Yuan was overjoyed, but also gained an even deeper understanding about Mo Yao's fake will.

"This fake will of Mo Yao's has many techniques. She purposely concealed this precious memory. I only found out after searching most of her memories. Such a technique is not recorded even in Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance, I have to get it from her!"

Fang Yuan urged himself internally.

But for now, he could not continue ravaging Mo Yao.

Her fake will needed to recover, otherwise, she would not be able to take further damage.

Fang Yuan did not go to True Yang mountain range to take the stone heart liquid. He got up and opened the prison entrance, arriving in front of his little brother, Fang Zheng.

Fang Zheng was in a strange state.

He had his eyes shut, lying on the ground, interchanging between ruthless and relaxed expressions from time to time, he would scream and even move his limbs around randomly, it was like he was in a nightmare.

This was obviously the work of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan waved his hand and the method was ended.

Fang Zheng was breathing roughly and covered in sweat, after a while, he got up and asked: "What did you do to me?"

He looked at Fang Yuan with a gaze filled with hatred.

Fang Yuan chuckled, he said plainly: "My good brother, what I showed you were the true events that happened. This is the combination of my memories and Lord Sky Crane's memories. You should know now that the disaster on Qing Mao mountain was not caused by me, it was because of your so-called master, Lord Sky Crane. If he did not come and try to take the blood path true inheritance, we might still be living happily on Qing Mao mountain as a family."

Fang Zheng was stunned, at this moment, he forgot how to speak, or rather, he did not know what to say!

Fang Yuan spoke the truth, even though the clansmen were killed by Fang Yuan, he was forced to do so in order to survive. If not for Lord Sky Crane's attempt to take the blood sea true inheritance, Qing Mao mountain's three tribes would not have been destroyed.

Of course, Lord Sky Crane did not hide the origin of this matter from Fang Zheng, he only explained it in a more pleasant manner that was in his favor.

Fang Zheng had considered this problem before, but every time he thought about it, he would subconsciously avoid the issue.

But now, Fang Yuan had searched Lord Sky Crane's soul and played his memories directly in Fang Zheng's mind.

This was simply placing the cruel truth and facts in front of Fang Zheng, he could not avoid them even if he wanted to!

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan's laughter could be heard in the air: "My beloved brother, don't tell me you had never considered that your master, Lord Sky Crane, had unquestionable responsibility towards the destruction of Qing Mao mountain? You even acknowledged him as your master, you are truly a traitor."

Fang Yuan's words were very sharp, they pierced into Fang Zheng's inner depths.

"Shut up!" Fang Zheng screamed, he had never felt so angry in his life!

"Shut up, stop talking. You demon, you were the one who murdered the clan, you killed uncle and aunt, it was you, it was you, you murderer! Without master's help, I would have died long ago, I will not allow you to slander my master…"

"Oh?" Fang Yuan's smiled curled up mockingly, he chuckled: "Didn't Lord Sky Crane save you in order to make use of you and find me? Hehehe, earlier, Immortal Crane Sect tried to use you to attack my Hu Immortal blessed land, didn't you almost die then? My stupid brother, they are taking advantage of you, and you are actually a willing party?"

"Stop talking, shut up, shut up!" Fang Zheng covered his ears, he shut his eyes, his face was flashing with rage and panic.

Fang Yuan's expression turned cold, his tone was icy: "My weak-willed brother, you do not even have the courage to face the truth. Even if you have the power of a rank five Gu Master right now, deep inside, you are still just a child who has not matured. But you are my blood kin, as your elder brother, I will give you a chance. Join me, I will train you and make you strong, you will grow up and mature."

"No… no!" Fang Zheng opened his eyes, they were bloodshot as he stared at Fang Yuan with rage: "You murderer! You want me to work myself to death for you? Forget about it! Even, even if Immortal Crane Sect is making use of me, I do not hate them. Because they were the ones who nurtured me. And you! You are the one who killed uncle and aunt, you killed our entire clan. I hate you, I will never forgive you! If given a chance, I will kill you personally and take revenge!!!"

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes as he looked at Fang Zheng quietly.

He laughed instead of being angry: "Hehehe, it seems you've learned a lot in Immortal Crane Sect. Seeing your desire to kill me, I am looking forward to it."

Saying this, Fang Yuan turned around and left the cell.

These days, Fang Yuan had placed most of his effort on the Refinement Path Convention. But he did not forget to use wisdom Gu and star thought Gu to undergo deductions.

Deducing vaguely familiar face to this point had expended all of Fang Yuan's capabilities. Thus, Fang Yuan went to deduce the killer move, myriad self, and successfully fused pulling water Immortal Gu into it, at this point, myriad self had three strength path cores.

After that, Fang Yuan modified the recipe of airsac Gu, the mass production of the Gu now had more steps that were simpler to complete, the danger of the refinement had been reduced by thirty percent.

When he modified memory thought Gu, star thought Gu, and malicious thought Gu, he encountered a wall. Fang Yuan's wisdom path cultivation had just started, his wisdom path attainment level was too low, it greatly slowed down his deduction speed of these recipes.

These last few days, Fang Yuan placed his attention on the Immortal Gu recipe of Blood Deity.

He slowly completed the Blood Deity recipe, finding out some details. Even if he refined Blood Deity, he would need a blood relation to use it. Killing a blood relation would allow him to obtain a blood deity from the power of blood deity Immortal Gu.

If this relative did not resist and contributed their life willingly, then the blood deity produced would be closely connected to the Gu Immortal, it could be manipulated with ease. In contrast, if the relative carried hatred and anger, the blood deity might cause a backlash to the owner.

This was the reason why Fang Yuan was trying to persuade Fang Zheng.

If he had any other way to remove his immortal zombie status, he would use Fang Zheng for this instead. All in all, Fang Zheng had caused much trouble to Fang Yuan in the past, Fang Yuan was not going to let him off.


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